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Ramifications Of Jolly Suspension

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Ramifications Of Jolly Suspension

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corey jenkins's picture

If he can't be cut until he's back from suspension, perhaps Ted would just assume get him back at that time, especially considering his price tag would have fallen a lot lower. Either way, I don't care. If he's back, fine, if he's terminated, whatever. I don't think anyone can deny he's a pretty solid player though, and makes the rotation much better. I guess the play of Neal, ect. will help determine this.

Bedard I think tweeted that Jolly will enter onto a "reserve/suspended list" ... Can anyone confirm this? That would probably be the case if Brian is saying he's not going to count on the roster during his suspension.

packeraaron's picture

"Jolly will enter onto a “reserve/suspended list”" - correct.

Tarynfor12's picture

First, I would like to ask about the concept of DISCLOSURE.He has likely failed multiple drug tests and the fans and or the Packers were not aware of it.There's alot of odor coming from somewhere.
Second,I would think that since the suspension is without pay,the Pack would not be charged a roster spot and would not need to make a decision of cutting him until he can apply for reinstatement.Leaving them with first rights(this years tender) if he were to get reinstated and hold the opportunity to get some kind of value via trade.IDK for sure but I like that senario.

NyPacker's picture

The NFL doesn't need to disclose all that information to the public. Who knows, they may have hundreds of other procedures done without the general populace knowing. Just look at the Brian Cushing ordeal. They were testing him for PEDs throughout the course of the season without us knowing anything about it.

SpartaChris's picture

The NFL typically does their best to keep things like substance abuse confidential so the player can get help without embarrassment or ridicule. They generally try to help the player overcome their problem before taking disciplinary action.

That said, sometimes things just don't work and a suspension is what's required. It's a shame these guys can't get their shit straight, but in the end it's their choice, not ours.

cpheph1's picture

You said: "Second,I would think that since the suspension is without pay,the Pack would not be charged a roster spot and would not need to make a decision of cutting him until he can apply for reinstatement."

Yes, suspensions are without pay and Jolly does not count towards the roster during suspension...your final comment is also correct.

It would've been nice if Jolly wasn't suspended because he's a pretty good DL but the Packers will get by without him.

bomdad's picture

Somehow, Jolly will end up on the Vikes front line.

Jeff's picture

I'd rather see him in jail

Jersey Al's picture

Since Purple is his favorite color, it fits...

duffmon's picture

I don't know if this was posted before but it's a good read;

FITZCORE1252's picture

Thanks Brian, good stuff. FYI - EVERYTIME I hear you speak I think of the movie Fargo, not a bad thing at all.


Jeff's picture

haha, I thought the same thing, quite the accent considering he's only one state north of me. I love it, though.

Brian, you're a great addition to CheeseheadTV, btw.

some_dude's picture

It will be interesting to see if Wynn can perform on the D-line. He's had a season now in the D (not sure if he's bulked up any) but he's got that experience.

DAWG's picture

JJ was a perfect rotation player for us, to bad.
I was watching some tape on Neal and C J Wilson.
Kinda like this Wilson kid better, a lot of range and energy for a DE, great for pass rushing downs. Neal got DBL teamed a lot, tape didn't help much for him.
Lets hope Trajack can pull a CM3 out of one of these kids.

The yooper's picture

Wouldn't being double teamed on tape be a positive means he's commanding repect from the other team

JonBob's picture

This video is, of course, dead on. The Packers will miss Jolly, but they were well prepared for his absence. Excellent maneuvering by TT.

One interesting aspect of this move is how it affects the likelihood of other d-linemen making the final roster. I think Wynn and Wilson benefit the most...but I actually think this development may end up costing Justin Harrell. Check out my site if you're interested in hearing the rest:

Shootz's picture

Cursory, go-nowhere comment so I can pretend I care about the video.

Superficial, leading excerpts from something I wrote that is vaguely related to this far superior entry. GO TO MY BLOG -

DAWG's picture

To Yoop, Yep, just sayin the vid was of bad quality.

Matt Flynn's picture

They've kept Justin Harrell around! Whew! Thank goodness. I thought this Jolly suspension might hurt the Pack, but not with our former #1 pick ready to step in.

seekr's picture


DAWG's picture

Jonbob, I think your right on this one, either Harrell comes out gang busters, or he's gone, barring injury of course.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i understand the 'there's more they're not telling us' stuff - there has to be. but as a friend of mine pointed out recently, the indefinite suspension means good ol' rog is essentially equating whatever that mystery issue is to donte stallworth drunk driving and killing a man, and vick's lovely situation -- could end up being less, but the 'at least a year' suspension seems absolutely overkill for a guy who has never been suspended.

unless the nfl has evidence that jolly is tied to some sort of death, i don't get it. i know the league tried with the williams' sisters, but reality = players using substances to cover up steroid use (direct effect on game), no suspension. so far as we know, player chugging some cough syrup with a few hoods = indefinite suspension.

crap. crap until we hear otherwise.

aussiepacker's picture

One thing the jolly suspension does is lets TT concentrate on the resigning of Jenkins for next year instead of having to worry about Jolly's contract as well.

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