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Railbird Central Podcast: On Michael Sam in Green Bay, "I Think He'd Be a Perfect Fit"

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Railbird Central Podcast: On Michael Sam in Green Bay, "I Think He'd Be a Perfect Fit"

Episode 361

Forget for a moment about NFL draft prospect Michael Sam being gay. Former Packers defensive lineman Esera Tuaolo thinks Sam would be make for a great addition to the Green Bay Packers defense because of what he offers as a football player. Said Tuaolo on today's episode of Railbird Central:

Just look at his stats and look at his highlight films, this kid can flat-out play. So wherever he goes, and I think Green Bay would be an amazing place for him, not because of the small-market media. I think he would fit perfectly into that type of defense, that fast, speed defense from the outside. There's just a lot of things where I think he'd be a perfect fit there.

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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America" and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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mark in montana's picture

Michael Sam seems to have that tweener size that would make him a candidate for the OLB mix along with Perry and Neal, although it would be a 2-3 year project. From the Packers perspective, he would seem to be worth looking into as a mid-to-late round pick.

Zippy Joe's picture

I wonder if Michael Sam is big enough and quick enough to play in the NFL. Most of his senior year college sacks were against three mediocre teams.

If the Packers draft him it would be a mega-story for the media. The players and coaches would just want him to be NFL ready. It will only be a distraction if you allow it to happen.

From a marketing standpoint he will be a rock star in the LGBT community. Fans spend money. The team that drafts him should see his jersey, and other sports memorabilia, in high demand. He will also receive commercial endorsements if he makes the team. Although there might be vocal detractors, progress is on the side of Mr. Sam and the team that drafts him.

If Ted Thompson and the scouting department think he can transition to the pros, I hope they draft him.

Stroh's picture

I don't have a problem w drafting Sam. Be a 34OLB project but he has some potential. Only question is does he get a pink jersey to play in on game day? LMFAO

Sorry couldn't resist!

Carp's picture

Man, you are HILARIOUS.

mark's picture


Stroh's picture

Go F Yourself! It was a freaking JOKE. If you don't like a little humor you have a sad existence!

mark's picture

it was a terrible joke. poor taste, sure. but also, just terrible.

Point Packer's picture

Not only was it not funny, it was just stupid. Which fits you perfect. Did you put on your tutu today - Stroh?

Evan's picture

He certainly seems to have the intangibles you look for - heart, leadership, strong work-ethic, etc...

I've read some reports that say he's undersized for OLB - but at 6'2, 260, I don't really see that. I think it'll ultimately come down to his speed tests at the combine. If he's there in the 4th or 5th, I think he'd be a great pick-up.

Stroh's picture

He's perfect 34 OLB size. Ideal being bout 6'3 260. Just depends on his athleticism. Doesn't sound like he's a great athlete.

RC Packer Fan's picture

That's what I have been hearing. Perfect size but doesn't have the athleticism. I heard at the Senior Bowl scouts were calling him a 4-3 DE only, that he doesn't play great in space.

If the Packers were to draft him I think he would have to be an edge rusher only. I think he could be good in that role, but I do question how well he would fit in the 3-4 defense.

If he can be a good pass rusher at least to start, I would say he would be worthy of a mid round pick.

Evan's picture

From CBS:

Strengths: "Very good initial quickness to explode past offensive tackles and apply pressure on the quarterback...Considering his size, Sam is surprisingly effective in run defense."

Weaknesses: "Only occasionally asked to drop into coverage in this scheme, making his conversion to outside linebacker a true projection, especially given his average ability to change directions."

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, that goes along with what I have been hearing.

This is my feeling about it. You draft him in the middle rounds but you have to use him in ways that he is best at. Rushing the QB or setting the edge. He won't be a good player to drop in coverage so don't ask him to do it a lot.

I think the Packers could find a role for him. I just won't spend more then a 4th round pick on a role player.

Evan's picture

Sounds a lot like Nick least thus far.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I was actually going to say that.
He in a way reminds me a little bit of Nick Perry. More of a pass rusher only type of player.

That being said, Perry was a higher rated player coming out. Most projected Perry to be in the 20-30 range where most are projecting Sam to be a 3rd-5th round pick.

That's not saying that Sam won't be a good player, its just saying that there are more questions about him at this time.

Stroh's picture

Sam doesn't have nearly the athleticism that Perry had coming out of SC. Perry tested exceptionally expect in quickness where he was ordinary, which is why struggles in space. Perry and Sam would be nearly identical, except Sam would be less a pass rusher. Perry seems to excel at ROLB, and IMO he and Matthews should change sides.

Anyone know which side Sam played? If he rushed the QB mostly from the LEFT side in college I would give him a look in the 4th. If he is like Perry and was strictly a Right side pass rusher, I wouldn't pick him at all. We already have guys that rush better on the right side.

4thand1's picture

I think he'll play his ass off every down, because he'll have something to prove. The Packers need people that go all out and hit people. I have a feeling he'll be sitting around a long time on draft day (days) though. Teams don't like distractions and it will be a major one, especially from opposing fans.

mark's picture

I think the distraction element of this story will fade very quickly. How does the story extend beyond the first few weeks? Like, he's gay (yeah, so what?) his teammates probably won't care, so at that point what's the story? TRAINING CAMP...DAY 28....STILL GAY!!!

The only thing that might happen is those Westboro baptist shitlicks showing up at training camp. But those people only embarrass themselves and are universally hated.

Most everyone it seems is rooting for this guy, and like someone above said, he'd be playing with an enormous chip (AWESOME). If anything, I think, this kid would bring almost any team together, not tear it apart.

And sure, some fans/players on the Pack might not be initially comfortable with homosexuality. But in my experience, those people just haven't known a homosexual. When you come to know a gay person you quickly realize it's not a choice, and that they're normal people just like anyone else. Perception will change.

jack in jersey city's picture

the only reason why this is a story is because he will be the 1st player in the NFL to come out while he's playing in the NFL. sadly, this shouldn't be a story, but it is. i hope the guy plays his ass off and shuts up all of the naysayers and the religious extremists.

Jordan's picture

Yeah, I don't know guys. I think it's a non-story if NFL teams were accounting firms or even construction workers. Usually you're not getting naked and showering with your gay co-worker.

I've worked with gay men in the past. Nice guys. Went to lunch with them all the time. Call me crazy or call me a bad person,, but still I had no interest in getting naked and showering with them.

If given a choice, most non-homophobic heterosexual men would probably prefer not to shower with gay men......and feel little awkward doing so. Just my 2cents and opinion.

Bert's picture

Actually I wish him the best wherever he goes. Not sure if has the talent to make it in the NFL or not. Looks like a good special teams guy and maybe a situational pass rusher type. Teams know that there will be a distraction and is his talent level worth the distraction? Tebow is not worth the distraction. Maybe Sam will stay low key enough to where the circus will die down and he and his team can just focus on football. Kinda funny about the media. They claim to be on the kid's side then do everything they can to mess things up for him by not just leaving him alone. Makes for a tough situation for his team and team mates.

Stroh's picture

The media has to report the story that's how they make their money. Maybe its unfortunate it is a story, but that isn't the media's fault. Its a societal story at this point. Hopefully it won't be after this, but more than likely it'll take a couple more guys to come out for it to be a non-story... Blame society, not the media they are just reporting it and doing their job!

Bert's picture

Stroh. Do you ever get tired of being an obnoxious self absorbed bag of wind?

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Stroh & Others, I'd like to ask you an honest question about this whole Gay situation in the NFL, or where ever? I don't have any problem with a Gay player, playing in the NFL. The question I raise is this. The guy is Gay right? There's no other way to say this. That means he likes guys right?
Isn't that the same as putting a Straight guy in a girls locker room? It's a delicate subject to talk about, but really, IMO that's what needs to be addressed here, whether anyone wants to or not. It's not the football field that's in question, it's the locker room. How do you deal with the players who don't care to shower with this guy. Don't they have a say in this?, or rights? Do Straight players automatically have to accept Gay's in their locker room? Just trying to ask an honest question, that will, I'm sure be asked at some point.

Sam's picture

As an MU alum I liked Sam but would be unhappy with a draft pick being spent on him. He was very up and down in big games and is not overly athletic. Plus the added media coverage he'd bring is not something that would benefit GB. He's no Aldon Smith. I'd be ecstatic to grab Kony Ealy tho

Tom's picture

As a football player, I don't know if he fits in with the Packers or not. Our scouting team and workouts will make that decision. If he can help win games, please bring him in. All I care about is winning football games.

BUT, if his being gay is going to be this huge drama show all year, perpetrated by the media, then I hope he goes elsewhere. I guess I'm just not interested in something other than football being the weekly story about our team.

If sexual orientation is truly ever going to be equal then homosexuality needs to be treated with the same fanfare as being heterosexual. Why is there such a need to celebrate it? Just my opinion...

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