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Railbird Central Podcast: Proposing a Trade of Jermichael Finley for a Second-Round Pick

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Railbird Central Podcast: Proposing a Trade of Jermichael Finley for a Second-Round Pick

As part of our continuing series featuring the writers at, we talk to Adam Czech who says he would accept a trade of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley for a second round draft pick. Czech also weighs in on Aaron Rodgers' placement on the NFL Network's Top 100 list, the Rookie Symposium and the Lambeau Field season ticket waiting list.

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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America" and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Nick Perry's picture

This list is a complete joke. Rodgers at #6, Matthews at #31, Cobb not even on the list. I personally didn't watch a episode. I can see why many felt Peterson deserved the top spot doing what he did after shredding his knee, but Rodgers BEHIND Manning and Brady? No way.

Brooklyn81's picture

I agree but what hurts Rodgers is getting past the tough teams in the playoffs.

xuyee's picture

A draft pick doesn't help us for a couple of years. Vince Wilfork on the other hand...

al's picture

im keeping finnley fans are rough in greenbay hes the #6 TE in the nfl

Stroh's picture

Wouldn't trade Finley for a 2nd. NE's 2nd would be end of the round, almolst a 3rd. We'll get a 3rd for Finley if he leave in FA for a compensatory pick. One round and the chance to have him for a season. Not worth it. On the other hand, if they offer a 1st round pick it would be an entirely different story.

Someone seems to agree w/ me...

Not a chance for a 2nd, but for a 1st and its on. Anyone who would trade him for a 2nd doesn't understand his impact on the field.

ben's picture

1st rounder - yes, top 2nd - yes, mid2nd&4th&5th-yes, late2nd&3rd -yes

Stroh's picture

Like I said, you clearly don't understand his impact on the field. You don't like him so you don't want him on the team, even if he helps them win... Short sighted!

JakeK's picture

No coaches film, no inside info & you're not an ex-NFL coach, so all you can do is offer up an opinion like everyone else here. ... Quit pretending you have everything figured out... You look like the one who is short sighted.

Chad Toporski's picture

Actually, NFL Rewind offers coaches film to subscribers now.

JakeK's picture

Except, he has NEVER mentioned coaches film in any of his arguments here or on jerseyal's. ... Believe me, he wouldn't recognize coaches film if it were served for breakfast.

Stroh's picture

I see the bigger picture. I get it Finley rubs people the wrong way. Funny, cuz he's exactly like Butler was when he was playing, but that's beside the point. Finley causes teams to game plan for him. Finley on the field is a mismatch that DC's have to provide extra coverage for. That draws more LB/DB's to him and opens the field. All it takes is paying attention. Its not even hard to see. Like someone else said, watch when he goes in motion, the D has to react to him, which tips their hand for Rodgers.

Pay a little attention and you learn a lot. Or don't and you get... Well you!

Skippy's picture

Stroh is just another internet bully. He picks on anyone who he doesn't agree with. Someone should kick him out of here or at least suspend him until he learns. He seems like another troll.

Stroh's picture

I'm not the one who suggested giving Finley away for mid round picks. I provided backup to my opinion. Maybe you should try opening your eyes! Even when Finley was dropping passes, teams still had to account for him. Get over your hatred of Finley and you can see all the good he does. Even the Packers do, or they wouldn't have given him that 2 yr contract!

Skippy's picture

Love yourself all you want. You're still a troll only looking to argue. You need to respect other opinions more. At school they tell us just to ignore people like you. From now on, you are ignored.

Stroh's picture

Ok there skippy boy... Guess you told me didn't you. All I did was backup my assertions and said advise people to watch the game to see the impact Finley has. Not my fault your hatred of Finley has blinded you!

Chad Toporski's picture

Excellent point on what a Patriots' "2nd Round" pick is actually worth... although I'm interested to see what their new offense is going to look like with so many old personnel out of action.

hayward4president's picture

Two words ...Stone...burner

Lucky953's picture

Again, Finley set a franchise record for TE catches last year, and that's without reaching his "full potential". He's a big time offensive weapon. We are not rebuilding. We are legit contenders. I think this team has a very good chance at winning this year. No way should we trade JF.

MLecl0001's picture

Last time i checked the last super bowl we won without Finley, or half the team for that matter. As long as we have a healthy Rodgers we have a shot.

Lucky953's picture

I agree with you that AR is the only indispensable player on the team. With Jennings gone, I see no good reason to empty the cupboard of another playmaker for him to work with.

Fi crane's picture

Stroh for editor!

Jamie's picture

Gotta agree with the folks here REALLY come across as an obnoxious know-it-all. It takes away from your very solid contributions. Just something you might want to file away and try to work on. Or not...

Jake's picture

An obnoxious know-it-all is being too kind.

Stroh's picture

And Your worse. Your a flat out troll for arguments!

Jon's picture

I love our fans. How about this? We don't trade and ride out this season (it's a contract year and he's a selfish prick, he will get his/us numbers) and don't resign him, good business move. Or we trade for a decent deal and although it may not help us immediately, packer nation still smiles :) Agreed?

Jon's picture

Also folks, we are talking about Ted Thompson here. You really think everyone but him understand Finleys importance and potential impact? He would definately get us a solid deal and what would you think if we did get a verteran to help us win this year? A starter at any position for our starting TE, for example. With this offseason we are the best team in football. Giving up an offensive weapon, which we are plentiful of ESPECIALLY with Rodgers distributing, to get a starting safety, middle linebacker or nose tackle, so Raji can move over, would be a great move. Agree? Disagree?

redlights's picture

Trading for any starter quality player in the NFL should net multiple picks. Carson Palmer, Brandon Marshall, Alex Smith and Jay Cutler, while not future HOF'ers, netted teams a wealth of draft picks, which are a hedge of draft choices versus proven talent. Finley is no HOF'er, either; but he does attract attention from Defenses, so I'd go with a 1st/6th or 2-4-5. If we get a NE player, you can bet that Belicheck knows something is going downhill on that player.

My position on trading Finley is only because, while TT has very little history of trading young talent; I think GB could be going towards RB production to a greater degree than in the past. Mind you, not taking the ball out of AR's hands, but swing passes, etc. Even with more RB involvement, I think it is possible for GB to have 3 1000 yard receivers this year. Not assured, but possible; couple that with a 1200 total yards RB, the offense is capable of rocking. I see more options to Finley than in the past, but he still is an enormous talent. Again, not HOF; just solid.

Stroh's picture

If you go w/ more of running game, and I think GB will, it makes keeping Finley more of a priority. If your running the ball, the LB are always cheating forward giving a TE like Finley a cleaner release and an extra step getting down the seem. The LB that would match up on Finley in the short to mid passing game and the Safeties deep would be hard pressed to respect the run AND stay w/ Finley down the seam. Making him even more of a threat than he already is.

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