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Rams vs. Packers: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Rams vs. Packers: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers are 5-0 and above all else, that's what matters most.  The win wasn't without its costs, as the Packers lost a few more players to injury.  The bye week is two weeks away and can't come soon enough.  This team keeps finding ways to win and despite the weekly losses, but they need to get everyone back and ready for a November and December run.  

Sunday's win wasn't pretty, but the Packers are proving that they're built to win those types of games now.  After only scoring 17 points against the San Francisco 49ers last week and with quarterback Aaron Rodgers not having his best game, the Packers still found a way to win.  Against the Rams, the defense stepped up and took over, limiting the Rams to just 10 points while forcing four turnovers on the day, all via interception.  It was the second week that Green Bay held its opponent to 10 points or less.

With an ugly win comes a good share of solid performers and forgettable moments.  Let's get to those who made each list.

Game Balls

Quinten Rollins

Rollins is an easy entry on this list.  He played sparingly, but made the very most of those snaps and logged two interceptions.  The first was near the end of the first quarer when Rollins stepped in front of a Nick Foles pass and took it back for a touchdown, the Packers' first pick six of the season.  It was the Packers' second interception of the day and that coupled with the pressure the Packers were getting on Foles made it look like Green Bay might roll to an easy win.

Flash forward to the fourth quarter when the Packers were up 24-10 with the Rams driving.  Receiver Stedman Bailey got behind Rollins and hauled in a 68-yard pass, putting the Rams just four yards shy of the goal line and just over 30 seconds left on the clock.  Three plays later, Rollins picked off Foles again to seal the win.  It was the ultimate example of a cornerback needing to have a short memory and keeping his head high after giving up a big play.  Rollins made a big impression during the Packers offseason and came in with high hopes.  He has started slowly, but will garner more playing time after a performance like today.

Micah Hyde

Hyde filled in for the injured Morgan Burnett and quietly had a nice day.  He logged the first interception of the day early in the first quarter.  Hyde also had another pass breakup on the day and added in a touchdown-saving tackle on Rams running back Todd Gurley during the second half.  Add in his usual punt return duties and how steady he's been in that area and Hyde has become one of the unsung heroes on this defense.  He's still not great in coverage, but the Packers can afford to give Burnett the time he needs to fully heal before returning.

James Jones

All he does is catch touchdowns.  Except in this case, it wasn't the catch, but the run that gets Jones on this list.  On a crossing pattern, Jones hauled in a Rodgers throw after a slight bobble and then ran for daylight.  With a bad hamstring that had Jones limping through the week, he toughed it out and not only ran well on his way to a score, beating a cornerback, but showed some amazingly incredible control of his body.  With the defender closing on him, Jones used his free hand to help spring him forward as he left his feet and made sure the ball crossed the goal line for a score before his knee was down.  It was a a gritty play by a season veteran and much-needed at that point to add to the Packers lead and give Green Bay a cushion.  

We joke about thanking the Oakland Raiders and New York Giants for releasing Jones this preseason, but with each passing week, it just seems meant to be that Jones ended up in Green Bay.  He had just two catches on the day, but led the team in receiving yards with the big touchdown run.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Clinton-Dix didn't have a great first half.  He was called for pass interference on a long pass in the second quarter.  The penalty got the Rams inside the 10-yard line and they punched it in just a few plays later.  The second half, however, was another story.  Clinton-Dix was on coverage mid-waay through the fourth quarter when Foles threw a pass into the end zone that bounced off of Packers linebacker Joe Thomas's hands and then off a Rams' receiver's hands into the air.  Clinton-Dix maintained his concentration, dove for the ball and had the presence of mind to turn over onto his back to secure the catch and leave no doubt that it was caught.  With the Rams driving at that point and in easy scoring range, the turnover was as big as any on the day.  Clinton-Dix also had six tackles on the day and continues to be a big contributor in run support.

Clay Matthews

Copy/Paste.  Matthews is having a resurgent season so far.  He had 1.5 sacks on the day and led the team with four hits on Foles.  He has been very active in each game so far and has a sack in the last three straight games.  Matthews has been equally effective in run support and manning the middle on a few drop backs.  He's living up to the massive amounts of money the Packers are paying him and leading this defense with his play and energy.  

This last game ball was between Matthews and Mike Daniels and I gave Matthews the nod for the impact his performance had.

Lame Calls

Richard Rodgers

Richie had a rough day today, dropping a pass early in the fourth quarter where he was wide open and had a lot of field in front of him.  The play would have easily gotten the Packers into the red zone and threatening to put the game away.  It was uncharacteristic of Rodgers to drop a ball that was right on his hands, but every receiver has a drop now and then.  A few plays later, the Packers drive stalled and Mason Crosby kicked a field goal to pad the lead.  A flag was thrown on the play and Rodgers was flagged for illegal hands to the face, which negated the field goal and moved the Packers back out of field goal range.  They had to punt and lost at least three points off the board.

Aaron Rodgers went back to Rich Rod a few more times after the gaffes and he led the team in catches today, but he and we all need to forget the day he had today.

Demetri Goodson

It was one play, but it was a symbolic one.  On the Rams fake punt, Goodson had coverage and was in position on his man when he lost his footing, allowing a long completion to keep the drive alive.  Rams head coach Jeff Fisher made no surprise of the fact that the Rams would try some different things to try and steal a possession.  When the Packers lined up in a punt block formation I immediately saw a fake coming.  Sure enough, they did and the play worked. 

After the NFC Championship game and the terrible season the Packers had on special teams last year, they need to get over the hump and stop plays like this one.  Whether it was truly the fault of the player or not, they didn't get it done today and unfortunately, Goodson was the reason why.  He's probably one of the last guys on this roster and plays like today won't help him if the Packers need to make a move later in the season, for whatever reason.


Honorable or Dishonorable Mention

  • Mike Daniels - Led the Packers with eight tackles and one tackle for loss.  He also leads the Packers in nasty and the funk.  Definitely an unsung hero
  • Aaron Rodgers - Rodgers didn't have a good day today and some would say he was deserving of a lame call.  But I can't diss the man for a day that wasn't statistically great when some of those mistakes were explainable and not entirely his fault.  The first intercpetion was tipped at the line so maybe not a great throw, but not a pure interception.  The second interception was a bad throw, no question and even more questionable was whether the interception was actually caught, but I digress.  The fumble looked bad, but apparently the offensive line thought the defense was offsides and let up on their blocks.  Teachable moment:  unless there is yellow laundry on the field, hold your post, boys!  Rodgers did make some nice throws and had a few dropped that would have put this game away sooner than it was.  He's still the best thing the Packers have going for them and unless he royally stinks up the joint, you won't see him on lame calls
  • Jeff Janis - Janis had an opportunity to down a punt inside the St. Louis five-yard line and allowed his momentum to carry him into the end zone.  He was running full speed and it's impossible to stop on a dime, but one of the jobs as gunner on the punt team is to be in position to down that ball in the field of play.  Awareness of where you are and knowing the rules is key.  This play, to me, was a microcosm of why we don't see more of Janis on offense.  The mental part of the game is not coming to him easily.  Perhaps he gets a shot this week and makes a big play to start gaining the trust and favor of his quarterback?


Bring on the Chargers!


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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The TKstinator's picture

If James Jones didn't "fit their systems", I'd say there's something wrong with their systems.

Mojo's picture

Everyone seems to forget we let JJ walk a few years ago too. We were just as bad as the Raiders and Giants in that sense.

And at the time Jones signed with Oakland, we hadn't even drafted Adams, Janis or Abby yet, much less Montgomery a year later. It was basically just Jordy and Cobb. The Pack like the other teams, moved on from the James Jones business. They completely lucked out this year he was available when they needed him. Or was this their master plan all along - hmmmm?

Packer_Pete's picture

agree with you, but it was simply a money issue. JJ wanted too much. Now as he was waived by 2 different teams, he came a little cheaper...
He always fit the system. How can a big possession receiver not fit anybody's system? All teams need guys like that, no matter what type of O a team plays. Oakland at least I partially understand, they do actually have decent WRs, and those are all young. I don't understand the big contract he got there, but that was due to Reggie McKenzie I guess. The Giants? What exactly do they have besides Odell?

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Packer_Pete, JMO, but I don't think it was a money issue at all with JJ. They were moving on with Boykin, somebody's Huge Mistake. How could it have been a money issue, when GB payed, (And this is the LAST TIME I'm going to say this name) A.J. HAWK millions over the last 4 years for doing NOTHING!! LVT

Dan Stodola's picture

Agree. I don't think money had much to do w it. PACKERS had every reason to believe Boykin would step into Jones spot and perform at the same level. He did the previous year, albeit w Flynn throwing to him. Who knew he would fail w AARON Freakin RODGERS throwing to him.

MarkinMadison's picture

The two issues are not mutually exclusive. You got a younger, cheaper Boykin, you had Cobb and Nelson to take care of. JJ was not worth the money to the Packers at that time. I don't think anyone ever questioned his talent level after he matured and his drop rate went down.

Dan Stodola's picture

But the money wasn't the over-riding factor, since they could have easily afforded Jones if they wanted him.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

DS, They might have had reason to believe they could move on with Boykin, but who ever made the decision was completely wrong, & doesn't know a Good football Receiver from a Mediocre one.

It has Nothing to do with who was throwing Boykin the ball. He couldn't make it at Jacksonville. He simply wasn't any where's near as good as James Jones, & IMO Jones has proved to every Packer fan, including you that he was worth every penny he got from Oakland.

It's about time you give JAMES JONES some WELL DESERVED CREDIT. LVT

Dan Stodola's picture

Actually it does have something to do w/ who was throwing him the ball. A Great QB makes his WR even better. If Boykin played that well w/ Flynn throwing to him, its reasonable to assume w/ a Great QB like Rodgers throwing to him, he would perform at least as well, if not better.

Jones was a good Packer, but hardly a necessity as proven last year. He's been a great sign to a devastated WR corps this year. No denying it. But it was a smart move at the time to move on w/ the younger, cheaper version. But the money wasn't really the factor, since they could easily have afforded Jones if they wanted him.

Sometimes a move can be made that was correct at the time and turn out poorly (a year after the fact BTW). Which IMO is clearly the case here.

Your James Jones love affair continues. He'll be gone again next year and quite possibly done in the NFL. Know why? He not nearly as great as you think he is and Rodgers makes him seem a lot better than he is, like he does w/ all the Packer WR.

Its clear we disagree on Jones worth and ability as a WR. Have a nice day.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

DS, Everything anyone ever say's to you, you disagree with. It's never been any different with you. You are knowledgeable on the Packers, I've never disputed that. Over-all you know much more than I do. But you were DEAD-WRONG on that USELESS linebacker A.J. HAWK, (There you made me say that name again). He turned out to be a HORENDOUS WASTE OF A #5 pick from the day he was drafted. You never admitted you were wrong on him, & YOU WERE 100%. IMO he belonged in the same class as Jamal Reynolds.

I wouldn't call my admiration for James Jones a Love Affair. Those are childish words. IMO he deserves to retire a GB Packer, & he IS a Good Packer , not WAS.

I do agree with you that AR would make (Just About) any receiver look better than maybe he is, but that goes for Adams, as well as Jones. Jones is Producing On The Field. What good does Adams do us on the bench.

You were willing to pay A.J. HAWK $5-6 Million a year, & you don't think Jones was worth a $4 million guarantee. He's proving you wrong every week.

I believe he'll be a Packer next year. You might have Adams ahead of him, but I don't, Not Yet.

As stated, You have a lot of knowledge about the GB Packers, but you have 1 problem as I see it. YOU SIMPLY WILL NOT ADMIT WHEN YOU ARE WRONG. In the 2 cases I presented, you were totally wrong, but I don't expect you to admit it. Hopefully by the end of the year, we can compare James Jones to the entire Receiving Core, and both agree as to whether he should stay or go. LVT

Dan Stodola's picture

OK so your obsessed w/ James Jones. Fine.

What does Hawk have to do w/ Jones? I always said he was a decent, at best. player (just like Jones BTW) who got overpaid largely due to his draft status, unlike Jones. I didn't defend his contract. Trying to use it a proof of anything makes no sense. But keep arguing otherwise.

Have a nice day.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

DS, I'm not going to argue with you. I'm going to just wish you well. I got some very good news yesterday, (Thanks to the Good Lord) who heard a lot of prayers.

6 months ago I had Cancer Lung surgery. I came out to Nevada, where I had 33 Radiation treatments. Last week I was given a 2ond PET scan. The doctors office called yesterday. I have No Cancer anywhere in my body . It's gone.

I promised the Good Lord a lot of things over the last 6months, 1 was to not argue with people like you, who have a different point of view. In the scheme of things, it means nothing.

I'll just say, "I'm not obsessed with James Jones. I think he is what all Green Bay Packer players should be, both on the field & off. I think he is an example of what GB looks for & wants in a football player.

I'd like to see him stay & Retire a GB Packer, like DD did. "Great" is a relative term. I think he's done just as much for GB as DD did, & is the same type of person. He just happened to play with much Tougher competition over his career than DD did.

Obsessed?? No, but I think I know a Pretty Good Wide Receiver when I see one. More importantly, a Morally Good Person representing Green Bay.

You have a Nice Day. LVT

PaulRosik's picture

The Packers didn't let JJ walk they decided he wasn't worth the $10 million he got from the Raiders. He had always performed well here but that's a bit steep for your number three receiver.

The TKstinator's picture

+1, agree.

Mojo's picture

Except he didn't get $10 million from the Raiders. Only $4.25 was guaranteed. You can argue that that figure is still too high compared to what they paid Boykin though. That's most likely the deciding factor in not bringing him back. However, I do believe JJ would have given GB a hometown discount.

Now even at $4 mil. last year would JJ have given the Pack just a little more juice in their NFCCG against Seattle last year, where the offense sputtered at times? He did play well for Oakland. ARod had less than 180 yards passing that game. One more reception, one more first down could have been the difference. The way he's playing for us this year, well maybe it would have been enough.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Money was decisive, imo. Boykin and Jones seemed to be similar guys. GB perhaps thought Boykin was younger and ascending (49 receptions the year before), and Jones older and perhaps had plateaued. GB might even have viewed Jones as the 4th WR, one who did not play STs. They had Janis, Dorsey and White in the wings. We can't know for sure, but I don't think GB even made Jones a formal offer. I am not so sure about the home town discount either. Jones played out his rookie deal, became a FA, got little interest, slinked back to GB and signed with GB for 3 yrs. and $9.6 million, played that out, and seemed to me to want to cash in at age 30. I am not blaming him, just laying it out.

In hindsight, I agree with Mojo that Jones would have helped GB last year. Certainly the sometimes visible mostly invisible Adams would have benefited. Yeah, I'm not on the Davante hype train. I still think Adams does everything well except get open, and I still think GB's best hope for a 3rd receiver who can actually get both separation and the trust of Rodgers is Abby.

PaulRosik's picture

You can always look back at how he's doing now and say retroactively that he's worth it. But he was behind both Nelson and Cobb and no team is going to give their third receiver that sort of money. The idea is always that you bring up some young players at lower salaries for that position. But now with 2 of the top three receivers on the team out injured and the other playing injured there is certainly a need that a vet like Jones has filled.

I thought it was smart when the team didn't go after Jones and paved the way for someone like Adams and I also think it was smart when they did go back and get Jones given the condition of the team now.

Dan Stodola's picture

Exacly. Very well said.

It was the right move at the time to let Jones leave in FA. It has also turned out to be a very wise move to bring him back this year. Packers could have afforded Jones last year if they wanted him back, but they were ready to move on. Younger, upside, cheaper, whatever... It was the right move at the time. Simple truth is he wasn't needed in GB last year. This year, only due to Nelson's injury he was needed and thankfully became available. But that doesn't change that he wasn't needed last year. He would have stunted Adams growth and held him back from gaining needed experience.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Money was decisive, imo, that and they thought they had a younger and cheaper replacement. Stating that GB could have afforded to keep Jones so therefore money wasn't an issue is not a good argument. GB could have afforded to keep Tramon or House or even both last year. TT let them walk because they got overpaid, and in those cases, GB only had Hayward as a somewhat viable replacement. That is why TT drafted two CBs high.

Brewcity's picture

I wouldn't be surprised to see Abbredaris pass Janis on the WR depth chart if he continues to impress in practice, as has been reported.

dobber's picture

"The fumble looked bad, but apparently the offensive line thought the defense was offsides and let up on their blocks. Teachable moment: unless there is yellow laundry on the field, hold your post, boys"

Four words: play to the whistle.

joe packer's picture

cannot comprehend how this gets a dislike. anyway, dobber you got my like. not playing to the whistle is the kind of mistake that erodes confidence and speaks to lack of intensity. And, Davy B is the last guy who should be letting up right now.

dobber's picture

Congrats! Now the person trolling me is trolling you! ;)

Dan Stodola's picture

He's trolling everyone. LOL

Mojo's picture

Then QB1 also needs to see the laundry before he hurls a pass into a crowd on a "free play". Think he got burned by that in the playoffs against Seattle last year when he threw an INT thinking a flag was coming.

Also, just because ARod thinks it's offside doesn't mean that's what the penalty is going to be. Could go against the offense, then that Hail Mary pass he never would have thrown gets picked-off. Free or not, the QB still needs to put it in a spot where his guy is the only one who might get it.

Anyway, I sidetracked from the original comment just to make my point on the QB's responsibilities.

tm_inter's picture

I'm worried about James Jones. The hamstring he has will not go away quickly and takes time to heal. We'll probably see either Abbrederis or Janis, or both, in action sooner rather than later.

PaulRosik's picture

When did Jones look hobbled - on his long td run or when he ran down the guy on the pick?

sheppercheeser's picture

How about the TD-saving tackle Ha-Ha had? And right after that, the Rams turned the ball over! At the time of Clinton-Dix's tackle, I thought it just delayed the inevitable- not so! Good hustle!

Jersey Al's picture

That's why you never give up on plays like that. Lots of guys do.

zoellner25's picture

I told my son the same thing. I said that's a max-effort guy who won't allow the other guy to score. All heart. Great play by HHCD.

Packer_Pete's picture

In years past it would've delayed the inevitable. But now I actually do have confidence in goal line D... It seems the guys also are able to 'forget' bad plays and just move on, line up, and defend the next play. In years past I always thought I saw some heads hanging after big plays. Not anymore. Move on, play your assignment, and good things will happen. At the very least force the opponents to try a FG instead getting a TD. As we see, FGs are not gimmes...
But yes, awesome effort by HHCD.
BTW, love your avatar, but why not show the face?

4thand1's picture

Except Hayward made a huge mistake on the Rams only TD. He let his guy go and didn't follow him on the pitch.

joe packer's picture

Maybe I was overreacting, but Richard Rodger's drop really bothered be. As well as Starks' non-catch on the 4th qtr dump. okay, the latter would have been an awesome catch and you can't fault him. but, both of these guys need to do one thing: BE THERE. They don't have to throw under pressure, kick game winning field goals, or sack quarterbacks. But, what they have to do is be there when called. In pressure, on the line, under duress. Just come up with it. A Rod carries this team and we need someone underneath that he can rely on and have confidence in.

And, to be clear, both of these guys have been that in the past and both will do so in the future. But the rams game highlights the importance of consistency underneath the way James Jones has been on the top end.

Evan's picture

To be fair, Starks was pretty damn THERE when Rodgers dumped it off to him as he was being ripped to the ground.

(or was that Lacy?)

RCPackerFan's picture

that was Starks.

Mojo's picture

The play joe packer mentioned was one of three that really bugged me. On the RR drop all I can say is, as a TE if you can't block and are slow as hell you better do something else very well. Supposedly he has great hands. A couple more drops like that and he becomes worthless.

The second play also involved RR. The hands to the face that wiped out three points. How blatant, how stupid. Instead of sticking your hand up his helmet, why not just actually block him like most people do. RR has done little to impress me over the two seasons he's been here.

The third was Janis's out of control handling of the punt that ended up being a touchback. I watched him from his gunner position on the right side the whole way. He was disengaged from the blocking fairly early and had a clear path to the ball. Anyone could see it was bounding away from the goal line. He had plenty of time to maintain control and grab the ball standing up at about the two or three yard line. Instead he hurls his body sideways totally out of control. If that weren't bad enough, he had to swat at the ball sending it toward the goal line.

That dumb, reckless, stupid play cost GB around 20 yards and a chance to put real pressure on the Rams offense at their own goal line. Just because you're young doesn't mean you have to be stupid.

4thand1's picture

Agreed, that ball went backwards and he knocked it forward. Maybe he should have batted it out of the end zone, and the refs would have given the ball to the Packers on the 20.

The TKstinator's picture

Agree. Watching the play live, I wondered, "why is he trying to touch it at all?"

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

LOL, Mojo. Agree on all points, and would add that when this 270 lb TE sees a 195 pound CB coming up to tackle him, and it's all over: no YAC, just goes down. Lacy needs to talk to him: Rodgers has to force the DB to make a "business decision" when the big TEs of the NFL like him are coming at them.

joe packer's picture

And, who was in charge of sending that fruit basket?

idgafkurt's picture

Outside #51, the entire LB core should be getting a game ball.

Elliot made some plays again, Perry and Neal showed up, Peppers was his usual dominate self, and Clay played one of the best games of his career. Hats of to that squad.

Can we pay Daniels already? He's a freak and coming into his prime. Can't let a dominate inside defender get away.

Dan Stodola's picture

Your not actually worried the Packers will let Daniels get away are you? Takes 2 sides to make a deal. Daniels may not want to do a contract now. Betting that his play will earn him more money.

Stop worrying. Something will get done when both sides want it.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Couldn't disagree more, Dan. There is some reason to worry. From published reports, it appears that GB and Daniels don't agree on his monetary value. My own view is that GB will end up overpaying Daniels like they did with Shields, who they also undervalued and who definitely wanted an extension. You write that Daniels may not want to do a contract now. What evidence there is suggests the opposite. Published reports also state that Daniels is fine with his agent negotiating during the season. Seems to me that your comment is bereft of facts, and ignores reasonable inferences.

Evan's picture

I don't worry because TT doesn't let young, rising stars get away.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I am not worried so much about letting Daniels get away - TT doesn't have that history as you so correctly pointed out - I am worried about whether it wouldn't be cheaper to extend rather than go through the FA bit.

Dan Stodola's picture

They didn't agree w/ Shields and he got signed. Other than House (who was injury prone for years) name one young starter who the Packers let leave in FA? Can't? Story's over.

The reasonable inference is that if the Packers want Daniels back, which I'm sure they do, then he will be back. The Packers own history infers it, no need for me to infer it for them.

Nothing you read in story's before or during the season mean a damn thing when it comes down to negotiations. All your doing is getting yourself worked up for nothing. IF you wanna worry that's up to you. I've read all the articles too and its all for fans like you who can't help but worry. To me its a complete non-story.

Daniels will sign in GB and I'll bet a paycheck on it! You wanna put up the equivalent he doesn't sign in GB?

Daniels MAY not want a contract now. Or maybe he does. No evidence either way. Nothing wrong w/ that statement. A lot of players (most really) choose to wait and find that it nets them a better contract later.

marpag1's picture

I like HHCD, but I'm not as much on the game ball bandwagon as some others are. The PI was clear-cut pass interference and gave away 32 yards, one third of the field. The INT on the other hand... If Joe Thomas was the first to get a hand on it, how about giving some love to JT for being the guy who actually made the play? And if the ball bounced off the receiver's hands before HHCD got a finger on it, then was HHCD really in position to make the play or was he just fortunate the WR can't catch? But yeah, he made a nice diving grab on a tip drill. That was fortunate. And the big tackle was nice too.

I don't fault Jeff Janis for being unable to overcome the laws of physics. I fault him for not being an NFL caliber receiver. He is, however, a first rate gunner, and the touchback does nothing to convince me otherwise. Either he's flying down there at 1000 miles a minute or he isn't. Which one do we want?

Evan's picture

"The PI was clear-cut pass interference..."

100% disagree. In real time it looked sloppy and obvious, but in slow-mo, I'm not even sure HHCD actually touched the WR.


Tiny jersey tug and he knocks the WR's left elbow as the ball sails overheard. Again, I don't blame the ref for making the call because at full-speed it looked obvious. But I think in reality it was pretty ticky-tacky.

As for Janis, I absolutely fault him for that play. If the ball was rolling toward the goal line, sure, fly in and try your best to bat it back while staying out of the end zone.

But in this case the ball had stopped rolling. There was no need for him to barrel in and swat at it.

Flow49's picture

I agree about the PI but I think it was at the least defensive holding but with the ball in the air not surprising it was called PI.

marpag1's picture

Virtually every single thing about this video is saying that there absolutely, incontrovertibly WAS pass interference. There clearly was a yank on the jersey, there clearly was a hack on the arm, these clearly happened after the ball was in the air and before it arrived, and Dix clearly was not looking for the ball or attempting to catch it.

Gentlemen, that's pass interference.

Evan's picture

The hack on the arm occurred as the ball "arrived" - the WR extends his arms and you can see his head move as he tracks it.

So, really, to me it was just the jersey pull, which happens on literally every play. It was not an egregious penalty, imo.

I put "arrived" in quotes because it was about 5 yards over his whether it was even catchable should also be factored in.

marpag1's picture

Look at your own video again. The ball doesn't pass more than 5 INCHES from his fingertips, let along five yards.

Also on your video, the arm hack was clearly before the ball arrived.

I'm not saying that the play was "egregious." I'm saying it was pass interference, and it was.

Evan's picture

I said 5 yards exaggeration, sure, but still the ball isn't even in frame until the very end when the WR has to dive and fully extend himself.

But I guess we can agree to disagree.

As I said, in real-time it looked a lot worse. So I don't fault the refs for throwing the flag.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It was a ticky tacky call. Big name DB doesn't get flagged. If Dix had looked for the ball instead of swatting where it wasn't located, probably doesn't get called. But there is enough there to understand why it was called.

I've been high on Janis, but the failure to down the ball is more evidence that he might just not be able to handle the mental component of the game. At any rate, that and fialing to set in the earlier game is shaking my faith in him. He is a first rate gunner though and will stay in the NFL for a while just on that ability.

Dan Stodola's picture

I don't think it was ticky tack. He had a clear and obvious pull on the jersey. EVERY time a ref see's that its gonna get called no matter the severity. A ref in the moment can't say "yeah he grabbed the jersey, but it didn't hinder the WR." He sees a jersey get pulled automatic penalty. Accept it, that's the way it is and that doesn't make it ticky tack, it makes it a certainty a flag is coming.

Agree about Janis. He made not one but two mental errors either of which could have allowed him to down it at the 1. Mistake 1. He ran himself into the end zone for no reason. Mistake 2, he didn't think to reestablish 2 feet in the playing field before touching the ball. Got to think on the field!

Mojo's picture

Definitely not clear cut PI on HHCD. The jersey tug might have influenced the ref, but not sure that's why he called it. Looks more like the brief contact from HHCD's swipe and contact with the receiver. Plus it helps when the receiver falls down. Technically a PI, but I've seen worse not called.

I'd give some love to JT if he had actually hung onto a fairly easy INT. Right in his hands then boinnnng. The great play on that was HHCD's reflexes leading to a diving twisting catch without letting it hit the turf. I will give JT credit for being in the right position.

No Janis can't overcome the laws of physics, but he can avoid hurling his body through space when it's completely unnecessary. Worse yet he swats the ball towards the goal. Cost us 20 yards.

Evan's picture

"Worse yet he swats the ball towards the goal. "

Exactly. The ball wasn't moving. It was totally reckless.

Flow49's picture

It looks like in a small sampling that Rollins has a nose for the big play. Some players are good but just don't have a knack for that game changing play. Rollins could really be something special and he's only been playing for 2 years. I can't wait to watch him once he gets it all together. Another encouraging thing is that Peppers is forcing sack fumbles pretty regularly, it's only a matter of time before those bounce our way. Love the maturation of this defense! One thing that concerns me is running to the right has been pretty hard for the offense that needs to be fixed hopefully we can get Lang and Bulaga healthy and this problem will go away. Go Pack Go!!

Packer_Pete's picture

Lang on twitter indicated that his injury is not serious. But at least I am confident that there is a decent backup with Walker....

jasonperone's picture

I have to chime in here and say I neglected to add Datone Jones to the Honorable Mention section. Big play altering the FG try and created pressure on the pocket as well. He, like Daniels, made some plays that won't show up on the stat sheet but good to see him starting to make a bigger impact. Now let's just hope he stays off the dope for a while, as he will be tested again soon, I'm sure.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I've got 2 Game Balls to give out.

The 1st one goes to the Defense. 10 Pt's, Fantastic.

The 2ond ONCE AGAIN goes to my Favorite Green Bay Packer, JJ, JAMES JONES, for another Great TD catch when we really needed it.

Way to go James!! Keep it going. One Hell of a Catch. LVT

4thand1's picture

Was sorry to JJ go, but now he's playing better than ever. Must have a log on his shoulders.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

4thand1, It has to be close to a log. He's playing with 1 Hell of a Big Chip. LVT

croatpackfan's picture

I might be wrong, but I will put Casey Hayward in the Lame Calls category. He missed a lot of tackles, he was always few yards away from action and he is responsible for Rams TD. He did not follow Austin (No 11) from one side to another. That was the reason why Austin found himself one on one with Ha-Ha who was in hurry to close the hole, but that was to late... I do not like how Casey plays outside corner...

croatpackfan's picture

Well, I did not read any opposite to what I wrote! So, thanks for vote, but I would like to know why you (voter) think I'm wrong...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I didn't give you the dislike. (Edit: I'll give you a thumbs up even though I am not in total agreement with you!) I think Hayward has played okay so far. I'd give Hayward a C or C+. You are not alone in thinking that Hayward has been sub-par, though. Many commenters think he has been trailing the WRs too much, and note the play where he was beat and Dix had to come over to make the tackle. I worried about Hayward at outside CB, and note that GB hasn't faced an elite WR to date.

On the play you mentioned, I, too, think Hayward should have followed Austin in motion. A pretty knowledgeable guy on another site though thought Hayward was supposed to blitz if his man motioned away and blamed Palmer for flattening out and CM3 for coming too far up field on that play. Truth is, I don't know my Xs and Os well enough to be sure. Maybe Jay or Robert will weigh in on that play.

croatpackfan's picture

Thank you!

croatpackfan's picture

this is the link from another author who keeps Casey responsible for Tavon Austin TD... Just to point out that the same situation was tried later in the game, Quinten Rollins was in charge and played well - stopped Austion for no gain!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks, Croat. That is a nice article by Cohen. Lots of stuff in there too, not just about Hayward didn't follow Austin across the field and Rollins did later.

MarkinMadison's picture

I'd put Walker up for an honorable mention if he hadn't whiffed on that first play. If I'm not mistaken, both Barclay and Tretter were put in for Lang before they gave way to Walker. I think he'll be a keeper and an eventual starter.

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