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Packers Wide Receiver Battle Heating Up

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Packers Wide Receiver Battle Heating Up

If the Green Bay Packers were hoping to get some clarity about their wide receiver competition in Thursday's preseason opener against the Eagles, they didn’t find any. In fact, the battle for roster spots might be getting even muddier.

Certainly, having 10 players capable of making the 53-man roster isn’t a bad problem to have, it’s just going to make the final decision of who to keep and who to cut, very difficult.

While some have thought that Jeff Janis might be on his last legs in Green Bay, his 20-yard touchdown reception against the Eagles will bode well for him. He ran a nice route and was able to secure it. We know he can play on special teams and if he continues to produce as a wide out, it will be hard not to keep him.

Trevor Davis, a second-year player, was also squarely on the bubble. But with the Packers in need of a regular punt returner, his 68-yard punt return touchdown was huge and it could be the momentum he needs to stick. 

Desmond Howard once won a job based solely on a special teams touchdown in the preseason and Davis might have just done the same thing Thursday. Obviously, he will need to show more and if needed Randall Cobb can handle punt returns, but Davis winning the job would be ideal.

Yet, those were far from the only receivers that turned heads. Michael Clark, who has been opening eyes throughout training camp, caught a touchdown, while Max McCaffrey and DeAnelgo Yancey also made good impressions.

McCaffrey, who was on the active roster in last season’s NFC Championship game, caught three passes for 60 yards. Yancey, a rookie from Purdue, caught three for 67.

Of course, not all the receivers improved their status. Geronimo Allison started in place of Jordy Nelson, but made little impact in a few series with the starters. In fact, it got me thinking that he has been quiet this summer and with his suspension his roster spot could be in jeopardy.

Malachi Dupre showed good things on the field, catching a couple passes. But he was also injured. And if he is unable to recover quickly or if he's sidelined for an extended period, he might just find himself too far behind.

As the preseason goes on, hopefully it’s becomes clear who the Packers should keep. The final number, which won’t include Allison either way, since he won’t count until after his suspension, could be six or seven.

But whatever happens, the Packers will be cutting loose some talented players. That’s disappointing, but at the same time, no team will ever complain about having to choose from too many good players.


Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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Red Foreman's picture

Please god cut Billy Schroe...oops, I mean Jeff Janis. He is like a girl I dated too long in college. I knew I should have broken up with her, my friends knew I should have broken up with her but I just didn't have the heart and it spiraled downward for a year longer than it should have.

John Galt III's picture

OK - but did you watch his route for the TD.

1) As we used say in the 1960's "He faked the DB out of his jockstrap." The DB almost fell down.
2( He didn't catch into his body but over his shoulder.
3) He was Hundley's 1st option so Hundley has confidence in him.
4 He is the best gunner we have on punts
5 He returns kicks

You may not like him, he may be overhyped but if he keeps doing this in the three remaining games, the coaches feel he is finally learning the NFL systems then he will make the team. If he drops more passes, well then he may be gone., but I like his chances.

Finwiz's picture

Jeff Janis has MADE the team. Don't waste yourself arguing about it!
Better get used to it, he will be around another year.

dobber's picture

Billy Schroeder might turn out to be a very good comparison if Janis wakes up: it took him 5 years to become a productive WR...and he was very good for the Packers for a couple years.

al bundy's picture

You hit a nail on the head for me. I too dated a girl for over a year and a half, she broke it off and I wasn't pissed about that I was mad at myself for wasting a good part of my life.

And too I think Janis wasted all of us. They said in his four years he caught one touch down? Really? The guy is too dumb to learn the play book, really doesnt have good hands and has been taking up space IMHO

Tundraboy's picture

Yancey and McCaffrey sure looked like the real deal to me.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yancey looked good to me. He made a hell of a catch at the end of the game.

While McCaffrey is good, I just haven't seen anything 'special' yet. I'd like to see more. One thing that stands out is that the QB's seem to like him as they keep targeting him.

Since '61's picture

This is a passing team with a HOF QB who makes plays. Give him as many weapons as possible, especially if the WRs continue to impress. If the RBs continue to show little or nothing which is likely based on the looks of the run blocking, keep Monty, RIP, Williams and one other RB. This would enable the Packers to keep 7 WRs and diversify the offensive packages even further. The Packers are going to need to score as many points as possible and keep their defense off the field as much as possible for this team to be successful this season. Thanks, Since '61

Nick Perry's picture

Why 3 dislikes on this comment by Since '61? Likes, dislikes, at the end of the day it doesn't matter but this comment is right on the money. Not only that it's probably exactly what will happen too.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I didn't give Since 61 a dislike, NP, but I see things some might dislike in his comment, though I don't disagree tremendously. I see little reason given for giving AR 4 WRs who can't play instead of 3 but I favor keeping 7. I sure can't tell you which of Max, Dupre, Yancey, Allison, Davis and Clark will turn out to be players. Perhaps Max and Clark can be placed on the PS, so keep the rest. I haven't settled on keeping 4 RBs either. Kerridge is on the bubble for me. And of course, he appears to have no hope for the defense, to which some might take some umbrage. I don't have tons of hope for the D, but I can see ways in which it might be adequate.

zeke's picture

Not to be Debbie-Downer, but it seems like we are talking about a bunch of players who look like they are capable of being a 4th or 5th WR rather than anyone that would threaten Jordy's or Adams' position at the top of the depth chart. Granted that it is still a good problem to have, but I still feel like an injury to either one of those two would be catastrophic. Knock on Al Bundy's head that we don't find out.

dobber's picture

Ding! Ding! Ding!

chugwater's picture

The upside is that AR can make a WR4 look like a WR2.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

So, do you think Adams is really a #4 WR but AR makes him look like a #2? Or do you think Adams is a legitimate #2 with any reasonably decent QB? If the latter, can AR make a legitimate #2 WR look like a #1? Was Nelson a legitimate #1 at some point? Regardless of that answer, is Nelson a legitimate #1 now?

It isn't that AR can't make a #4 or #5 WR like Jones look like a #2, he can and did in 2015 (note that Jones was out of football after that season). Heck, AR even made RR's stats as a receiving TE look decent instead of the 20 rec, 185 yd guy he really is. Let us think more deeply.

The truth is (IMO) that AR, save for 2015, has always had great receivers. He has always had a legitimate #1 every season except for 2015. I think AR needs 3 receiving options with the #1 and #2 receivers needing to be legitimate #1 and #2 receivers, in order for AR to be great. He can make a no talent like Boykin look like a player if he's got Nelson (1314 yds) and Jones (817 yds), though that isn't optimal.

In '08 and '09, AR had Jennings and Driver who were both #1 WRs. In '10, he still had Jennings, though there was a dropoff at #2 since Driver was aging into a #3 and Jones was probably a very good #3 but perhaps a bottom of the list #2. From 2011 to the present save 2015, he's had Jordy. In 2015, when AR didn't have a #1 WR, we dropped to 15th in the NFL in scoring at 23.0 pts/game (this is made more murky by the concurrent problems at RB with Eddie being too heavy). In 2010 when AR had a #1 but no clear #2 (for most of the season), we dropped to 10th in scoring at 24.3 pts/game.

So, for 2017, barring injury I think the #1 and #2 WRs spots are covered with Nelson and Adams. The 3rd option is abundantly covered with Cobb and Bennett. If there is an injury, Kendricks might be a reasonable replacement for Bennett, though Cobb's replacement is unclear to me (unless it's Jordy sliding to the slot and someone decent replacing him outside). Since injuries occur, the #4 WR should be able to produce. Maybe that's Allison or someone else. Other than that, I think the #5 - #7 WRs should all be selected on the basis of potential. They shouldn't be needed in 2017.

RCPackerFan's picture

To be fair in 2015 it wasn't that we just lost Jordy. We also lost our #2 and 3 WR's during the year also. Cobb hurt his shoulder 1 week after Nelson tore his ACL and tried playing through that injury knowing they had no one else. Also Adams had a severe sprained ankle early in the year and he missed time and tried coming back to soon also.

So for the majority of that year he was playing without 3 of his top targets not just his #1.

HankScorpio's picture

2015 at WR was like CB last year--where the guy that was the most consistent during the year started TC at the bottom of the depth chart. The results were the same whether that meant LaDarius Gunter took a leading role or Jeff Janis did. Either way it was a unit that was completely overmatched in talent by the opposition every week.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah definitely. Those 2 positions were eerily similar those 2 years.

HankScorpio's picture

Let me preface my comments by saying #1 WR is a job often filled by a guy that doesn't really deserve the title. Since '92 when Favre took over, the Packers have had way more seasons where a #2/3 was elevated to the role and produced fine than they have had guys that deserved to be called a #1 WR.

Jennings proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was a product of the QBs throwing him the ball when he went to Minny & Miami. If he had a HoFer throwing to him, he put up big numbers. If not, the numbers were pedestrian--and that is being generous to him. Freeman was another like Jennings.

Other less productive WRs left for more money and showed the same.

Driver & Brooks never went anywhere else but I suspect the same would have happened if they did.

In 2015, the problem was that Rodgers didn't have anyone at all. Cobb and Adams were banged up and inconsistent all year. Boykin was an illusion that Rodgers produced. In the end, they were trying to get by with Janis and Abrederris. It was an extreme circumstance that even a great QB like Rodgers could not overcome.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree that 2015 was due to injuries to the top 3 WRs. I disagree with Hank about Jennings. I do think he needed a top 10 QB to be a #1, but he did not need a future HoF QB to be a #1. He ran exquisite routes and had good athletic ability: he needed a QB who could read the D, trust him to be where he should be, and lay the ball in there, but that's it. He just had some injuries in GB. Then, at age 30 (probably having a couple years left to him) he went to MN and Ponder. I think 68 Recs for 804 yards and a 64% catch rate is a credit to any receiver who has Ponder as a QB. The next year he had Bridgewater, a rookie QB tossing the ball. He still managed 59 recs, 742 yds, 12.6 average, and a 64% catch rate. Those deep outs, one of his best routes, were things of the past with Ponder and Bridgewater at QB. Plus, Jennings put up 1292 yds and a whopping 16.2 yd. average during AR's rookie season, when AR definitely was not an elite QB. Nah, he was a legit #1.

RC: curious if you have a minimum necessary for AR to have enough weapons?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I disagree. While it's nearly impossible to pencil anyone in to replacing a Pro Bowler's stats, I see explosive qualities in Davis, McCaffrey, Dupre, and even Yancey.

With a QB like Rodgers, these young guys could quickly develop into weapons. Any of the first 3 I mentioned could potentially--not surely, but potentially--be similar to Jordy.

Duke Divine's picture

Although a higher pick, Jordy was relatively unhearalded coming out of KState. Took till year 3 until he really took off. Even then had a big drop now and again. I have to agree with Phantom Dream Coat in this one. These young guys know how to play the position. Janis is such a freak athletically and such a beast on ST that his drop was largely ignored due in part to his route on the TD and continual showing on ST. There is a stable of young talent and Tinkering Ted is in a good pickle having to trim the herd. Hoping a couple can make it to PS!

RobinsonDavis's picture

I agree zeke, but it sure is a fun competition to watch, and a nice "problem" to have.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

All of this WR talent bodes poorly for Randall Cobbs 2018 12.75 mil salary.

BELIEVER's picture

If this comes down Clark or Cobb--I take Clark.

dobber's picture

I think about 30 other teams would love it if you did.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If you're talking about 2017, Dobber, I agree, but the context is clearly 2018. In 2018, the jury is deadlocked at this time.

jfb429's picture

Unless he has a big bounce back year, dump him off to the Browns who like to buy out contracts haha. I'd love to see these young guys blossom.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Cobb can still produce, but I can't think of a single team that would even give him 60% of his current salary.

If we release Cobb, we instantly save $6 million this year, and far more in 2018. That cash goes straight to retaining key assets at other positions. Burn it on Cobb, and we lose key players elsewhere. Period.

So the question is, are we confident Cobb will stay healthy enough to be worth about $6 million more than guys like Davis, McCaffrey, Dupre, Yancey, Janis, and Clark?

I don't think so. I've already got Davis and McCaffrey ahead of Cobb--they just look much more explosive--leaving Cobb as our 5th best receiver. Janis is also explosive, and is a critical special teamer on a team desperately needing it. Cobb is no gunner or blocker, and forcing catches to him instead of Davis and McCaffrey doesn't justify keeping him over a core special teamer.

Then there's Dupre, Yancey, and Clark. Truth is, all 3 provide more developmental upside than Cobb, and thus look better rounding out our WR group while contributing on special teams.

I would seriously consider releasing Cobb.

stockholder's picture

I would seriously consider releasing Cobb. ?? #1. They paid Peppers. And he got more $$. (than Cobb) 2. It's easy for a WR to get hurt. You can't trust Rookies Yet! 3. Davis hasn't proved anything yet. He can return punts. But look how easy he got hurt. If he was going to be a great WR you wouldn't see Allison and MCCaffrey with more catches. If you take McCaffery speed, and Allison speed, who would get better separation. Can McCaffery block? MM said Cobb will be in the offense more this year. He won't be cut. Cobb makes the offense more dangerous.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Peppers was at a position with very little depth or health, and he cost less. Cobb is at a loaded, deep position, and he's one of the league's higgest paid receivers.

My assessment stands. Cobb is struggling to create separation, and offers little on special teams except as a backup returner.

Frankly, I don't think you're seeing just how impressive McCaffrey has become. He needs to be on the field.

stockholder's picture

2mil. McCafferey has done well. So What. Rookies will not win you the ring. vets do. Cobb has that playing experience that generates respect. Your thinking Cap. They have room. TT won't cut veterans unless of other problems. McCaffrey does not have that chemistry with A-Rod. Cobb does. I think your confusing Cobb with James jones. Cobb signed again because he wanted a ring. His best chances say Packers. McCaffrey only wants a job. Davis wants a job. Allison, Janis,Clarke . You remember champions.

stockholder's picture


justjoe's picture

Cobb is a stud who had two injury plagued years. Having Davis and McCaffrey ahead of Cobb is laughable. This is why they leave the coaching and roster decisions to the professionals.

Finwiz's picture

No kidding. Bunch of arm chair QB's around here.
Davis looked like a deer in the headlights every time he got in a game last year and McCaffrey had a famous dad but went undrafted.
These guys have a lot to prove before we start talking about them has number 3 receivers.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I disagree, ALP. We aren't going to lose any players by keeping Cobb, who I have as the clear 3rd best WR on the team until proven in NFL games otherwise.

EdsLaces's picture

Allison's spot in jeopardy? We would be foolish to not see what he's capable of after how well he played at the end of last year.

jyros's picture

Seems like we have a few too many 'Allisons'. And, I can hear TT's wheels
turning to try trading Cobb.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Cobb is untradable due to his contract. No team would pay anything near his $12.6 million, 2017 cap hit.

You either cut him--which I would likely do--or keep him.

dobber's picture

THE GUY CAUGHT 12 (17 if you include playoffs) PASSES!!!

...From one of the best QB in the league.

He's a replacement level WR. Not much more.

Finwiz's picture

Exactly! I will be surprised if he makes the cut.

chugwater's picture

He earned the trust of Aaron Rodgers, outplayed Davis to get on the field, and made significant contributions late in the regular season and the playoffs. Are you disappointed he didn't have 7 catches for 130 yards and 2 TDs in the opener against Jacksonville?

What else do you want from him?

He'll make the team and be a contributor this year.

dobber's picture

Frankly, I don't want anything from him except his best, and for him to not post crap to Twitter or get caught speeding with pot in his car. If he wins a spot on the 53 and can keep it after his one-week, league-imposed vacation, more power to him. I don't see how we can get too caught up in a guy who only caught 17 passes?...or many of these guys playing behind him, for that matter. They are, by-and-large, replacement or sub-replacement level guys who, if they catch more than about 30 passes this season, signal that something really bad happened to one or more of Nelson, Adams, or Cobb. The 4th WR is going to be something like 6th or 7th in the pecking order.

The NFL retirement and free agent ranks are littered with receivers who supposedly had the trust of ARod: Jarrett Boykin? Jared Abbrederis (OK...he's playing for the Lions, but isn't that only a little better than being a FA or retired)?

Nick Perry's picture

I think you're underestimating Allison this season. Everything you say is true. Yes he only caught "X" number of balls and it all happened later in the season. But after hearing Nelson say it takes 3 years to even begin to understand this Offense, after watching a number of WR drafted take at least 2 or 3 seasons to really contribute, I don't think it's that unreasonable to think Allison couldn't be the next James Jones for example. He has excellent hands and body control and seemed to work really well in scramble drills late last year while catching a ball for a 1st down. Most of the time rookies don't get the ball, don't work themselves back to Rodgers when he starts scrambling nearing as well as Allison did.

So the man ran a slow 40, he DOES play faster than his 40 time suggests. IMO most people don't think much of him because of that 40 time. Not saying you're one of "Those People" dobber, but it does seem to be most peoples problem with Allison. I could give a flying dodo about all those combine numbers. Can the man play football??? The fact Rodgers went to him in the playoffs and the end of season suggests he can. AND AR seems to trust him. That's HUGE.

I think he's the Packers #4 this season. I think he's much better than Abby, Boykin, Brett Swainn, or just about any other #4 the Packers have had in the last several years.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Davis has easily surpassed Allison this have several other guys.

justjoe's picture

What year? All that has happened this year is a few practices and 1 preseason game. Allison did very well in very limited action last year in games that mattered. I like Davis too but let's keep things in perspective.

chugwater's picture


Allison outperformed Davis last year. This year hasn't even started. Coaches are trying to get Allison on the field even more by experimenting with him on special teams.

Sounds like Allison's arrow is pointing up if anything.

Handsback's picture

IMHO it appears to be some real talent in those open WR spots. I would like to see a burner make the team (Janis/Davis/Crockett) so that teams have to keep an open eye on them w/o doubling up on Nelson/Cobb/Adams.

Let's not forget the TE position will blow open some doors as well. That will keep teams guessing on how to defend.

GatorJason's picture

1. Jordy: #1 but at 32, has lost a step. Must stay healthy.
2. Adams: Rising and in line for a potential $12M/yr contract.
3. Cobb: Multi-purpose player, winner but worth $10M+/yr?
4. G-mo: Solid performer w good height. Not a future #1 or #2.
5. Davis: Lock due to elite speed and Hester-like ST contributor.
6. Janis: Mediocre receiver but elite size, speed, ST contributor.
7-10. These guys must perform well on ST or have high upside.
- Clarke: Raw but is 6-6 with hops. Priority candidate for PS.
- Yancey: A James Jones clone. Stash on PS if we can.
- McCaffrey: Good enough to be a 4/5 on other teams. PS?
- Dupre: Good enough to be a 4/5 on other teams. PS?

The bottom end guys must be key contributors on ST to stick. Davis and Janis fit that bill to a T. The other guys have talent to play in the NFL, they just need seasoning. The question is who and how many go on PS? The openings just aren’t there in 2017. Next year may be a totally different story so Ted needs to have several WRs on PS as insurance for potential turnover in 2018.

Bearmeat's picture


First of all, Davis is NOT Devin Hester. Second, Adams may not be worth 12 mil/yr (he'll get it if he produces this year though). Third, I'm not sure Cobb is worth half of what he's been paid the past 2 years.

I agree with the rest of your points though.

dobber's picture

You jumped on the Hester comment faster than me: Hester is an all-time great returner. Davis has one outstanding PS game on his resume and a fumble.

I think Geronimo's got his work cut out for him to make the roster in 2017. A leg up? Yep...but there are a lot of guys with better athletic tools behind him who WON'T need to sit week 1, and will be just as effective as a 4th WR and 6th or 7th receiving option in the overall pecking order.

Let's see what Nelson's got in year 2 after the ACL before we decree he's lost a step. If we get 2016 Nelson in 2017, he's still a top-flite WR.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Except Dobber, that is factually inaccurate. Davis has 9 PRs in real NFL games during which he averaged 12.8 yds/PR. Hester averaged 11.7 yds/PR for his career. Okay, before you blast me as well, Hester had 2 astounding seasons, and 6 really good ones, and Davis has only 9 punt returns, but they aren't preseason stats, they were in real games, and thus they are on his real resume.

The issue is Davis has 2 fumbles in his 15 touches (9 PRs, 3 receptions, and 3 KRs. A fumble every 7.5 touches is a disqualifier. I note that Hester had fumbling issues as well. He finished with 41 fumbles on 901 touches for his career (1 fumble per 21.98 touches - 315 PRs, 295 KRs, 255 receptions, and 36 rushing attempts). [In addition to those regular season stats, Hester also had 3 fumbles in 30 touches in the playoffs - not ideal.]

I wrote a post above. To be clear, if I were GM, I would not give a rat's ass about STs when selecting WRs 5-7. All about potential for me: which guys can be a #1 or #2 NFL WR in 2018.

sonomaca's picture

No way all those guys get through to PS.

Adams and Cobb are likely gone after this year. Nelson will be on the down slide.

The Pack have a choice: figure out a way to keep young receiver talent, or spend high draft picks replacing it. I think Allison may be in trouble, since ST will struggle without Janis.

Nick Perry's picture

I don't think Adams is going anywhere. I think the Packers almost HAVE to keep Adams for one simple reason. They don't have anyone remotely ready to take his spot. The Packers have had to draft nothing but defense the last 3 years with their high picks, other than Spriggs and Rodgers it's all been defense. The Packers will be looking for a #1 WR to draft next year to GO WITH Adams past 2018. Trust me...

marpag1's picture

The thing about free agency, though, is that you ALWAYS have someone to take his slot, assuming there is money under the cap to pay for him. But from a cap point of view, it makes no difference at all if the person that they sign to take that spot is "homegrown" like Adams or if he is taken from free agency.

Obviously, TT likes to sign his own, but take the TE position as one example. At the end of last year, the Packers could easily have said that they have no one else (on their own roster, that is) to replace Cook. Yet the Packers chucked Cook from their own roster, and replaced him with a UFA that they felt was a better value. There is absolutely nothing (in theory, at least) that would prevent them from doing the same with Adams.

Spock's picture

Not having the cut to 75 gives TT & MM all 4 preseason games for the WR (and other) roster spots time to play out. Just saw Packer's have put Beau Sandland on IR and picked up DE Shaneil Jenkins off waivers from Seattle.

PatrickGB's picture

My guess is that it comes down to whomever practices best with Aaron in the closed practices. I don't worry about other teams picking up our WR,s because the league figures that the QB is the one who makes our WR,s look good and not the other way around. I say let Aaron pick the first four or five and the coaches pick the rest based on on ST and potential.

dobber's picture

They see enough film to know whether these guys can run and show promise technically, and are an upgrade over what they've got on their rosters. If anything, the extended roster time to cutdown means that there will be MORE film on these guys. The bottom line is that signing one of these Packer cuts gets them a marginal NFL player that knows nothing about their system.

flackcatcher's picture

Only the packers know what they want out this group beyond the top three. Outside of Janis, (his stellar special teams play makes it very hard to cut him) I don't have a clue. If I had to guess, I would add Allison then Davis. It all comes down to knowing the system, ST play, and above all applying it in games. We'll know when the packers make their 53, who goes to the practice squad. Who the packers think will have a future on their team that year.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Through all of this banter, little has been discussed with respect to blocking or other special teams skills rather than returning or being a gunner, that will aid roster decision making. There is much more to come and to be discerned. Tendencies would say TT keeps his draft choices vs. a street F/A, but they also like to keep players with special attributes & those that can fill multiple positions. Looming free agency and contracts DO play a part in Packer's decisions too.

Davis and Clark must be very intriguing to them despite the raw receiving skills. Though I am not impressed with Davis' receiving game, if he has another game like the previous, how do you leave him off the roster? (Though credit also has to go to Janis, Martinez, and Gunter for their blocking, as well.) Consistency is the key and we have only played one preseason game.

EdsLaces's picture

During all of this talking....its crazy to think we are forgetting Monty split wide with Williams in the backfield. Man ...we are gonna be nasty on O.

RCPackerFan's picture

Right now I would say there are 4 locks to make the 53. Nelson, Adams, Cobb and Davis. With Davis's punt return for a TD and then combine that with his 20+ yard return on his 2nd punt return, I think he has all but locked that spot up.

I believe they will again keep 7 WR's. So the question is who are the next 3 WR's to make the 53.

Allison is suspended for the first game. So that technically could open a spot for a 4th WR to make the 53. I believe Allison will be on the roster come week 2.

I have to believe that Yancey has shown enough to keep on the 53. Thompson rarely cuts 5th round picks or higher, especially if they show something. Yancey has demonstrated an ability to get deep. That play at the end of the preseason game was a hell of a play by him.

That leaves 1-2 more spots for the opening day 53.

Depending on the health of Dupre I thought he was earning a spot on the 53. I will pencil him in. But his injury may force him to be sidelined for a while and could even get placed on IR.

McCaffrey seems to do things well. I just haven't seen anything special yet. He seems to catch everything thrown his way and the QB's seem to trust him.

Michael Clark is very raw, but even though he is raw his unique size and basketball background really shine on the field. He would be a perfect candidate to be on the PS for a year. That being said if he continues to make huge plays in practice and shows up in games, its going to be hard to keep him off the 53.

If I had to choose 1 player between Clark and McCaffrey to go on the 53 and risk losing the other trying to get on the ps, I right now would have to take Clark and his upside. While Clark is far from an unfinished product his size is very unique. He has flashed enough to know that the upside is there.

Kubyskins12's picture

The people commenting saying all these guys are just #4 and #5 receivers. I would say most receivers coming to the league start off as 4 or 5th on depth chart but develop into #1 or 2 by year 3. Most guys don't come into the league and start off as number one or two receivers . Perfect example of guys that came in and took a couple years to become some of the best receivers are Nelson and Antonio Brown . So I think the Packers have players that have the potential to develop into number one and two receivers. A lot of you don't think that Adams is that great but he's been getting better and if he improves on last year I think he has what it takes to be a legit number one player with Rodgers. So imo I wouldn't write these guys off as number 4 & 5's for their whole career let's see what some of these guys can develop into in a couple years cause we're gonna need a couple of them to step up with jordy getting older. I believe that Adams can step into a number one spot once jordy gone and dupee and Clark can become good # 2's or better in couple years plus think mcCaffery can become really good slot receiver similar to welker and Edelman. Maybe not catching 100+ balls but good enough for 75 catches and around 1000 yards in a couple years . He knows how to run good precise routes and seems to have real good hands and knows how to sit in zones and has a knack for just knowing how to get open.

RCPackerFan's picture

A lot of truth to this.

The whole part with rookies and young players that people need to remember is they aren't finished products. They are just getting their feet wet. While some rookies stand out right away, most players takes a few years to develop before they reach their potential.
Nelson is a perfect example of that. Adams also.

With rookies if they can show something special or potential for special they have a good chance of making it. A guy that fits that description is Michael Clark.
Clark is a guy here that could be special especially in the redzone. His size and basketball background is on notice when he is on the field. While he is very raw only playing 1 year of college football, he has been said to have made spectacular catches in practice. And has shown that he is a mismatch in the redzone. It will be fun to see how he develops.

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WE all know A-Rod can make a average WR look good. But he couldn't when Nelson went down! Cobb was hurt. Adams didn't show you; what these rookies and players behind him have. " PROMISE TO CATCH THE BALL! " And you want to pay him the Big bucks on YAC. I don't care if Adams or Cobb leave. I'll take the comp pick. The point being; That NO one can REPLACE Jordy Nelson. How clutch is Adams? I'll take Cobb first. (And his Punt return ability. ) Yes, Adams made up for what a 2nd draft pick should be. But he's no missile. And he's no #1 WR. WE need Big and speedy. It's the mis-match and separation. So who has it and who doesn't. If you compare the rookies, to who will be a Free Agent. Keep the rookies! Cut Allison,McCafferey, Clarke. Too slow or small, people. No promise of being Jordy Nelson.

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Great comment stockholder, it was evident when Jordy missed the season that even Rodgers couldn't make an average WR look good, it can't be done without a #1 WR on the field. Provided Jordy plays at the same level this season and Cobb and Adams stay healthy next year Ted will have to decide to either pay Adams market price or give Cobb an incentive based deal like Crosby had the year he floundered. Another factor is if Davis takes a step forward and can beat press man coverage and take the top off the field this season. That is what made Howard just a returner in the NFL even though he was a #1 draft pick, he was not strong enough to do that. In reference to losing rookie WR's that are performing well in camp this season, note hat Allison did clear waivers and was able to be signed to the practice squad last season, and Abby the year before, chances are they will clear waivers.

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Kind of on the subject, after watching most pre season games, hey many many teams have a raft of very good receivers too. Seems like everyone was emphasizing pass pass pass and did little running except Dallas who was run crazy.
SO before we go ga ga over our crop, other teams have stables of good prospects too.

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I haven't seen anything from the backups that make you think they are the next number one receiver in training. So then your number five and six receivers need to also play special teams. This points it to being Janis and Davis as those guys and the rookies on the practice squad.

They have a great setup of staring receivers, tight ends and pass catching runnIng back. But an injury to Nelson could still derail the whole thing as no one behind him seems to have that sort of talent ready to go.

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