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Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

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Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

It's sooooooooo close.

(Hattip: Packers Lounge Twitter)

And before anyone starts, I am quite familiar with the argument that says "Well, the Titans and the Ravens both want him and they're really good teams. Bush must be good."

Um, no. He's the ultimate coach killer, a player that has all the athletic ability in the world that just can't put it together mentally. The Titans or the Ravens will find this out the hard way. And yes, this makes me smarter than all the personnel people working for the Packers, Ravens or Titans. If you work for one of those establishments, feel free to contact me regarding a position in your pro personnel department. My first report will be on Jarrett Bush. He has no place on an NFL team. You're welcome.

One other thing in regards to our favorite blogger and the man who just can't seem to let him go - does anyone else find Thompson's irrational esteem for Bush's abilities eerily similar to his inability to see just how terrible a punter Derrick Frost was? I mean, the entire world could see that Frost was terrible after about a month. Yet Thompson held onto him until December, seemingly out of sheer stubbornness, a pattern that is continuing with Bush. The mind boggles...


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Andrew's picture

Aaron, good to see we 100%, no questions, agree on something.

Pack93z's picture

I have a question in the response to rid ourselves of Jarrett Bush?

We know for a fact that the linebackers regressed under the last defensive staff.. the numbers certainly don't lie.

And I have a tremendous amount of respect for Lionel Washington and the job he did with the corners.. but whom is to say that he doesn't respond differently and "get it" with a student of the game teaching him in Darren Perry?

Isn't it worth the measly 1.02 Million dollar tender to find out the answer to that question in camp and if nothing else cut him in TC if he still doesn't "get it".

I understand the frustration with Bush, but I don't understand the uproar over tendering him at such a low amount and hoping he remains at on the team and gets to work on the offseason drills and TC.

PackerAaron's picture

Jarrett Bush - uniting Packer fans around the world ;)

jerseypackfan's picture

Love the title to this blog. Aaron must be getting ready for Morrissey to hit the Big Apple.

Hell... I`ll even volunteer to help Bush move to Tennessee.

PackerAaron's picture

Pack - Well first off, Darren Perry won't be his coach, Joe Whitt Jr. will be, whom Bush has worked with before. Thompson could draft a guy who is a liability in coverage and who plays teams in the 7th round and pay him a fraction of $1.02 mil. Time to move on...

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

Jarrett Bush is "the ultimate coach killer, a player that has all the athletic ability in the world that just can’t put it together mentally."

In contrast, all is not lost for Anthony Smith (even though he has been in the league the same number of years as Jarrett Bush). Anthony Smith "is immature and he made a dumb decision two years ago. But he is a gifted athlete who is entering the prime of his career."

The more you know. ---------------------*

Pack93z's picture

"Pack - Well first off, Darren Perry won’t be his coach, Joe Whitt Jr. will be, whom Bush has worked with before. Thompson could draft a guy who is a liability in coverage and who plays teams in the 7th round and pay him a fraction of $1.02 mil. Time to move on…"

Depends on where they work him Aaron, the assumption is at CB/S.. which would have him under Perry.. which honestly is the better fit..

PackerAaron's picture

DDD - Sorry, how many games has Bush started and contributed in? How many games did Smith start before making his big mistake and then falling in the Steelers doghouse? At LEAST do your homework before trying to point out some imaginary hypocrisy...

PackerAaron's picture

Pack93 - I hear you, but I think it speaks volumes that last year, the Packers, decimated at the safety position and watching game after game of horrible play, felt better starting Charles Woodson out of position rather than risking putting Bush in at safety. That about sums it up.

Pack93z's picture

Well if you want to use last year for reference the same defensive staff felt it a better move to shuffle Hawk into the middle and make two shifts instead of putting Bishop in, whom is much stouter at the point of attack than Hawk, and keep the shifting around limited to one move.

Utilizing players abilities correctly by the coaching staff is almost as important as the player having the abilities in the first place.

If anyone offers Bush the long term deal he is seeking.. yes let him walk, but IMO, I would rather see him sign the tender and come to camp to see if they can tap that potential.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

PA- So you're saying that Bush has demonstrated that he "can't put it all together" because he has had less *opportunities* than Smith? That seems counter-intuitive.

They are both the same age. If one has the ability to mature and develop into a good player, how can you write the other off?

And, Smith wasn't *only* benched because of "the guarantee." You are the one that needs to "do a little research."

This'll get you started:

PackerAaron's picture

"Utilizing players abilities correctly by the coaching staff is almost as important as the player having the abilities in the first place." - Here we are in complete agreement.

PackerAaron's picture

DDD - Well aware of Smith's 'fall from grace', thanks. My point was - Smith has played and played well from scrimmage in actual games. Bush has played from scrimmage in actual games as well - and played horribly. (There's a reason Smith has had those *opportunities*) Even his one supposed place of superiority - special teams play - has given us such unforgettable feats such as not falling on a fumble in the NFC Championship, repeated stupid penalties, and my favorite, the ball hitting him in the leg in Chicago with Blackmon not ten yards away telling him to disengage and get away. He's a coach killer. And I'll be ecstatic once he's killing some OTHER teams coaches.

PackerAaron's picture

Here's a trip down memory lane, since we're talking about how other teams see Bush. This quote has a special place in my heart:

"God, is he bad," another scout said after watching Bush for 60 minutes.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

Smith filled in for an injured player and started *EIGHT GAMES* before he was marched back to the bench. And he wasn't "playing well," he was sent to the bench for giving up huge plays.

Last season, Smith wasn't even active for the majority of the games. Just as there was a reason he got the opportunity to start (and a reason that opportunity was taken from him) there is also a reason he wasn't even allowed to suit up for most of the games last year, and you have your head in the sand if you think its all about "the guarantee."

I'm not trying to dog, Smith. I'm not trying to champion Bush. But, I am calling you a hypocrite.

IronMan's picture

"Jarrett Bush - uniting Packer fans around the world"


Pack93z's picture

"Here’s a trip down memory lane, since we’re talking about how other teams see Bush. This quote has a special place in my heart:

“God, is he bad,” another scout said after watching Bush for 60 minutes. "

Well back in the 06 season against the Patriots, Rodgers looked horrible.. not ready for NFL play.

Fast forward two years and some good coaching and we now have a franchise type QB.

Bush has all the athletic potential... I see no reason under a one year deal to bash the logic.

PackerAaron's picture

"I am calling you a hypocrite." - which is absurd. The players and their situations are completely different. And yes, Smith WAS playing well, which you would know if you actually went back and watched him play rather than reading press accounts of his time with the Steelers. Did he give up the occasional big play due to biting on play-action passes? Yes. But overall, his level of play was quite good. Nowhere in Bush's time with the Packers have I seen anything resembling good play from scrimmage. And that is the biggest difference.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

Or, maybe you see what you want to see.

"I don't care if Ned Flanders is the nicest guy in the world. He is a jerk. End of story."

PackerAaron's picture

You dare question my ability and objectivity when evaluating NFL talent? Preposterous! ;)

gratif's picture

There's always one scapegoat in the secondary.

The one I always defended was Bawoh Jue. You won't here a peep from me about Bush though.

gratif's picture


Which Bush was better at his job, Jarrett or George?

Sometimes they're too easy to let go, folks.

buckslayernyc's picture

Yeah, Jarrett Bush is a very good athlete, must be to remain on the team. On Otober 7th we cut our best special teams player (Tracy White)to move Danny Lansannah up to prime time...and then proceeded to do everything not to start Jarrett Bush when our safeties went down. Meanwhile our special teams proceeded to tank HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i am thinking that Jarrett has some dirt on Ted. Jarrett Bush would have been my #1 guy to cut for the last two years, dumb as a rock but runs twice as fast.

Who cares? He was not drafted, we lose nothing by cutting him. I would rather bring back Whisper Goodman and play him back there than see Bush return in green and gold.

In summary:

I am all for getting some GOOD Bush whenever, wherever, and however possible, just not Jarrett.

jerseypackfan's picture

If only he had fallen on the ball.
If only he played better in pre season.
How he made it through boggles the mind.

Guess God loves him some Jarrett Bush playing for the Packers.

Ryeguy812's picture

Aaron, I think you mentioned it the other day or something close to it, but if Bush signs the offer sheet with Green Bay he'll be getting paid more than Tramon Williams AND Will Blackmon combined. Two guys that have actually produced and contributed positive plays to the team. That's the injustice in all of this

DaveK's picture

Yes, it seems unfair that Bush would get paid more then Williams but that is how the system is set up. It is a system that initially rewards "accrued seasons" rather then performance. Get your four years of 'accrued seasons' under your belt and you earn your right to be an unrestricted free agent. Anyway, it is a system agreed to by the player's union and the owners in the current CBA. If the league goes to a no cap scenario the number of "accrued seasons" in order to get to become a unrestricted free agent increases to six years.

packerwatch's picture

Did anyone take the time to read Jarrett Bush's blog? It's damn near illegible.

How that man managed to make it through any college English classes is beyond me.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

buckslayer... well. sometimes making a witty comment comes at the expense of ... meaning anything reasonable. no such thing as good bush, buddy (anyone seen the episode of curb your enthusiasm i'm thinking of?) -- and that opinion has nothing to do with my political alignment.

but back to jarrett. i have no problem saying 'good riddance' type things about him in a football sense. but if the football world is dumb enough to want to pay this guy, more power to him. he impresses people with his athleticism, and they think he's worth holding onto. but he's not threatening a hold-out, he's not bitching about playing time, he's just playing - badly - and somehow succeeding with that. meanwhile, tramon williams' agent acts like his client is being wronged somehow -- because he represented him poorly, or because tramon got better unexpectedly. but i have no sympathy for people who make more than 10 times what i make in a year comparing their salaries to the contemporaries and bitching about unfair contracts. yes, i'm bitter. sue me.

i'm all about capitalist competition, but when its based on honoring your commitment to the best of your ability - and when it's your turn to be evaluated (END of contract), you'll be rewarded.

in summary:

i'll congratulate bush on his way out of town for having such mysterious success while remaining so prickly.

seekr's picture

Just read that Thompson matched the offer for Bush. Why did I know this was coming.

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