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Packers vs. Giants: The Aftermath

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Packers vs. Giants: The Aftermath

The New York Giants defeated the Green Bay Packers by the score of 38-10.

Running Wild

The Giants rushing attack set the tone early in what ended as a lopsided victory. Finishing the evening with 147 rushing yards and two touchdowns, the Giants running backs owned the Packers defense.

The Giants’ rushers gashed the Packers defense for big runs all evening. Talented runners breaking tackles combined with defenders failing to wrap up and gang-tackle spelled defeat for the Packers.

Converting Third Downs

With the Packers unable to generate any semblance of a pass rush, especially in the red zone, Eli Manning sat back and patiently waited for his receivers to execute their routes.

With all three of Manning’s touchdown passes coming on third-down plays in the red zone, the Packers defense couldn’t find a way to stop the Giants.

In fact, the Giants converted half of their third-down and fourth-down plays throughout the game. Clay Matthews’ absence was masked against the hapless Lions, but against the Giants, Matthews’ big-play ability was sorely missed.

Whether it’s Eli Manning this week or Christian Ponder next week, almost any signal caller will pick apart a defensive backfield if given enough time. The Packers pass rush has to improve, especially on third down in the red zone.

The Offensive Line

The Packers offensive line continues to struggle after losing Bryan Bulaga to a season-ending hip injury. In two games without their stalwart right tackle, the Packers have faced two formidable defensive fronts and not fared very well in either.

Against the Lions and Giants, the reconfigured line has given up 10 sacks, and on Sunday evening, the line could barely keep Rodgers upright.

With the quarterback forced to scramble seemingly every time he dropped back, finding a rhythm in the passing game was next to impossible.

If the battle in the trenches decides the outcome of more football games this season, the Packers offensive line will have to step up their game in order for the team to make a playoff run.


Running for his life all night, the Packers signal caller surrendered two turnovers for the first time this season. The pressure of the Giants defense only accounted for one turnover, however.

Giants’ defensive end Osi Umenyiora made Packers tackle Marshall Newhouse look like a practice squad player in the first half, as he was virtually untouched before stripping Rodgers of the football.

Rodgers’ fumble can be blamed on the offensive line, but the quarterback has no one to blame but himself for the early interception.

The last time Rodgers had two turnovers in one game? The last time his team faced the Giants, which ended the 2011 Packers’ season.

Injury Report

Early in the first quarter, two Packers special teamers went down. Backup running back Johnny White was taken to the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion and Jamari Lattimore sustained a calf injury. Lattimore returned in the second quarter, however.

The bigger injury occurred later in the game to defensive lineman C.J. Wilson. The third year player out of East Carolina, who has become a vital part of the defensive line rotation, was unable to return to the game after suffering a knee injury.

Up Next?

Ultimately, it’s one loss and the Packers are still 5-1 in their last six games. With a record of 7-4, the Packers remain in the hunt for the division title and the playoffs.

Green Bay returns home next week to face the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday who are only one game behind the Packers in the NFC North standings.


Max Ginsberg is a regular contributor at CheeseheadTV, blogs at and can be reached via Twitter @MaxGinsberg or at maxginsberg[at]

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KurtMc's picture

Plenty of blame to go around. A few sacks and pressures were #12 fault for holding the ball too long.

The coaching decision to kick a +50yd FG was a real puzzler.

The rest of the league has caught up and passed Doms defense. Rookies or not the stunting LB on just about every play isn't getting it. Way too many time, the middle of the field is wide open.

Lastly, Collingsworth, you make me sick with your master of the obvious announcing a game.

Ugly all the way around.

Bring on the Viqueens. Go Pack

GBFaninCA's picture

MM had said he was going to let Mason work through his slump, which is why I think he opted to kick the 50+ FG.
And rest of the league hasn't caught up to DC's Defense, we played this game without our top two defensive players.
This is the first loss of the season I have not been upset about, hopefully this good ol fashioned ass kickin will wake our linemen up and bring some fire to this team.

cow42's picture

matthews and shields are our top 2 defensive players?

you can't be talking about woodson.

Chris's picture

Maybe he was thinking of Matthews and Desmond Bishop.

bomdad's picture

whatever combination of missing starting linebackers that was on the field opening day.

Imagine the niners without bowman and willis, and then without their backups.

cow42's picture

the packers don't have a single defensive player at the level of either of those guys... and i'm including matthews in that statement.

Chris's picture

I know, the sky is falling.
On the other hand this feels alot like the 2010 season: Starting 3-3, after week 12 loss against the Falcons the Packers were 7-4. Injuries piled up left and right. The OLine could not keep Rodgers upright. A running game was not to be found.
Maybe they find a way again to make it to the playoffs and even win some. There sure are better teams in the NFL right now, but the Giants are not among them.

Bob Tundra's picture

We had no one that could plug the hole between the LT and LG on the Giants' O-line. Giants' RBs were licking their chops when they saw this hole consistently before the ball was snapped. I can't believe anyone is talking about the play-offs for this team. We have to find answers by next week's game, or we will make the vikings look like, and worse yet, think that they belong on the same field as us. The Giants KNEW they could beat us. The Packers HOPED they wouldn't. Where is the Packers' team that handily beat the Texans? I want that team on the field.

cow42's picture

I can’t believe anyone is talking about the play-offs for this team.


packeraaron's picture

The Giants lost to the Saints by 25 on the road Week 12 last year.

Bad games happen. Last night was a perfect storm of suck. But to say they are suddenly not a playoff team is silly.

cow42's picture

for me - it's not "suddenly".

they've only looked like a playoff team 2 games this season.

Point Packer's picture

That's half as many as the Giants did during the regular season last year.

PS: I enjoyed when you were exiled.

Derek's picture

I'm just thankful that ARod is still alive today. That job by the OLine was an embarassment. Our DLine should be just as embarassed. And to MM, what the hell do we gain by trying a 55 yd FG by a sucky kicker? that gave all momentum back to the giants and it was over after that. Terrible decision, no matter you say about your kicker.

Last thought.......the Giants have our number........period.

jack in jersey city's picture

the giants didn't have our number in the regular season last year :)

cow42's picture

they scored 37.

Evan's picture

35, actually.

And the Packers scored 38.

cow42's picture

ahh yeah - remember when the offense didn't blow?

the good old days.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

"Perfect storm of suck..." A perfect description and a nice turn of a phrase.

Must ask why MM isn't having A-Rodg try the short timing patterns. We all know he's holding the ball too long. With his ability to hit a guy who isn't even open he needs to be throwing it no matter what. Three step drop and get rid of the ball. It seem like there may be a mental block there.

Then again, it looks like the receivers run half of their routes then stop and look around. Even so, there were open receiver that would have been hit in the past. Something is different and it is not just a crummy O-line.

The only throw I saw that resembled what I am talking about was the Graham Harrell throw up the seam in garbage time. Incomplete, but it was what AR needs to be doing more often.

cheesewhizzer's picture

Championship teams win in the trenches. Until TT addresses the OL and DL in the draft we'll just be looked on as "soft" by the other players in this league. The big boys, San Fran and the NYG don't out finesse you, they out muscle you!

Tundraboy's picture

Hard loss but you called it for what it is. Exactly!!!! Do not understand how this is not the priority it should be. It is a waste of the talent we have now and Rodgers talent to have a soft, bad o line. No mystery why we can not run we need some O line monsters and a TE too for run and pass block. Defense is there when Matthews and eventually Bishop comes back along with all the depth in the secondary.

One way to go in Draft. Offensive Line

Tarynfor12's picture

Whats uglier than the Packers loss last night...those who put to much emphasis on them getting revenge against the Giants for the playoff ousting last year.
This was a menaingless game as to our play-off chances and was not a must or need to win game and MM knew this and showed it by not activating anyone such as Jennings,Clay,Wood.
Our path goes through the division games coming ahead.Would any of you feel better if we still lost with the others playing..I wouldn't.
This was a perfect game to use to disect the ills going forward into games that do matter and the possible rematch yet again in the playoffs.

CSS's picture

I think most shared this sentiment prior to the game, Taryn. I agree with you. It's just the lack of effort all-around and adherence to a flawed philosophy considering personnel limitations, playing on the road, and against a team coming off a bye. Wasn't a total shock, just a disappointment from a team that hasn't laid an egg like that under Rodgers.

Frank's picture

TT has done a great job , but with all the injuries we have it is amazing we are still in the hunt , Bishop , Mathews , Jennings , Woodson , Bulaga , Benson ,, Perry and many other players , I know teams have injuries but really ?? Our guys will be getting back on the field soon when it matters , lets be honest do we think Haywatd was a poor pick as well ,, it was a horrible game BUT , we are still in the hunt

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree... If you take away every teams top WR, RB, OT, Pass rusher (or best defensive player), most veteran defensive player. How good would those teams be?

I believe last nights loss was a direct result of the injuries catching up to the team. Everyone wants to talk about a reason why the offense has struggled this year or against Cover 2. Its funny that the games the packers have struggled against the cover 2 the most Greg Jennings has been out. He is the offense's top playmaker and when he comes back healthy look out.

Also people still don't realize how much Clay Mathews means to this defense. He is more then a pass rusher. He is a 1 man wrecking crew. To me he should be the Defensive player of year mostly by looking at what this defense looks like without him.

People need to back away from the ledge and realize that when the injuried players come back, they will be a much improved team. 1 month from now, Clay Mathews, Charles Woodson, Sam Shields, Cedric Benson, Greg Jennings will most likely be back. In time for the playoff run.

Evan's picture

While I agree injuries have taken their toll and that the Packers are clearly still a playoff team with as good a shot as anyone to win the Super Bowl, none of those returning injured players will help the o-line. To me that's by far the biggest area of concern going forward.

Mike's picture

Ill trade COW to get Bearmeat back anyday. Im sure 99% of us agree this was obviously the worse thing about this (un-surprising) loss. Seriously Bearmeat, I saw this coming and wished you well as soon as the wager was made. At least I was able to turn the game off when it was out of hand. Now all we get from week to week will be COW, being out of hand.

Mike's picture

COW, you should wager that the un-playoff looking Pack dont make the playoffs so the exhile comes to fruition when they win the north.

cow42's picture

i'm game.

you interested?

if they miss the playoffs you're gone forever.
if they win the division i'm gone forever.

wildcard=no winner.

i see 2 more wins.

packeraaron's picture

Guys, these bets are beyond dumb. Just stop.

Also dumb, thinking the Packers are only going to win 2 more games.

cow42's picture

you're just afraid of the prospect of me being the only poster left.

as for my prediction of 2 more wins...

at the beginning of the season did you have the Packers sweeping the Lions and the Bears? i didn't - so that's 2 losses coming right there. so a split with the vikings and a win vs. the titans gets you 2 more wins.

not so stupid.

they were lucky to beat the Lions the first time. stafford will not miss all of those passes again. no reason that their dline shouldn't devour the Packer offense once again.

bears in chicago - enough said.

why should i think that the Pack can beat the vikings twice? their defense should be able to "follow the blueprint"... rush four successfully, drop 7, control the ball on offense with a supreme running game. they are too good of a team to predict the Packers sweeping them.

i have no idea what to think about the titans. don't know a thing about them. haven't watched them at all. figuring the Packers can win this one but if they bring the competency and effort they played against the Giants with - nothings guaranteed.

The poster formerly known as Bearmeat's picture

Although Bearmeat is dead, the spirit of Bearmeat lives on in his protege. ;)

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

You just need a kick-ass symbol for your new name!

PadLevel's picture

Yes this was one game out of 16, and Yes this game is not going to kill their chances to make the playoffs. But, what then - are we confident that we can beat the 49ers OR the Giants if we had every single one of our starters back? I highly doubt it. Road to the superbowl goes via the coast - Jersey or San Fran.

Mike's picture

Agree. This team is way to soft to hang with NYG or SF in the playoffs, especially with McCarthy unwilling to adjust his game plan for the over matched OLine. McCarthy has given me no reason to believe this team can beat a physical team. They could beat The Falcons, Seahawks, Tampa Bay, Maybe the Bears since for some reason Mashed Potato Mike has Lovie's nmuber but when it comes to NYG and SF, no way can those cream puffs up front get it done up front with Mashed Potato's game plan of 5 to 7 step drops with no max protect or slant patterns. The defense needs to be on top of their game to keep it close, if not...38-10

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