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Packers Work Out Havner

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Packers Work Out Havner

Bill Huber from Packer Report has got the goods:

Do-it-all Spencer Havner worked out in front of team officials on Tuesday,’s Adam Caplan told Packer Report. Havner, who was released by Detroit last month because of an injured hamstring, took a physical for the Packers last week. The continued interest signals that the Packers very likely will re-sign Havner, perhaps as soon as Monday, when the team gathers for its first practice following the bye.

Havner would be a welcome addition to a tight end group that has been inconsistent at best since losing starter Jermichael Finley for the season over a month ago.

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hyperRevue's picture

Sign Havner, cut Nance.

packsmack25's picture

Starks replaces the terrible Nance while Havner replaces Francois and keeps Crabtree from having to catch.

NoWayJose's picture

But can Havner go in motion?????

hyperRevue's picture

I'm sure he can learn. He might never be the expert Nance is, but he'll suffice, I'm sure.

TPacker's picture


Oppy's picture

.."the terrible Nance"

Sure, it may turn out that I might be sticking my foot in my mouth by saying this, but I see no reason to believe Nance is terrible. He's had, what, four touches while on the Packers? Certainly not enough to call him terrible.

Further putting my behind on the line, I still think that what I've seen of Nance on film looks like he's got all the necessary tools to be productive in this system.

Jeffrey's picture

And you know that Nance is "terrible" how...from the couple of carries he's gotten when they didn't matter?

Any player on an NFL roster today, with all of the other players out there and available is NOT "terrible" by any stretch of the imagination.

And, you should know that in a different situation/system (on a different team) a "three" might be a "two" or perhaps even a "one" and history has proven this to be true.

So, the re-addition of Havner would be welcomed but I see one of the recently added utility line-backers getting cut before Nance...since the running back situation remains the same as it was two weeks ago.

CSS's picture

Is it time to review the Jarmichael Finley to IR decision? I realize this is in retrospect, but you could argue TT is hiding several future 'prospects' on the 53 man roster that will likely never be activiated on gameday. As fascinated as people are with Starks it will come as a surprise if he's on the active 45 in the future as well.

Is it fair to now ask, 'would it have been better to keep a roster spot open for Finley and a playoff run'?

Again, it's pure hindsight but teams that hit their stride offensively with a hot QB go deep in the playoffs and it 'feels' like we're hiding a higher number of prospects than normal on the 53 man roster.

hyperRevue's picture

My position at the time was to not IR Finley and that hasn't changed. There are 4 or 5 guys on the 53 who will never sniff the 45 man active roster.

Although, I do wonder if that infection he suffered from a few weeks back in any way lengthened his recovery time. If it did, then that changes everything.

packsmack25's picture

After his infection, Finley would have never made it back. It would have been pushing it had everything gone perfectly.

CSS's picture

I wouldn't say never. When you insert a central pic-line and deliver powerful antibiotics in a young, healthy individual you see rapid results. It's the inflamation post-infection that would have been in question. Believe it or not, that could (emphasis) have a minimum impact on rehabilitation time if it were addressed soon enough.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I thought he had a second invasive procedure.

CSS's picture

The procedure was to remove infected tissue (my understanding). It's a precautionary measure.

Jose's picture

Idk he said they went back into his knee for that so I'd be worried he had septic arthritis on top of his bacteremia, which would probably slow down his recovery

CSS's picture

Great point.

BrianD's picture

Let's not forget that we'd like a healthy Finley for years to come. If we were to bring him back from a surgery as soon as possible for a playoff run, he may have risked re-injuring his knee. I'd rather have 1,200 yards for 5+ seasons than 200-300 extra yards this year and 600ish per year in the future. I'm pulling these numbers out of my ass but it's all a hypothetical situation anyway.

nerd's laptop's picture

They could have stashed Starks on IR. Not like they had to release him or anything.
He's gonna be a secret weapon against the Queens. There's no film on the dude.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Yes I will repeat what I said in pre-season,keep Havner and we should have traded Lee for some draft value.
What di Havner do in the RED ZONE...catch Td's,something we seem to be short off.

PackerAaron's picture

You're assuming Lee would draw interest. Gotta have a trading partner and there's no way a team would even give up a 7th for Lee.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Aaron,not pointing fingers with this,but assumptions run as amok as opinions.Mine is teams like Buffalo,St Louis,KC,Oak would have given something for a vet like Lee.

Juice Maloose's picture

Sorry, but Aaron is absolutely right.

Donald Lee's contract (he's making over $2 million this year) makes him awfully hard to trade, especially given his relative lack of productivity since his 48 catch season in 2007.

Amongst the teams you mention, KC has Tony Moeaki & Leonard Pope and Oakland has Zach Miller. No way either wastes any draft pick in order to trade for a second or third string TE with a fat contract like Lee.

All four teams you bring up were in rebuilding mode going into the season. Teams in such a position typically aren't going to trade away draft picks, especially not for a middle of the road (at best) guy like Lee. If their young TE's aren't ready, there are scads of vets out there like David Martin (who Buffalo signed) or Ben Watson (signed by Cleveland) who can be had for a fraction of the cost (both make less than $1 million this year) and without having to part with draft picks.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Right or wrong is moot.This was assumpion and opinion.No one knows for sure what a team will and will not do until you option the move.

Harris being released and Starks activated I'm sure are two things many thought would not happen,but ....right or wrong comes into play if a move or offer is active and no takers.

Since that senario never arose you cannot declare an "absolutely right" as no facts have be shown that nothing would have happened.Only assumpion and opinion.

dougie smooth's picture

this isht just went metaphysical.

but Taryn makes a good point about surprise roster moves. and I'd point to Belichick who routinely seems to be able to squeeze draft picks out of old and end-of-contract players. He just finds a trickass mark like McDaniels and unloads Lawrence effing Maroney on him for a 4th. Shoot, Minny was willing to give up a 3rd FOR FREE!!! Haha, stupid purple idiots.

JerseyCheese's picture

I for one LOVE the potential signing of Havner. Last year, he seemed to become a favorite target for Aaron Rodgers and I was surprised we let him walk. He will only upgrade the TE position.

MORE weapons is only a good thing!

packsmack25's picture

Al Harris is a Dolphin

packsmack25's picture

Whoops wrong thread.

Tommyboy's picture

Love it. Love it! LOVE IT!!!! I thought some people were a little overzealous in their analysis when he was released. He's a solid backup TE, special teamer, and emergency linebacker...nothing more. He will add that to our roster which is always a plus. However, I'm most excited because I just liked the guy. He's a Packer...c'mon...he's a Packer. I hope this goes through.

foundinidaho's picture

I agree with Tommy. I like Havner. I hope he's back in the fold.

Wiscokid's picture

I'm sure that all of the people who converted their tired, old number 4 jerseys to a much more attractive 41 jersey will be happy to have him back as well.

packsmack25's picture

I think it would be funny if they DIDN'T sign Havner at this point....

JoePackersNYC's picture

Hope this gets done. I'll take Havner back no problem.

Gotta say - TT has really been working magic with waiver claims this year. Injuries of course are the reason, but he's pouncing on the help when it makes sense and getting some quality in return.

I mean Huge Green is playing well and Nance goes in motion better than anyone in the league.

Tommyboy's picture the Nance comment.

bomdad's picture

The waiver wire is better than previous years because there is no salary cap.

some guy's picture

glad to have Havner back. i like that dude

PkrNboro's picture

I suggested Havner weeks ago -- on this very site.

I also predicted 45F for the Dallas game,3 days before the game -- and it was 43.8F.


Tarynfor 12's picture

Good luck with credit,shit you'll get alot of.You wanted Havner back a few weeks ago,hell I said we never should have cut him.
If they decide to dole something out,I'll take credit as I get more than enough shit from some assholes already in this clique.
And in comes CSS the President .

CSS's picture

The last 3 times I've responded to anything you've said it was simply to ask what you were even saying...nothing else.

BTW - Creepy fixation......

Tarynfor 12's picture


PackerAaron's picture

You know what's hilarious Tarynfor12? That no matter how much you bitch about the site and those that frequent it - you keep coming back.

Tarynfor 12's picture

I'm not bitching about the site,just some of the commentors and their rudeness when thoughts clash.

CSS's picture

"I'm not bitching about the site, just some of the commentors and their rudeness when thoughts clash"

Your message before that, without provocation:

"shit from some assholes already in this clique.
And in comes CSS the President"

Pot - Kettle

Tarynfor 12's picture

Stop already,please.

PkrNboro's picture

I was being silly.

Having some fun.


dgtalmn's picture

Yes one of those releases the Pack did that made me wonder and it seemed out of no where. Now he is back with a tryout, glad it did not work out for him with the Lions.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Bottom line we need depth at TE and LBs, his special teams ability is also needed.

Lee and Quarless have been battling injuries.

My only problem is that this is a player the Lions lost interest in. The Pack cut him and now he is coming back coming back from another injury other than the one he suffered on the motor bike.

Something does not feel right.

hyperRevue's picture

I wouldn't worry about the Lions losing interest in him. First off, he got injured. And secondly, I'm pretty sure they used him primarily at LB. I trust the Packers know how to maximize his abilities.

bill's picture

attention,attention,future GMs here in packerland.shut upa u now, dont u think the GH here,the HEAD COACH,and our what the F... THERE, i will bet anything STARKS exceeds anything we could imagine,barring injury of course. should the gm for the lions be fired for staffords misfortune,comeon mannnnnnnnn....get behind the team

PackerAaron's picture

That's the spirit.

Ruppert's picture

Where is Bubba Franks when you need him?

In all seriousness, I'm fine with Havner coming back given the current situation. And I'll try not to be so boring on my next visit:)

WoodyG's picture

Normally, I can barely survive the 'bye week'.... But this year I feel relieved that the Pack is idle ..... No stress or anxiety & the Pack can hopefully get abit healthier ......

My dilemma is who to root for in da Bear - Viking match-up ...... The ramifications for the Pack because of the Bear/Viking could be huge..... The Bears go to 6-3 or the Vikings gain momentum for the match-up with GB the following week ???? ...... I'm undecided & really have no idea.

CSS's picture

Gotta say Bears. The Bears have a brutal schedule and could very well lose 6 of their remaining games. The Vikings schedule really lightens up after the Packers. Even with a Bears win, I don't see them going better than 9-7. Vikings schedule gets easier, but a 6th loss send (especially intra-divisional) really sends them reeling.

The Packers could deliver the death-blow the following weak and kill Favre's title aspirations. Epic finish......

hyperRevue's picture

100% Bears. The Vikes worry me more. If they lost this game, it really hurts them.

davyjones's picture

I have been battling this all week. everything in me down to my very core says I can't root for the Vikings...the mere thought of it sort of makes my teeth itch. My gut says the Bears are going to implode no matter what so them going to 6-3 is a little easier to stomach than the Vikings gaining momentum going into 11/21. The Bears Schedule is at Miami, Philly, at detroit, Pats, at Minn, jets, at GB. I'm not sure they win 2 more games.
I guess I'm saying I have to hope for a Bears victory even though it brings them to 6-3. I just can't pull for the purple douche bags...there is nothing about that organization to like.

Glorious80's's picture

Glad to have Havner back.
Bears-Vikes irrelevant. In the end, GB has to win to control thier own destiny. Relying on other teams to do whatever is for losers.
Tough run up ahead.

WoodyG's picture

Too many games left to disregard what other games mean to GB ...... Unless you think GB is going to win out ..... It's not going to happen.

Jack's picture

I just hope Havner leaves his motorcycle back in Grass Valley.

Nononsense's picture

Definitely like Spencer Havner so it will be nice to see him come back.

Glad Al Harris signed with an AFC squad, good luck man.

As for James Starks how can you not want to see what this kid can do? Hes a load at almost 6'2" and 215 lbs and hes explosive with good hands.

Sure the time hes had off from Football is a bit concerning but his shoulder looked fine at the combine and im pretty sure his hamstring is finally healed after 9 or 10 weeks of the season.

Hes as fresh as anyone on the roster and as long as they ease him along intially he should be just fine.

Norman's picture

Starks = Adrian Peterson

The only question is, which one: the stiff from the Bears, or the beast from the Vikings?

PackersThad's picture

+1...but lets hope it is the latter

BLACK HAWK's picture

I like what I have seen of Starks...secret weapon agaisnt the Queens.

Well said CSS...Bears win and we end the Queens season on 11/21.....then Vikings implode!

wingnuts's picture

Packers sign Havner, I see it on FB before I see it here, very suprising.

But another member goes down on the IR.

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