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Packers Vs. Vikings: First Impressions

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Packers Vs. Vikings: First Impressions

My immediate thoughts on the Packers - Vikings game.


Ty Montgomery backs down from no one.

My one positive about Cobb being out  was hope for a little Geronimooooooooo action...

Davante Adams off the naughty list and back on the nice list. Just in time for Christmas and on his 24th birthday.

Aikman: "Passing game has been working, I expect it to continue for the #Packers." .. two straight runs. He clearly doesn't understand the mind of Mike McCarthy. 

The understanding between Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers (especially in the red zone) is a wonder to watch. 

Thielen's long TD exhibited some of the worse DB play you'll ever see from two guys on the same play. (Rollins and HaHa the culprits).

On that play, HaHa got greedy looking for a pick instead of playing the receiver. Misjudged the flight of the ball badly.

Vikings left wondering what happened to Rodgers' bad legs..

Matthews has gotten a lot of rest the last few weeks since the injury. Might have been the best thing for him. Playing with "the juice" again.

Rodgers: "Allison, my aim is true..."

At the time, I was really hoping the Packers would be able to draft Eric Kendricks, but I can't honestly say I expected him to be this good.

With all the Vikings pressure and blitzes, there was plenty of call from the Packers faithful on twitter for a few screen passes  McCarthy says, 'BAH HUMBUG!"

Not the best day for Bryan Bulaga. Pretty much all of the Vikings' pressure came from his side. Then went out with a shoulder injury in 4th quarter.

That line judge gets the  "tough as nails. " award for the week. 

Kudos to the Lambeau faithful for rejecting the football Diggs threw into the stands.

Note to Christine Michael. If you're going to do what James Starks does, we don't need you. Stick to your usual North-South style.

Adam Theilen evidently today's designated choice for opposing receiver the #Packers make look like Jerry Rice.

FIve down, one to go. RUNTHETABLE


Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Festivus... Whatever you celebrate, hope it's memorable.



"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Gonna be a great Christmas. Thanks for all your work Al and the CHTV team.

Jersey Al's picture

Thanks for the kind words!

zeke's picture

Cheer up, Viking fans. At least you don't have to stress about whether next year's D-1 will bust, so there's that.

chugwater's picture

This win is so satisfying. Remember all the talk after week 2 about how Minnesota was ascending and GB's reign was waning?

Try again.

Chad Lundberg's picture

Too long for my liking but it's a win. We're onto winning the division!

Packer_Pete's picture

Happy Holidays!
What happened to that great Vikings D I kept hearing about all year? The resident Vikings fans crying yet???

Nerd's picture

-Nice to see Perry get double digit sacks. Maybe in 2 weeks the club will be off.

-I was calling for them to bulk Jordy up 20lbs and make him the TE for the next 5 years. Wasn't convinced he had that top end speed. Dunno, he looked ok today. Will that last a whole nother season?

-Hundley needs to put out some good tape. I like him, but he hasn't shown much in limited opportunities.

-Any word on Bulaga?

fthisJack's picture

everyone says that with a torn ACL it takes 2 years to fully recover. so i think we are just seeing Jordy progressing toward 100% healthy. next year he will be in beast mode for sure.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Fun to watch, but those two sacks by Perry well into garbage time will cost us (or someone) some money.

marpag1's picture

Let me add a little humbug to the eggnog.

1) This week's Ty Montgomery is a more realistic version than last week's Ty Montgomery. Split the difference between the two weeks and you have his long term ceiling, and that's assuming things go well.

2) The Packers offense could kill just about anyone right now. But the Packers defense can only kill Green Bay. The Packers just gave up 380 passing yards, 3 TDs and no INTS to Sam Badford and the Minnesota Vikings. That won't do against Atlanta. Might not even do against Detroit.

BONUS: If I haven't ticked everyone off yet, I'll add this: Take away the muffed punt and Micah Hyde had a nice game (although I didn't see the first 8 minutes). Yes, he gave up a TD on a very well thrown ball to Diggs, and no, he will never be great in coverage, but he's a little better than his rep.

Nick Perry's picture

Montgomery only carried the ball 9 times. I agree he's probably not going to put up numbers like last week every week but he's only carried the ball more than 9 times once which was last week. IMO if you keep feeding him the ball the yards come, just like any RB. Rodgers was so hot in the 1st half they just kept passing. The Packers ran 33 plays in the 1st half and Montgomery had only 7 carries. Considering how hot AR was that's understandable.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't think we should be criticizing Montgomery for his lack of production in this game - the OL didn't open many holes. Our OL isn't going to open many holes against Linval Joseph, Robison, Hunter, Griffen, Kendricks and Barr.

Watching casually, I thought Monty got what was there, and was close to getting more than was there once or twice. Last week, Monty got some yards that weren't there.

People started talking about Michael like he was the 2nd coming last week when he went 4 for 45 yards, but that was composed of 3 carries for 3 yards (very Starks-like) and then he busted one for 42, on which he looked better than Starks has in a long time. Against MN, he went 4 carries for 4 yards. 3 of those were for a loss. Michael, like Starks before him, seems to be the HB that gets stuck running into 8 and 9 man fronts when we have a lead and MM has gone into turtle mode.

Folks have been talking up our OL quite a bit. It is pretty good as pass protectors, but Lang is the only plus run blocker. 7 tackles for loss tells me that MN was getting penetration. 10 QB hits is high as well, and that is with AR spinning out beautifully at least twice to avoid sacks (you know, the unimpeded to the QB type) that a Brady or other less mobile QB would have sustained, though that is offset more or less by how long he holds the ball.

dobber's picture

"People started talking about Michael like he was the 2nd coming last week when he went 4 for 45 yards, but that was composed of 3 carries for 3 yards (very Starks-like) and then he busted one for 42, on which he looked better than Starks has in a long time."

This is his MO, by and large. He breaks off a couple long runs, but is otherwise stymied at or behind the line.

marpag1's picture

" IMO if you keep feeding him the ball the yards come, just like any RB."

If you mean to say that running backs gain more yards per carry later in the game when the defense is gassed, I believe that is a flat-out myth. Offenses get tired, too.

Let's look at the top 20 RBs in terms of total carries. And let's take the average yards per carry of those 20 guys. Here is their average ypc by quarter:

First quarter - 4.235
Second quarter - 4.565
Third quarter - 4.435
Fourth quarter - 4.135

Here is the average ypc for those same 20 guys broken down by carries 1 to 10, 11-20 and 20-30.

1-10 4.51
11-20 4.115
20-30 3.758

Part of the reason for the DECREASE in ypc in the fourth quarter is probably because winning teams are more interested in milking the clock and ball security than in gaining yards. But even so, the numbers are hardly conclusive evidence that "feeding the ball" will result in higher ypc. The numbers would seem to indicate that an offense's ability to run the ball remains more or less constant throughout the game.

In Monty's big game against CHI, 95 of his 162 yards came in the second quarter, and 123 in the first half.

Nick Perry's picture

No, all I meant was if Montgomery was given the ball more than 9 times, and just 2 times in the 2nd half, the yards would come. Given the yardage he gained after contact last week, (156 of the 162) I believe with confidence Montgomery would break a few runs, a few longer runs.

Montgomery has only carried the ball 69 times for 413 yards. That's an average of 6 YPC. He's played in 9 games dating back to the first Chicago Game & carried the ball just 7 times in 4 of those games, not including last week's big game. He's averaged 5.2 YPC in those games 4 games which yielded just 34 carries. My point is the guy has proven in a very very small sample size when he's involved good things happen. The chains keep moving. Hell the 5.2 YPC is what Lacy averaged.

If I had a RB who was averaging yardage like that I'd try him more than 9 times in a game is all. Montgomery was hardly on the field in the 2nd half, at least from what I noticed.

Edit..... Your breakdown is interesting because I actually did believe that "Myth" but my comment had nothing to do with that way of thinking. Just Montgomery is a pretty darn explosive player, one when given the chance has delivered.

marpag1's picture

Yeah, that's reasonable. Of all the teams in the NFL, only Detroit and Cleveland have less rushing attempts per game than Green Bay. But it's like you said above... if ARod is playing as well as he is, it's tough to take the ball out of his hands.

I think the rushing numbers are kind of interesting too, just because it's so commonly accepted that ypc increase with the number of touches, especially if people are talking about a big, power back. Of the 20 guys, only 2.5 had their best ypc in Q1, 7.5 had their best in Q2, 6 were best in Q3 and only 4 had their best numbers in Q4.

But the other numbers were even more interesting. THIRTEEN of the 20 guys had their highest ypc on carries 1-10, five were highest on carries 11-20, and only two were highest on 21-30.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I think this team could go all the way to the Super Bowl if their secondary starts to play professional football.

PETER MAIZ's picture

That's a very big if.

jh9's picture

First impressions for this game... Our offense is peaking at the right time, and our cornerbacks are not ready for prime time.

4thand1's picture

Merry Christmas. the div is ours. I'm going to GB for a try out at CB. This is the worst secondary in football. AR MVP, he made it look easy.

vj_ostrowski's picture

GB may be a shaggy dog team with a secondary that will probably have us coming up short in January, but at least for another year I can laugh at Viking fans AND Packer "fans" that pine for GB to follow the path that Zimmer and/or Spielman take at their respective positions. Their team will be sitting at home for the playoffs. Feels good man.

Nerd's picture

Any word on Gunter? Really gonna need him.

Farts_After_Wins's picture


RCPackerFan's picture

Great win!

The offense is just rolling right now. The funny thing is to me it still feels like they have room for improvement. It doesn't feel like this team has peaked yet. Regardless, the way this team is playing right now, not many teams will be lining up to face them.

The way Rodgers is playing right now.. he is the MVP. With what he has had to overcome on offense. The way he has played is simply incredible.

This win definitely made my Christmas better.

Let's enjoy this win and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Nick Perry's picture

Love this Offense right now, Rodgers is playing out of his mind. Passed the ball well this week against a pretty good defense that had Harrison Smith (No Excuses Vikings Fans) and everybody else back in line-up, at least in the D-Backfield. They didn't really even try to run the ball this week, lots of empty backfield sets.

Aikman is a wanker!!! He says Rodgers shouldn't get the MVP but possibly Brady should or Elliott (Surprise)?? Rodgers should be at the TOP of the MVP talk, especially with a win next week.

RCPackerFan's picture

Just curious, outof all the other MVP candidates who has had to overcome more then Rodgers? He has had almost no run game all season.

Elliott deserves OROY, but not MVP. Not behind that OL.

Brady has been great, but his team was 3-1 without him while he served his 4 game suspension.
Take Rodgers off this team for 4 games and what would their record be?
Isn't that what the MVP really is supposed to be?

Nick Perry's picture

"Take Rodgers off this team for 4 games and what would their record be?"

I don't want to know at least for a few more years, and yes, that's EXACTLY what a MVP should be. The player I think who will be Rodgers biggest competition will be Matt Ryan. But Ryan's pace from the beginning of the season slowed way down so if they TRY and knock Rodgers for his start, then knock Ryan for his finish.

dobber's picture

Matt Ryan has a fact, he's got two productive RB playing behind him.

ChezSzn's picture

Offense was top notch. Defense needs to be fixed pronto if we wanna make any noise in the playoffs though.

Since '61's picture

First impressions: Packers passing attack is awesome even without Cobb. Running game was not strong today but it still made play action very effective. Rodgers/Jordy combo is back and as good as ever. CM3 took over the game at least in the first half. Our pass rush became stronger as the game went on. Pass defense, particularly our CBs, are a big concern especially when we face better QBs than Bradford. We allowed over 400 yards to a very poor offense, fortunately most of it didn't matter but Capers needs to tighten up the defense. A win is a win and 5 in a row with a chance to win the division is a great Christmas present. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Pass rushes often get better when the team is up by 15+ points.

johngalt's picture

DBs need to show up, pass rush getting there, O's looking good. Merry Christmas

EdsLaces's picture

Solid win. D steps it up a bit and watch out!!! Gpg Merry Christmas!

Lphill's picture

Merry Christmas to all even you tiny Cow!!!!!!

stockholder's picture

MM called another great game. A-rod was perfect. Jordy Nelson had another big day. Adams burning gloves, More TD throws wasted, pushing off, and BaHaHahHAAA. The sideline showed they love their coach. Can we please stop with the talk of dismissal. Mathews and the LBs showed up. Clark and the line did well. The secondary better improve!

GVPacker's picture

Hats off to Clay Matthews! Even with a bum shoulder he made some Big Plays!

GVPacker's picture

Really glad A Rodgers sliced up Mike Zimmer's defense. He needs to be put in his place!

Icebowler's picture

At first glance, I thought you were a Viking Troll who refuses to spell Rodgers last name correctly.

GVPacker's picture

Sorry I fixed that, and I really hate the Queens LOL!

egbertsouse's picture

Offense was great! Defense? Well, it looked like a traditional Dum Capers coached D.

Zimmer is really a classless douche. You can tell he came out of the Bungles organization. Playing all out in the last minutes in a game you cannot possibly win will get your players, or the opponent's, injured needlessly. He must be channeling Ditka.

marpag1's picture

Huh? Zimmer is the best thing that the Vikings have going for them right now. Did you expect him to say, "Aw shucks, let's just give up?"

Nerd's picture

Mike McCarthy's teams go into lulls. I'd take the team that fights needlessly every time.

GVPacker's picture

Compared to the other Idiots (Bud Grant is the exception) the Vikings have hired as head coach Zimmer is brilliant!

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Hope Cobb gets well for a deep run. Loved Rodgers trust in Allison in the mean time. Developing another weapon ( especially a 6'3" one) will pay off. He could be a huge addition to this lineup.

dobber's picture

It tells you something that the rookie UDFA is the one off the bench getting the bulk of the snaps as the #3 WR and not #83...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

and over Trevor Davis, but I get your point, Dobber.

GVPacker's picture

Looks like the Vikings D Backs decided not to follow Mike Zimmer's game plan which called for Jordy Nelson to be shadowed by Xavier Rhodes . Zimmer was fuming mad about his secondary deviating from his directive.I Really enjoy a Packers win over the Queens and the added bonus of the Purple Punks pissing their coach off, SKOL LOL!

dobber's picture

I saw that and I'm shocked...and I don't say that in a sarcastic way.

GVPacker's picture

This will be an interesting issue with the Queens over the off season. Zimmer is a control freak and his authority is being questioned by some of his players. Will Ziggy and their GM back the coach or the players? Dobber sit back with the rest of us and enjoy the turmoil!

4thand1's picture

Queens so called great defense? They got torched 2 weeks in a row, somethings rotten in Denmark. Suck it queen trolls, Speilman also gave up a 1st round pick. Queens could be looking up at everyone in the NFCN next year.

MITM's picture

Was thinking the same thing about Kendricks.

Bearmeat's picture

The offense looks really good. I think they're going to score 25 against anyone at this point. HOWEVER, if the pass defense does not improve (and I see no reason to think they will), this is not a super bowl team. I don't know HOW they're going to keep any decent playoff offense (DAL, ATL, DET, NYG) under 30.

dobber's picture

Did you really just put the Giants in that group?

We'll find out about Detroit next week...this ain't a gimme.

Bearmeat's picture

True. I guess the reputation of their WRs and Eli's history in 07 and 11 has me lumping them in that group because I do NOT want to see a 16 repeat of that crap. :/

Detroit surely isn't a gimme. I think the good guys win though.

dobber's picture

Honestly, I think that game will be pretty much decided by halftime. My guess is one of these two teams is gonna blow it up in the first half.

PETER MAIZ's picture

The team's best, the "usual suspects", the team's worse, worse, the "usual suspects". It would be nice if Whit pulled a rabbit out of a hat but at this point, it may be too little, too late

Icebowler's picture

Loved the Elvis Costello reference, Al! Go-Pack-Go!

rdent's picture

Jordy Nelson is back! A-Rod is A-Rod again!

Scott Tiedke's picture

Five down, one to go? Five down, five (5) to go!

PETER MAIZ's picture

If Rodgers can run the table, he will win MVP. Hundley seemed to have disappointed, and may not be able to back-up.
And with Whit's anemic pass coverage, The Pack may find itself clearing the table 'till next year. I hope not but with Randall and Rollings returning, there is no noticeable improvement. To add insult to injury, isn't Gunter out?
Third down conversions will be the key to this game.

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