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Presidential Address Conflicts with TV Coverage of Packers Opener

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Presidential Address Conflicts with TV Coverage of Packers Opener

In deference to the Republican party's wishes, President Barack Obama has agreed to move his address to a Joint Session of Congress about a jobs proposal from Wednesday Sept. 7 to Thursday Oct. 8 so it doesn't fall on the date of the GOP presidential debate. The move coincides with the Packers' season opener against the Saints, noteworthy because the the Presidential speech would normally get national television coverage.

However, according to Mike Florio of, the Presidential address will not overlap with the Packers game.

"Though an official announcement has not yet been made by the White House, Obama’s speech apparently will begin at 7:30 p.m. ET on September 8, one hour before kickoff of the kickoff to the season," writes Florio. "That’s the unconfirmed information we’ve obtained from NFL spokesman Greg Aiello."

Those in the Milwaukee viewing market won't have pre-game coverage preempted by the Presidential address.

"In the case of the Milwaukee market, (vice president of radio and TV operation for the Journal Broadcast Group Steve) Wexler said WTMJ would show the game, which is set for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff," writes Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "The president's speech would be carried on a secondary digital channel, he said."

As for the rest of the nation, it appears as if the decision will be made by local affiliates, though the game itself should not be interrupted.

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tony's picture

He's sticking it to us... STICKING IT!

jack in jersey city's picture

you can blame john boner for this

Potus No thanks's picture

Why? Because he refused to let Nobama try to show up the Republican debate that was scheduled months in advance?

jack in jersey city's picture

hmmm.... what's more important? the president informing the u.s. of his plan to create millions of jobs or a friggen' republican debate? give me a break. plus, there will be more republican debates throughout the year.

SpartaChris's picture

You mean, what's more important- The President delivering yet another meaningless speech that's not going to fix anything and no one's going to watch, or a Republican Presidential debate that was scheduled months in advance?

Frankly, I find the President to be completely out of line in even asking to hold it on the same night of the debate. Furthermore, as a fan of the Packers that lives outside the local market (So Cal), I'm going to be furious if the pre-game celebration isn't shown.

There's more than enough coverage of the President on all the other channels. Hopefully NBC does the right thing and keeps football. Besides, it the game and ceremonies will absolutely crush the ratings of the other channels.

jack in jersey city's picture

yeah, i'll be furious if i don't get to see kid rock

PackfanfromIL's picture

He will not be interupting my coverage because I will be at the game.

LaserSurgeon's picture

Apparently those of us outside of Wisconsin will have to wait until Saturday night at 11:00 pm to see the game unless we want to pay $4.99 to watch online. Getting no love from the NFL Network? Or for that matter, $4.99 to watch a single preseason game?

Charlie's picture

Great, this time he rolls over for the fringe right and lands on top of our football game.

lars's picture

Obama's not "rolling over" anybody. He tried to pre-empt the Repub. debate and Boehner forced him to move his obviously politically-timed speech back to Thurdsay.

Now, what do you think all Packer fans and most Americans will do: Watch and enjoy the SB champs vs. the Saints, or tune into yet another Obama speech that will have a negative effect on the economy? My bet's on football!

Scriptura's picture

Fringe right? You watch too much msnbc. Just so you know, there are more conservatives then liberals in this great country. Oh, and Boehner is Speaker, he has to OK the speech time if it's before congress, no one "deferred".

Also, good to hear that it won't block the game. Nothing would have made me more mad.

CSS's picture

"Just so you know, there are more conservatives then liberals in this great country."

In Gallup polls where people self identify (with a huge margin of error not to mention no accounting for 'independents'), yes. That has nothing to do with people voting for either party. It's self-identification and parsing terms.

Many people self-identifying as 'conservative' vote democrat. I have no desire to get into a political debate, but you're parsing terms to make a non-point here.

Brian Carriveau's picture

As I understand it, Boehner requested he move the speech. How is that not a proper use of the word "deferred"?

aussiepacker's picture

well isn't he part owner now so can't we just ask him to move his speech. He will understand what is more important?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Fuckin A.


Mojo's picture

Good one Aussie

Glorious80s's picture

To think they gave that Bear's fan a share of stock. What a bummer!

Glorious80s's picture

Whoever came up with that idea, fire them.

PackersRS's picture

Oh, absolutely, fire the moron that decided to give one single share to the current president of the United States!!!!

I mean, if we can't get those shares, who the hell does he think he is to get them? The president of a country or something? Pfft.

Cali's picture

Great... politics getting in the way of the one thing that unites Americans. Seems like these days anyone and everyone with something to say about politics is annoying.

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