Pack's What She Said, episode 88

On this week's show, Maggie and Perri look at Jordan Love's NFL debut and how the Packers can pull out a win in Arrowhead. 

Take a listen:

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November 05, 2021 at 06:57 pm

I will be rooting for Jordan like heck on Sunday. The players will rally around him and so will Packer Nation.
That being said, I am deeply disappointed in Aaron's lack of leadership in this whole fiasco. It is interesting that during his summer soap opera, that he wanted his voice heard and opinion respected concerning organizational decisions. But when it came time to inform, truthfully, concerning his vaccination status he failed. When he returns, I will fully support him because he is under center, he is getting paid millions to win games so that is what I expect him to do, whether or not, my respect for him has took a ding. We all make mistakes, but when you assume the face of the franchise, your are held to a higher expectation - it comes with the territory! I also feel Packer Mgt, need to take some responsibility since they knew fully Aarons immuovaccination status, as well as the NFL for not enforcing policies that they set up, and knew 12's status as well. The fact that Cousins from the Vikings also broke protocol for the non-vaccinated are they going to look into that organization as well? To me, there were a lot of people looking the other way or asleep at the wheel. But, I do hold the Packer situation squarely on #12. Sorry, Aaron we all reap what we sow!

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November 06, 2021 at 01:49 am

Whatever his beliefs on the vaccine right now is irrelevant. He lied about it. At least Cousins told the truth unlike poor persecuted Rodgers. Dude really has gone full on douche this year.😒

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