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#PackersDaily: Help still needed along the offensive line

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#PackersDaily: Help still needed along the offensive line

Earlier this afternoon, I held my daily Packers chat over on our YouTube channel. You can catch the replay below.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you'd like to participate in future chats. You can also use the #PackersDaily hashtag on your social media accounts if you'd like to submit a question prior to the start of the chat each day. 

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The TKstinator's picture

Yes, it is.
I’d like to place an order for a 6-6, 320 pound road grading dancing bear.
Or two.

Holecrap's picture

I wash thinking more 6'7 350 with attitude

Lare's picture

Even after signing Turner, I think the Packers still need to add one, if not two more quality OL this year.

sonomaca's picture

With Sweat heart condition, Burns likely gone before #12. Jawan Taylor gone, too.

Packers picking in no man’s land.

The trade scenario increasingly attractive.

Here’s the scenario: Raiders trade #24, #35 to Cards for #1 (Murray). Niners pick Quinen. Jets trade #3 to team that wants Haskins. Cards trade #4 to Pack for #12, #30, and a fourth. Packers land Bosa.

Cards now have #12, #24, #30, #33, #35.

Packers have unbeatable defense.

sonomaca's picture

Sorry, Raiders trade #4, #24, #35.

albert999's picture


Packjack's picture

In so many years, robots will replace human football players. You will be able to build your own offensive lineman according to NFL parameters. Balls will fly higher and faster. Just think about all the possibilities!

dobber's picture

It could be like Pacific Rim, only without big lizard kaiju monsters. Which makes me wonder why I'd watch...

The TKstinator's picture

Would Charlie Hunnam be involved?
He’s dreamy!

Holecrap's picture

Happy the team got rid of a lot of marginal players. So many that this is a rebuild and that will take two drafts. Your not getting two o linemen, a safety, corner, edge, ilb, receiver and rb in one draft.
I'm accepting that a 5th 6th round anything is a non pick.
I say get the best quality you can and look to next year to solidify this team.

Dragon5's picture

As I posted in the Mock Draft 9.0 thread, Bulaga and Taylor are snake signs and we're in a pig year. Snake and pig are enemy signs, so odds are it's gonna be a tough go for both of them this year. Would be wise to address depth behind them. On the DL, Mike Daniels also a snake.

Could see us taking 11 life path [email protected] or @15 if WASH trades with us and [email protected] If Cody Ford is not a 7 life path, wouldn't mind jumping back up from 30 to snag him.

BoCallahan's picture

Yikes, now we have to consider what month they were born, what year the were born, and if the attending doctor was right eye dominant or left. There is WAY too much to consider. Let’s just get back to evaluating talent.

Dragon5's picture

OK, lets're a GM, and you've scouted the RB class and you've got these names to choose from...who do you pick and why?


ANSWER: they are all generational talents...all supreme athletes--a staple of 11 LIFE is Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Bryce Harper

The TKstinator's picture

Easy, many of those guys are waaaay past their prime. Or more.

MedicMike's picture

So what about the thousands of talented athletes you don’t list? Or shall we all focus on the few you found so we may better follow your point?

My horoscope told me not to believe everything I read today.

Dragon5's picture

Great, we have something in common cuz I don't follow horoscopes either! Most of what I've learned during the last 3+ years can be found following @numerologynow

Perhaps you've read George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

"All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others." Same applies to athletes and with their metaphysical makeup.

Since '61's picture

I pick Jim Brown because I watched him play and he was better than everyone else on your list. In 1958 he rushed for over 1500 yards in a 12 game season and then in 1959 he rushed for over 1300 yards again in a 12 game season.

1963, over 1800 yards in a 14 game season. In 9 NFL seasons he rushed for over a thousand yards 7 times. In the other 2 seasons he rushed for 942 (12 games in 1957) and 996 (14 games in 1962). He was a fast and punishing runner. If he did not choose to retire early he would have easily reached 15,000 yards in his career and maybe even 20,000. 5.2 YPC, still the best career rushing average in the NFL.

If I can't have Brown then I am taking Jim Taylor. Ran hard and crushed people.

BTW you left Gale Sayers off of your list. His career was injury shortened but he remains the best RB that I have ever seen. He could score from anywhere on the field, was a great receiver out of the backfield and could return punts and KOs with the best of them. Regretably, The Kansas Comet blazed across the NFL horizon for too short of a time.
Thanks, Since '61

Dragon5's picture

Players on the list are 11 life paths

Jim Brown...
born: 02-17-1936 2 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 6 = 29 2 + 9 = 11

Sayers is not an 11, he is a 7 life path. 7 life paths are most injury-prone.

born: 05-30-1943 5 + 3 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 3 = 25 2 + 5 = 7

If I'm a GM drafting a RB this year, I'd seriously consider Benny Snell Jr

born: 02-27-1998 2 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 38 3 + 8 = 11

Tundraboy's picture

Brown,Taylor,Sayers. Good times. The legends of my childhood. Now those were RBs. Hornung was no slouch either.

Since '61's picture

Hornung was just a great football player. He could run, catch, throw, block like a guard, kick FGs and PATs. I think he even punted a few times.

He knew how to play every position on the offense.
When Marv Fleming took over at TE he was having a difficult time making his blocks against the great Deacon Jones during a game against the LA Rams. Lombardi was all over him every time the offense came off the field.

Finally in the 2nd quarter Hornung, who never actually played TE, took Fleming aside while the Packers defense was on the field. Hornung went over every possible formation with Fleming and how he should handle Jones depending on how he lined up.

Bottom line was that Lombardi never had to speak to Fleming about his blocking again. He became a solid blocking TE and a pillar of the Packers ground game.

Like I said at the beginning, he was just a great football player. He was my first favorite Packer. Thanks, Since ‘61

Tundraboy's picture

He was . Thanks for the great story. He would have been a good coach.

albert999's picture


albert999's picture


jannes bjornson's picture

Dragon, We Snakes hang together. Pick Taylor if he falls. Sweat nor the Bama oe Georgia guys could get through him. OT and DT have been discussed as needs since Bulaga's hip injury.

The TKstinator's picture

So, in a pig year, should a team load up on pigs, even if they are less talented than snakes, but would the pig year overcome such a shortcoming?
Where do the rats fit in? Hamsters? Gerbils? Chinchillas? Platypuses? (Or is it ‘platypi’?)
Dogs? Cats? Does it ever really rain cats and dogs? Is this Old Testament, fire and brimstone type stuff?
Who ya gonna call?
Whose name ya gonna call at choice #12?

Dragon5's picture

Glad you find it entertaining.

#12 White (IF he slips)

The TKstinator's picture

(Best Devin Available)

LarryPennell's picture

I really hope that the Front Office target a couple of OL in the draft this year, some guys who are nimble and have quick feet.

stockholder's picture

It would be a mistake to do it early. If TT can get all-Pros in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Gute can. The higher the pick the bigger the busts. Example: Spriggs, Tony Mandrich.

NitschkeFan's picture

Just off the top of my head,
Joe Thomas, Browns 1st rounder - 10 Pro Bowl, 9 All Pro seasons
Zack Martin, Cowboys 1st rounder, 5 All Pro seasons in his five year career so far
Q. Nelson, Colts last year high 1st rounder and already All Pro

Of course we could both find many more examples of good and bad picks, but there has been plenty of research that shows a direct correlation between how early a player is selected in the draft and the probability of success in the NFL.

I don’t disagree that OL (with the exception of LT) is usually considered “less important” than other positions in the draft.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Agree with some of the posters that the Pack need to draft two OL this year. Ideally 2 OT's IMO. If the Pack knew for certain Madison was coming back than just one OT. However the question is where in the draft do they select the OL? They are not sexy and fun selections for high draft choices unless you have a generational type player. I believe I would focus on OL starting in round three through six if a feeling there was talent available there. If not, select one in a higher round.

I would prefer to keep the Packs first 4 selections for DL, edge, ILB, TE, and Safety if possible.

stockholder's picture

It will be a mistake to go offense rd 1. It has become very difficult to get that Defensive stand out now. They go quick in Free Agency. And Peppers and Mathews show you the demand, even with aging players. The Offensive positions are easy to sign. Just look how many are on the free agent market yet. But Everyone takes money. And we have rewarded some very good ones in Green Bay. DL, ILb, are needed. Now. The packers need two starters on defense yet. They need a better quality of depth on the OL. The packers in the past have done better with players that can multitask. My picks: Risner, Landstrom ,Bradbury, are 2nd rd. Dieter, Edwards, Cajuste, are Rd3, Scharping ,edooga, Benzchawel Rds. , 3-4 Alex Bars,Jenkins, rd 4. I do not like the guys from OKL. And if the OL guys drop in Rd 1 stay away!

Guam's picture

I was thinking along the same lines Knock. They have five starters at this point and Turner has the ability to slide over and play RT if Bulaga is hurt. They sorely need depth and developmental players who will push for playing time in a year or two. Sounds like drafting in rounds 3-5 to me and I would like to see them use two of those four picks on O-line.

RCPackerFan's picture

They definitely have to add OL.

Right now our Starting OL would be Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, RG/Turner?, Bulaga.

The competition at RG is likely to be Turner's job to lose. Which he will have some pretty strong competition for the spot.
Guys to really watch are Alex Light, Lucas Patrick, Nick Siragusa.

Also I think they will draft a couple of OL. One OT prospect and one C/G prospect.

I would like to see them draft an OT that could possibly take over for Bulaga after this year, and possibly step in for him if he got injured this year.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I think McCray can push Turner for competition at RG. When healthy he showed a lot of improvement last year. We need to draft OL to keep developing talent because you can never have enough "big athletic guys".

RCPackerFan's picture

I had McCray in the mix as well, but I took him out because I couldn't remember if he was signed or not. And I was to lazy to look it up lol.

He is a guy that could be the RG too. I still like him better as a guy that comes off the bench. He seems to be really good in that role.

jannes bjornson's picture

They signed Turner to start at one of the spots. McCray can run block, but don't want to watch him getting bull rushed into Rodger's lap nex t season.

Lare's picture

Don't count out Siragusa, Light and DeBeer, the Packers may already have a starting G on their roster.

CheesyTex's picture

RC -- As to Bulaga, it may be their plan to slide him inside to G and play Turner at T. Would give more athleticism at T in zone blocking scheme and leave Bulaga less exposed on the inside. And, if Bulaga does go down like last couple of years, there would be only one slot to change with Light, Patrick, and Siragusa available (McCray too?).

Also would help a bunch if Madison would be in the mix. Certainly appears to have the tools if he can handle it upstairs.

Nice take on OL btw.

RCPackerFan's picture

I have seen different people bringing the idea up of Bulaga moving to RG. I just don't think he is really cut out to be OG. I could be wrong just my take on it.
Honestly when healthy Bulaga is a really good RT. He just needs to stay healthy.
I don't know much about Turner, but from what i have heard he is a better OG then OT.

I read a thing recently about last years drafts, and it talked about Madison being a guy that they thought could come into any NFL team and start. So he definitely was a guy that could have helped. But until he shows up can't count on him to help.


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