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Q&A with New Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy

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Q&A with New Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy

Alabama running back Eddie Lacy. Photo by Brian Carriveau of Cheesehead TV.

Alabama running back Eddie Lacy answers questions from the media at NFL Combine.

Question: With three offensive linemen at the NFL Combine, how do you prove to scouts that your production isn’t all about them?

Lacy: "It all depends on how you look at it. I mean, I feel as though we complement each other because you have a great offensive line and you have a great backfield as well so I don’t feel as if one position is doing good because of the other. It’s just that we complement each other."

Question: What's Chance Warmack like?

Lacy: "Chance. Chance is my favorite lineman. Off the field when we’re on the side, he’s one of the coolest dudes ever. When it’s time to go in and get some reps in this game, he’s different. He’s just a different person to whoever gets in his way. You’re going to move or get ran over—one of the two."

Question: How would you help the Packers?

Lacy: “I feel as though they wouldn’t just be able to spread the field out. They’d have to actually have to defend the run as well. If Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback, you’re not going to put nine guys in the box. So it’ll kind of balance out.”

Question: Is having less mileage on your tires a good thing?

Lacy: “That’s always an advantage because you didn’t get banged up as a lot of guys who did take all those carries early.”

Question: What's your best attribute as a runner?

Lacy: “Just being able to be a powerful runner if I need to or an agile runner and make people miss. With my size, being able to be agile and make people miss, that’s really key.”

Question: What do you think about Jesse Williams?

Lacy: “Uhh, Jesse. As we all know, he’s big. Real big. When he’s in his mind-set, there’s really no one who can get in his way. For the most part, I mean he’s just a dominant player. He’s going to let you know he’s on the field.”

Question: What are the benefits to being a workhorse running back in today’s NFL?

Lacy: “I know they pass the ball a lot but at the same time, having a guy who can run the ball a lot benefits your offense. In short yardage plays, you can’t really throw the ball when it’d be easier to run it. If you have that running back, it’s not a problem.”

Question: How did Nick Saban help you prepare?

Lacy: “Just his whole coaching philosophy. I mean, coming in as a freshman, you think it’s hard. All he’s doing is preparing you for days like today and whatever your future may hold.”

Question: Do you prefer running behind an elite blocker?

“It really doesn’t matter.”

Question: You made Manti Te’o disappear in the national championship game. How?

Lacy: (laughs) “It was just a mind-set. As an offense, we came out, we heard about their defense up until that game. So we wanted to make our own statement. We wanted to come out and dominate and we were able to do that.”

Question: Did Chance Warmack motivate you for that?

Lacy: “Chance always motivates. It’s Chance. He’s going to motivate.”

Question: How does your experience playing in big games help you?

Lacy: “Well, I mean, I was able to show up in the big games on the big stages and in the NFL, every game is a big game no matter what. So if I was able to perform well in those games, you know it should be an indication that I can do the same thing in the NFL.”

Question: What would you bring an organization?

Lacy: “Power. Being agile for a big back."

Question: Who's the toughest defensive player you faced at Alabama?

Lacy: “All of LSU’s linebackers. All of them. Those guys are fundamental, they’re fast. You have to move real fast. If not, you’re going to get tackled for a loss.”

Question: What are you looking for in a pre-snap read?

Lacy: “Pre-snap read, if it’s a run play, depending on the play you have to locate the defensive linemen first. And then from the defensive linemen, you just go to the second level.”

Question: With a middle linebacker, would you rather give a juke or run him over?

Lacy: “Whichever one is convenient at the time. If it’s short yardage, I’ll just run into him. If not, and I have a little space to move, then I’ll most likely do that.”

Question: How did Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson help you in the Combine process?

Lacy: “Um, a little bit. They didn’t tell me how long it was or anything. They’re just like ‘it’s a good experience to help raise your draft stock and talk to a lot of coaches and a lot of people on the offensive staff.’”

Question: Was it difficult to go pro early?

Lacy: “It wasn’t too hard. I was there for four years. After a while, you can’t take as many licks because as a running back you don’t have that many years. At a school like Alabama, you get talent year in and year out so even when one leaves, the next person right behind him is going to be just as good if not better.”

Question: Many consider you the best running back in this draft. How do you feel about that?

Lacy: “It’s a good feeling, but I’m just happy to be here.”

Question: You caught more passes this year. Was there a push from the staff to do that?

Lacy: “No, it’s just if the quarterback doesn’t have any receivers downfield, I’m available and he can just check it down. But it’s not like, he went up to coach. It just kind of went like that.”

Question: What percentage of your catches were checkdowns?

Lacy: “Every pass, unless there’s a blitz, we have a checkdown option. … I’m always the last resort. Every time, I’m not first or second.”

Question: Practices are tougher in the pros. Did Alabama help you in that regard?

Lacy: “Tuesdays and Wednesdays, after a while you start to not look forward to those days. But it just gets you ready for the game during the week. I feel like we practice way harder than the game situations so like I said, it’s hard but we do it and we’re very prepared when game-day comes.”

Question: What's your favorite team as a fan?

Lacy: “My favorite team is Minnesota.”

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FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"Lacy: “My favorite team is Minnesota"

Well, in 5 or six years after we've ran you into the ground, I'm sure they'll pick you up!

Like the pick. Good value, big, strong kid. Can only help our team


al's picture

ya just like ap hu ?

al's picture

minn vikings when the packer dont have money to pay ya you mite end up their sum day .

al's picture

but welcome too ya new home eddie lacy good luck sir :)

jmac3444's picture

I shall shed a tear for the loss of the english language

Morgan's picture

Who cares if he likes the least he's honest..

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