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#PackersDaily: Let Murphy do his job

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#PackersDaily: Let Murphy do his job

Earlier this afternoon, I held a special Packers chat over on our YouTube channel. You can catch the replay below.

Be sure to subscribe if you'd like to participate in future chats. You can also use the #PackersDaily hashtag on your social media accounts if you'd like to submit a question prior to the start of the chat each day. 

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Coldworld's picture

I am not clear where he thinks that his job starts and ends and others start or if there is any limit on his real power. We need to know who is making the hiring and roster decisions etc. More importantly, so do the Executive Committee, the only people to whom Murphy is theoretically accountable.

Murphy cannot be allowed to do what he likes without clearly taking ownership of the results for good or ill if we want to keep the organization healthy.

North-Hudson's picture

Cold word,

I totally agree with you! When Murphy announced the new organization structure changes it appeared to clearly be a power grap!

Lare's picture

Murphy is the most qualified person to be involved in the Packer HC decision-making process right now. People need to quit basing their opinions on conjecture and let him do the job the Packers Executive Board hired him to do.

Oppy's picture


Oppy's picture

Agreed that fans need to let him do whatever it is that he is tasked with doing.

There is good reason to want to keep a bunch of bankers, lawyers, restaurantuers and manufacturers (the executive board) from attempting to make football decisions. Harlan’s genius was that he allowed football people to make football decisions and told the board they must not interfere, either. Murphy is different than Harlan in that Murphy is not only a businessman with athletic director / sports management experience, but he’s a bonafide “football guy”, too. I think it would still be best for the president/CEO to hire a GM and allow him autonomous control, and only intervene if things are dire and a new GM must be inserted, but Murphy does blur the line a bit. I’m not thrilled with it, but if the board does not object, that’s his prerogative to do as he sees fit.

Just keep the small town business owners and hot dog vendors out of football decisions.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

If so qualified why did he keep MM and TT after 2014? Why did he let them ship out 3 talented DB's the past couple years who have played at All Pro level?

Dont you question why guys like Bostick did what they did? Like Montgomery did in LA? Like Randall did at end of game in playoffs against Arizona?

Murphy isnt giving me warm and fuzzy feelings about his football acumen.

Oppy's picture

Because Murphy wasn’t involving himself in football decisions at the time, he was allowing the GM to make GM decisions and the coach to make coaching decisions.. just like Harlan did during his tenure.

I personally believe that model is best - The only direct action the president/ceo should take is the hiring or firing of the GM, who should be allowed to run football operations. The paradigm the packers are now operating under is different as of this previous offseason, however, and Murphy is now involved in the firing and selection of the head coach. I’m not thrilled about it, but it is the direction they have decided to go. With that said, I feel much better about a guy like Murphy who has real, high level NFL experience as a player and 15 years NCAA D1 sports administration under his belt (in addition to a corporate law degree) being involved in football decisions than anyone on the executive committee in GB or the vast majority of NFL owners around the league who are mostly just successful business men with no substantial “ real football “ background outside owning a football team.

I don’t think this is a difficult distinction to make.

D.D. Driver's picture

These are goods points. To me it is not so much about Mark Murphy's background and experience as much as it is his demonstrated lack of competence. As I mentioned below: I have not forgotten Murphy's keystone cop meddling in the Favre situation. I haven't forgotten that Murphy promised that the GM would have control over the team only to break that promise within days. I haven't forgotten that Murphy funneled money to *his daughters* executive search firm in order to primarily interview people already on the Packer staff.

Am I the *only* one that remembers Mark Murphy pledging that he was going to meet weekly with McCarthy to talk about *gameplans*? How did that work out? Were McCarthy's gameplans improved with Murphy's oversight? Can someone---anyone---claim that the gameplans were "better" this year. Or were these weekly meetings just a distraction and waste of time on a coaching staff already burdened by things like installing a new defense, injuries, a disgruntled star QB, etc.? Since Murphy is now involved in the game planning this year: shouldn't *he* be feeling some heat for what is going on in the field? He has direct input and oversight!

It seems like every single time there is a decision: Murphy selects a course that maximizes chaos and confusion. That is why I have no confidence in Murphy.

Oppy's picture

I’m starting to realize that position responsibilities and chain of command, and the virtues of respecting those structures, are not well understood by many people.

PackerAaron's picture


KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

The buck stops with Murphy and always has. Murphy could have done what he did with TT and MM in 2018 in any of 2014-2015-2016-2017. If he is so connected with his ear to the ground he should have anticipated these problems rather than reacting. If you are a player and you react rather than anticipate you get cut. Murphy should be held to same standard as President.

Lare's picture

"Murphy could have done what he did with TT and MM in 2018 in any of 2014-2015-2016-2017."

Sorry, but that is unrealistic. The Packers were:

2014- 12-4 and in the playoffs
2015- 10-6 and in the playoffs
2016- 10-6 and in the playoffs

Why on earth would Murphy have made any changes after any of those years? If he had he would have been fired.

So the Packers went 7-9 in 2017 and Murphy replaced TT and McCarthy fired both his OC and DC and made other changes to his coaching staff.

And as we now know, the Packers are struggling again this year so Murphy fired McCarthy. And even that decision could be questioned as premature because if Mason Crosby makes a few more field goals and Montgomery doesn't make a really stupid decision the Packers have a winning record right now and are probably in the playoffs.

Yes, in hindsight Murphy could have done things differently, but we can say that about everything in our own lives.

John30856's picture

Got that right

flackcatcher's picture

Which is why so many folks have a real problem with Mark Murphy. His actions to date do not pass the 'smell test'.

LeotisHarris's picture

The anti-Murphy camp trumpets blind faith and total confidence in Brian Gutekunst. Why?

Here's a kid who's dad coached the Minnesota Gophers. Okay, great. Young Brian heads off to UW - LaCrosse, plays a little football before hurting his shoulder. He then plays a minor role in coaching on UWL's 1995 championship team. Makes perfect sense that a kid with minimal football experience would make a jump from the WIAC to the NFL, so in 1998 he's hired as a scout within the KC Chiefs organization.

On to his career with the Packers:

1998 - 2011: Scout

2012–2015: Director of college scouting

2016–2017: Director of player personnel

2018–present: General manager

Other than being in the Packers organization since 1998 when he was 25 years old, what qualifications does he have to make the right hire? Because he drafted well this year, traded HaHa, and had a hand in firing MM and Moss?

I just don't follow the "he's young, he's aggressive, he'll make the right choice" logic. Why such confidence in a 45 year-old guy who's largely untested?

D.D. Driver's picture

Of course Murphy should do *his* job. But he should not be doing everyone else's job. Murphy has not done a single thing that makes me believe he is competent to hire the next head coach.

Recall this is the same guy whose first major action was to fly down to Mississippi to grovel and beg Favre not to show up to training camp. How did that work out? Can you imagine Harlan meddling that way?

Mark Murphy is a publicity whore that refuses to stay in his lane. And it always results in a very public circus.

John30856's picture

All the agonizing by all the resident "experts" in here is frankly amazing and laughable

Lare's picture

Not really, many posters here apparently have direct insider knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes within the Packers offices and locker room. They have met and had many discussions with the players, coaches and management so they can speak on virtually every topic knowing exactly what is happening there at any given time.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of that insider knowledge so I can only post my opinions on what I can find on the internet.

John30856's picture

Agreed, let Murphy do his job

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