Predicting what a Jaire Alexander extension will look like

Aaron chats with Wendell Ferreira about how he expects Jaire Alexander's contract extension to enable the Packers to make the former first round pick the highest paid cornerback in the league.


You can read Wendell's Zone Coverage piece here:

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HarryHodag's picture

April 08, 2022 at 05:22 pm

Again, kick the cap hit down the road?

Another point: a key to the piece was that JA would accept a type of 'hometown discount' to stay with the Packers. Lets not count our chickens before they hatch. There are always teams with cap space ready to spend stupid money.

Unfortunately the Packers could end up doing a franchise tag like Adams and shipping him out if he won't play on the tag.

There is no pot at the end of the rainbow. Eventually the Packers will run out of money they can push forward. That possibly has already happened.

There is a point where you then begin to question management's decisions.

I've thought this was the year to rebuild. Management thinks that's down the road. We'll see who is right.

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PhantomII's picture

April 08, 2022 at 08:26 pm

Highest paid: LT / QB / WR were all mistakes and adding CB to it after playing a handful of games and injured would be another mistake.
JA was not playing like 2020 when he got hurt. Either let it ride as is and see if he can replicate his previous ALL PRO form and then revisit it unless there is significant playing time and pro bowl/ all pro kickers that GB has some insurance in the price.

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egbertsouse's picture

April 09, 2022 at 08:31 am

If Douglas is as good as everyone here but me thinks he is, trade Alexander for a WR1 or a 1st round pick plus.

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PatrickGB's picture

April 09, 2022 at 09:43 am

Alexander is a superior CB. Those are rare. I say pay him. He is young and his best years may be in front of him. The cost may be high now but in a few years he could be getting an NFL average salary.

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