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Practice Round-Up. Day 9. August 6, 2018

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Practice Round-Up. Day 9. August 6, 2018

Injuries, Usage, Formations/Personnel

  • CBs Jaire Alexander missed practice with a groin injury and Kevin King had a shoulder (not surgical one).  Silverstein
  • DNP: Trevor Davis (hamstring), Kevin King (shoulder, not the one he had surgery on), Jaire Alexander (groin), Devante Mays (hamstring), Aaron Jones (hamstring), Nick Perry (PUP), David Bakhtiari (ankle), Mike Daniels (quad) Cohen
  • Kentrell Brice (ankle) was in pads early but finished as a spectator.  Demovsky  Brice did do a couple team snaps and then left. Silverstein
  • Fullback Joe Kerridge dropped out of practice at some point. He had missed some time with a shoulder injury.  Silverstein
  • Ty Montgomery, Marquez Valdes-Scantling are returning kickoffs. Trevor Davis (hamstring) still not practicing.  Wilde
  • Perry might be getting closer. Doing some work with a trainer on the side to simulate football movements.  Huber
  • Davante Adams said of MVS and his speed that "he's like he got shot out of a cannon every single play."  Spofford
  • JK Scott alternating with Mason Crosby on kickoffs. Doubt he’ll overtake Crosby, but Scott isn’t new to kickoffs.  Wood
  • Quinten Rollins getting some reps at safety in team drills. Cohen
  • I still feel like this move reeks of desperation to try and find a spot that works before cutting [Rollins], if Rollins can show versatility & special teams’ ability he would have a lot of value on the roster.  Herman
  • Ahmad Thomas and Greer Martini both lining up with first team on kick return. Both need to excel on special teams in bids for roster spots. Nagler
  • Kyle Murphy to fill in for injured left tackle David Bakhtiari. Silverstein
  • Packers make Jake Ryan (OLB CJ Johnons) to IR official. Nagler Cap Churn
  • MM on run game: You're better served working on pass game in OTAs. We're better off in pass rush in camp than we have been in past years. But I"m happy with the way we're running the ball. Maybe the D is behind a little bit in the run game.  Silverstein
  • I believe Jake Kumerow barely has 1 year of practice squad eligibility left. The rules are a bit crazy, but I’m pretty sure he has 1 season left.  Trevor Davis, Yancey, & the rookie wrs would all be eligible.  Herman
  • McCarthy says Jason Spriggs, like all players who go through major injuries, is dealing with the associated challenges of his dislocated kneecap from December. It takes the better part of a year to get back to 100 percent.  Cohen
  • McCarthy says Mike Pettine prefers to coach from the box.  Nagler


Actual Plays: WRs/Pass Defense/QBs/RBs

  • Jimmy Graham is back. Just beat Jermaine Whitehead with an inside move, easy catch from Aaron Rodgers.  Wood Graham had gotten up slowly 10 minutes earlier in practice.
  • Josh Jones was in coverage and landed on him. Practice went dead quiet for a few seconds. Graham walked to sideline slowly after.  Nagler Graham and Jones have had a tussle in prior practices.
  • Josh Jones with really tight coverage on Jimmy Graham.  Wood
  • Tom Boyle challenges CB Lenzy Pipkins three times to the corner of the EZ to Equanimeous St. Brown and can’t connect in 2-minute. Silverstein
  • Kumerow got behind Williams and Clinton-Dix but Rodgers misses him deep during Pass Under Pressure drill.  Nagler
  • Jake Kumerow’s first catch of the day.  Hodkiewicz
  • Kumerow bears Williams on a deep In and Rodgers finds him over the middle during Pass Under Pressure. Kid is not going away.  Nagler
  • WR Randall Cobb has returned and is practicing. Just caught a pass from Rodgers. Silverstein
  • Valdes-Scantling with a nice play deep, wrestling ball away from Goodson in the air on a shot from Kizer. Nagler  
  • Cobb not running routes with the receivers. He was here earlier but apparently went back inside.  Silverstein
  • Valdes-Scantling with an excellent snag over the middle on a heater from Rodgers. Plucked it with his hands and never broke stride. Nagler
  • Demetri Goodson ends Kizer’s 2-minutewith an INT. Ball glanced off TE Robert Tonyan’s hands.
  • Josh Jackson getting work with the No. 1 nickel. Blanketed Davante Adams on deep ball down the sideline. Silverstein
  • The absence of King and Alexander is really noticeable today. The likes of House and Goodson getting beat regularly.  Nagler


Special Teams

  • Mason Crosby and the FG unit with their first perfect day of camp. Made all 8 field goals — from a PAT all the way to 50. Now 27-of-32 on camp kicks. Demovsky
  • Crosby hit from 33, 35, 40, 42, 44, 47, 49, 50.  Silverstein
  • JK Scott — 5.03 on a 63-yard punt from his own 30. Averaged 4.76 seconds and 54.5 yards on six reps. Demovsky
  • 51, 4.62; 49, 4.80; 55, 4.62; 58, 4.93; 54, 4.78; 63, 5.22 (Yeah, this one was nutty. His best of camp so far.) Avg: 55, 4.82  Wood



  • Reggie Gilbert is winning a lot in teams today, but always has to let up once he makes his initial move and he has a QB in a red shirt in his sights.  Nagler
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DD's picture

Many hamstring and injuries already. Different year though. Hope they're all ready for the Bears!! If we continue to see our stars out get rid of MM. His message on being ready to perform in camp and prior to camp is NOT getting though.

WKUPackFan's picture

Please go troll some other team's blog. You've never contributed a smidgen of intelligent commentary here.

JGPACK's picture

I was at Practice on August 6 and Rollins spent his time with the safeties in all the drills I saw as well as the team periods

Based only on today, it looked as if they are giving him a good chance to show something at the new position, and it may well be his last chance.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

CJ Johnson has a hammy. Probably means he will get an injury settlement. Most likely that means not a lot of cap churn due to his injury, but time will tell.

Strange day. I struggled to find tweets about actual plays during today's practice. I gather GB was in pads, which is when we tend to get more tweets about OL and DL, but not much on the front 7.

GBPDAN1's picture

Was looking forward to seeing Alexander and King play this Thursday. Looks like that probably won't happen. Good to see Brice and Cobb trying to come back. Looks like they need to sit a little longer.

Exciting to hear about Gilbert winning one on ones. However, it's probably against our backup O-linemen who, unfortunately, are not having a good camp. Still nice to hear, though.


Perry might be getting closer to returning!!

KJ Scott looks like the real deal

Looks like the FG unit is starting to click

The TKstinator's picture


holmesmd's picture

What the heck is wrong with Perry?! Is this guy ever not “injured”? The guy is built like a tank but hurt ALL THE TIME! So frustrating

Point Packer's picture

He's a pussy. I'm sick of that little china doll.

Oppy's picture

Yeah, what a p*&$y, playing NFL football with a broken hand.. twice.

He might be a china doll, but [email protected](*$y? Come on, man.

D Ernie's picture

I cringed when they drafted him. I sort of followed his career in Mich High school and he was heavily recruited by Michigan but he stuck his nose up at the home town team and went to USC.

The only reason he was decent in college is he played next to top talent who made him look a lot better than he was.

I thought Ted made a huge mistake taking this guy. He was slated as a two or even three round pick. Lot of baggage with him pre draft and it never left.
He had the one very good year, the one that the contract was due.

LayingTheLawe's picture

He's had 18 sacks in the last two seasons. And its sure not a case of the talent around him making him look better. He needs to stay on the field and he can be a big contributor.

Oppy's picture

I spent Monday at camp practice.

Kentrell Brice spent the majority of practice participating and active. He moved perfectly fine from what I saw, and I was right in front of DB individual drills at the beginning of practice. Practice ran long today- 12:15-2:35-ish, and I saw Brice taking snaps nearly to the end.

Zook kept special teams out on the field for onsides kick practice after Offense and Defense left the field at 2:30. Seemed to be focused on the situational onside returns.

Bryan Bulaga was doing individual drills right in front of me also. I'm surprised no one tweeted about how he looked. His kick step drills were fluid and quick, and his bend in that right knee was deep. I was amazed how flexible and sturdy he seemed on that knee 9 months out. Trainers were definitely bringing his attention to some very detailed issues with his mechanics seemingly related to the knee- pretty much knocking the rust off. Even so, as far as motion and form were concerned, he looked noticeably better that most of the rest of the OL in those non-contact drills he took part in.

JK Scott's leg is impressive. Early on in Crosby's career, MM talked about how the way the ball lofted off of Mason's foot was kind of unique. I would say the same about Scott's punts. Granted it was a bit windy, but his kicks start off driving on a fast, lower trajectory, and then seem to rise up and take a steeper angle before hitting their apex. Wind did not affect the Jugs machine punts the same way. I'm really happy this young man seems to be up to the task.

This was easily the most unimpressive TC practice I've been to over the years. It wasn't "Bad", it is just that there were really no "WOW" plays in team drills or standout moments from players in individual drills. The only positive thing of note I saw today (outside of Bulaga's knee looking good- if even with no contact) is that McCray's hands are active and his punch is crisp.

The one "bad" thing I should mention- and I guess it is noteable- is that with Murphy taking LT snaps and Spriggs taking RT snaps for most of the reps during team period, the vast majority of drop backs would have been sacks in live action- Yes, including with 12 under center. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Matthews was stealing lunch money on Rodger's blind side and a number of fellas got past Spriggs, too.

Tundraboy's picture

"This was easily the most unimpressive TC practice I've been to over the years. It wasn't "Bad", it is just that there were really no "WOW" plays in team drills or standout moments from players in individual drills. "

I'll take that No serious injuries, I'm good.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

You should have warned me and issued some tweets, Oppy! I would have looked up your twitter feed and included them in the article. There was a tweet that Bulaga was working on the side with coaches, but that seemed like a given since he was not listed a DNP and has been cleared, and there was no description of the quality of his movements and technique.

How did the interior guys look, particularly the back-ups - Patrick, Amichia, and Day? Patrick has won and lost in the one on ones.

Hard to believe you got a downvote for your comment.

Oppy's picture

I have a twitter account that gets used about one tweet every two or three years at this point, back in roughly 2007 or 2008 Aaron and Corey were actively looking for CHTV users to hashtag tweets, which were being put into a live feed they had running during training camp practices. I think there were still two-a-days then If I recall correctly. At any rate, what I learned that day is that It is a lot of work to tweet out while watching camp and it distracts from my watching. I guess i'm not tech inclined enough to seamlessly tweet while observing other things at the same time.

Oppy's picture

Also, for what it's worth, while Bulaga was working individually with coaches off to the side, he also spent a good deal of time right in there with the OL group as well- although as stated previously, only doing non-contact drills.

D Ernie's picture

Thans. Did they use Mathews in the middle at all or is it still strickly the outside.

Oppy's picture

Fubared, I did not notice Matthews playing inside yesterday. From what I saw he was working against the LT.

croatpackfan's picture

Thanks TGR for your effort.

Thanks Oppy for your input.

What I notice is that in unofficial depth chart released yesterday (
there is no Devante Mays mention on the depth chart. That means it is either not serious or Mays is out of the team!

hodge555's picture

Looking at that chart now it has Devante Mays listed as 3rd RB alongside Aaron Jones, Joel Bouagnon and Akeem Judd who they just picked up.

What's interesting to me is that Lance Kendricks is listed above Marcedes Lewis. I wonder how long that holds.

LambeauPlain's picture

Won't last long. As soon as Lewis has the plays down cold, he will be playing ahead of Lance.

Lance used to be known as a good blocker but he wasn't last year, for whatever reason. He was a great blocker for the Badgers. There were many times he would make two devastating blocks on one play! Age catches up with all athletes.

Lewis is like playing with a 3rd tackle...even at age 34. He was great for the the #1 rushing Jags last year.

Turophile's picture

Mays is now showing as 3rd string RB, croatpackfan.

Five I want to see sparkle in camp:
Gilbert (who has flashed),
Biegel (who hasn't),
Josh Jones (instincts need to catch up with his physical gifts)
Montravius Adams (has flashed often, he is so much improved from 2017),
stock rising - Any one of the young receivers stepping up (Scantling, Kumerow and Moore are most likely, EQ close behind).

Stock flatlined - Jason Spriggs. He isn't cutting it in year three. I've given up on the guy. More than that, after the starters, I don't like the whole Packers O line depth, Lucas Patrick is ok, Murphy might survive as backup RT, the rest are guys you never want to see on the field.

I didn't include Oren Burks in the 'five' (can't have everyone) - I think he'll be ok this year, not great, but improving. I also missed out the corners, but only because I believe King, Jackson, Alexander WILL be very good, given time.

Oppy's picture

Hodge555 mentioned Joel Bouagnon, and I will say, he was getting a lot of work in team period yesterday, and he was finding daylight. Hard for me to quantify how good he is based on that, as they aren't live tackling and the RB's run through arms that may be tackles come the regular season, but the Packers were definitely giving him opportunities to show up during practice. Lots of reps.

Oppy's picture

Josh Jackson also had a single play that stuck out where he covered Davante like a glove on a deep route down the sideline, and Davante used all his tricks, from his crazy release to some double moves in the open field. The ball was never sent his way, but the coverage was like a fresh coat of paint.

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