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Podcast: Knee-Jerk Reaction to the Great Trade-Down of 2013

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Podcast: Knee-Jerk Reaction to the Great Trade-Down of 2013

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson. Photo by Brian Carriveau of Cheesehead TV.

"Trader" Ted lived up to his nickname on Friday evening as the Green Bay Packers traded down three times on Day 2 of the NFL Draft, twice with the San Francisco 49ers and once with the Miami Dolphins. "Jersey" Al Bracco joins me to take a look at the general manager's trading ways as the Packers currently have ten draft choices on Saturday alone. We discuss what positions the Packers might address and potential players they might take.
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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and an editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Jamie's picture

What is the claim that Stedman Bailey was the likely target, and thus we traded out when he was taken, based on? Seems like pure speculation, and a highly unlikely scenario...could've been anyone or nobody in particular that sparked the move.

Likely scenarios...trades with SF were initiated by us, fishing for extra picks - as Al astutely pointed - 'you give up nothing' to get extra picks if your board supports moving down.

Conversely, MIA approached us, thus they had to pay more of a premium (in terms of the # of picks) to move up.

Nick Perry's picture

Sorry pal but the Packers lost out on all 3 trades. What's worse is the WR Bailey, and the nose tackle Williams could have been picked by the Packers. Both players would have been help to the Packers, especially Williams. The man was one of the best run defenders in the draft. Almost 600 yards in three games by Peterson, and the ass whooping by the 49ers must have escaped Ted's memory.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Haven't you packers fans ever heard of cheap ball? Cheap ball watching 40 years of the Det Lions owner not spending big money on players and the fans living in football hell.
Packer fans now have Ted, better get used to be bridemaids, six round draft picks don't win playoff games.
I have the Pack going 6-10 this year and that's being kind.

trvs's picture

that means a whole lot of "affordable" talent! BOOM

Ted was able to land two solid starters for good money, but will be able to draft 10 modest priced guys. Not bad.

Morgan Mundane's picture

First we don't know if either is a solid player in the NFL yet. Second two players don't make a difference when your counterparts are adding top players via FA and the draft. Your two against there 10 ain't fuzzy math. Its reality.
Those six round picks were there for a reason: always injured, smallish, slow, poor performers. You got every thing going against you.
Do you think a 6th round running back can compete against a 5th pick Adrian Pedersen, even close?

kennypayne's picture

Loading up on late round picks is what teams with depleted rosters do. Odd that a team that is allegedly a Super Bowl contender is amassing 6th and 7th round talent.

Johnny's picture

Man, it literally blows my freaking mind how people still doubt Ted Thompson period, but especially when it comes to the NFL draft. The guy is the smartest man in the room, end of story.

Just some of the talent we've taken in rounds 4-7:

Josh Sitton- 4th
Davon House- 4th
TJ Lang- 4th
Andrew Quarless- 5th
Marshall Newhouse-5th
DJ Williams- 5th
Desmond Bishop- 6th
James Starks- 6th
DJ Smith- 6th
Matt Flynn-7th
Brad Jones- 7th
CJ Wilson- 7th
Ryan Taylor- 7th

Ted Thompson traded down because he saw a ton of value later in the draft, and instead of overvaluing someone, he got 4 more picks to work with in the rounds where he saw value. WHAT A NOVEL CONCEPT!

I Trust In Ted.

cow42's picture

wow - what an amazing list of players....


bunch of average/below average players

that's what i see.

kennypayne's picture

Hope this reply does not "literally blow your freaking mind" but my post pertained to the 6/7th round picks TT has stockpiled and the FACT that players taken in these rounds by TT have not made much of an impact in Green Bay.

Other than Desmond Bishop, and Starks abbreviated but glorious Super Bowl run, of the 20 or so guys TT has taken in rounds 6-7, almost none have done anything. (Well to be fair Crosby was also a 6th rounder but I don't know too many Packer fans who are thrilled over that pick at this point).

Anyway, while you view them as "talent" I think DJ Smith, Brad Jones, CJ Wilson, and Ryan Taylor are just roster fillers.

Hard to believe the Pack is going to narrow the gap with the 49ers by drafting 3 or 4 guys like Datko, Coleman, Guy, and Elmore today.

cow42's picture

guess that's what you have to do when 2 players take up over 30% of your $.

WisconsInExile's picture

Guess that's what you do to win Super Bowls.

cow42's picture

we'll see.

Jamie's picture

We'll see?? It's already happened, ya trolltard.

Morgan Mundane's picture

SB contenders? Not. Vikes, yes. Lions, yes. Packers no.
People keep thinking Rogers can get in done but not on his ass he can't. Lions may have the best pass rush in football now so how does Rogers save us from that?
Vikings improved its pass run and linebacking core plus it pass game.

Fi cr's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

Here's a slightly different take. How does your board match up against your roster? I don't mean need, I mean, are the guys sitting there clearly an upgrade? Diss McMillian, diss Newhouse, whoever, all you want. They didn't get where they are for nothing. If you are taking a guy in the 3rd, he better make the final cut. If you're taking a guy in the 5th, you win some, you lose some. TT may have looked at the board at the bottom of the 3rd and saw no guys who were clearly worthy of a roster spot. In that case, you trade back, bring in a lot of guys, and let the cream rise to the top. This will be a competitive, hard-hitting training camp.

Jamie's picture

According to Ted, at least the way I understood him, he doesn't work that way. The board is the only factor in decisions to trade up or down.

Of course, he could be blowing smoke, and of course fit and roster depth will inherently factor into the board, but I believe he really separates those things during the draft. He 'trusts the board', takes other factors out of the equation in terms of being significant factors, keeps it simple.

Just my assessment of the process.

Jamie's picture

And yet again Bob 'the knob' McGinn shows his true colors with his theory-to-fact piece on the Packers being reluctant to take Lacy, but forced to due to fan demand, or whatever he made up.

The most overrated writer in sports right now, maybe second after Peter King...who coincidentally is a blowhard for Bob.

packsmack25's picture

Sweet Christ, I went and read that shit-heap of an article. What a disaster of words on screen.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

am i disappointed we only had one pick in the second and third rounds? absolutely

could we have gotten some good players with those picks? absolutely

do i think we can still get some good players with the picks we ended up with? absolutely

is this the end of the world? no

in ted i trust

norm's picture

Too bad this comment blog is getting full of trolls and ruin intellegent posts. No class what so ever from Morgan Manure and Cowshit42.

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