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Part of the Favre Virus

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Part of the Favre Virus

Could not resist succumbing to the Favre Virus today.
(Hattip) ESPN NFC North Blog which also had this article assessing Favre's stamina. In it writer Kevin Seifert comes to this conclusion:

He hasn't had the stamina to maintain acceptable production over a 16-game season for some time. Favre will turn 40 on Oct. 10, and while he has considerably outplayed younger quarterbacks in recent years, his bionic arm and body have revealed their limitations.

For those of you with even more of a need to witness the current Favre plague - here is a video of Oak Grove High School quarterback James McMahon on Favre's visit yesterday.

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Jayme's picture

I think if Peyton played in Lambeau in December, his numbers would have certainly dropped off.

JerseyAl's picture

Favre Virus has hit CheeseheadTV HARD!

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture


i just got an e-mail from my brother with a link to that stamina story. my response was "excellent piece of journalism - i bet i'll see it up on packergeeks and/or cheeseheadtv soon enough"

and jayme, i think ... no. i don't think his numbers would drop off. at least not nearly that much. i'm curious what favre's numbers drop-off (if it existed) looked like in 98.

Jayme's picture

I'm not saying that they'd drop off as much as Favre's did, but I do believe they would drop off just because he would have to play outdoors more than half the season. That takes its toll. Peyton's not as old as Favre, so I doubt the drop off would be as serious, but you can't deny that cold weather makes it harder to throw (and catch) the ball, which would cause any QB's numbers to go down.

JoeBuck's picture

The comments from potential teammate, Chad Greenway, don't really give you the warm fuzzies about a potential Favre signing. I'll bet there are plenty of guys just like him that would echo these sentiments: "[Favre has] retired a couple of times, so you wonder where his loyalties lie...For us, it's about we're moving forward with what we've got here. We have a team that can obviously win at a high level and we have a team that, moving forward, we think can really compete for an NFC North title again... As good as something may sound, we have a great team to play with right now, and there is no sense in looking outside of what we have within our 53 [-man roster]."

ctpack's picture

He should play for Oak Grove High,maybe as a backup

Keith's picture

That video with the HS kid really annoys me. We have the NBA and NHL playoffs going on. We're in the middle of the baseball season. ARod just came back. Manny got suspended for some kind of drug violation. Roger Clemens went on the radio and denied using PHDs. Mark Cuban may have started a gang war in Denver. And LeBron James is making "the leap." But no, let's interview some high school kid and ask him how Brett Favre looked and what it was like to have a catch with him?

IPBprez's picture

Jayme' said: "but you can’t deny that cold weather makes it harder to throw (and catch) the ball..."
Remember Frigid Favre (twice)...?

retiredgrampa's picture

My friend;
I would hope that you can now take medication for this virus. We surely don't want it to spread any further. It might make the rest of us sick.

cheese5's picture

Keith - nice

retiredgrampa- I hope so. my gut tells me this all keeps getting more dramatic & more disturbing than it already is...

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I continue to refrain until/unless he signs. The fat lady is warming up though...

packeraaron's picture

Keith - great post, though I will only point out that it's just another example of how superior football is to all other sports ;)

bomdad's picture

I love that Favre can disturb team chemistry on our rivals. I wonder if Bus Cook called Jerry Angelo during the Cutler negotiations and threatened to unleash a Favre comeback on the Bears?

Chico's picture

Jay Mariotti of AOL Fanhouse: " Brett Favre now qualifies as the most persistently annoying athlete in sports, a man in distinct danger of losing his icon status in this country because he CAN'T . . . .MAKE UP . . . .HIS . . . .FRIGGIN' . . . .MIND. After telling us back on Feb. 11 that he truly, honestly, genuinely, emphatically is through with football - 'It's time to leave,' he said - guess what he's doing this week?"

Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Favre is the supermodel who maxes out your credit cards. He is the sports car that wipes out your bank account. He is enticing, and he is captivating, and he is trouble."

Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Favre 's rapidly become one of the most obnoxious creatures of all time and is devaluing his legacy, much like a certain former heavyweight champion who just won't go away.

Pack66's picture

He was hurt you friggin' jackasses...

I can't wait til' he signs with the Vikings and whips your pathetic AROD's ass 2x this year!

Pack66's picture

Jay Marriotti is a chickenass, punk who never played the game.

That's right, I said it. You can tell him and give him my address if you want and I'll "tell" him in person.

packeraaron's picture

That's funny. If you're a Packer fan, which you clearly think you are buy the handle you've given yourself, then Rodgers is as much 'yours' as he is 'ours'. ;)

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