Play the Easiest Packers Mock Draft Game

Just select three picks and you could win CHTV merch!

Welcome to the world’s easiest Packers mock draft game. Winner gets his/her choice of a T-shirt, coffee mug or pint glass from the CHTV merch store. And those glorious bragging rights! So join in for some friendly competition and tell your friends.

Here’s how it works:

Pick the first three players you think the Packers will take in the upcoming NFL draft, and their draft spots. Currently the first three picks — 25, 41, 58 — are in the first two rounds, but if that changes due to trades, the first three picks are what count. 

List your picks like this, in order of selection during the draft:

1. Prospect Name, CB, pick #
2. Prospect Name, WR, pick #
3. Prospect Name, OL, pick # 

(Qualifying positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, Edge, LB, CB, S.)

Points will be allocated as follows: 

Each correct player at the exact pick number (i.e. Bart Starr, pick 25) — 15 points.

Each correct player at any other pick number, as long as it is one of the top three (Bart Starr, but he went at 39 due to a trade). — 10 points.

Each correct position at the exact pick number (i.e. Safety, pick 41) — 8 points.

All three positions correct, in order of selection (i.e. OL, CB, RB) — 5 points. 

Each correct position at any spot (within first three) — 1 point.

One entry per person only. Email your entry to [email protected] by no later than Monday, April 15 (no exceptions). If you have any questions, use that email as well. Results will be pubbed after the draft. 

Ready, go. 

And GPG. 


Jonathan Krim grew up in New York but got hooked on the Packers — and on hating the Cowboys — watching the Ice Bowl as a young child.  He blames bouts of unhappiness in his late teens on Dan Devine. A journalist for several decades who now lives in California, he enjoys trafficking in obscure cultural references, lame dad jokes and occasionally preposterous takes. Jonathan is a Packers shareholder, and insists on kraut with his brats. You can follow Jonathan on twitter at @Jkrim.


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Alberta_Packer's picture

April 09, 2024 at 03:34 pm

Excellent idea. Looks like great fun. I will be firing-up my Commodore 64 for some serious data processing and mock analysis.

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manther304's picture

April 09, 2024 at 10:45 pm

love this, but man its definitely a hard one. ive gotten 4 or 5 first rounders right in the last 15 years combined. i'm betting the scores will be really low.

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