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Practice Round-Up. Day 10. August 7, 2018

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Practice Round-Up. Day 10. August 7, 2018

Injuries, Usage, Formations/Personnel


  • DNP: Trevor Davis (hamstring); Randall Cobb (ankle), Kevin King (shoulder), Jaire Alexander (groin), Devante Mays (hamstring), Aaron Jones (hamstring), Joe Kerridge (shoulder), David Bakhtiari (ankle), Mike Daniels (quad), Jimmy Graham (knee), Muhammad Wilkerson (groin)  Cohen

  • Jimmy Graham is dealing with a knee injury. Not anything serious, but Packers held him out today…. Nagler

  • Aaron Jones doing some cutting and catching. Perry working some pass-rush moves.  Huber

  • Jake Kumerow could very easily be WR4 when the Packers open against the Bears next month.  Kruse

  • Rodgers called the WR effort during the scout team period "piss poor."  Huber

  • AR: I think Yancey has really progressed, G-Mo, obviously 16 (Jake Kumerow.  But everybody else was kind of piss poor.  Cohen

  • WR Equanimeous St. Brown grabbed his left shoulder after landing hard  but he has remained in practice.  Wood

  • With Cobb out again, Yancey is running with the 1s in the slot. Nagler

  • Aaron Jones doing some cutting and catching. Perry working some pass-rush moves.  Huber

  • Equanimeous St. Brown has shown what kind of weapon he could be, especially on the boundary. He seems to run the out route well.  Hodkiewicz

  • Equanimeous St. Brown is starting to flash. He’s catching everything and really using his length around the sideline. Rodgers seems more willing to throw to him.  Silverstein

  • It's fun to think about, but I'd be shocked. They're trying to sign Rodgers to a mega deal, then they're going to turn around and deal a bevy of valuable picks for a guy who also wants a new (big) deal? Can't see it (trading for Mack).  Nagler


Front Office-Speak, Coach-Speak:

  • Gutekunst asked about pass rusher Khalil Mack. Says he would call GM Reggie McKenzie regardless of whether Mack is available — because they're friends — and then reiterates he's open to conversations with teams. Doesn't say anything about Mack specifically. Cohen

  • Key for young players is progress, Gutekunst says. Need to see a steady, upward trajectory.  Huber

  • Gutekunst says right now he has no concern about the offensive tackle position, even with injuries to Bakhtiari and Bulaga. But he says that could change depending on how the exhibition games play out.  Cohen

  • Gutekunst said he feels really good about depth in the secondary. Said they still have to get through the preseason games but feels like they have the ability to have depth.  Gutekunst on JK Scott: His consistency through high school and college has been remarkable. It was a chance to upgrade our team.  Silverstein

  • "Slim pickings" in the free-agent market, Gutekunst says. NO update on Madison.  Huber

  • OL James Campen said T Jason Spriggs is still getting used to the 20 pounds he put on during the off-season and that it is affecting the way he's moving around. He said after a week and a half, Spriggs should start catching up with the added weight and play better.  Silverstein

  • Campen said Murphy could still play some guard, but right now the need is at tackle. Campen likes Murphy's versatility on the line.  Wood.

  • of busted coverages in camp: "Probably the norm, maybe a little less. We're very vertical conscious." Said If it's going to happen they're going to make sure it happens underneath and not over the top.  Silverstein

  • Pettine says Montravius Adams reminds him of a young Muhammad Wilkerson, who he said had “special traits” in size and speed but needed more consistency.  Wood

  • RB Coach Ben Sirmans said RB Devante Mays was making big strides prior to the hamstring injury in training camp. "When he's on, he's explosive through the holes, has great cutting ability with good balance."  Cohen

  • McCarthy said Nick Perry is getting close to being brought off PUP. Did not say exactly when.  Silverstein


Actual Plays: WRs/Pass Defense/QBs/RBs


  • Another excellent play from Kumerow, leaping over Quinten Rollins to catch a high pass in back of end zone during red-zone one-on-ones. All he’s done is impress. Wood

  • Rookie CB Josh Jackson got three reps against Davante Adams in 1-on-1s. Did a pretty good job. Only one completed. Adams had a slight edge on a deep ball but it was overthrown.  Silverstein Adams said that Jackson has really improved.

  • Geronimo Allison consistently catches ball away from body. With his arms, difficult for DB to breakup; -Kumerow made tip-toe TD in red zone from Hundley. Loud ovation.  Drill ended with Rodgers hitting Adams on double-move.  Hodkiewicz

  • TE Lance Kendricks with a drop in Move the Ball. It’s still an issue for him.  Silverstein

  • Good coverage by Josh Jones on Marcedes Lewis over the middle. Lewis wanted a flag but Jones did a good job just not giving up position while Lewis tried to cross through him.  Nagler

  • MVS just dropped a TD from Aaron Rodgers in red zone. That was his knock entering draft.  Wood

  • CB Davon House has looked pretty good in camp, consistently repoing with first-team defense. He just intercepted an Aaron Rodgers pass to the flat.  Wood

  • CB Davon House jumps a Rodgers pass in the flat and grabs what would have been a 98-yard TD.  Silverstein

  • Five two-point plays.  Defense stops four. Huber

  • Brice stops Kendricks on a two-point catch.  Huber

  • In red zone Valdez-Scantling gets open on post then drops perfect throw from Rodgers. Few plays later good pitch and catch with Kizer, who zipped him a 5-yard TD. Typical of the rookie’s camp.  Douherty

  • No. 1 defense gets the stop in two minute. Drive stalls at the 12. Three (or 4) straight passes through back of end zone to end the drill.  Hodkiewicz

  • Really nice pop pass over the middle off play action from Hundley to Valdes-Scantling. Good read of the pressure by the rookie WR and being ready for the ball.  Nagler

  • Tonyan having a nice day. Went up for catch in end zone earlier (over Pipkens) and now Rodgers finds him in space against No. 1 defense. Hodkiewicz

  • Boyle should send Tonyan a gift basket for turning what should have been a bad pick into a touchdown when he skied over Pipkins in the corner of the endzone.  Nagler Same play as above

  • TE Tonyan for big play on busted coverage by No. 1 D.  Dougherty

  • EQUANIMEOUS ST. BROWN with the nice adjustment on this TD catch.  PirateLife Football

  • After what looked like a blown protection, Rodgers fires the ball into the ground and practice ends.  Huber

  • Instead working 1s v 1s and 2s v 2s, etc., all practice, lot of snaps for Rodgers against No. 1 D.  Dougherty



Special Teams






  • Mbu deflects a ball at line of scrimmage.  Hodkiewicz

  • Looney beat Lucas Patrick twice and Kofi Amichia once.  Wood

  • Good battles between Dean Lowry and Justin McCray, and Corey Linsley and Kenny Clark.  Hodkiewicz

  • Marcedes Lewis vs Kyler Fackrell is this year's best comedy. It looked like a Dad holding off his kid in a pickup game at a family picnic.  Nagler

  • We had a double-team block in Family Night and I literally just took a step and he just threw a guy right across my face. I didn’t have to do too much work." Byron Bell on Marcedes Lewis.  Herman

  • Rodgers says with the changes to the offensive playbook & scheme, Corey Linsley has a lot more responsibility in protection calls and adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Says Linsley is having a great camp. Nagler  

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Bure9620's picture

"Marcedes Lewis vs Kyler Fackrell is this year's best comedy. It looked like a Dad holding off his kid in a pickup game at a family picnic. Nagler"

This does not surprise me. Kyler Fackrell is a bad football player, he's almost 30 in his 3rd year. Time to admit the draft mistake and cut bait!!

MITM's picture

You know who would look great in Fackrell's #51? Khalil Mack.

Savage57's picture

I agree Fackrell's shown little and his days may be numbered, but accuracy helps anchor your opinion in credibility.

He's 26, won't turn 27 until late November.

Pretty different from "almost 30".

dobber's picture

I think he's an off-ball LB, but they keep putting him in edge situations. He's just not physical enough. I think he's a weak-side LB in a 4-3, or an ILB in a 3-4. In either of those cases, I don't think he's athletic enough to really stand out in those roles. This is coming from someone who really liked his athletic potential when he was drafted.

"He's 26, won't turn 27 until late November.
Pretty different from "almost 30"."

Absolutely. There are 'age myths' out there with players that seem to keep popping up. This is one. The "Randall Cobb is old" myth is another...he turns 28 in a couple weeks and should be at his physical peak.

TheKanataThrilla's picture

Since we are trying Rollins out at Safety to see if he can stick why not try Fackrell out at ILB and see if he can be our running down guy in the middle? Couldn't hurt.

Bure9620's picture

Yes, I was using hyperbole, Yes he will be 27. I was more referencing that there is no way this guy gets a second contract anyway when he will be negotiating at age 28. Fackrell has shown nothing at an age where he should be in his prime. He's not a 22-23 year old guy where his best is yet to come.

LambeauPlain's picture

I am not yet ready to say Fackrell is not an NFL LB.

Last year he was much more productive than his rookie year. He flashed in some games and he did have 3 sacks and several pressures. And at 6' 4" 245 he is not a small man. And he has speed. I am interested to see how Pettine uses his skill set.

I do agree this is probably his last opportunity for the 26 year old to show the Pack he is worthy to be in the edge rotation.

Tundraboy's picture

Really enjoying the updates. Keep up the good work.

Bert's picture

Good to hear about Yancy. I kinda liked him before the draft last year and was hoping he would take a jump forward.

Johnblood27's picture

Hope springs eternal...

Seems like a lot of soft tissue owies keeping unionized professional football players out of already reduced practice time.


Nick Perry's picture

Same issues just a different year...

4thand1's picture

#12 is asserting his word. Must suck to be labeled as "piss poor".

Oppy's picture

Players can hear a lot worse than "piss poor" from their coaches behind closed doors, lol

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Right now Looney is 2-0 vs. Patrick, and 2-0 against Amichia. I haven't seen any other tweets about Looney in 1 on 1s. I guess Looney is 4-0.

This makes me hope Looney can play, but also makes me worried about our back-up OL, both OGs and OTs (and OC too since Day has been getting hammered).

Per Andy Herman, McCray went 1-1 against M Adams, but Mbu and Lancaster (who?) beat McCray on Day 4. Lowry beat Patrick on day 4. Patrick, Amichia, even McCray (who has been described by beat writers as pretty solid so far in TC) have all lost quite a bit in 1 on 1s. We have to hope that these players do what TC is for: get better. For Murphy and Spriggs, recovering from injury, having more confidence in their knees, might be part of it as well. [See TK, while I might be figuratively standing on the "worry bus" I haven't taken a seat or procured a recliner in it.]

Nick Perry's picture

I'm worried about the depth too...REALLY worried. To tell you the truth I'm not all that crazy about McCray either. IF the Packers have to put in Murphy or Spriggs for more than a few snaps I'm going to have to watch with one eye closed based on what I've read ALL summer so far.

dobber's picture

Yes, but I'm hoping MM/JP will be smart enough to not put that tackle on an island very much. We're talking primarily about 1-on-1s here. Put Mercedes Lewis next to that guy sometimes, shade him OG help sometimes, and it changes. Very few teams have the luxury of backup OL who are starter level players.

The TKstinator's picture

Did you say “worried”?

Beep, beep!

TheKanataThrilla's picture

I am hoping it is not an issue of the OL, but a vast improvement to our defense under Pettine.

dobber's picture

This is my hope, too. That a new DC who seems to be a "no excuses" kind of guy has essentially opened up the depth chart and is forcing players to earn their reps. Play hard or go home.

Bearmeat's picture

I think it's both. Health permitting, the OL is going to be a strength on the team. And the DL is beastly. I'm not worried about McCray. He can be NFL average, and at RG that's more than good enough considering the quality of the players to his right and left.

But if injuries strike to Bakh or more than 1 starter on the OL at any 1 time, it's going to get hairy.

dobber's picture

"But if injuries strike to Bakh or more than 1 starter on the OL at any 1 time, it's going to get hairy."

I'm not a biologist or anything, but I'm pretty sure that's more a result of genetics than anything else.

tincada's picture

"Slim pickings" in the free-agent market, Gutekunst says. Duh, when you wait until the cows come home the only thing left are the old tired milkers. He's learning well from Terrible Ted.

LambeauPlain's picture

What? Seriously?

Graham, Williams, House, Wilkerson, Lewis, going hard for the top 2 WRs in FA...and calls you and I know nothing about.

I think Gute has been incredibly strategic and proactive.

Did you bemoan his drafting of a punter too? Gute said Scott had the talent and consistency (displayed ALL through HS and college) to make the Pack a better team.

I think he is a better talent evaluator than you give him credit for.

Oppy's picture

Packers fans love to hate Packers front office. It's like a law of the cosmos or something.

fastmoving's picture

this tincada "guy" is just a russian troll or something

dobber's picture

""Slim pickings" in the free-agent market, Gutekunst says."

What in the wild-wild world o' sports is a-goin' on here????

The TKstinator's picture

Makes me wanna go punch a longhorn.
(After a storied career as an All Pro defensive tackle for Detroit.)

LambeauPlain's picture

I doubt this happens...but would you trade both 2019 #1's to the Raiders for Mack?

I would.

And immediately begin looking for SB tickets. The Packer D would be feared as much as the Packer O.

Our DL with Mack, CMIII, and Perry at edge....Martinez and Burks inside...and the old/young talented DBs?

Pettine would be drooling.

But I doubt this happens. Still...a Packer fan can dream and say "what if"?

Jonathan Spader's picture

I don't think it would take 2 1st round picks to get Mack. Jared Allen went from the Chiefs to the Vikings for a 1st and 2 3rd. The problem with the Packers trying to get Mack is paying him and extending Rodgers. We have the draft capital but that doesn't change our salary cap situation.

HoLeCrap's picture

Get off the Mack BS. He is holding out to avoid ca taxes and get releif from moving to Nev, no state taxes. Why in the world would his agent even try and deal him anywhere that has state taxes, when that is the whole issue here.
GB would be the last place he would want to go.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Maybe some CPA can answer this generally. There are ways to make signing bonuses subject to the tax laws of the players home state. There are duty day laws about base salary.

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