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Packers waive Jason Spriggs, claim RB Keith Ford off waivers

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Packers waive Jason Spriggs, claim RB Keith Ford off waivers

Former second round pick Jason Spriggs has been waived/injured, the Packers announced Tuesday afternoon. 

Taking his place on the team's 90 man roster is running back Keith Ford, who the Packers picked up off waivers from the Indianapolis Colts.

Ford, a 5-foot-10, 219-pound first-year player out of Texas A&M, was originally signed by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent on May 11, 2018. He spent most of last season on the Bills’ practice squad before being signed to the active roster on Dec. 12, 2018. Ford was released by the Bills on May 13 and signed with the Colts on July 29. He will wear No. 27 for the Packers.

Spriggs, the 48th overall pick in the 2016 draft, never lived up to the promise the Packers saw in him when former General Manager Ted Thompson traded up to get him. He had missed several days of camp over the last week with a trapezius injury and was waived/injured. 

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Jonathan Spader's picture

Wow I knew Spriggs was struggling thought he was on his last chance. Gute doesn't mess around.

Bure9620's picture

Year 4, he has had several chances and time to develop

Jonathan Spader's picture

Apprarently you don't know what the word LAST means lol.

Bure9620's picture

I am told I read at a sophomore level.....

Jonathan Spader's picture

Makes you smarter than Spriggs lol

Old School's picture

This is actually a good sign that the Packers think they have enough tackles that they don't need Spriggs. I'm sure he'll catch on with somebody.

Mannix's picture

Agree Old School. Last year both Spriggs and Gilbert were like the 6th man in basketball at their positions. Now one or both could possibly be gone due to an improved roster depth. Good signs abound OS.

Coldworld's picture

I agree although it may be in conjunction with the possibility is that he is out for a while with his injury. Anyone have any insight on a trap injury?

I’m actually relieved to hear it was Spriggs. I thought they might look for an RB after Carson went out. I really am hoping to see if Donnerson can get back on the field and Roberts, and I feared it might be one of them.

Mark Gaedtke's picture

Trap is short for trapezius muscle, which is situated in your upper back, between the shoulder and the neck. I am not a doctor, but have been injury prone all my life.

GVPacker's picture

Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

Guam's picture

Light has apparently superseded Spriggs at tackle which is good news. I wonder whether Spriggs injury is serious enough to keep him out of everybody's training camp. He may have a tough time catching on with another team if he can't practice. I wish him luck, but I can't say I will miss him on the Packers roster.

GBPDAN1's picture

And TT traded up in the 2nd round for this dud. Good riddance. BG is doing a good job clearing out the 6 year mess his predecessor left.

jannes bjornson's picture

The Iceman Cometh...setting the tone for LaFleur. Get football players on this team.

optimisticfan's picture

Before this move had Light listed as the backup at LT. Spriggs was listed as backup at RT (though he could very well have been behind Turner and/or Light for that anyways). The depth chart shouldn’t be taken as definitive obviously when they are not going to list players at multiple positions and it is preliminary.

Looks more and more like these are the OL making the 53:

they might try to sneak Patrick, Nijman, and De Beer onto the practice squad.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Spriggs had a very good practice at the first or perhaps second practice, but then got hurt and hasn't been seen since. I'm not sure, but this looks more like an injury thing than a performance issue since what GB saw of Spriggs was pretty good.

Gute seems to have a pretty quick hook even if they are drafted players. Of course, so far they have been TT draft picks, not his own.

Lare's picture

Although the injury may have had something to do with it, I think Spriggs was waived because he's just not very good.

Bure9620's picture

Good move, Spriggs ls what he is, a slightly serviceable swing Tackle whom is a turnstile against elite rushers. I like what Gute has done at the bottom of the roster, get another back camp body, like it.

kevgk's picture

I think adding another back is a poor sign for the health plan of aaron jones or jamaal adams. obviously a few of these additions wont make the team

Rak47's picture

Finally opens up a roster spot for a player who can bring more value to the team. Gute doesn't play around and have time to waste on unproductive talent.

optimisticfan's picture

There will be more churning of the roster to come in the next month. Guesses on which of these players (or others) could get waived? And who first?:
Donnerson (if injury is going to be an IR type length)
Jawill Davis
Chandon Sullivan
Kizer (if he keeps serving up interceptions we are no better off with him than Boyle or Wilkins, ie no good backup anyways so might as well save some some money now and give Boyle, Wilkins more reps)

Obviously there are some camp bodies that are below some of these players but cuts would likely be due to a combo of cap savings, injuries, and fortuitous timing of players that are intriguing being waived by other teams.

Anybody have an idea the cap savings of some of the players above?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

None of these guys produce much in cap savings. Most would earn either $645K or $570K, so if they are replaced with a guy making the minimum of $495K, about $75K to $150K. But the replacement could be someone making more than the minimum.

Cutting Redmond ($570K) to make room for Jamerson ($570K) is a wash, for example.

optimisticfan's picture

Yeah, you are right. The Spriggs and Daniels releases made sense from a savings point and were players they were later going to move on from anyways. If the players above don’t save money then likely the churning of the pool won’t happen again until after the preseason. I wouldn’t put it past BG to claim many other teams waivers then. Maybe another backup QB etc. It is going to be a busy time.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Keith Ford Draft Analysis:


Led Texas A&M with 12 rushing touchdowns and rushed for 548 yards on 139 carries in 2017. Rushed 126 times for 669 yards and six TDs as a junior. Sat out the 2015 season after transferring from Oklahoma. Started three games and carried 71 times for 392 yards and five touchdowns as a sophomore. Rushed for 134 yards and one score on 23 carries in 2013.


Strong downhill ball carrier who runs with an aggressive style. Sees the field, finds running lanes and runs north and south. Explosive, gets a lot of momentum going up the field and displays quickness. Blasts through running lanes, works hard to pick up extra yardage and falls forward when tackled. Effectively helps the quarterback sell ball fakes.


Lacks perimeter speed. Does not run with great balance. Loses momentum when he alters the angles of his runs. Not a quick cutback runner.


Ford was graded as a potential sixth-round choice entering the season, but he turned in a poor senior campaign and will slide out of the draft’s seven rounds. He’s limited but could line up as a solid short-yardage ball carrier on Sundays.

Aubrey's picture

Seems like a decent scheme fit.

sonomaca's picture

What does this mean about injuries to Jones and Williams?

Coldworld's picture

Jones has been sprinting for a number of days, so probably not much. They lost Carson today though, so down to Grant & Hill behind D Williams and Vitale.

LambeauPlain's picture

Carson was a camp body. Four years and has still not carried the ball in an NFL regular season game?

Good opportunity for Dex Williams, Grant and Hill & Ford.

Two, even three of those guys will likely be on the 53 if Williams #1 goes on IR.

Coldworld's picture

But in camp you need bodies, that’s the point.

Coldworld's picture had this to say in 2018 after he signed as a UDFA:

Ford is an intriguing prospect whose resume is underwhelming, but his athletic measurables are definitely intriguing. His 4.54 40-yard dash at his pro day would have tied him for ninth had he scored an invite to the NFL Scouting Combine. He also would have finished in the top-ten in the bench press (19 reps, would tie for 8th), vertical jump (39,” would be 4th), broad jump (10’6,” would tie for 3rd), and the three-cone drill (7.09, would tie for 9th)

Based on that, and a 40 in line with Aaron Jones’ I think he looks like he has decent speed if not the extraordinary burst and change of direction of Jones (6.82 in 3 cone—Dexter Williams achieved 7.0).

Ford was promoted to the Buffalo 53-man roster on December 12, 2018, seeing action in two games (one start) and compiling 21 carries for 79 yards. He also caught three passes for 21 yards.

mamasboy's picture

Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mannix's picture

So long Spriggs. Not too many good memories for this guy which is too bad. Hopefully he can catch on with another team and fulfill his once promising career as a 2nd rounder. What is getting overlooked to me is not Spriggs release but the Packers picking up yet another running back. Something tells me they are not happy with what they have or they are looking for a certain niche type and have not found him yet.

Lare's picture

Looks like releasing Spriggs saves around $1 million in salary cap space.

stockholder's picture

1.5. wheres Reynaldo?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

$1.13M per OTC, maybe. There is a likely injury settlement payment coming up. Spriggs got a nice signing bonus, so $1.59M minus $459K for the prorated signing bonus.

I suspect that this is more injury-related than performance-related. Spriggs only practiced once or twice and looked good in one practice at least. The Trap injury must be longer-term, long enough so GB doesn't expect to be able to evaluate Spriggs before cutdowns.

Spriggs was waived-injured. I doubt anyone will claim him unless he can practice pretty soon, and probably not even then. So GB will likely be paying Spriggs some money soon. It won't be a ton of money though.

If unclaimed, GB can't put him on IR now and then recall him during the season. Players have to make the 53-man roster first, and then go on IR in order to be recalled from IR.

Coldworld's picture

They are running out of bodies.

Lare's picture

They still need to cut around 40 players in the next couple weeks.

Coldworld's picture

Got to get there first. It’s 4 games before the cut down from here.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

13 players were unable to practice today. That's a very high number.

Mannix's picture

That's not even including the head coach LaFleur who is limping around with a cast on his leg. Damn injuries!!

Leo Van Groll's picture

I think they are looking for a short yardage back.

Alberta Packer's picture

Another progression for Packers - as better back-up tackles are now Turner, Light, Madison etc. Also Packers were running low on running backs.

Tundraboy's picture

Now that was a wasted pick.

Pack12's picture

What this shows again is how crappy Ted Thompson's picks were in his last years. Gute is cleaning house!

KenEllis's picture

Don't forget Old Teddy traded 3 picks to move to select Spriggs.

Gutey sure is cleaning up the steaming pile Old Teddy left him with.

SterlingSharpe's picture

Teddy's final few years really killed this roster and it's not an easy task for Gute to dig out of that deep hole.

YOU ALL WERE RIGHT about SPRIGGS right from the start.
And you all were right about passing on TJ Watt in favor of the thin Kevin King. This goes to show you that GM's guess just like the rest of you.

11Bravo1p's picture

The Colts had cut all 3 of those 2016 picks they got for Spriggs by the end of 2017.

Don’t understand the hatred for TT, overall I think he did a pretty good job, even if he should have been replaced a couple years earlier.

It seemed to me that Spriggs always started off playing poorly, got better with each game, and then got injured at about the same time he started playing with some confidence.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't really believe in moral relativism. The fact that Indy screwed up their draft haul really has nothing to do with TT's decision to trade up for Spriggs, other than that all GMs miss sometimes in the draft.

murf7777's picture

I agree he had a couple duds the last few years but, Actually, the 2016 draft brought us Clark, martinez, (2 possible all pros this year), fackerell, Lowry and Davis. That’s 3 starters and a ST stud. I think that’s pretty good drafting. You can’t hit on all of them.

KenEllis's picture

I agree the 2016 draft was pretty decent and I personally like Martinez who was a really solid pick for a 4th rounder.

But Blake is not an All Pro player, not by a long shot.

He is, at best, a solid role player though probably the best inside linebacker we have had since forever.

murf7777's picture

Really how about 144 tackles, 5 sacks, 10 TFL and 3 PD. Yes he is a fringe all pro.

PeteK's picture

and most importantly durable.

Packers2019's picture

I agree. You cannot hit on all of them. But you can compliment your drafts with free agency which TT did not do. That was the issue that most of us had with TT.

SterlingSharpe's picture

Teddy's dementia killed us.

PeteK's picture

Injury prone athletes also acerbated the situation. Lacy, Perry, King, Jones, Bulaga

Matt Gonzales's picture

Oh man. I forgot that the persistent issues with Lacy's ankles dated back to his rookie year. He had a couple good years (and the 2013-14 Lacy is the kind of bruising runner the Packers are still trying to find), but somehow I don't think it was wise to draft an asthmatic player who was battling weight issues, especially at what is probably the most physically tolling position in football.

Also, your list of injury prone players drafted by TT is incomplete without Monty, Rollins, and Randall.

dblbogey's picture

Lacy was too laid back, wasn't willing to do what it took to keep his weight down, keep himself in shape and take it all seriously. He seemed like just a extra big little kid. It's a shame because he could have been a dominant back for 5-6 years.

stockholder's picture

I don't believe it was TTs dementia. When he took Spriggs, Bahk wasn't signed. The Chicago Bears wanted him. Seattle was looking. The defense in the 2nd rd. of that draft turned out really good. I hated the pick of Spriggs. I wanted defense. The bears needed OL help badly. But we dreamed of burning the Bears. And another Bahk. TT biggest mistake was Spriggs. He also bought into being cheap. The draft brought him his needs as a GM. It wasn't dementia but TT being cheap. The disconnect between MM and TT started in 2014. His scouts left and the rest was failure.

sonomaca's picture

Who is backup LT? Does this mean Nijman is showing something?

flackcatcher's picture

I think the Packers don't know themselves. On Spriggs this was a cap cut. Injury made him unavailable, no time to do a proper eval of his skill set for the new coaching staff, a clear cut. Coaches can only see who's lining up, so Spriggs in essence cut himself. Hmm.....RB situation is becoming more muddled as the the Packers either know who they are going to keep, and these guys are camp bodies (injury situation may be worse than we thought) or, they are just getting video, or some folks are going to get a nasty surprise in the next week or so. Maybe.....

sonomaca's picture

Unless his injury is season-ending, someone will pick-up Spriggs.

flackcatcher's picture

Yeah. hardest position to fill in the NFL, some team will take a flyer on him.

Justarealist's picture

NFL has some strict rules on players under 4 yrs with injuries requiring IR. A non-vested player injured prior to roster must clear waivers before being paced on IR. If a player will miss a significant part of the season this is the only direction a team has. The other option is to use a roster spot and then move to IR which doesn't make much sense for a player in last year of contract. Green Bay cannot settle until player is recovered to point of return to football. If no team claimed him good guess is that whatever the injury is will cause a miss of significant time. All other teams would have the same problem. Why pick him off waivers and take the pay if he wont be ready for the season. If interested just let Green Bay keep paying him and keeping on their CAP. If injury allows them to settle before end of season he immediately becomes a free agent. Rule is in CBA to not allow teams to stash young players on IR. Its the same reason a player must clear waivers before going to practice squad. And no CAP relief for Green Bay , they are on the hook until player is healthy and available for regular football activity. The plain facts are he isn't going to be available for a significant part of the season and it is last year of his contract. For all the people that want to bang on his ability, go look at what they said about Billy Turner at previous stops. As with anything many on the board have shiny penny syndrome. The league is full of good back up players that have long careers and make good money. Hopefully Spriggs gets healthy and finds a team that needs him and he has long term success. Listening to Turner hype, Spriggs will be a superstar at next stop if all fans write like GB fans. Now about the running backs, tough to focus on the run when you don't have a healthy starter. Has Jones gone injury free in his career? Can one of the Williams be featured backs? More questions than answers.

Coldworld's picture

I would love that to be how it turns out, that Nijman is blossoming. Right now I think that it reflects more on Light’s performances.

As to Spriggs being picked up, we will know quickly, since, having been waived injured, he comes back to us on the IR list if no one submits a waiver claim.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Bakh has taken Light aside on multiple different days to give him pointers. Not just talking to him, but assuming stances to the point where Bakh looks like an oline coach.

Pankey is a maybe, but more likely Turner, McCray would move to LT if it isn't Light.

Lare's picture

Another TT guy bites the dust.

Since '61's picture

Chuck and churn the bottom of the roster. Another tie to the TT era bites the dust. Good riddance. Way to go Gute. Thanks, Since ‘61

EddieLeeIvory's picture

That's right: good riddance. Spriggs has had more than enough chances.

Brandip's picture

Good move. I wondered how much leniency a draft pick gets if he does not produce on the field. Now I know.

jannes bjornson's picture

Three plus years in the fold. Not a player. Get a better player.

LambeauPlain's picture

Gutey is not afraid to cut bait with under-performers and/or unavailable players.

King’s gut should be filled with butterflies tonight.

Spriggs getting the heave ho before Light, Patrick, McCray, Pankey shows what the new regime thinks about his talent in the new wide zone block running and pass pro.


sam1's picture

What happened to Carson? Out for long?

Coldworld's picture

Neck stiffness I think. Doesn’t tell much about likely period out of practice.

Packer Fan's picture

When Spriggs got the trap injury, I wondered what his worth was. Missing time with a new offense does not bode well. And Jackson with his leg injury is falling behind too. And what is with all the hamstring injuries.
Williams, Jones and now King. Those tend to linger and mess up their seasons. Arrgh

dblbogey's picture

CNN has been reporting that the multiple hamstring injuries are President Trump's fault.

Coldworld's picture

King was observed moving very freely yesterday. Jones has been seen sprinting. I think the team is being excessively cautious. Crosby admitted that he had been kicking on effectively the same schedule while out, which supports that.

I would be more worried about the ones where there is no news: J Williams, Fadol Brown, Jackson being notable examples of players one would like to see getting reps sooner rather than later.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Hearing great things about the defensive line and some of the DB's but not much enthusiasm over the offense so far (except for Vitale). Hate that we play Bears, Vikes, before we have a chance to get used to the new O.

Bure9620's picture

These RB signings also make me wonder about the status of J Williams. Some scouts did not like his foot speed and MM made reference to it as well about getting "faster feet." I wonder if they have concerns of his injury or if MLF actually wants a different type of back to run the outside zone scheme, which based on his running style, may not be Williams bread and butter. I love him as a pass blocker and a receiver but it seems Vitale is wowing here too and can be that 3rd down back. There really may be a chance Jamal Willams is not on the 53.

Cubbygold's picture

I think you may be right

Point Packer's picture

I think its actually likely he's not. This is not a pound it up the middle league anymore. Unless you play for Mike McCarthy. Then you leave the speedy weapon on sidelines and "play the odds" or whatever simpleton said.

nostradanus's picture

The Packers stable of Running Backs is a bit dinged right now.
They are just looking at guys to take reps.
Nothing too see here except Rodgers has been giving Tra Carson props.

Point Packer's picture

I read some previous CHTV article where Spriggs was fighting for a starting role or some BS. Tons of dislikes when I called out the craziness of that line of thinking. Apparently Gute agreed with me.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Impressive that you can type while patting yourself on the back.

Rick F's picture

I will admit I thought this style of run game would have been a fit for him. He didn’t develop at the pro level. That is why it is hard to scout players. The heart and desire are the unmeasurable things you see first hand in your facility.

RWood832's picture

I posted earlier this summer that I thought that this could be JS's chance to contribute given the new offense. I said that his RAS score of 9.78 would have put him on Gutey's radar. His injury was unfortunate because he probably could have fit in GB easier than he would have elsewhere given these facts. It does show that athletic ability does not always translate to success in the NFL, especially when any players' most important ability is their AVAIL-ability.

korbie33's picture

A 2nd round bust is a direct reflection o poor scouting. A players potential evaluation should not be misjudged so poorly. Good luck to Spriggs in his future endeavor.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Well, so much for Spriggs being perfect for the ZBS.

Again, I think this is injury-related, not performance or talent-related. I don't think this has anything to do with Gute clearing out TT's mistakes. The guy can't go, and won't be able to be evaluated before cutdowns.

We probably will know when we find out how long it takes for Spriggs to start playing for some other team.

Fastenerpuller's picture

This talk of Jamaal Williams not making the 53 has me seriously worried (as in it seems quite realistic). Based on his IG alone he’s one of my fave dudes on the roster.

Fastenerpuller's picture

Plus, he’s in the running for best smile

Aubrey's picture

2016 was still a great draft by Ted even if this splash move was a flop. Clark alone is reason enough to look back happily and no-one was clamouring for his selection. If you add into the evaluation the picks of Lowry, Martinez and Fackrell, we as fans can have no complaints here. It didn't work out with Spriggs, but that's life. Save your anger for mistakes that didn't make sense at the time. This one did.

RWood832's picture

I don't know how many Packers' fans remember the lead up to Clark's selection. No other DT's had been selected at that point so TT had his pick of the entire draft. Clark was not among the first 4 candidates on most people's radar at DT.

In my draft analysis that year I wrote:

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a D Lineman by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go,
His mother told him to pick the very best one, and Ted chose Kenny Clark!?!???

Ted bypassed Jarron Reed, A'Shawn Robinson, Andrew Billings and Vernon Butler.

Only Bob McGinn seemed to get it as in his mock draft he had GB taking Kenny Clark at #27

WinUSA's picture


KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I recently read that Spriggs showed up a few times over the years for camp not in the best shape. Fast forward....

When Sprigg's was first drafted I was VERY impressed with his height and lean muscle. Looked extremely athletic! Then recall Lang saying "Spriggs was light in the back-end" meaning he needed to gain weight.

I look at pictures of Sprigg's now and huge gut! I know an OL needs to be able to anchor but the weight Sprigg's put on was not good weight. Plus, his upper body muscle mass is not impressive. That shows me a player where it appears the comments that Sprigg's would show up to camp not in the best shape may be true. There is no way Sprigg's was a workout warrior.

He has slow feet and apparently has not taken football seriously. A good thing the Pack cut ties with him as ZERO excuse. Just hope should injury strike there is a different player who can step in at tackle. There have been many bad draft choices in recent year's but none worse than Sprigg's in terms of expectations and how it has affected the offense.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Told everyone so. You may not like the troll, but I speaketh the truth.

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