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#PackersDaily: Nowhere to go but up on special teams?

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#PackersDaily: Nowhere to go but up on special teams?

Earlier this afternoon, I held my daily Packers chat over on our YouTube channel. You can catch the replay below.

Be sure to subscribe if you'd like to participate in future chats. You can also use the #PackersDaily hashtag on your social media accounts if you'd like to submit a question prior to the start of the chat each day. 

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Tundraboy's picture

Could it be, that there is a candidate in either the Rams or Pats organization that they are waiting for?

Suspense is killing me.

4thand1's picture

I recently retired, but would take a shot at the ST's job. Sounds like fun,hell I couldn't do worse, could I ?

Old School's picture

Hire me. Not only will I donate the bulk of my salary to charity, but I can put a better special teams unit on the field than any other person. Here's how.:

1. Never return a punt. No blocks in the back, no injuries, no fumbles. Instead of worrying about a possible return of 7.2 yards or something, focus on preventing these damn trick plays that work against us at like an 85% rate or something.

No injuries, no penalties, no successful trick plays, no turnovers.

2. Punt less. Go for it if it's 4th and 5 or less, unless you're inside your own 35 or a punt wins the game.

3. Kick fewer field goals. Go for it on 4th and 5 or less unless a FG wins the game.

4. Go for two after every TD unless a one-point conversion wins the game.

5. Down the kickoffs in the endzone and let the offense take over. If you have to return a kick, hang onto the rock and take a dive before the first hard contact. Get on the ground and protect the ball.

The beauty of this is that it will work regardless of personnel, which is important because you have a lot of personnel changes on special teams over the season. It also de-emphasizes special teams and places the emphasis on offense and defense.

I don't care of special teams never wins me a single game, but I am damn tired of watching them lose it.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

You mean like when Mike Prior would get a cheer from the Lambeau crowd after making a fair catch on a punt return because Terrell Buckley would always fumble it?

Old School's picture

Yes, and bonus points for the reference!! I was also thinking about when Antonio Freeman would just let the ball land and bounce instead of risking a turnover.

Terrell Buckley is something that every Packer fan should have on his/her mind approaching the draft. This guy was a high pick by some guys who are considered pretty astute and he couldn't have crapped the bed harder if he'd tried.

LeotisHarris's picture

You put a lot of time and effort into that post, Old School. Seems to describe a healthy mix of playing not to lose, and playing to win. Solid points. I'd say shave your head, and hop the next bus for Green Bay. Just effing show up and tell them you're the new ST coach. Worth a shot.

Old School's picture

Yeah, there's a lot of time and thought about that. 20 years ago or so I encountered a couple of coaches who pissed me off because they wouldn't punt after I'd stopped then on 3rd down, like they were 'supposed to'. So I started thinking about it. I read an article that you can maybe search for called "Never Punting"....I think it was on

The TMQ.....Tuesday Morning QB, Gregg Easterbrook.....used to write constantly about how punting was losing games and provided examples every week.

But it was this whole "offense-defense-special teams" thing. We're paying enormous salaries for offensive and defensive "difference makers" but it's these minimum wage guys on special teams who are determining the outcome of a lot of games. Why do we allow that?

Long returns are exciting, but they're rare, especially when you compare them to how often a mistake turns the ball over or a penalty backs up the offense.

I think if you do every thing you can to minimize the impact of special teams, and let your offense and defense handle this instead of letting a bunch of rookie UDFAs screw things up, you'll win more games over the long run.

Spock's picture

On #2 just get the damn 1st down -no "hail Mary" long shots (unless the receiver is wide open, lol). I'd seriously punt from the our own 5 yard line 'though and instruct the punter to line drive it as far as they can kick it for the "roll factor". :)

GBforce's picture

The Packers have there guy. 6 or 7 days from now we will know.

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