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Railbird Central Podcast: Boos at Lambeau

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Railbird Central Podcast: Boos at Lambeau

Episode 723

Helping us react to Sunday's Packers loss at Lambeau Field to the Cowboys is Charlie Sokaitis, sports director for NBC 26 in Green Bay. Sokaitis describes what went wrong with Aaron Rodgers and the previously dominant run defense that led to booing at Lambeau Field. After the interview, I offer the postgame, "Chips Report," which includes the silver lining of solid play from guys like Morgan Burnett and Bryan Bulaga.


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al bundy's picture

The fans were booing the play calling not the players. Your down what two scores at least with 6 miutes to go and your running the ball with Lacy down the middle not to the sideline to stop the clock.

Your suppose to boo. Its stupid play calling. Its wasting time on the clock. Someone needs to step in again and take the play calling away from Mike and tell him start managing the dam game on offense and defense. They both need a lot of help. Your not the play calling genius you think you are.

Lacy Left Lacy right. First down, run Lacy. Hey we will show the world we can run the ball and were tough. Rogers can throw it when were in trouble and they know were in trouble.

Big T2's picture

Trouble with a capital T...

Big T2's picture

Look on the bright side... at least we will get a great draft pick for once and maybe it will force Grandpa Ted into retirement. TT and MM are egomaniacs and this team is going nowhere until they are gone... One and done in the playoffs is one thing, but not making the playoffs won't fly in titletown.

stockholder's picture

TT won't retire. It's down with the ship. - Frustration,frustration, frustration. I would pass pass pass. Were paying A-rod big Bucks. Break his arm. PASS<PASS<PASS. Every down!

Big Chz 1150's picture

Rodger's troubles started when GB started cozying up to Favre again. The guy sat behind him for 3 years!!! They retire his number - Pack loses to Bears. Put his name up at Lambeau - Pack loses ugly to Cowboys. Do the math. ever since the talk has been about Favre, Rodgers hasn't played well. He has to be thinking, "They'll never let me replace BF. I should have gone somewhere else." In my mind A-Roj is the better QB by a wide margin. Too bad so many BF lovers won't see that.

rdent's picture

I just read an article on about firing Mike McCarthy,interesting!

rdent's picture

To whomever,why the dislike? I didn't write the f**king article! I merely said it was interesting,wow! Go take your pill.

Point Packer's picture

Fire Mike McCarthy. We only have Rodgers for a few more years. Don't waste what he has left by keeping "Missionary Mike" on the sidelines. 10 year rule. Fire that ass clown.

stockholder's picture

And then what. MM is still good. I only have to look at the Michigan Wolverines that thought the same thing. From Bo, to Carr. to Losing. And then everyone got better. Wisc. Ohio State, Michigan state. Not to mention several other NFL teams that could not replace what they had. Winning! Shouldn't we ask TT to resign first to see if it's MM, or TT, thats making the calls. So you don't like MMs game plan. MM doesn't throw the passes and doesn't pick the players in the draft. Yes you want Losing! I don't. I like how he competes. How many times has this team been patched. The west Coast offense never got the RB or ILB the fans wanted. MM went on record for Lbs. and to sign their own. He got F***ed by TT. But regardless they always put their differences a side. So lets look at what you lose by firing MM first. 1. winning for at least 3 years ,hopefully, 2. The west coast offense, 3. The Zone blocking. 4. The players and coaches loyalty to MM. 5. Capers defense which was a problem for years. 6. You have players that came here because of the winning. And some TT won't sign. Don't be brain dead by joining a mob. The coaches and players that MM had, really never made a impact for their new teams. MM is to good of a coach, not to respect, on game day.

Samson's picture

Apples and Oranges.

Can't possibly compare college football and the NFL.
Completely different systems.

But I do agree. TT needs to go first. The "new" GM should get to fire MM on day 1 of his new job.

stockholder's picture

It is. I was trying to show it from a coaches perspective. Michigan dominated. When Bo and Carr left, the michigan wolverines were no longer the victors. It only made the division rivals stronger. So lets look at the Shula years, for the Dolphins, the pittsburgh Steelers, And the Walsh SF 49ers. If Belinchek left the patriots do you think they would be champions? You really have to look at the winning percentage of MM. Superbowls are hard to win. AND YOU WANT TO TRASH HIS PROGRAM FOR SOME FANTASY.

Samson's picture

Has COW taken over all of the comment sections using multiple IDs?? ----- I've never seen so much vitriol directed at TT and MM in the history of this site.

Here's the sad part. --- The Pack will probably destroy the Bears this Thursday (believe me, da Bears are not good). Then too many will be back to drinking the kool-aid and proclaiming AR, TT and MM to be the "best ever".

Until the Falcons blow GB out of the water 10 days later.

This looks like a very interesting season.

Point Packer's picture

Ha! I bet Cutler/Hoyer throws for 350 on Thursday. Who's going to guard Alshon Jeffrey? Huh?

Atlanta will beat GB by 20. Maybe more.

This season is over. Fire MM. Fire TT.

Point Packer's picture

This team is slow. So slow. Zero speed on then outside. Nelson - slow. Adams - slow. Richard Rodgers - oh god. Randall Cobb - slow for a slot WR. Lacy - ha, so so so slow. Starks - slow.

Only players with real speed are Montgomery and Janis and it took till game five for fat ass to give them meaningful snaps.

Point Packer's picture

Davante Adams is Robert Fergusson.

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