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Projections for Sam Shields's Next Contract Are All Over the Board

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Projections for Sam Shields's Next Contract Are All Over the Board

Packers cornerback Sam Shields. Photo by Corey Behnke of

With the start of free agency now approximately a month away, there's no consensus as to the size of contract Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields might receive, at least from those projections published in the media.

Average per year predictions range from as little as $3.5 million to as much as $8.5 million for a player perhaps thought to be Packers' highest priority among their 17 unrestricted free agents this offseason.

On the high end of the contract forecasts, Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette talked to a scout this past week that felt Shields could command a figure as high as the $8.5 million previously mentioned.

A number like that would put Shields on par with fellow Packers cornerback Tramon Williams, who's entering the final year of a four-year contract in 2014, averaging $8.25 million per season that ranks eighth in the NFL, according to

Among the lower-end projections is an article from Jason Fitzgerald of

"(Shields) would likely be looking at a deal similar to that of Kyle Arrington who earned $4 million a season from New England," writes Fitzgerald. "His bottom figure should be Tramaine Brock of the 49ers whose contract has a base value of $3.5 million a year."

The low-end projection for Shields might be perhaps too low, but Fitzgerald does have a method behind his madness.

While the top-paid cornerbacks in the NFL such as Darelle Revis, Champ Bailey and Brandon Carr have contracts averaging in excess of $10 million per season, the market softened significantly for cornerbacks in free agency last year with no player receiving a contact that averaged in excess of $6 million annually.

From Dougherty's article:

Last year, the four cornerbacks to come out of free agency with the highest-paying contracts were Philadelphia’s Cary Williams ($5.7 million average), Kansas City’s Sean Smith ($5.5 million), New Orleans’ Keenan Lewis ($5.11 million) and San Diego’s Derek Cox ($5 million). Their guaranteed money ranged from $5.75 million to $7.65 million.

So where will the contract for Shields fall? Probably somewhere between the high and low projections suggested earlier but erring toward the bigger side.

What can't be ruled out, however, is the Packers using either the franchise or transition tag on Shields, a possibility both parties––Shields and the Packers––would probably like to avoid.

At first blush, the projected franchise-tag figure for cornerbacks of $11.26 million (as estimated by looks to be exorbitant. But it's also a number that is wiped off the books after only one year.

Shields' agent Drew Rosenhaus, who's known for driving a hard bargain, must tread a fine line between trying to get top dollar for his client and getting fair market value.

If Shields and Rosenhaus insist on contract that's going to pay the cornerback in a range nearing $10 million per season instead of negotiating in good faith, they risk getting slapped with the franchise tag or transition tag that potentially only delays Shields' ability to ink a long-term deal.

Furthermore, if the Packers would seriously consider paying Shields a contract averaging nearly $8.5 million, would an extra $2.75 for just one year under the franchise tag be a breaking point for them? That point is debatable, but it's probably not out of the question.

Until free agency actually begins, the Packers have exclusive negotiating rights with Shields until March 8. While talks may be ongoing, there's likely to be a face-to-face meeting at the NFL Combine less than two weeks away when agents and all NFL teams are in the same city at the same time.

Just 26 years old, Shields could be a centerpiece for the Packers defense to build around for years to come, but they also have to fit his contract within a salary-cap structure that's already eaten up in large part by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews.

The Packers currently have plenty of space available, but it will be eaten up quickly when they start to re-sign other members of their free agent class or extend players such as wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Badger's picture

If they were willing to carve out $8 million a year for BJ Raji, then there should be absolutely no problem resigning Sam Shields.

Arlo's picture

Why not.
May as well add Shields to the list of players who are presently overpaid by the Packers.

"....centerpiece for the Packers defense to build around for years to come." ---- An undersized DB who is strictly a cover corner ?? --- You're dream'in now.

gbslapshot's picture

Since when is being a "cover corner" a bad thing?

Arlo's picture

Where did I say "being a cover corner is a bad thing" ??

Practice your reading comprehension. It needs some work.

You 'homers' love to reword posts, don't you ??

gbslapshot's picture

When one says that someone is strictly a cover corner and then says people are dreamin about him being a centerpiece of the defense because he is said cover corner that is implying that cover corner is bad.

Arlo's picture

I don't believe that SS will ever be the "centerpiece of a defense" so then I must believe that "a cover corner is bad".

You're embarrassing yourself. My posts are mostly basic & easy to understand. (as long as you don't reword them)

Phatgzus's picture

Yeah, he's not just a cover corner-his tackling will never be considered great but it's a lot better than it used to be (even in '13), he's average at worst in that category and I'll gladly take that along with his cover skills.

Do you ever post anything positive or, for that matter, insightful, Arlo? How bad must your life be that you can't even enjoy something that exists solely to entertain? Didn't your mama ever tell you that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all? Geez, Kyle, quit being a Negative Nancy and lighten up.

Lou's picture

Not only is he a "cover corner" who you are not afraid to put on any WR but he makes "big plays", some of his best picks have been in the play offs since his rookie year and when he makes a pick he has an opportunity to take it to the house. Who in their right mind wouldn't accept "average tackling" under those circumstances. Add to that he is just 26 and has years of starting experience to boot. Get serious.

4thand1's picture

I'm sure arloser thinks Dion Sanders was one of the best ever and he couldn't tackle my grandmother.

Stroh's picture

I was going to point that out too. You beat me to it... Sanders is widely considered one of the best CB in NFL history and his tackling was never more than ordinary. Simply put, tackling, especially in the running game is NOT what CB are paid to do. If they are great at it, it certainly adds to their value. But its hardly worthy mentioning in Shields case, since he made a dramatic improvement in that area in '13.

Ted Thompson's picture

Wow!! I cannot fathom how you get stupider and stupider with each post, but yet it continues to happen.

jeremy's picture

Another argument for the Franchise Tag is it gives them one more year to evaluate House, Hayward and Hyde; Tramon comes off the books and it's easier to make a decision on if Shields is worth long term dollars.

MarkinMadison's picture

Agreed. It also gives them another year to see if Shields is really worth a high dollar contact. Interesting (and a bit disappointing) that Williams, but not Shields, was making plays at the end of the year.

Phatgzus's picture

Dallas, yo, not to mention he essentially shut down Antonio Brown-who was one of the most prolific WRs in the League-and Jeffrey/Marshall; can't fault him for SF, as he was injured, though THAT could be an issue as he's missed a handful of games in each of the past 2 years.

Phatgzus's picture

Except the Pack don't exactly have the cap space next year to sign him to an $11M 1-year deal-$26M and possibly about $3.3M more with the cap increase for '14 and they have 17 FAs to sign, including the only player on their team whose ever started a game at center and a bunch of draft picks.

jeremy's picture

Who cares about 12 of those 17. And Pickett and Kuhn will probably be back for a lot less.

Phatgzus's picture

Shields, EDS, and Flynn won't come cheap, then there's Quarless, Pickett, Jolly, and perhaps Kuhn and/or Neal and/or Lattimore. Then there are the Rookie contracts (not just draft picks either) as well as TT's keenness for saving a few mil in cap room for emergencies.

Stroh's picture

Flynn will be very cheap. His NFL value is really low, no one is gonna pay him much if anything. Kuhn if he comes back w/ be on a team-friendly deal, same w/ Pickett.

I'm not sure how much EDS will be worth, but I'm not overpaying for him. I'm OK w/ Tretter starting between Lang/Sitton who would both be able to help him a lot.

Shields will definitely be a high priced commodity but it'll get done. Would really like to get Neal signed but he's going to have a few teams interested in him. Same w/ Starks.

Really only Shields is a must sign IMO.

jeremy's picture

Jolly and Finley are done in the NFL, there is no reason to mention them. Shields and EDS are they only ones who are important to resign. Maybe you can add Neal to that list. Out of them all, Shields is the only FA who is not an average or below football player, he will cost 6-8 mil per year. EDS, Jones and Neal will cost ~3 mil per, and Flynn, Pickett, Quarless and Kuhn can have ~1 mil per. The rest can take veterans minimum or they can walk.

Badger's picture

Matt Flynn is going to be very cheap. He'll probably get the veterans minimum and be happy about it considering he's bombed out of 3 teams in 2 years.

EDS is going to be pretty cheap as well considering he's not that great of a center. The only reason we'll resign him is because we don't have another center on the roster who's actually played in the NFL. No one is going to be throwing tons of money at EDS with Alex Mack on the open market.

Quarless might fetch some money somewhere, perhaps with McAdoo in NY, but Pickett, Jolly, and Kuhn aren't going to be expensive.

Phatgzus's picture

Jolly's career isn't over, not by a long shot; Finley's may be but even that isn't resolved yet. I would consider Flynn quite important considering what happened this season, unless they want to spend a relatively high draft pick on a QB when there are other issues to be addressed.

Phatgzus's picture

He could be cheap but it only takes one team (Cleveland, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Tampa) to drive up the price.

gbslapshot's picture

Fitzgerald should stop writing for and start writing for if he thinks that Rosenhaus will let Shields sign a $3.5 million contract...

Phatgzus's picture

No doubt, he's also significantly better than any other CB mentioned in that $3-8M price range.

Bert's picture

A bad as our safeties are we desparately need 2 good cover guys on the outside or we will get killed. Right now Tramon and Shields are key pieces to this defense. I have very little confidence that House will ever amount to much, Bush sucks in coverage, Hyde is too slow and Hayward needs to get back on the field. Gotta pay Shields or we will pay a big price down the road I'm afraid.

brett c's picture

My guess all along was about 7 mill a year for Shields. We'll say $7.25 mill over 4 years, so 4 years $29 mill. Very fair contract for both sides. Would love to see us counter that deal by restructuring Tramon's deal. Maybe down to around $4.5 mill/yr for Tramon, but extend him another 2-3 yrs. Our CBs would set for the next 3 yrs w/ Tramon & Shields manning the perimiter & Hayward holding down the slot.

Stroh's picture

7M is way too low for Shields. I would say 9M per on the low end and 11M on the high side. He should get at least what Tramon got and a little more due to inflation over the past 4 yrs. Not worried they'll get it done. Tramon's contract would be the starting point and it'll likely exceed it.

Badger's picture

At least what Tramon got? For what reason?

Tramon extended when he was one of the best corners in the league. He was 5th in interceptions, 2nd in passes defended, and was selected to the Pro Bowl, while also playing a huge role in the Super Bowl run.

Sam is a great player no doubt, and he should be resigned, but he hasn't reached those heights yet in his career.

Stroh's picture

That was 3 yrs ago. In NFL contracts that's a long time. Courtland Finnegan signed a 5/50M contract in '12. Shields is nearing that number IMO.

Arlo's picture

You're stating facts again.
Stroh don't like facts. They mess with his head.

brett c's picture

$9-$11 mill would put Shields as the highest paid CB in the NFL behind Revis, sorry but I just don't see it. And if he wants that type of money, then good riddance.

Evan's picture

Agreed. I don't think Shields is getting $10+ mil a year. I think we all might be overvaluing him a bit. I'm thinking $7-9

Stroh's picture

I think the starting point for discussions w/ Shields will be Tramon's contract. He's getting 8.25M per. It goes up from there.
Revis 16M
Cromartie 15M
Carr 12.2M
Ike Taylor 12M

Here's the list of highest paid CB.

Now tell me where Shields fits... If Orlando Scandrick is getting 6.6M I have to give Shields a lot more. Like I said, 9M on the low end, probably a little more.

xuyee's picture

I agree. If Sam gets $11 million, then what do Talib and Rodgers-Cromartie get? Is there really that much money around the league for CBs?

ArodMoney's picture

Stroh: I'd say somewhere right between Carlos Rogers and Orlando Scandrick. I believe everyone above Rogers was more established than Shields at the time of their contract.

Shields also isn't coming off a great season and the FA market for corners is saturated. If he wants more than $8m a year I say let him walk. $7m a year would be about as high as I'd go.

Stroh's picture

ARODGE... an article I read this weekend indicated Shields might be in line for as much as 8.5M. I'm guessing he'll be very near Tramon. Mught gave been little too high earlier comments. IMO HE is worth more than guys you mentioned due to his age and upside. He's still getting better and think he had avery good year.

some guy's picture

no way. if they pay more than 7 million for a guy who is oft-injured and can't tackle all that well their stupid.

There's very little cap room on this team and they can't break the bank on a guy who, while good, is not a top 7-8 corner in the league.

It doesn't matter what Tramon got. his contract needs to be redone or he'll be cut.

Evan's picture

"There’s very little cap room on this team"

Not true. They have among the most cap space in the league. Something like $30 million, actually.

Bobby D's picture

Restructure Tramon, free up $ and give Shields in the $5.5-$6 range...should be a fair realistic number. If Tramon refuses, cut him. We can't afford both at full price so if you have to choose, it's a no brainer. Then,,how about cutting Butnett also. If after 4 years he's getting worse, why not? We can sign Pollard with $ saved. .Draft Ha Ha or Prior in the first....with Hayward and Hyde, DB's should be solid. Then TT wakes u and says "I like our guys" keep drafting badly, unearth those ace steeet guys and have Dom and that crack staff continue to "develop"

ray nichkee's picture

How can we take you seriously if you can't spell. Take some extra time to get your point across or go back to first grade. You are worse than those teenage girls when texting. maybe you are drunk off that same flavored crap that they drink and call beer. Go pack

Bobby D's picture

Nichkee? Very cute and excellent points you moron

Stroh's picture

How can we take you serious when you say 5.5 to 6M range? Tramon's contract will be the starting point for the Packers and Shields will be looking to exceed it. 9 to 10M is the likely number that will be agreed on.

Bobby D's picture

Who gives a shit what you take seriously? In your "opinion" you actually believe Shields body of work equals what Revis has accomplished? After '10 Williams looked like might, he hasn't and will be restructured. Shields is good not the best and will be paid accordingly

ray nichkee's picture

Easy with the name calling bobby brown (listen to the frank zappa tune). Save your gm skills for your fantasy league. Nobody cares. In a few weeks we will find out what the nfl thinks of shields when he signs. In the meantime we can all agree that he is the one free agent that we cannot lose right now. He should be happy the pack gave him a shot in the first place but he has the biggest scumbag agent in football. He could ruin it for both parties.

Stroh's picture

Dude, seriously Darrell Revis' contract is 16M Per. How in any universe is paying Shields 9M anywhere near that astronomical number? You need to check some facts before you act like you know what your talkin about! Tramon is getting a little over 8M and Shields discusstions will start in that neighborhood.

Jake's picture

I expect some team to pay Terrell Manning $9 to $11M this offseason.

some guy's picture

ugh no no no

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No, please no. We need a center with NFL experience. EDS is important, but is not a necessity. Tretter hasn't played a snap in the NFL. He was a tight end his first two years and LOT his last 20 games for Cornell. I would only roll the dice on Tretter at C if EDS wants north of $3.75m per year, depending on guaranteed money. Can't we have a year where only one O-line spot is weak? Last year LOT and ROT were well below average.

I imagine Shields will get $8m average from someone.

Bobby D's picture

Didn't say we don't need him...he's the only FA we really do need. Point is, his body of work so far is not worthy of top tier $. Wouldn't let him walk if ultimately $7m became the number, but franchising him or anywhere in the $10m range is crazy. Now I see why you're cranky. Ray and Frank are your heroes. Put the Nehru jacket and beads back on an just chill old timer!

ray nichkee's picture

Hey bobby, I didn't say shields is worth $10m. I said we will find out what the nfl thinks he's worth. Your price is probably right on but his agent is drew and is always trying to get twice what his players are worth. I can't wait till that scumbag agent is gone. I am not cranky, I am not an oldtimer,(I had to look up nehru and that was funny) and you need to listen to bobby brown because that is funny and was a shout out to you. That being said I am going to go smoke a joint and forget about couch gm's. Peace, go pack!

ray nichkee's picture

Hey bobby, I didn't say shields is worth $10m. I said we will find out what the nfl thinks he's worth. Your price is probably right on but his agent is drew and is always trying to get twice what his players are worth. I can't wait till that scumbag agent is gone. I am not cranky, I am not an oldtimer,(I had to look up nehru and that was funny) and you need to listen to bobby brown by Zappa because that is funny and was a shout out to you. That being said I am going to go smoke a joint and forget about couch gm's. Peace, go pack!

Stroh's picture

I read a scout/agent say Shields is probably in line for upwards of 8.5M. I figure Tramon's contract is a good starting point (8.25M). Packers are well known to reward their own, so the 8.5M is pretty close to what I originally guessed which was 9M or a little more.

Bert's picture

There's always the possibility that somebody will way overpay for Shields and we lose him. Given that Rosenhaus is his agent that is not a far-fetched possibility. Our defense would go from bad to really really bad very quickly if we had to play a clown like House on the outside. Just hope we can get a deal done before he hits the open market.

Drealyn Williams's picture

House is not a "clown". He just took a step or 2 back. This is only his what -- 2nd or 3rd season actually playing? Which camp was it where he challenged for the starting CB outside of Tramon but was injured on a (expletive) punt cover? He's the only physical CB that we have outside of Tramon. Losing Shields would be huge but not the end. Either way,this year's draft,our organization needs to HIT way more than MISS.

Bert's picture

Gee sorry Devon. I didn't know you read these message boards. You're not a 'clown" you just kinda suck.

ben's picture

I see some value in using the franchise tag with Sam Shields. We have the money, but the long-term cap commitment could become a problem. I'd tag him for $11 million before signing him @ $8.5.

One reason is that I've seen Sam, usually early in previous seasons, lacking in a little effort. I like Sam Shields, but I like a motivated Sam Shield in another contract year even better.

Another reason to tag Shields, is in that his agent will be driving a hard bargain. The tag would also avoid large guaranteed money and a big signing bonus.

Franchising Shields gives us more time to evaluate Shields, House, Hayward, & Hyde before committing 1 direction, long-term. Watch out for Davon, he may end up being the best of the bunch.

I see a win/win deal with Sam being at 4 years for $26 million(6.5/) with another possible $10 million(2.5/) in incentives. With about a $5.25 million signing-bonus.

EDS- 2 years, $9 Million

Flynn- 2 years, $1.8 Million

Neal- 3 years, $15 Million

Kuhn- 2 years, $5.75 Million

2014 53 man depth chart (w/ 4-3 base)
QB: Rodgers, Flynn(2year), Connor Shaw(Round5pick24)
RB: Lacey, LaMichael James(KR), DuJuan, Dri Archer(KR,WR,RB)(Compensatory6th)
FB: Kuhn(2year), Jay Prosch(Round4pick23)
WR: Cobb, Jordy, Boykin, Jeff Janis(Round4pick6), Harper
TE: Jace Amaro(Round1pick21 ), Colt Lyerla(Round4Pick21), Stoneburner, Bostick
OL: Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS(2year), Lang, Bulaga, Barclay, Tretter, Sharrod
DL: Neal(3year), Daniels, Datone, Perry, Boyd, Zak Kerr(Round6pick21), Jolly(2year), Mulumba, Worthy
LB: Matthews(MLB), AJ Hawk(back 2 OLB), [RyanShazier/KyleVanNoy](Round2pick3),
Telvin Smith(Round2pick23), Lattimore(tendered), Chase Thomas
CB: Shields(franchised), House, Heyward, Marqueston Huff(Compensatory4th), Nixon
S: Burnett, Hyde, Alden Darby(Round5pick21), Richardson
ST: Goode, Crosby, Masthay

Vrog's picture

Please cease with this 4-3 base nonsense

Drealyn Williams's picture

And the LaMichael James nonsense

Stroh's picture

I agree its getting very old and just shows he has no clue what is likely to happen.

Bobby D's picture

Pass it Ray...peace!

madmanJack's picture

i would pay shields in the 5.5 to 6.5 million range and no more. the market on CB, especially smaller ones was soft last year so i don't believe a big payday is out there for him.

ben's picture

it only takes 1 the bengals who are knocking on the door, need a CB, and have a lot of cap room

4thand1's picture

After the Asomugha debacle you would think teams would be careful about huge contracts. Every fan base wanted him and now he's not even in the NFL anymore. Tag Sammy and sign EDS, let the rest test the market. Keep Flynn as cheap as you can, he already made his money thanks to the seachickens.

ray nichkee's picture

EDS should be back. I think he is a TT guy. You don't hear his name too much good or bad meaning he's not a pro bowler yet but he's consistant and doesn't make mistakes all the time. Rodgers will make sure he's back because he doesn't want his hands under a fourth butt in as many years.

Arlo's picture

Gotta love how all the 'homers' shift with the wind. We'll see how much you all defend SS when he signs elsewhere on March 12th. You pitiful homers will immediately trash him like you did all the rest who "dared" to leave GB for better opportunities.

You're a fool if you think SS will take a reduced contract to stay in GB.

He won't.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Can't hate a guy for getting his money. But if he was to leave in the same fashion as GJ -- F 'em! F 'em! F 'em! F 'em!

zack's picture

I was thinking alot about the shields situation and it recently occurred to me that players like shields need to get off their high horses... I'm tired of teams shelling out money for"potentially" dominant players. As of yet ss has proven to be a slightly above average corner. Expecting a top tier contract without earning it is unrealistic and should not be entertained. And also a very simple solution exists. If he thinks he has so much potential offer a performance based contract. I really think that it is an under used tool and that all contracts in the NFL should be structured that way... It protects both parties and gives the player motivation to perform well over the years. Example of a contract would be paying a pedestrian 4.5 mil a year and offering bonuses based on on field performance and milestones. Like offerings 2mil dollar bonus if he gets 5 interceptions and an extra 2mil for 7total interceptions and something similar for passes defended.

Stroh's picture

Why would a player sign an incentive laden contract? They won't... In the NFL its all about guaranteed money since the contract isn't guaranteed. Now if you want to guarantee that the full contract will be honored, as is the case in the NBA, then maybe a lot of incentives make sense. But NFL contracts aren't guaranteed and the player has to get all the guaranteed money they can. Otherwise a career ending injury leaves them out in the cold.

zack's picture

That's the problem... People want to be paid for not performing... That's a bunch of crap. I'm not saying that type of contract is actually going to happen im saying it should be that way. Especially with an unproven but talented player... Ss is clearly unproven

zack's picture

That's why 4.5 mil - 5mil garaunteed is a fair number. It provides him with plenty of security if he gets hurt or under performs but doesn't cripple the team like an 8-9mil contract would and still pays him well if he performs like he claims he can but hasn't proven yet... I haven't seen so many players who have "potential" get paid so much money as on the pack... They over value their own players ie Finley shields and now were talking about paying Cobb top tier money... Granted I like Cobb but let him prove he can stay healthy before dropping big bucks on him... And TT almost made the biggest mistake of his career by paying Raji 8mil a year after underperforming for a long stretch... Luckily he was dumb enough to walk away from the offer. Another player with great "potential". Catch my drift? Start playing hard ball with these kids or they'll cripple our team. I'd offer him what I said or let him walk.. at most. If he wants more let someone else overpay.

Stroh's picture

Let me know when you've single-handedly change the NFL salary structure. Until then non of your comment is worth discussing! But go ahead and act like it is.

Everyone knows that the way the NFL pay and how much it pays is out of reality. At least not any reality that most people can comprehend. It is the way it is and the best way to deal w/ it is to accept it. No NFL player is going to take 5M and incentives when they deserve about double that amount and can get it all guaranteed! To even try to suggest it is an exercise in stupidity!

zack's picture

Shields won't get 10m a year and to suggest that he deserves it is stupidity. Any team that pays him that deserves the crippling blow to its salary cap

cLowNEY42's picture

Let Shields walk.

By the time this defense is rebuilt he'll be around 29 and be on the last year of his contract. What's the point?

Yep - he's one of their better defensive players... but they were ranked in the 20's vs the pass WITH him. They'd be ranked in the 20's without him.

Doesn't seem like the type of player you back the Brinks truck up for.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

if we're rebuilding, who exactly would you suggest we rebuild with, if not with young talented players entering the prime years of their careers?

i think that's what (successful) rebuilding entails.

if you let the best young players go while you're rebuilding, you're not really rebuilding, you're dismantling.

Stroh's picture

Thank You! Was thinking the same, just didn't have the urge to start w/ CowPie again.

4thand1's picture

The Pack should do everything cowpie suggests, then they would be bottom feeders and he'd be happy, since he's not a Packer fan anyway.

Greenville's picture

I dont mind resigning shields. But I definitely dont want to over pay him he's not worth a top corner contract, but he's valuable to the packers so thats the only reason why I see he'll get a pretty good contract. I hope its a reasonable deal but dont break the bank and id hope he improves his game after getting his new deal.

Dave in Texas's picture

I think Shields will get north of $8M per from another team offering guaranty money that will exceed $12M. My guess is TT saves face with fans by continuing negotiations right up until he signs elsewhere. But, I think TT will little more than a casual observer.

OTOH, if the market will be as soft as some think it will be for Shields, and he ends up signing for under $7M. I could see TT offering a three year $20M deal with $10M guaranteed. I do not expect that to happen, but, who knows?

Lars's picture

The Packers once paid a mediocrity named AJ Hawk nearly $11 million in one season---2011, and offered a DT, BJ Raji, a joke figure of $8 million a year to make 17 tackles, with zero sacks. There's no reason why Shields' shouldn't get his due. $7-8 million over five seasons, at least. Stop low-balling the man.

packeraaron's picture

We have no idea what the Packers have offered Shields.

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