Pack's What She Said, episode 116

On this week's show, Maggie and Perri play over/under to try and predict 2022 stat lines for individual players and position groups.

Take a listen:




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June 13, 2022 at 08:38 pm

"nice quick show"! thank-you ladies. Interesting you left out phase 3 of the game...which (i'll just say it, it's on MLF for staying with Drayton-it cost him at least that one round, further to the NFCCG). I would predict GB's ST's will evolve from worst (32nd) to at least 20th and going out on a limb, i think GB finally gets at least 1, maybe multiple returns into the endzone.
While on our favorite topic (ST's, as if it were an STD), the interplay between coach B and MLF on how many "starters" are relegated to playing on ST units intrigues. MLF is gonna have to get off the pot and let his athletes play. I know it cost him Hill and i think Lazard missed some games for gotta trust coach B. I think paying for him is a very sneaky "draft" play GB made in the off season and it may well deliver GB into the big game. It WILL PAY OFF!! coach B will hold his players accountable, or they'll ride the pine.

lastly, i'd agree with the dynamic RB duo will eclipse the 2300 total yds they achieved last season. And.....don't sleep on either Watkins, nor our new (well wired) Watson..."dear Watson, come here, i need you". Are you laughing yet???

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