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Point of Veau: Simultaneous Catch Will Impact Rest of Season

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Point of Veau: Simultaneous Catch Will Impact Rest of Season

The ruling made by replacement and replay officials of a simultaneous catch in the end zone by wide receiver Golden Tate in Monday's Green Bay Packers loss to the Seattle Seahawks will have a far-reaching impact that will extend beyond the borders of Wisconsin and Washington.

The national media is already in a frenzy. Take a moment to soak in the coverage on the cable television networks, sports talk radio and any of a million websites and blogs, and the discussion is about last night's blown call.

Reversing the outcome of the game was never a realistic option. That would open up a can of worms the likes of which the NFL could never handle.

Most fans, however, would love to hear that the NFL has come to an agreement with the official's union in time for Week 4. That would at least show the NFL is taking the integrity and respectability of its game seriously.

For those who bleed green and gold, from the fans to the owners to the players to the coaches to the front office, the fallout from Monday's officiating blunder will be acutely felt in Green Bay and at 1265 Lombardi Ave.

As much as the changing of the autumn leaves, last night's call in the end zone will color the rest of the season and how it plays out.

Instead of being 2-1, having a winning record and feeling good about their standing in the NFC North and the rest of the conference, the Packers are now 1-2 and will have to dig themselves out of a hole.

Consider that Monday's ruling that robbed safety M.D. Jennings of an interception and the Packers of a win could be the difference between having home-field advantage throughout the playoffs or having to play on the road in the NFC championship game.

It could be the difference between having a bye to the divisional round of the playoffs and having to play in the wild card round.

It could be the difference between being the division champion and hosting a game at Lambeau Field versus have to travel to a hostile environment in the first round.

Indeed, it could be the difference between qualifying for the playoffs or watching the postseason from the couch.

There's only course of action open to the Packers, and that's to use Monday's "Fail Mary" as motivation for the rest of the season.

How the team responds to adversity will tell the tale of the 2012 Green Bay Packers.


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Evan's picture

Okay, I'm over it. Use this robbery as motivation and plow through the rest of the regular season.

maxginsberg's picture

Last night's contest is the kind of game that either kills a team or makes them stronger. Let's hope for the latter.

Nerdmann's picture

Maybe we'll get to play in a dome for the playoffs.

philip's picture

time for full on eff you mode from this team

JL FUDGEPACK's picture


Evan's picture

What's been lost in all of this talk of the hail mary, roughing the passer and Shields' phantom PI is the cheap shot Jennings took. Browner should have been ejected.

Brian's picture

+1 All night long Seattle was a cheap shot team that the refs refused to flag

Evan's picture

I've never, ever seen Jennings that worked up.

PadLevel's picture

Amen. The replacement refs have changed the fabric of the game. DBs have learned that they can get away with murder and I am not so confident that we will get back to normalcy when Regular Refs return. This season may have suffered irreparable harm already

CSS's picture

I didn't think the hit was necessary, but Rodgers was apparently out of the pocket, at which point any receiver is fair game.

Evan's picture

Wait, what's that rule?

CSS's picture

I can't quote the exact rule, but when the quarterback leaves the pocket and can be designated a 'rusher' the receivers are than capable of engaging defenders down-field (and visa versa).

Again, it was really unnecessary and had no bearing on the play (apparently Browner apologized as well, according to Jennings) but the defender can technically engage the receiver at that point.

Evan's picture

Wow, I had no idea that was a rule. Still totally unnecessary and bush league, but legal, I guess.

Kevin Lamb's picture

I believe the Packers can go 2 ways after this call, 1. Have a fire lit underneath them and they play awesome the rest of the year or 2. They lay an egg this week vs the Saints.

Nerdmann's picture

Honestly, I'm a little worried.

Tommy's picture

I personally believe the Packers will lay an egg this week. But we'll see. Maybe this totally turns around the season in a positive way.

Evan's picture

The Saints game worried me before yesterday's debacle because desperate winless teams always seem to give the Packers trouble. But after last night I think the Packers are going to come out focused and firing on all cylinders.

cow42's picture

where have i heard this before?

yeah - THIS oughta' wake-'em up.
yeah - THIS oughta' light a fire.

blah blah blah... they're just not capable.

PackersRS's picture

Honestly seeing Rodgers sulking up and nodding his head negatively all game riled me up. And it's been going since week 1.

Getting down and thinking "this just isn't working" won't get anywhere. Get pissed. Get on their faces.

If they don't show up for this next game, then it won't happen this season.

overkill's picture


Fish/Crane's picture

An excuse to lose is very dangerous to any organization.

The announcers kept saying, "The owners, the owners.....,"
so it is mildly ironic that this happens to the one team without an "owner".

woodson4president's picture

F#ck this game! Any word on Worthy??

Evan's picture

I'm pretty sure he returned to action in the 2nd half.

brando's picture

yeah he did.

BrianD's picture

The Packers play Chicago once more, Minnesota twice, and Detroit twice. They control their own fate in reaching the playoffs.

We all know once you're in the playoffs anything can happen regardless of the seeding.

cow42's picture

are you watching the same team i am?

i lost $50 to my 11 year old son last night because on 3rd and 10 i assumed there was no way in hell they were capable of getting a first down.



ENOUGH EXCUSES... "yeah but the've played against some really tough defenses"... f%^k that! so anytime they play a top 15 defense i'm supposed to assume that 2o points is impossible?

what in the world happened to this offense?

from one of the best ever to crap in the snap of a finger.

MarkinMadison's picture

So your point is that you bet against the Packers getting a first down and lost? So what is your point?

This is still a team with great potential. The defense has come together much more quickly than I thought it would. The offense has been a powerhouse. Maybe Philbin being gone means more than we thought, but they will adjust. They can get better.

And look at the Giants last year, and when they won the Super Bowl a few years ago. And the Packers when they won the Super Bowl two years ago. Teams grow and develope as the season goes on. Super Bowl champions peak at the right time, and not necessarily in week 3.

cow42's picture

My point is that I don't even have faith that the Packers can string together a couple of first downs.

" The offense has been a powerhouse. " HAS. BEEN.

IT JUST SUCKS THAT EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE SLIPPING AWAY. this team has been regressing for 8 games... 1/2 a season of a downward trend. i guess i feel that the fun-ride offense that i began to take for granted is gone forever.

it's not like the offense has "slipped a bit"... it's down-right horrendous. never saw it coming. a lot of guys on this team are not as good as i thought...

dare i say... rodgers (he's gone from being one of the all-time greats to something closer to matt ryan - in fact, i'm not even sure i'd put him above ryan right now)

(never thought much of newhouse or any of the backs to begin with)

this group has put together a pretty large sample size of poor to mediocre play.

oh - and the defense has played against 1 above average offense so far this season (SF) and got s.m.o.k.e.d.

be careful hanging your hat on a d that's "performed" against the bears and the seahawks.

jbovegas73's picture

Are you really even a Packers fan? You aren't even playing 'Devil's Advocate' ... You just sound like a troll.

So ...
The offense hasn't performed as well as it did last year in three games so far = 'Horrendous ... not as good as I thought'

The defense played well in two games this year = 'Nothing to hang your hat on'

Your logic is flawed.

cow42's picture

hey jbovegas73 -

i don't base my opinion on the regression of the offense solely on the last two games, but on the last 5 games rodgers has started dating back to last season.

and i'm not going to declare the defense "fixed" based on it's performance in two of three games... i'm looking at these first 3 games ALONG WITH the catastrophe that was last season.

Bearmeat's picture

Cow... Just shut the hell up. Seriously. You are not a realist (as you claim to be). You are a Chicken Little.

Your shtick is beyond tiring. If you want to scream about everything under the sun, that's fine by me.

But do it in your own home. Not where other (sane) fans communicate.

Love and Kisses Always,


cow42's picture

what have i said that's incorrect?
this team is regressing.
old saying - "you're either getting better or you're getting worse."

ask yourself - are the Packers getting better?

Bearmeat's picture

Yes. On Defense. And the talent is there on offense.

I reacted this way because this is not the first, nor even the hundredth time you have yelled at the top of your lungs that the Packer World as we know it is over.

It's gotten old. All that matters is getting into the playoffs. After that, it's all about who's hot at the right time.

GB is far and away the best team int the NFCN. They're getting into the playoffs.

packeraaron's picture

"are the Packers getting better?"

On defense, absolutely, and will continue to do so as the rookies and second year players mature.

The offense CAN make the necessary adjustments, as evidenced during the second half Monday night. Will McCarthy learn from the first-half debacle and stop trying to force his spread, no-huddle attack when it's clearly not working? That remains to be seen.

PackersRS's picture

huh. I thought the offense started working when Rodgers went to the no huddle in the second half and caught the seahawks on their heels with a lot of personel shifts.

cow42's picture

nagler - my question isn't "is the defense better?" it's "are the Packers getting better?". there is no way you can compare this current team to last year's team and answer "yes".



packeraaron's picture

They are different teams, as every team is year after year.

But don't let me get in the way of your doom and gloom.

Hey, how about pointing out that Clay Matthews, who you spent all last year destroying for not being the same player he was the year before, is back to being the QB terror we thought he was back in 2010?

Oh that's right. Because then you'd be talking about something positive.

See, that's the difference cow. I pointed out the exact same thing about Matthews - totally agreed with you. But I can admit he played well in other areas of the game last year - and certainly appears to have his burst back.

But you never, ever go back and re-asses the negative crap you spew. You just find something else to be negative about.

Carry on.

cow42's picture

i can't argue that matthews is playing great this year.

oh, hey - you never answered my question... are the Packers getting better (pretty cool how you side-stepped that question)?

cow42's picture

This team has a lot of work to do to even get into a position where they can start thinking about playoffs.

this is an average team right now.

has been for quite a while.

most disappointing for me is how every opponent seams to be more physical than the Packers. i actually think that is the "book" on this team... they can be pushed around.

they are a cream-puff, week -ass, finesse team.

seattle def. line OWNED GB.
seattle db's OWNED the wr's.

what a horrible ending...

freddie mitchell
golden tate

PackersRS's picture

OL is absolute crap right now. The playcalling isn't doing them any favors but when you have to suit your playcalling to hide the OL you have big problems.

And it's not talent. The least talented player (Newhouse) is actually playing well.

Second half was much better, Rodgers in particular. Started playing like last year, making plays out of nothing. We need that.

To me it's about attitude. You're absolutely right, they are being pushed around. Time to start pushing back.

One thing, though. This D is for real. They'll keep us in every game. Except for MD Jennings, who'll never see the field on D again. "So I just tried to go ahead and make a play". You dumb shit. Don't make a play. Win the fucking game. Bat the ball like you're supposed to. But a batted pass doesn't appear like an interception. You can't have this kind of player on your team, in 2 games he has made 2 egregious mistakes because he freelanced and only thought about himself.

Evan's picture

I'm sorry, but that's bullshit. MD made the play.

PackersRS's picture

1 instance where it doesn't work is supposed to supplant what is a basic principle of the game? That in a hailmary you're supposed to bat the damn football?

Paddy's picture

Bullshit. Bat the ball?! Look what happened to the Titans against the Lions, they batted the ball and it was caught by Titus Young for the TD. You catch the ball and wrap it up which is what he did. He made the play you jerk-off.

Evan's picture

Stole the words right out of my mouth.

2 share owner's picture

PackerRS and Cow, cant wait till you fucks eat your words, complete knee jerk jackoffs

cow42's picture

don't hold your breath.
the team you've seen the last 6 games is the real Packers.
how long will it take you to see it?

PackersRS's picture

You're making your mother proud, I'm certain.

Good day to you too!

2 share owner's picture

you as well, asshole

MarkinMadison's picture

The defense looked tough last night. This offensive line can get it together. It's week 3.

Idiot Fan's picture

Response from the NFL: "These aren't the droids you're looking for..." [waves hand]

overkill's picture

Two angry teams, expecting GB to rip the Saints a new(er) one.

CSS's picture

This one is the litmus test for me. The Saints defense is genuinely awful and the first defense on the Packers schedule where they have no excuse NOT to make the game a track meet. There are serious issues in titletown if they don't put up at least 27 points on this Saints team.

This may be the worst defense they see all year.

cow42's picture

my $'s on 17 points... even that's a stretch with sad - sack offense.

seattle had 2 sacks coming into last night's game.

let that sink in... 2 games... 2 sacks.

vs the Pack... 2 quarters... 8 sacks.

they are bad.

get used to it.

2 share owner's picture


D B H's picture

Defenses know the refs will let them get away with being all grabby-grabby in the secondary, and that's a posion pill to a well oiled finese-y timing offense like ours.

CSS's picture

Care to step away from your manic-depressive 12 year old school girl routine and make a wager on the points the offense scores this week?

cow42's picture

name it.

CSS's picture

Packers score 17 or less I'll agree to your profound theory of, 'they suck' and piss off until Thanksgiving. Packers score 27 or more and you can take a leave from Packer blog comments until the same time. Anywhere between 17 and 27 is a push.

I'll honor the bet for both here and Jersey Al's place.

cow42's picture

If we're talking 27 points BY THE OFFENSE then I'm "in".

on second thought - I'm "in" regardless. this team couldn't score 27 if you spotted 'em 14.

BrianD's picture

Here's something nobody's talking about today:

AJ Hawk appears to play much more physically than last year. He's been giving ball carriers some big hits over the past couple weeks. He looked faster than ever last night.

Evan's picture

Totally agree. He made 3-4 tackles last night where he just wiped the ball carrier out.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I've noticed that as well.

PackersRS's picture

Absolutely. It's the hair.

James's picture

Time to boycott the rest of the season. Have the NFL shut down now. Today. Like everyone that is contracted, so are the refs. The winners are going home losers, and the losers are being praised as winners. Time to stop the NFL season before anyone else is injured for no reason.

PackersRS's picture

Power to you. Unfortunately I'm a spineless sucker that will keep watching regardless of the refs status.

I do watch through streams. Let's call that a protest.

KurtMc's picture

Packers get lit for N.O. And come away 2-2.

We can still contend. Alot can change. Despite all the BS, GB just needs to play. Just get to the playoffs, and it's a new season.

The O line is a question. I really can't understand it.

cow42's picture

stop with playoff talk.
this is not a playoff team.


every one of those teams are more physical.
every one of those teams has an offense equal to or better than GB's.
all but phi and det have better defenses.

djbonney138's picture

You are insane.

2 share owner's picture

Look Troll, people can and will talk playoffs on here. This is a Packers site and this is a team that will compete for the playoffs for years to come. Take your trolling elsewhere. You are obviously a Vikings fan.

cow42's picture


the Packers are fine. the offense is fine. the defense is fixed. when the Packers play bad it is not their fault. when the Packers lose is is not because they have deficiencies, it is because they didn’t play up to their ultimately superior level. they will win next week. they will win every week. they will win the Super Bowl.

2 share owner's picture

Look man it is fine that you do not believe they are a playoff team. Just quit the, "Stop the Playoff talk". This is a Packers Site man and if you are too thick headed to at least believe we will be competing for the playoffs, thats o.k. STOP TELLING PEOPLE what they can and can't post

cow42's picture

"competing for the playoffs"... your tune is changing.
i sense some doubt in that statement.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

This issue needs to be put to rest OR......the Packers need to make an example of the NFL by making a mockery of the game itself. This is the choice. McCarthy is correct....."you get what you tolerate." The power to change this resides with the team...on both accounts. Right now, the players are tolerating the actions of the NFL owners who are locking out the professional officials by playing the game with effort. If they continue to play each week with effort, despite the deplorable officiating, it signals that they are tolerating the officiating. I appreciate the candor of Brees, Gonzalez, Rodgers and the host of other players criticizing the integrity of “The Shield.” Lost in all of this is the fact that the players are complicit as long as they keep diving for catches, running for yards, and tackling with fury. Their play indicates they are perfectly fine with the game being officiated as is. If this is how the Packers and the rest of the players and coaches in the league are going to proceed then stop complaining on social and conventional media outlets. Just stop…..because “The Shield” (aka NFL owners) don’t care about the integrity of the game. If they did, they would have cut the deal with the professional officials to bring back these imperfect, BUT, highly trained people to maintain order and a better semblance of consistency to the game, which is clearly lacking right now. This is an issue of money for the likes of the owners. This is about control. This is about breaking the will of the unions, both the players and the officials. So Aaron Rodgers is correct in his statements this morning on ESPN radio when he highlighted the fact it was the owners who locked out the players. My question is..”what are you going to do about it Aaron? What are you going to do about it Drew? What are you going to do about it Tony?” Please tell me you have something more than taking to the airwaves and internet because if that’s all you have then you have nothing. The only leverage you have is your play. If you continue to give your best effort people will respect that and continue to fill the seats. I can respect that you don’t want to lower your own standards of play to the standards that the owners have displayed toward “The Shield” by letting D2 and D3 officials on to the professional stage. However, if they cared about integrity wouldn’t this have been put to bed already? Part of being a good poker player is knowing the cards you have in your hand. Being a great poker player requires you to know not only the cards you hold and how to play them but knowing what your opponents hold in their hand and using that against them. The owners know one language. Money. Neuter that card and you gain the leverage. But I have a feeling that the players know this. TJ Lang apparently said to a Detroit radio station that the Packers have considered taking knees for the entire game. You see, this makes a mockery of the mockery that has become “The Shield.” THIS is how you make a statement. If one team does it, it will get attention…for a while. If all the teams do it and games end in ties it sends a message to the owners. As much as the NFL is popular, waning fan attendance will cost revenue to the owners and to the cities that these franchises are located. The old saying, “money talks” applies to this situation. So bottom line….either take steps to send the message with your play by mocking the game or continue to give great effort and remain a part of the mockery that is “The Shield” and just accept the game as called and stop complaining because at the end of the day the power to change this doesn’t lie in your tweets, posts and radio comments. It lies with your actions on the field.

PackersRS's picture

You are asking for something impossible. A lot of these players have incentives based on play, plus there's the prospect of the real refs coming back, and it's not like these wins will have less weight than future ones.

For them to drop their play, every other player would have to as well. Now you're asking fringe players that need their vet minimum to not give their all. You think that will happen?

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

It doesn't really matter what I think. I posted some food for thought based on the realities of life. I'm a pragmatist by nature. To say it is impossible for the players to do this is categorically not true. I don't mean to be terse about this but the fact remains that, according to Lang, this possiblity was considered on the plane ride home. That indicates it is possible for the type of action I suggested. The larger, and more important point, I made was that it's raining but it's raining on everyone...Drew, Tony, Darnell, everyone. If they are unhappy about the current situation then THEY as players have to do something to drive down attendance which takes money out of circulation and out of the pockets of the owners and these cities. Crying on Twitter and Facebook aren't going to change the game because as long as the players give their all, butts will be in the seats and money will flow, with or without the professional officials. I just want them to either put up or shut up because until a call affects a Jerry Jones or a Daniel Snyder....nothings changing. Mark my words. This is a different scenario than the player lockout. Fans weren't going to go to stadiums with no games being played. Fact of the matter is, these games are being played and butts are in the seats. This is the only leverage the players have. Make a mockery by sandbagging or don't. Either with it by doing something (mocking play) or doing nothing (status quo) and accept the situation as it is. It's really simple.

PackersRS's picture

I agree with you about what should be done but taking it from talk to act is a drastic process that the players won't go through. The fact that they discussed doing this but ultimately didn't only reinforce this view. They'll not risk their jobs for this.

So unfortunately what they'll do is keep complaining and keep playing.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

And I'm fine with the keep playing...just please stop the complaining because they are complicit. It's simply a matter of put up or shut up.

Bearmeat's picture

Paul and RS -

You're both right. "Put up or shut up" is the right thing to do. But it won't happen. RS's point about 'fringe players' is right on.

However, I do think that the starting QB's could all conspire to refuse to play for a game or two. That is possible to organize.

And the outcry would be so ridiculous that the owners would have to fold.

woodson4president's picture

Id like to also throw out casey hayward he has become a pretty good db in just 3 games. Nice tackling!

Clay's picture

Guys and gals...on the point of the offense underperforming, there is much to say, but wow I agree that the sky is falling argument doesn't fly. How are Brady, Brees, and Stafford doing this season?

No offense is lighting it up. Oh wait, Matt Ryan and the Falcons? Let's hear the gentleman of earlier posts on this thread call for the Pack to trade Rodgers for Ryan straight up. Or better yet don't you think it's time for the Favre contingent to come out from their bunkers?

Every year is different unique. The 2010 team lost six games, had an offensive identity crisis when Finley went down, passed on Marshawn Lynch, hardly ran, and WON the Superbowl.

No one is saying that is a model for this year. In fact that team ALSO had bigtime O LINE problems at the beginning of it's season.

The point is, this team needs to find it's strengths and adapt to the way teams are defending it. They did it before and here's a slight bit of reasonable optimism that they can do it again.

Why do some people so quickly run to the edge of the cliff?

I am no homer...I generally take a pessimistic view for any franchise because it's hard as hell to win a frickin Superbowl! BUT damn I am reading some really negative stuff that just doesn't add up or seem to be based in reality.

It's a tough road ahead no doubt...but would you rather be the Seattle Seahawks???

Please advise me Packer Nation.

D B H's picture

Excellent post!

"This team needs to find it’s strengths and adapt to the way teams are defending it. They did it before and here’s a slight bit of reasonable optimism that they can do it again."

It's going to happen ala 2010, and McCarthy admitting that his gameplan was crap against SEA was step #1 to getting things going in the right direction.

Clay's picture

Thanks for the I said I am not a blind optimist at all. There just aren't many offenses I would trade straight up for in the league.

Another analog to 2010 or even I mentioned, the protection issues.

The difference betweeen Favre and Rodgers is that under pressure, Favre would still fearlessly (or stupidly) gun it and either make a play or throw a pick. Rodgers HOLDS the ball under pressure. It's the only knock on him. I think he progressed from 2009 through 2010 as he found his fav targets and took responsibility for the sacks that were his fault. Mc Carthy obviously gets some credit for that.

Last year was cake as they had found their groove and no one had solved their offense.

Now Rodgers is too comfortable and thinks it will come as easy as last year. I think they will need to compromise what they WANT to do with what they SHOULD do (take what D's give them, run more)and then things will open up again.

And know we have Cobb:)

cow42's picture

"It’s a tough road ahead no doubt…but would you rather be the Seattle Seahawks???"

right now - yes. their schedule's easier and they've essentially got 2 games on the Packers.

better chance of them being in the playoffs than GB.

Clay's picture

Good point although the question was reach team would you rather BE, not which schedule would you rather face.

I think it can still be said the Pack has more talent than the Seahawks.

In fact the Pack won that game and held them to seven points.

McCarthy was stubborn with his play calling in the first half, and I think the 12th man affected the Pack's O line.

They are NOT as bad as 8 sacks in a half.

If this pattern continues I will concede.

Let's hope for a rematch in the playoffs!

Pack12's picture

Join me in signing this petition. It basically says that you will boycott NFL sponsors and that you won't buy any NFL products advertised during NFL games as well as you will not buy any new NFL products or attire until the regular officials are back. Please join this campaign:

Jamie's picture

As somewhat of an outsider on this site, it's blatantly obvious to me that cowturd42 is a troll...not a Packer fan...period. Responding to her is pointless. Let the poor unfortunate soul fade into obscurity.

Equally sad, I can't say the same for rs...he just lacks any insight into the game and our team.

Barutan Seijin's picture


If by troll you mean "someone with whom i disagree" then i guess cow42 is a troll. To me, he's just someone who is more pessimistic than the average Packer fan. There are people like that out there. I think the darker view is a necessary counterbalance to homerism & whistling in the dark.

Disagree with him? Fine. Pick apart his argument. Calling him a troll is just lazy. If your points aren't worth arguing for, well, i guess cow42 wins by default.

cow42's picture

thank you!

just because i don't let sunshine get blown up my ass doesn't mean i'm a "troll" - whatever the hell that means.

i see bad things.
i have for quite a while.
i want them to win the SB.
i'm angry that it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon.

blaming refs for that debacle they displayed is pathetic.
own up to the fact that you got your dicks kicked in.

Jamie's picture

I've seen internet trolls run this same routine for years, nonsensically, but sense is not their strongsuit.

People earn the proper response, no more no less.

Calling her a troll happens to be the proper response in this case.

2 share owner's picture

Well said Jamie, I can't wait till the Packers score 28 this week and we will be done with him for awhile.

cow42's picture

and i can't wait until they score 13 so i can come here and say "I TOLD YOU SO!"

this offense b.l.o.w.s.

how many sacks do the saints have coming in?

i bet after playing the Packers that number doubles.

so far this year the best offensive player has been cedric f'n benson... let that sink in.

cow42's picture

i'd like to retract that - i do not hope that they only score 13. i want to apologize for that... sometimes i get a bit emotional.

of course i would LOVE for them to put up 50.

i just want them to stop sucking. it's so much more fun when they don't suck.

2 share owner's picture

I too, sometimes get emotional, and apologize to you and PackerRS over some of the things I said on here. I do agree with some of the things you guys say and everyone has the right to it. I realize that you are true Packer fan just someone with different viewpoint.

PackersRS's picture

Thanks for the apology.

PackersRS's picture

Cow isn't a troll.

He's just ultra-pessimistic and overdramatic. No offense cow but you know it. Doesn't mean you don't have an ammount of reason.

zeke's picture

On another note, who wants to be the ref that throws the first flag against GB at Lambeau on Sunday?

jack's picture


cow42's picture


here you go everyone...

the Packers are fine. the offense is fine. the defense is fixed. when the Packers play bad it is not their fault. when the Packers lose is is not because they have deficiencies, it is because they didn't play up to their ultimately superior level. they will win next week. they will win every week. they will win the Super Bowl.

Rocky70's picture

You forgot the one I love most. "The Packers (by far) have the deepest team in the NFL".
Another myth created by those with the rose-colored glasses.

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"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "
"The Bears still suck!"