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Packers vs. Seahawks: The Best Matchup in NFL Preseason History?

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Packers vs. Seahawks: The Best Matchup in NFL Preseason History?

This is a re-post of an article originally published on July 9, 2013.

It isn't often that preseason games are memorable or hot items on the secondary-ticket market, but this year's exhibition game pitting the Seattle Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers might be one for the history books.

Granted, I'm prone to hyperbole, but a confluence of factors will collide on a Friday evening, August 23, at Lambeau Field, making this meeting true "Must-See TV" for those not in attendance at the game personally.

Here are the storylines that are adding up to make this appointment viewing:

"Fail Mary" Re-Match

The August meeting between the Packers and the Seahawks will be the first matchup between the two teams, preseason or otherwise, since last season's infamous Week 3 "Inaccurate Reception."

Packers fans don't need to be reminded that was the game when a last-second heave was ruled a touchdown and a Seahawks win with wide receiver Golden Tate and safety M.D. Jennings battling for possession of the football in the end zone.

By virtue of what was ruled a Packers loss, Green Bay had to travel to San Francisco in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs in what otherwise would have been a game hosted in the frigid temperatures of a January date in Wisconsin. Packers fans don't need to be reminded of that loss or the 579 yards their defense surrendered either.

Former NFL replacement referee Lance Easley only fanned the flames earlier this week by posing for a picture with his arms upraised during a charity softball game or authoring a book based upon his infamy that arose out of his blown call.

Russell Wilson's Return to Wisconsin

This exhibition game will also mark Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's first in the state of Wisconsin since his one extraordinary season in a Badgers uniform.

Even without his ties to Wisconsin, Wilson has been a living, breathing headline generator. From his attempt to play professional baseball in the farm system of the Colorado Rockies to his beating the odds as a sub-six-foot quarterback in the NFL to his beyond-his-years maturity, Wilson commands attention and deservedly so.

But fans in the Dairy State will fondly remember Wilson's 2011 season as a member of the Badgers in which he led them to victory in the Big Ten's first-ever conference championship game and duked it out with Oregon in an unforgettable Rose Bowl, albeit in a losing effort.

He'll also be remembered for being named a Badgers captain just weeks after arriving on campus and setting major college football's all-time, single-season record for passing efficiency.

There will be a lot of joint Packers and Badgers fans in the stands that evening with torn allegiances, not knowing whether to cheer for the stand-up young man or playfully boo him for his role in last season's "Fail Mary." Don't doubt if they do both.

NFC Heavyweights

The regular season and eventually the playoffs will determine just how good these two teams truly are, but at the very least, the Packers and the Seahawks were two of the best teams in the NFC last season that don't appear to be going backwards anytime soon.

The Seahawks came within 30 seconds of advancing to the NFC Championship game last season, while the Packers have been a playoff team for four consecutive years. There are certainly other teams worthy of the title of the conference's best team, but there's little doubt that the Packers and the Seahawks are in the conversation.

During the offseason, the Packers extended the contract of their two best players for years to come in quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews. As long as those two are healthy, there's no reason for Green Bay not to be competitive.

As for the Seahawks, with Wilson entering his second season at football's most-important position, the future is bright in the city stereotypically known for its gloomy weather.

Third Preseason Game

Traditionally, the third preseason game is the one considered a tune-up for the regular season. Coaches typically will play their starters into the second half before taking their foot off the gas pedal during the fourth and final preseason game in an attempt to avoid injury to key players.

For the starters, it's generally the only opportunity they'll get during the exhibition season to make halftime adjustments and come back out onto the field for the third quarter. For the fans, it's a rare opportunity to see Pro Bowl caliber players like Rodgers and Wilson for an extended period of time.

Nationally Televised on CBS

The Packers and Seahawks each play only one nationally-televised preseason game this season, their only opportunity to be seen from coast to coast.

Fans nationwide will be the beneficiary, as will CBS. The network doesn't get to televise games between NFC opponents during the regular season, so this will be a special treat for the broadcaster that isn't often afforded such an opportunity.

Seeing New Faces

While exhibition games in general are often dull and meaningless, one of their redeeming qualities is the occasion they provide for observers to see the new faces the team has acquired since last season.

And what an offseason it's been for the Seahawks. In an attempt to surround Wilson with top-notch talent, they traded for former Packers division rival Percy Harvin, as well as added running back Christine Michael with their first pick in the NFL draft.

Over on the defensive side of the football, the Seahawks signed defensive linemen Cliff Avril (another former NFC North rival) and Michael Bennett in free agency in an attempt to enhance the pass rush for what was already one of the league's better units.

Per usual, the Packers weren't major players in free agency, but the talent they added during the draft provides plenty of intrigue. First round pick Datone Jones will be relied upon to upgrade Green Bay defensive line, while running backs Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin are expected to help rejuvenate the Packers ground game.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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The TKstinator's picture

I personally don't think the Fail Mary is even worth bringing up in relation to this preseason game.
Yep, Russel Wilson has been great.
I generally lose a bit of interest once the majority of the starters leave the game, so to me, third game is the most fun to watch since the starters usually play longer.
To think as a fan I can "evaluate" the backups is a joke. Sure I can notice the standout plays, both good and bad, but beyond that....not so much.

It's hard to "let go" of the whole winning/losing thing, but remember, it's just preseason. Sure it's nice for the team to look good and win, but, the games don't count. Their value is for the coaches to evaluate the players.

I think.

zeke's picture

"Their value is for the coaches to evaluate the players."

That, and to practice holding your breath for three hours hoping no one gets injured.

The TKstinator's picture


Tommy G's picture

x3. If we lose top notch players to some sort of preseason grudge match I might just have to turn of the TV.

Wilson Maywick's picture

The Fail Mary game last year won't drive me to my TV to watch pre season football. I'll tune in come September when the bullets flying around are real.

The best revenge to what happened to the Pack last year is to play well, win and be relevant in January.

Lucky953's picture

Amen to the above, although a pre-game book signing by Lance Easley in the atrium would be really fun.

cow42's picture

Wasn't Michael picked right after Lacy?

Seattle got the better back.

Michael's going to be a beast.

The TKstinator's picture

How much time is he going to take away from Lynch and Turbin?

cow42's picture

he won't be a huge factor next season... but when it's all said and done, he'll be considered the best back in the draft.

Stroh's picture

Never mind that Lacy was considered the best RB in the draft by all the expert. Seattle drafted him so he's better. So sayeth CowPie!

Point Packer's picture

Cow - If the Pack would have picked Michael - you would have said the same thing about Lacy. For once, just STFU.

Waiting for the day you get carpal tunnel.

cow42's picture

nope - i was on Michael way before the draft (as was Stroh, by the way).

feel free to go back and look.

Stroh's picture

I wasn not all over him! I thought he would be a good pick in the 4th rd, certainly NOT the 2nd! No way in hell I would have taken Michael in the 2nd. And I would absolutely have taken Lacy any time in the 2nd. DO NOT speak for me!!

cow42's picture

seeing as Lacy was the 4th back picked - seems like the experts might have been a bit off.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Since he was the 4th back taken, Packers got a steal. The biggest concern about Lacy going into the draft was that he was injured. He wasn't able to participate in pre draft workouts and when he did, he wasn't conditioned.
I was against the packers taking Lacy in Round 1. But drafting him in round 2 I was ecstatic about it. And especially when they were able to trade down and pick up another pick and still draft him. Great value!

RC Packer Fan's picture

Lol. I was going to say the exact same thing... Good thing San Francisco didn't draft a RB just after the Packers cuz he'd be a Pro Bowler this year...

In all seriousness though. Almost every expert had Lacy as the best back in the draft. Some did say that Michael was one of the most talented backs in the draft but his character is a major red flag.

Evan's picture

A character issue is Seattle? Expect an "adderall suspension" before the year is out.

cow42's picture

if it's adderall that's producing that roster... get some shipped to Green Bay stat!

al's picture

famous word from bart scott CANT WAIT lol !

Cuphound's picture

Brian, every now and then you throw out a zinger that gives me the chuckles. "Granted, I’m prone to hyperbole," he says. This from a man with as deeply rooted penchant for calm understatement as I have ever seen with respect to sports fandom. What's genuinely funny, Brian, is you probably think the statement is true, which only forces forward how deeply rooted sedateness is in your psyche.

Thanks for making my day!

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Totally agree. Brian is about the most level headed guy writing about the Pack. I can't read his pieces in any other than a 'Fargo'ish' voice... Donchaknow.

packsmack25's picture

You've obviously never heard Brian talk about his Badgers.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Oh goodness, what did I say about my Badgers?

packsmack25's picture

Haha you were just very upset about them last we talked in person. I believe they had just blown a huge lead.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Ahhh, yes. I remember now. They had just blown a two-touchdown lead to Nebraska. At least they ended up annihilating them in the Big Ten championship game.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Haha, Cuphound. I should say that I am occasionally prone to hyperbole. I don't think I exaggerate much, but I'll admit I wasn't about to research the best matchups in NFL preseason history. But this does qualify as a good one.

al's picture

brian pack don't whip them thay cant beet 49ers ......

al's picture

you guys think what ya want I think packers going to be 11 and 5 win on deffence and making more turnovers ........

Stroh's picture

Only The CowPie can predict the Packers record. He sayeth 6-10. I hear the Packers aren't going to bother playing. Might as well accept their fate.

cow42's picture

@SF = loss
WSH = loss
@CIN = loss
DET = win
@BLT = loss
CLV = win (this game scares the hell out of me. after a trip to BLT and before a trip to MIN)
@MIN = loss
CHI = toss up
PHI = loss
@NYG = loss
MIN = win
@DET = loss
ATL = toss up
@DAL = loss
PIT = win
@CHI = win

somewhere in the 5 to 7 win range.
sorry but that schedule is too much.

having just 3 "blue chip" players (Rodgers, Matthews, Cobb) doesn't get you to the playoffs vs. that sched.

Stroh's picture

SF = Toss up
Wash = Win
Cincy = Toss up
Det = Win
Balt = Win
Cle = Win
@Minn = Toss up
Chi = Win
Philly = Win
NYG = Toss up
Minn = Win
@Det = Win
Atl = Win
Dall = Win
Pitt = Win
Chi = Win

Probably an unexpected loss at some point. No division game scares me in the least. @ Minn might be tough, but I expect we win 5 of 6 division games. No team in the AFC North scares me. @ Balt might be tough, but they're a shadow of the SB team. @ NYG cuz their a matchup problem. I really believe the Packers go into SF and make a statement to prove they'll be a team to be recon'd with!

11-5 is perfect.

cow42's picture

your SF prediction makes you a homer.
your nyg prediction added to your sf prediction makes you a lunatic.

by the way - balt will be better this year. they brought in a lot of talent.

cow42's picture

you can't even predict a loss.

your credibility is shot.

you can not seriously think that the Packers are equal to or better than every team on that schedule.

Stroh's picture

Not any more that your pile of crap prediction! I said 11-5, not 16-0. Packers are as good as any team on the schedule. They'll lose a few, but they'll win a lot more than the 6 games you predict!

Sir Cheese's picture

So you think that a team that has been a playoff contender 4 straight years with a regular season record of 47-17 and a playoff record of 5-3 with a Superbowl in that span is all of a sudden gonna lay an egg and only win 6 games??

I admit that our schedule is difficult, but to say we all of a sudden become a sub 500 team when our roster has only improved makes you look foolish Cow42. It show's that you have no actual football knowledge and are just a troll.

@SF= Tie with edge to SF
WSH= Win
@CIN= Win
DET= Win

Projected 3-1 in the first 1/4

@BAL= Win
CLE= Win
@MIN= Tie with edge to MIN
CHI= Win

Projected 3-1 in the 2nd 1/4

PHI= Win
@NYG= Loss
MIN= Win
@DET= Win

Projected 3-1 in the 3rd 1/4

ATL= Tie with edge to GB
@DAL= Win
PIT= Win
@CHI= Win

Projected 3-1 in the 4th 1/4

I see this is anywhere from an 11-5 to 13-3 season. Take the average at 12-4. I do see us going 5-1 within the division which is the key.

cow42's picture

1. Win/loss totals over the last 4 seasons mean nothing in the present.

2. The Vikings, Bears, and Lions have all improved.

3. The 2013 schedule is one of the most difficult schedules I have ever seen placed on any NFL team. Seven games vs 2012 playoff teams (4 of them on the road), three of last season's conference championship participants (2 on the road), both Super Bowl participants (both on the road), a week 4 bye.

4. Regression in talent over the last several years. Yes - I know there is going to be player turnover, but the Packers have not done a good job of replacing talent with equal or better talent...


B. Jones
D. Jones

D. Jones, Bulaga, and Cobb all have a CHANCE of equalling their predecessors. The rest? Not so much.

5. The league has caught up to the offense.

6. The Packers have ALWAYS had problems with running QB's. Enter Kprnk, RGIII, Vick.

GreenBaySavant's picture

Baltimore, Philly and Dallas a loss? The Ravens have not filled the holes that they have now, Philly is in year one of installation phase of "Duck Offense" with a crappy O-line, Dallas will be better than last year (key injuries)but not significantly.
I personally don't see anything more than a 9-10 win team at this point, but will have a better idea towards the end of August. But around 6 wins?!
They may have just 3 "blue chippers" but have a bunch of talent at that next tier which is alot more than most other teams have.
I have agreed with you in the past about the holes this team has, particularly on defense. But think you have gotten mixed up with your emotions about the bad losses from last year (as we all do sometimes). This team has had more key injuries than any other team in the NFL last year. Yes it is part of the game. But consider the chemistry and timing that is disrupted when guys have time off. It happens to us, especially in my field of construction.

The TKstinator's picture

Diversity is our strength.

madmanJack's picture

put your money where your mouth is big shot...u name it. the Pack WILL win more than 6 games GUARANTEED! what an ignorant prediction!

cow42's picture

ignorant, huh?
we shall see.

cow42's picture

oh - and i don't gamble.

Stroh's picture

That way you can't lose evrry time your wrong. Otherwise you have no reason not to make s bet!

cow42's picture

I'm never wrong.
It's just that sometimes I'm less right than at other times.

Stroh's picture

I thought I was wrong once. But I was mistaken

Jamie's picture

You should really give that new game called Russian Roulette a try...

cow42's picture

also - i said 5-7 wins.
so i guess i agree with you... they may be able to win more than 6.

Stroh's picture

I'll make the bet on 8 wins. Man up!

Sir Cheese's picture

The fact that we have lost quite a few players yet still remain competitive every year only proves my point. We went 15-1 without Collins, Jenkins, and Jolly. Cobb is better at this stage than Driver and Jennings, not to mention the addition of 2 stud RB's. Wells has done nothing since leaving in FA so no big loss there. Hayward is a blue chip defensive player who led all rookies with 6 INT's last year. We played without Bishop last year and he will never be the same after rupturing his hammy, Brad jones shows real promise. Burnett is on his way to becoming an elite safety. So yes Cow42, we have lost talent, but we have replaced it with younger and more cost effective options. It's called draft and develop, ever heard of it?

How about instead of betting money you agree to never post on this site again if the Packers get 8 or more wins? Stand by your ridiculous predictions or zip it.

In turn I will agree to never post here if they have less than 8 wins, seems fair to me.

cow42's picture

"We went 15-1 without Collins, Jenkins, and Jolly."
-against a piss poor schedule, while having an historically bad defense.

"2 stud RB’s"
-a 2nd rounder with injury history & an undersized 4th rd'er. let's hold off on calling them studs.

"Wells has done nothing since leaving in FA so no big loss there."
-if Wells was on the roster he would be the starter. EDS is a regression at the C position.

"Hayward is a blue chip defensive player"
-i'll give you "red"... not "blue".

"Brad jones shows real promise."
-will never be as good as Bishop. regression.

" Burnett is on his way to becoming an elite safety."
-elite? ridiculous. he's somewhat above average. will never be as good as Collins. regression.

As for your bet - I'm ALL IN!
zero chance of 8 wins.

cow42's picture

on second thought - "f" that.
i don't want to bet against the Packers.

i HOPE they win 19.

zeke's picture

Hoping that they win all their games but believing that they're only capable of winning six are not remotely incompatible. Unless you believe that by betting you will somehow affect the outcome of the games. Or unless you really don't believe that they're as bad as you've been saying. Or unless you're a troll just trying to get a reaction and don't want to give up all of the wonderful things that go along with that. Take the bet. I'll throw in, as well.

cow42's picture


zeke's picture

What a surprise, said no one.

cow42's picture

i'm just not cool with the idea of finding anything positive coming from a Packer loss.

i can only win by having the Packers lose.

just don't like the thought of that.

zeke's picture

Weren't you the one that posted last year that you couldn't wait for the Packers to get blown out in a particular game, which would then show everyone how stupid they were for disagreeing with you?

Sir Cheese's picture

Scott Wells began his career as a practice squad player and developed, similar to EDS. I fully expect improvement as he gained valuable starting experience.

Yes we had a historically bad defense
in 2011, 32nd overall. But we improved to 11th overall in 2012. I only expect them to get better with the return of Nick Perry, the addition of Datone Jones, and the further development of all the rookies that played on defense last year. Casey Hayward was 3rd in voting for defensive ROY in 2012, and was graded out as one of our best defensive players. He will only improve and is an upgrade over Woodson at this point in his career.

I didn't say Morgan Burnett was elite yet, but he is on his way. If you compare his stats with some of the more prolific safeties in the league he matches up, that probably why the Packers are pushing hard to resign him ahead of other defensive players like B.J Raji and Sam Shields. Here is a nice breakdown of Burnett's stats being compared to other notable safeties and predicting his upcoming contract.

Cow42 knows that the Packers will win more than 8 games, which is why he is afraid to back his talk up with real actions. I think everyone on this site can see him for what he truly is, a keyboard warrior who has nothing better to do. He is not a real fan just a hater who isn't half as smart as he thinks he is.

"Brad Jones will never be as good as Desmond Bishop"
That's your opinion but I'm not sure how you can say that with such assurance and finality. Are you a member of the Packers coaching staff? How is having a starting caliber LB actually on the field a regression from a player who is injured on the sidelines? If what you say is true why would the Packers give Jones starting money while Letting Bishop go when they could have signed him for super cheap? Desmond Bishop was a thumper no doubt, but he struggled is pass coverage while Jones excels in coverage and is still a factor in the run game.

As for Lacy and Franlkin I agree they have to prove it on the field, but both of these backs were highly rated through their college careers and played in pro style systems. Lacy proved that he could play through injury, all this fuss about his toe fusion surgery. He played after the surgery all of last year, and was the top RB in college football. He also showed up big when Bama needed him to most, in the SCC championship against Georgia and the National championship game against Notre Dame. He is in the perfect offense to be a very productive player. Franklin was also highly rated and was considered by some draft experts to be a top 3 RB in this years draft. He is the perfect compliment to Lacy and was an incredible value. Being a smaller back isn't a negative ie Ray Rice, MJD, Chris Johnson, Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles, Lesean Mccoy, Darren Sproles not to mention the top RB pick this year Giovanni Bernard is smaller than all of them.

As for you accepting the bet, be a man cow42. You can't back out now. We all read it " I'M ALL IN, zero chance of 8wins" If you quit now there goes any shred of credibility you might have.

cow42's picture

What happened with Scott Wells was an anomaly... not the norm. To think that it's going to happen again with EDS is wishful thinking. I hate this argument so much. It's the same as saying "why can't these 7th round WR's turn into Pro Bowl players? Driver did it?" That's so stupid. That's like a 1 in a million thing. To look at it as proof that something's likely to happen is, again, wishful thinking.

That #11 ranking was fool's gold and you know it. People drag that ridiculous stat out when they want to feel good about the direction the defense is heading. Can you honestly tell me that there are only 10 NFL defenses that you would rather have than this one? Please. Let's take a look at how they did against the GOOD offensive teams on their schedule...
49ers scored 30
Saints scored 27
Colts scored 30
Giants scored 38
Vikings (a bad offensive team) scored 37
49ers scored 45
The only good offense that they held in check was Houston (24)
They beefed up their defensive ranking vs the week teams on their schedule (of which there were many).

I like Burnett. He's a legitimate starter. But I have never seen him do anything that would strike me as being "elite". His tackle totals are a product of the week front seven players he has in front of him. Think of how much of a field day offenses are going to have playing up the middle of the Packers' defense... Raji/Pickett, Hawk/ Jones, Burnett/McMillian. That scares no one. If Burnett gets $8 mil per, as is being reported, there is a better than 50/50 chance that he will not play up to that number.

I actually do think they will win less than 8. If you consider "REAL ACTION " to be making a bet where the penalty for losing is no longer getting to post on a blog... maybe you're the one that has "nothing better to do".

I was saying that Brad Jones at his best will never be as good as Desmond Bishop was at his best. Do I think they made the right move by going with Jones over Bishop? Yes. But this whole Bishop/Jones things stemmed from the fact that I posted my opinion that the Packers have been doing a poor job of replacing quality talent with equal/better talent. Jones at his best is not an upgrade over what was provided by Bishop at his best. Just like Burnett at his best will never be as good as Collins was at his best.

Blah blah blah with these backs. They're still running behind the same sloppy line. Will they be better than Starks/Green/Saine/Benson? Sure. Shit, the RB's I had on my high school team were better than that crew. Will Lacy and Franklin be game changers? Doubt it. There's a reason they lasted so long in the draft. The RBs taken ahead of them were deemed better. Comparing Franklin to the players you did is misleading. Martin, Rice, and MJD are all much thicker/stronger. Johnson and Charles are much faster. I guess you could compare him to McCoy and Sproles... but from the video I've seen of Franklin he doesn't seem to have anywhere near the lateral agility/elusiveness of those 2 guys.

As for not taking the bet resulting in losing credibility... shit... what do I care about what other posters think about my "credibility"? No one ever agrees with me as it is... and I couldn't care less. Screw your bet. I don't like the idea of betting against MY FAVORITE TEAM. Doesn't feel right.

JakeK's picture

You need to start ignoring some of these posters. Many of them are just Stroh using a different browser so he can create another ID that's agreeable to anything he believes & posts. ... It's sad but true.

Sir Cheese's picture

That makes sense, his rationale is just way to contradictory. I just feel sorry for him now.

Stroh's picture

Your not fooling anyone. We all know your responding to yourself!

PackerAaron's picture

Other than the really stupid remark about your high school team having a better set of running backs, I pretty much agree with every word here Cow.

zeke's picture

Including the 5-7 wins, zero chance of more than 8?

PackerAaron's picture

You mean "I actually do think they will win less than 8."?

No, you're right, I don't agree with that.

But he's entitled to his opinion.

zeke's picture

Who suggested he's not entitled to his opinion?

PackerAaron's picture

Not me.

cow42's picture

Holy crap!

First P.O.C. agrees with me (Fullback post) and now Nagler!

The world must be ending.
Only explanation.

Bears Love Cheddar Biscuits's picture

It must be exhausting to be you.

Jamie's picture

Nagler - You do realize you just said that you agree with a poster that mid-last season openly admitted to trolling the comment section with over exaggerated negativity about the Packers for months, stopped for about a week, and has proceeded to troll ever since...right?

Sir Cheese's picture

Are you talking about me or JakeK? I'm no hack account

Stroh's picture

Jake... And I'm not a multi personality poster either. Obvious Jake is tho! Guy who runs that kinda game is the guy who is capable of thinking it. He was the first to show up and start it all.

JakeK's picture

As usual, Stroh hears all, sees all & knows all. ... Fool yourself if you like but most can see through your scam either here or at other blogs you visit.

buster's picture

Here's a post from another blog. Interesting that Stroh is a problem no matter where he goes.

"The issue is your demeanor and attitude on this site. Count the thumbs down to your posts, Stroh. It’s not just me. Tone it down or find another site and group of fans, fans of YOUR SAME TEAM, to belittle. Not here!"

Stroh's picture

And here is what someone else said after an incident on another site.

"I go to the first story and find out that STROHMAN has been banned. For the uninitiated, Strohman was BY FAR the best commenter in the history of AcmePackingCompany. He was irreverent, incisive and never tailored/sugar-coated his message for anyone. That's the epitome of a great football fan: Brash, opinionated, but tempered with logic and reason.

And he was banned for voicing his disgust with the new SBNation format.

Pretty much describes me to a "T". You don't like it, who gives a SH!T. I am who I am and not gonna change. I don't kiss anyone ass and if someone starts something w/ me, I finish it! I don't kiss ass and tell you one thing and talk out of the other side of my mouth to someone else. Like it or not, I am Strohman!

jrunde10's picture

Agree on all the above points. I am a big fan of John Schneider, being from Wisconsin and a former packer, but I really do not like the Seahawks organization. Brandon Browner should have received a game suspension for basically decking and tackling Greg Jennings in the middle of a play last September. Their team was just as chippy that entire game. And in addition to their players and coaches just flat out lying about their thoughts on fail mary, they are also rubbing it in too. I am still more mad at the NFL about all this though, because I don't think Seattle is quite there yet.

john's picture

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pooch's picture

Looks to me like Lacy will be the beast this year,cant wait to see Harris in backfield and our 1st round pick on D play,hope he has a Clay mattews impact

4thand1's picture

We should all think like cowpie. When the Packers overachieve and win 11 or 12 it'll be that much sweeter. Just make the playoffs and anything can happen.

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