Panthers vs Packers: Week 10 Matchup

Aaron breaks down both sides of the ball in his preview of Sunday's showdown with the Panthers.

Ron Rivera brings the Carolina Panthers to Lambeau Field to meet a Packers team licking its wounds from an embarrassing outing against the Chargers. It will be interesting to see how Matt LaFleur's team bounces back from what was easily his team's worst showing of his young tenure. 

When The Panthers Have The Ball:

You are, dear reader. undoubtedly sick of seeing the name "Christian McCaffrey" at this point, as much has been made all week about the young phenom and the nightmare matchup he presents to this Packers defense. 

Unfortunately, there's really only one thing to say about McCaffrey:

I don't envy the challenge facing Mike Pettine this week. His defense has been a milquetoast mess the last few weeks and facing a premiere talent like McCaffrey is a hard time to try and fix all that ails you. 

First of all, you're not going to "stop" McCaffrey. You can only limit the damage he does. Hen leads the league in rushing yards per game (110.1), touchdowns (13), and yards from scrimmage (1,244) (and he's already had a bye week)

It's going to be important for the Packers to keep things in front of them, rally and tackle. There needs to be a gang-type mentality. Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner will be trying to get his back singled up on anyone and everyone out in space because, quite frankly, there's not a guy on the Packers defense that hang with this kid one-on-one. 

I expect much more zone from Pettine with a stress of keeping eyes toward the backfield as well as an "All 11 top the ball" mentality once McCaffrey has it in his hands. Packers defenders need to come in under control and expect help when tackling McCaffrey, because they need all hands on deck.

Of course, there's more to the Panthers offense than just the running back. Their young quarterback, Kyle Allen, has been solid if unspectacular while leading the offense in Cam Newton's absence. (Newton is dealing with a LisFranc injury and was placed on injured reserve earlier this week.)

One security blanket Allen will undoubtedly utilize in this game is tight end Greg Olsen. The Packers have had issues covering tight ends all year and while Olsen isn't having a particularly productive 2019 campaign, you can bet he'll see plenty of targets from his young QB against a Packers defense that needs to find a combination of coverage options to slow him down. 

Where the Packers can win is up front. Za'Darius and Preston Smith in particular match up well with Panthers tackles. If Pettine's crew can win on early downs, heaven knows the Smiths will make Allen miserable. 

When The Packers Have The Ball:

Run. The. Ball. 

The Packers are at home against a defense that gives up nearly five yards a carry. If the offensive line can just hold its freaking water and not false start a hundred times, the running game should carry this team to victory.

Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams should take turns bludgeoning this Panthers front, which is much better at rushing the passer. You know the best way to slow down a pass rush? Run at it over, and over and over again. 

Not only does running the ball blunt the Panthers pass rushers, it gets the offensive line firing off the ball instead of retreating in pass pro. This is a week to let the big guys get after the guys across from them instead of taking what they want to dish out. 

Yes, involve the backs in the passing game. Yes, keep getting the ball to Davante. Get your play makers the ball. 

But more than anything else this Sunday: Run. The. Ball. 

Enough already, who wins?

This is going to be a tight game that comes down to a final kick. My hunch is the Packers create one turnover on defense on an otherwise tough day at the office. But that one turnover leads to points and they pull it out on a Crosby kick at the end. 

Packers: 27

Panthers: 24

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stockholder's picture

November 08, 2019 at 03:05 pm

I disagree. Pass, pass, Pass . DON'T TAKE THE BALL OUT OF RODGERS HANDS. Pass it to the Running Backs. Shuttle it even. Vitale needs to be in the offense too. Rodgers needs to throw! Running will only slow the tempo down, and help the panthers. Your prediction says. this game will be to close. When it doesn't have to be. Run on the turnovers. Force their QB into mistakes.

-6 points
Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

November 09, 2019 at 03:09 pm

You guys are both wrong. When on offense I think we should run the ball sometimes and pass it sometimes. If it becomes 4th down, we should either punt, or kick a field goal. Or go for it. You're welcome in advance for my scintillating take.

1 points
mamasboy's picture

November 08, 2019 at 03:41 pm

If our O line doesn't start kicking some ass in response to the laughable performance against the Bolts, we have some serious problems. Getting schooled like that is pretty scary. Billie should be a backup. Does Light play guard?

0 points
sam1's picture

November 08, 2019 at 04:53 pm

Packers play anywhere near the level of last week they will take a thumping, which I expect may happen by 2 TDS or so

-1 points
dblbogey's picture

November 08, 2019 at 04:36 pm

I'm going with PackerAaron'sNeverWrong on this one. Run the ball. And, quick passes to the backs.

3 points
Tarynfor12's picture

November 08, 2019 at 05:51 pm

I'm still pondering whether the Packers have shucked whatever it was that ailed them or if they're simply looking to get to the bye wee. This doesn't exclude MLF and Pettine if they can respond to such a shit stain performance, in one week, or are they also looking for another week to reinvent what worked and than failed.

I think the game will be close until McCaffrey wears our defense down and breaks it away. Packers lead 20-17 starting the 4th and Car takes it over 24-20 and then the Packer turnover on a drive gives Car the game breaker score. Hope I'm wrong!!!
Car 31-20

-4 points
jlc1's picture

November 09, 2019 at 12:54 pm

This and every Packer game is going to be a close one, they are not elite and will always play at least one or two quarters of average or worse football. So yes it will be close and let's hope the team finally starts getting some takeaways that will lower my/our anxiety.

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flackcatcher's picture

November 09, 2019 at 11:51 pm

To much is made of players like McCaffrey. Great talent, but is on a field with great talents every week. But like Aaron Rodgers or D. Adams (when healthy) can tilt the field in your teams favor, if they are in a position to do so. Or not. (see last game, watch Rodger's be mortal...) This is the time of year where injuries and fatigue become major factors in a teams play. Packers are in trouble in this aspect because they do not have a deep bench, and have to plan and restrict what they might want to do on the football field. A hard fact of life in the NFL. Well, it's time for the SHORT FLACKY.. Offense: The Panthers are more dangerous without Cam at QB. If they can get into the short passing game, they can do some serious damage in the Packers weakside defense, with or without McCaffrey. Keeping the Packers offense off the field is key for the Panthers. Packers: Do what you should have done last week. RUN THE DAMN FOOTBALL! This is a banged up O line, and any chance of a pass game is going to be off play action. (So naturally, the first snap will be out of shotgun...//////) Rodgers must be on time and schedule in the pass game, otherwise it's going to be a long day for this Packer team. Oh. Rivera as a DC was a blitzing fool, Panthers will gamble, so the short slant, quick screen will be open, look for it. Defense: Panthers got last weeks video, so look for a lot overloading toward Rodgers right. Could be a long day for the right side of the line. Panthers secondary plays a pretty straight combo zone, nothing fancy. There will be voids in coverage, it all comes down to how quickly can the blitzes get to Rodgers. Packers: This could be a very tough day for the defense. Wear and tear has caught up to the starters and core players. Pettine for the past month has been forced out of his 3-3-5 because of injuries and lack of depth in both ILB and hybrid/SS. While ugly, the Packers did win 2 out of the 3 with shutdowns in the red zone and turnovers. Expect more of the same. Kickers: JK Scott has been everything the Packers has ask him to be, and Mason Crosby is 'good Mason' in a contract year. (Ha Ha too bad Gute...) Special Teams: I pray for their... NUTS! just nuke the whole unit from obit to be sure and start again. AND MAKE SURE MENNENGA IS AT GROUND ZERO!!!!!! Score: Packers 24-17. (not so short eh. heh, heh, heh........ :-)

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