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Packers vs. Ravens: Quick Takes From Green Bay's 19-17 Win

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Packers vs. Ravens: Quick Takes From Green Bay's 19-17 Win

The Green Bay Packers (3-2) engaged the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens (3-3) in a defensive duel Sunday, and came out the other side with a 19-17 win thanks to a valiant performance from a beat up defense and an offense that stalled at times but did just enough.

It was over when…

…Jermichael Finley and Eddie Lacy each made huge plays on Green Bay's final drive to keep the football away from the Ravens and protect a two-point lead. Finley hauled in a catch over the middle for 52 yards on third-and-3, and Lacy sealed the deal when he found four yards off left tackle on third-and-2.

Game Balls

  • The inside linebackers: This game was won with defense, and A.J. Hawk and Jamari Lattimore set the tone early and often for the Packers' patched up unit. Hawk established a new career high with three sacks, helping to replace the production of Clay Matthews. Lattimore was a ball of energy in place of Brad Jones, and a big reason for Baltimore averaging just 2.1 yards per carry Sunday.
  • Eddie Lacy: The Packers rookie running back started with a bang and ended with a hammer swing. His 47 rushing yards on two opening-series carries helped set up a field goal, and 44 of his 120 total yards came in the fourth quarter. He now has 219 rushing yards in the last two games. He's the real deal. And so is the Packers running game.
  • Dom Capers: Save for one inexcusable mistake from Jerron McMillian on fourth-and-forever, the Packers defense throttled a Ravens team that was starting to turn things around in previous weeks. Five sacks, 47 rushing yards allowed and zero first half points were obvious highlights. Baltimore was also 2-for-14 on third down. Capers called a great game with a few of his most impactful pieces missing.

Key Stats

The Packers ran 65 plays and tallied 438 yards, their third highest total of the season...For the fourth straight game, Green Bay rushed for more than 139 yards and had an individual rusher have 99 or more (Lacy, 120)...The Packers were 6-of-17 on third down and 0-for-4 scoring touchdowns in the red zone...Nick Perry had a sack and a forced fumble for the second straight game. Overall, Green Bay had 10 tackles for losses...Micah Hyde returned five punts for 68 yards, including a 23-yarder. His average was 13.6...Mason Crosby snapped his streak of 14 straight makes with a first half miss. He ended his day making four of five attempts, and he has now made nine kicks over the last two games...Jarrett Boykin caught just one of his six targets, but the lone reception went for 44 yards, with all 44 coming after the catch...All four of Baltimore's leading receivers—Tandon Doss, Dallas Clark, Marlon Brown and Jacoby Jones—finished with averages above 20.0 yards per catch. Torrey Smith, who came into the game averaging over 100 yards a game and 20.6 per catch, had just one reception for 12 yards...Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce carried 20 times for just 43 yards...The Packers had three passing plays over 40 yards...Baltimore averaged over 11 yards per third down.

Other Notes

– The Packers are struggling to score of late because of struggles in two important areas: third down and in the red zone. The playcalling is still too predictable on third down, and there's been a pile of mistakes made inside the opponent's 20-yard-line lately. Green Bay failed on 11 third downs and didn't score a touchdown in the red zone Sunday.

– There's no longer any question that the 2013 Packers are a good running team and a really good run-stopping team. Both were on display against the Ravens. Green Bay again ran over 30 times and averaged 4.7 yards per carry. On defense, the Packers held Baltimore to two yards or less on its first 10 runs and 15 of the 22 total. The Packers are dominating the trenches.

– Love the set up of Jordy Nelson's 64-yard touchdown in the second half. Mike McCarthy ran Lacy for five yards on the drive's first first down, and then unleashed playaction on the very next first down. Nelson was wide open because the safety playing the deep half was fooled. Expect the shot plays to increase as defenses continue respecting the Packers run game more and more.

– The Packers made a goal line stand in the first half and then held Baltimore to a field goal on a first-and-goal situation in the third quarter. Both were obviously huge in the final outcome. However, you won't see a worse two-play stretch than McMillian's late in the fourth. He fell down while playing the deep half on fourth-and-21 and then allowed grandpa tight end Dallas Clark to get behind him for a score. McMillian has been disappointing through five games.

– The Packers will welcome the Cleveland Browns to Lambeau Field in Week 7. This is an improved Browns team, but also one that lost by two touchdowns at home to Detroit Sunday. Not a cakewalk, but a game the Packers will be expected to win.

Zach Kruse is a 25-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covered prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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fish and crane's picture

In the words of Hank Stram, "The play action just kills your defense."

hayward4president's picture

With Perry ...the sack and the forced fumble. Wouldn't that be two sacks? And any idea where we stand in the run d category? If we aren't top 5 there are some amazing run defenses out there.

Stroh's picture

Perry gets a sack and forced fumble for one play. Its impossible to get 2 sacks on one play. c'mon man...

Run D is among the top 5 again and it coincides w/ the return of Johnny Jolly! He was the driving force of the #1 ranked run D in '09 too. Since then in his absence the Packers run do has been decent to poor, now its great again! That's not an accident!

hayward4president's picture

No dude was seperate plays. Thought he had a sack on a play before the ff play.

some guy's picture

No, it was the same play. It was the sack-fumble right before halftime.

(:12) (Shotgun) 5-J.Flacco sacked at BAL 33 for -1 yards (53-N.Perry). FUMBLES (53-N.Perry), RECOVERED by GB-95-D.Jones at BAL 33. 95-D.Jones to BAL 13 for 20 yards (66-G.Gradkowski).

chicago hooligan's picture

Unfortunately, anxiety over the injury situation seems to be draining some of the jubilation out of what was a hard-fought and impressive victory. Yes, the Ravens are not a dominant team, but they are still the defending champions and the Packers went into Baltimore and beat them with defense. I'm impressed.

AguilarK's picture

Amen, it was a hard-fought victory; however the injury situation with the WRs is much on my mind....

Bibbon Hazel's picture

McMillan is terrible! Banjo pickin better increase exponentially! This defense can carry the team but the offensive master mind mashed potato Mike better lean on the run and stop over thinking short yardage! Seriously, why is Kuhn on the team? Cut him to bring up White at WR! If Cobb doesn't go on any sort of IR its obvious Kuhn is the guy to ct! I'm sure they cut RB Hill if thats the case but Big Dumb John adds absolutely nothing to this team except a stupid chant! Cut Kuuuuuuuuhn!

4thand1's picture

So Kuhn made a mistake. He won't be going anywhere.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Why? All contributes to is your need for a blue collar white guy you can chant! Contributes nothing! All the other RBs can pass pro too AND actually do something with the ball in their hands. Fullback dive=useless! Kuhn=useless! Even my daughter's imaginary friend, Bibbon Hazel can see that. Jeremy Ross part II! Useless!

ZeroTolerance's picture

Wow. What short memory. This from a person whose screen name is Bibbon Hazel (lol).

Bibbon Hazel's picture

"Short memory?" "ain't going anywhere" what's positive is he bringing other than satisfying your need for a blue collar white.guy that has a name you can chant? Just like Jeremy Ross wasn't.going anywhere!

some guy's picture

Way to go racial on it, that's real classy. What does Kuhn add? Blocking. Running. Catching. Special teams. You're mad because he made a single mistake that didn't end up costing us anything, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a solid, versatile, reliable veteran. Comparing him to a green WR who is bad at everything he does is just ridiculous.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Kuhn did all that in the past, no question. But i'm not really seeing much of the running, or catching these days. Today was the first time Rodgers threw to him this year. McCarthy's just not using him as much as he used to, not even on 3rd and short. If they're not going to play him, what's the point?

He's gotta do more on special teams than he did today.

Stroh's picture

Just cuz a FB... A FULLBACK mind you doesn't get running plays or catch passes doesn't make him useless. He's good at about everything he is asked to do. Good blocker, very good ST player, tough, reliable and usually very smart (save for the mental mistake on the punt). He may not have the primary role he used to as the 3rd down RB but he is still the best pass blocker among the RB and its not really close.

some guy's picture

Right, why ditch the practice-squad RB we just called up when we can get rid of our only reliable pass-protecting back? Come on now.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

I said they'll cut Hill. I'm baffled at this pass pro you all think Kuhn is better at than all the other backs? If he is soo much better and the other backs so unreliable why is he not getting in on any plays where he has to do so? He's not in on third (thank God) and isn't called on to pass pro anymore because the other backs are just fine and add explosiveness. This isn't 2010 people. The backs are better and Kuhn has his slow ass relegated to special teams! Where he seldom contributes aside from the at play today... I want to see him lined up as a lead blocker and block for Lacy or Franklin but they don't even use him for that? Why? Cause he's not good at it! Kuuuuuuhn! There's your contribution. Yes, obviously cut Hill but Kuhn is a waste of $2+mill and A roster spot

4thand1's picture

Maybe CMIII injury is a blessing in disquise. Other players were depending on him to much? It'll be fun when he returns.

some guy's picture

Storyline alert. Sound the alarms - it's time to start pulling explanations out of our butts, apparently.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Not trying to be a jerk, but what qualifications do you have Zach to say the play calling on third down is too predictable? I keep hearing this from folks, yet none of them draw an NFL paycheck.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Zach has A) a keyboard and B) a platform to express his opinion. I hear that's all the qualification you need.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Hiyo! Good call BC! BTW the "need for a blue collar white guy" bait was nailed hook line and sinker! As my pasty white ass laughs all the way to pisser chanting Kuuuuuuuhn!

davyjones's picture

Plus, he was selected by the rest of the CHTV crew...good enuf for me.

MadMan's picture

Heyward4president - When I looked tonight
listed the Packers run "D" ranked third.

hayward4president's picture

Sounds about right to me man.

hayward4president's picture

Sounds about right to me man. Thanks..

davyjones's picture

Really one of the best Packer Defensive efforts I can remember in a long time. Micah Hyde is a serious player...really like what he is showing us.

Quite frankly, even assuming the worst on the injury front, I don't see another loss until week 13 when I look at the schedule.

Jamie's picture

McMillian is nothing more than a warm body at this point. I may regret saying this, but I don't see how Banjo or even Mason Crosby could possibly look worse or do more to damage this team's chance for victory at Safety.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Agreed 100%

Mojo's picture

I might catch some grief here - but I thought Elam's hit on Cobb was clean. Just saw it in slo-mo and I don't think his helmet hit Cobb's knee directly. I've seen that type of tackle(where someone takes out someone's legs) a million times. In fairness to defenders there just isn't a lot of striking area anymore.

Also, because Cobb wasn't hit directly on the knee(looked like just above it and his leg wasn't planted), I'm hoping it's not as serious as it initially looked. Reports coming in at this late hour are somewhat optimistic, but I suppose we'll know for sure tomorrow. Now Jones injury...

KennyPayne's picture

The hit was clean. If he hits him higher it is a penalty.

Evan's picture

Yeah, 100% clean. File it under "shit happens."

Stroh's picture

Clean as far as the rule is concerned. Yes it was... It was cheap and dirty in terms of players. Players have no respect for a guy who hits you at the knees. Neither do I.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Third and one from the 26 yard line, and Rodgers decides to throw a jump ball to Nelson in the end zone! Nelson was pretty well covered all the way. This is dumb, and I keep seeing this too much. Either run the ball to try to move the chains or throw the ball away and settle for a 43 yard field goal in 50 degree weather.

Second, as I watch the games I keep on waiting to see how GB is going to manage to lose the game rather than how they are going to win it. Kuhn, don't try to pick up a blocked punt when the ball is still moving and you are moving laterally. Finley, go down instead of out of bounds. Can we save out time outs rather than expend them to avoid delay of game penalties, especially where the delay of game penalty only costs GB 12 inches? Is there some reason we can't get plays off on time? Jones (last week), make sure to get two feet in bounds when catching a TD pass instead of being nonchalant about it. GB is a young team, and mistakes come with youth, but the above items were done by veterans.

IowaPackFan's picture

It may not have been a wise pass, but that ball hit Nelson right in the hands. Should've been caught

Beto Strutsel's picture

"and then allowed grandpa tight end Dallas Clark to get behind him for a score."

lol, love the description of Clark.

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