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Aaron chats with Packers fans worldwide on the morning of the second day of minicamp.

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June 09, 2021 at 10:59 am

New QB + new center = some rough moments.

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June 09, 2021 at 07:26 pm

Great work as always, Aaron.

Just thought I'd throw some camp stuff in here from the Packers beat reporters via Twitter, as good a place as any:


WesHod remarking De'Vondre Campbell has joined the ILB chat. DAMN! That dude towers over all of our ILBs from the video clip he posted.. Demovsky confirmed he passed his physical. He also posted a picture showing gas prices have been holding steady in Ashwaubenon. Another video from Bill Huber. Holy shit is that dude huge - just showed ILB coach Olivadotti coming over to shake his hand and welcome him into minicamp.

Also has one of Kurt Benkert throwing into the nets. Someone said yesterday he really throws a great ball. Damn if they weren't right. Bullet.

Z is back at practice from COVID protocols. Jordan Love will be addressing media later after practice.

Bill Huber with another video showing Davante running drills, ball security like a boss. Said Darnell Savage & Billy Turner joining Love on Zoom after practice.

Schneidman with video of Love in drill work. Dude looks solid, confident. I can't wait to go up to practices. Perfect day for it at what looks like Ray Nitschke Field.

WesHod noting Z and Hollman are back out today. Preston, Lowry and Jenkins are not. Also that De'Vondre Campbell was a R4 like Martines, Morrison & Goodson, who have been in GB previously.

Demo said Funchess got some medical treatment on sidelines and has returned. Different look on OL today with Turner LT and Royce Newman at RT.

Schneidman confirms Amari Rodgers jet sweep has made its practice debut. He posted some great video of Campbell in a drill. Smooth.

Demo - Funchess sidelined again.

Jason Wilde busting out the long hair and Davante giving him shit for it. "Who are you?"

WesHod said Love with his nicest pass of minicamp, hitting Dillon on a wheel route about 30 yds down sideline in 11 on 11s.

Love pumps his fist a couple times and gets shoulder bumps from Hackett per Schneidman.

Ryan Wood said Love threw best pass of offseason between Barnes & Amos. Perfect pass.

WesHod - Benkert w 2 nice throws to start his team hitting Taylor & Sternberger midfield.

Lazard makes helluva deep catch through double coverage from Love.

Coverage breakdown but Love puts it on the money to Winfree on a corner route.

Bill Huber - Love strikes again, this time on a wheel to Jones with Summers in great coverage. Said Love has been pretty sharp today - best we've seen in our 4 practices.

Schneidman said Love is now getting fanned off by coaches because he's on fire. Said the ball to Jones was a perfect throw in tight coverage on right sideline. Impressive catch by Aaron Jones.

Love drew Keke offside on his throw to Lazard high & deep down middle.

Ryan Wood said he drew him offsides on the hard round taking the shot to Lazard in double coverage between Amos & Savage, converting the free play. Sound familiar?

WesHod - Called Jones catch spectacular. Good rep, positioning for Jackson against MVS down sideline. Nearly had a pick.
Love throwing ball with zip, looks confident. Great pass to Winfree on an out.

Demo just confirmed everything all the other reporters just said... ha

Bill Huber said he's got Love 12-15. Not all short stuff either. Deep stuff has been on point.

Ron Wood said Love is taking nearly every rep, not just first team. Almost all of them with the backups too. An awfully boring practice if you are any of the other 3 QBs on the sideline. Packers getting Love ready to potentially play.

WesHod - Dolegla getting some team reps. (say that three times fast)

Bill Huber - Love to Lazard, who must have had a 50-inch vertical, for the TD to cap a 2-minute drive.

WesHod - Both offense and defense celebrating after Lazard's sky to end the 2-minute. Love was 7-10 for 70 yds.
Winfree comes from after a breakdown and Benkert finds him for a 50 yard TD on third and 5 to end two minute. Benkert 4 of 5 for 70.

Demo says Lazard's was an 8 yard leaping TD catch. Benkert's TD throw was on a busted coverage.

Ryan Wood called Lazard's a "Hell of a catch in back of end zone" from Love on 3rd and goal. Confirms this is Love's best day we've seen.
Among Jordan Love's three incompletions in 2-minute drill. Packers rookie Eric Stokes had a PBU on a slant throw to MVS. Tight coverage from Stokes into middle of the field. Jaire Alexander also had a PBU on throw in back of end zone to MVS on second-and-coal.

Demo said Love energized practice with some deep throws (finally), led a winning 2-min drive and completed 20-31 in 11 on 11s.
WR Juwann Winfree, a p-squad holdover, found ways to get open often.

Matt Schneidman said Jaire Alexander is also still kinda good at this football thin. Dude breaks up anything thrown his way in practice.

WesHod called it Jordan Love's best day as a pro.

JoeyGPG says Aaron Rodgers is speeding in his plane right now to Green Bay to put an end to this.

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KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

June 09, 2021 at 02:35 pm

Three things!

First, amazing post! Thanks for sharing all the information.

Secondly, great news about Love! Be interesting to see how much news Love gets today vs yesterday.

Lastly, let me know ahead of time when you are heading to camp.

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June 09, 2021 at 02:42 pm

Will do, Knock!

I just follow those guys, all of them great reporters, and figured as long as I was tuning in with them I might as well share what they are saying.

Camp, to me, is really special. So much fun to see new players who've been drafted or signed in FA, and to watch them in drills, 11 on 11s, etc. Amazing what you can learn watching them practice.

Looks like a great group of players this year, and it will be fun to pop up there. I'll keep you posted.

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June 09, 2021 at 04:10 pm

Thank, GG! I really appreciate you taking time to pull this together.

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June 09, 2021 at 04:30 pm

Great stuff, greengold. Much appreciated -- I can almost feel myself sitting in the bleachers watching.

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June 10, 2021 at 08:37 am

Damn!! Sure sounds like the Pack is a shoe-in for another Super bowl appearance!!

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June 09, 2021 at 06:31 pm

Great stuff happening up there.

Was reading some stuff from Spoff. He described Benkert as “throwing seeds out there.” Such a great description after watching some of the kid’s camp video. He’s got a quick release and that ball flies like a dart. Check some of that out if you can.

Pleasure to share that if it’s ok to do so. I tried to use their words verbatim and to site each reporter. I just put their twitter feeds into a rotation to get the latest on what was happening. Hadn’t done that until a couple days ago, and it was pretty fun in real time.

I felt like I was in the bleachers too, CheezyTex. Or standing at the fence! Either one is great. All that’s missing is seeing the players drive back to Lambeau afterwards, which is always a circus (seeing like 4-6 of those dudes crammed into each vehicle, honking their horns... just pure fun), and a stop at Kroll’s.

C’mon, July!

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June 10, 2021 at 05:40 am

Thanks Greengold. Appreciate your comments.

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