Q&A With Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby talked about the NFL lockout, free agency, receiving his Super Bowl ring and his thoughts on player-ran workouts.

Mason Crosby was the only free agent to attend Donald Driver's Celebrity Softball Game this past weekend. While there, he addressed the uncertainty his future holds because of the NFL lockout, thoughts on receiving his Super Bowl ring and his offseason workout routine...

On getting his Super Bowl ring this upcoming Thursday...

Mason Crosby: "That’s going to make it real, winning the Super Bowl, it’s been an amazing time this spring, but once we have that ring on our hand, it’s going to kind of finish it off and make it real."

On the the NFL lockout and his free-agent status...

Crosby: "It’s a weird situation. I’ve been trying to stay on the same routine that I normally do: Get in the weight room, go kick, play a little golf––the stuff I always do in the offseason. But the uncertainty of not knowing if I’m going to be restricted, unrestricted, waiting for the CBA to get figured out, there’s a lot of us in the league right now. A lot of players that are in that position, and it’s tough. I try to be optimistic, planning for it to get figured out, but for a guy in my position, the sooner we can get a deal done, the better."

On player-organized workouts...

Crosby: "Seeing everyone out here, it felt like the chemistry is still there. I think we’re still riding off of (last) season. It felt good to get around the guys and get that camaraderie again. But I think these guys are working hard off the field, everyone looks good. If we end up getting a few things here and there, I’m going to get with Brett (Goode) and Tim (Masthay). Tim and I have been kicking together and making sure we get some good work in, so position-wise I think guys have been getting together and making sure they’re sharp. We have a lot of guys coming back. We’re pretty much the same team. So we’re in a little bit different position. As long as everybody comes back ready to play once this gets figured out, that’s the important thing."

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redlights's picture

June 11, 2011 at 06:44 am

Given the absence of OTA to watch an undrafted rookie, it looks like Crosby will be our kicker. While he frustrates me at times, I think he'll do fine for all 19 games :)

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Point Packer's picture

June 15, 2011 at 01:58 am

We could be worse off.

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