#PackersDaily: Jayden Reed on the precipice of history

Packers rookie wide receiver Jayden Reed is one reception away from tying Sterling Sharpe's franchise record for most receptions in a rookie season.

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December 19, 2023 at 07:18 pm

Sterling Sharpe's record stood that long for one reason i can think of.

Rookie receivers had to wait their turn for mostly the last 3 decades because we've always had experienced productive receivers ahead of them.
That changed in a big way after Adams left.
I'm sure i don't need to explain that.
I'll talk about De'Vondre Campbell, i don't need to wait to hear from MLF.

Another disgruntled Packer, why is this not shocking?

This goes back to Favre as that's all my memory allows for 😁

This is just off the top of my head, no research.

Favre, Sitton, Lang, Nelson, Bennett, Z. Smith, Rodgers, Jennings, Sherrod (injury), Cook, Campbell, and i think somethings going on with Alexander now.

I'm sure there are more that i'm missing and i usually come more prepared, but again, it's off the cuff.

My guess is, and i wasn't there, but imo watching and listening to the Packers, in particular, the last decade or so.
Is that i think from a winning standpoint, this management team is very arrogant and pompous from what i see and hear when they speak.
Whether it was Murphy, McCarthy, Capers occasionally.

I think winning gave them a Favre, Rodgers complex.
I get it, winning will do that.

But i can recall things like Murphy saying that Green Bay is where people want to work in the NFL, with a smug demeanor like...get in line, maybe we'll take a look at you.
Remember?....We take care of our own speech.
I'm thinking Jordy Nelson may not agree with that, or assorted other players.

Maybe i'm just imagining it, maybe the team is right and all the platers are just whining all the time.
But i doubt it.

IDK...just my .02

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December 20, 2023 at 09:51 am

James Webb Telescope Finds Evidence Of Packers Secondary Lined Up 20 Million Light Years Off Receivers

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