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Packers vs. Giants Game Predictions from

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Packers vs. Giants Game Predictions from



Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants

Name Record   Pick Prediction
Adam 16-0 Green Bay Packers  
Jersey Al 8-8 Green Bay Packers 20-17
These are like two different teams playing than the ones that met earlier in the season. The script is scarily be like some packers giants postseason games of recent past. Packers high powered offense against a strong giants defense. This time the result will be different, with the Packers pulling out the window on a late Mason Crosby field goal.
Andrew 10-6 Green Bay Packers 24-17
This is going to be the best game of the weekend and is likely the hardest to predict. Well, Raiders-Texans is as well, but that's a dumpster fire we should all pretend isn't happening. For me, the Packers have to find a way to get their defense going. The Packers have been playing better on that side of the ball while the Giants haven't been able to score more than 19 points in any of the last five games. The Packers have to keep that going, because while the Giants defense is outstanding, you can score on it, especially with the talent the Pack has at receiver. So the keys are getting more than 20 points offensively, while containing the underwhelming Giants offense. Never count out Eli Manning in the playoffs, but I think this is the game the Packers don't give to the Giants.
Cory 11-5 Green Bay Packers 26-20
With temperatures expected to be around 10°, Aaron Ripkowski may be called upon to soften up the stifling Giants defensive line. The only way New York wins is if Odell Beckham goes bonkers against a weak secondary.
Jason 12-4 Green Bay Packers 31-27
I have to stick with what's working. The Packers are at home and typically save some of their best games for last.  Eli Manning and the Giants have literally been here before so they'll be a tough out, despite their lackluster play of late. The playoffs tend to be a different story so expect a more functional Giants offense.  If the Packers avoid turning the ball over and can get one or two of their own, it's a recipe for success.  Turn Manning into Bad Eli and the Packers are on to the divisional round.  Once again there will be late fireworks and the Packers having to hang on for the win.
Jayme 10-6 Green Bay Packers 28-21
As Al said on Cheesehead Radio this week, the table hasn't been run. So following his direction, I just added a leaf to the middle of my table as well and am keeping up my streak. I do think the Packers should win, despite history being against them. They're red hot and I can't imagine Rodgers will let his comeback dream end with another home playoff loss to the Giants. 
Michelle 10-6 Green Bay Packers 21-17
This is a very different Packers team than the one that beat the Giants in Week 5. That Packers team hadn’t yet found its identity on offense, though the defense was more reliable. At this point, however, it’s going to come down one thing: can the excellent Giants defense limit the Packers offense, with the run game now going behind Ty Montgomery and Aaron Rodgers having found his rhythm? The answer is probably no, but just barely
Ross 11-5 Green Bay Packers 27-21
The Giants and Packers have already played each other this season.  Aaron Rodgers played very poorly, completing barely over 50% of 45 passes and throwing 2 INT against 2 TDs.  Despite Rodgers playing that poorly, the Packers led the game 23-9 with 2:55 seconds remaining in the game.  Odell Beckham then scored to make it look much closer than it was.  Eli Manning is not playing well this season and Odell Beckham was on the field during the last Giants loss.  The Packers have schemed against him with the same personnel they'll have on Sunday.  The Packers will win this game, and the winner of their battle with Dallas will win the Super Bowl
Zach 10-6 Green Bay Packers 28-17
Revenge is a dish best served cold. The Packers were get theirs in a freezing Lambeau Field and topple the Giants.
Mr. X 10-6 Green Bay Packers 31-17
The big blue wrecking crew get wrecked themselves at Lambeau. They aren't a match for a rejuvenated Aaron Rodgers.


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jeremyjjbrown's picture

Aaron Rodgers shows us all that there is No Way in Frozen Hell he's going to allow Eli Manning to have more career playoff wins at Lambeau Field than he does.

Packers 24-17

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It's not good. But honestly most of those losses are on the defense.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Only one of those was against Rodgers. Who has played only 4 playoff games at Lambeau in 10 seasons as a starter. That's a disappointing number.

Dzehren's picture

Correct Desert-in 2007 G-Men Beat the 17-0 Pats Brady & Moss in SB and Beat 15-1 Pack in 2011 eventually beating TE PATS again in SB
I have a feeling this year spells the same situation- winner plays PATS

Dzehren's picture

COW- only brick AROD has is $130M in back pocket. COW can wear the brick- he can't bear the weight.

4/26/2013: AROD Signed a seven-year, $130.75M contract. $54 million guaranteed -- $35 million signing bonus 2016: $11.5 million (+ $600,000 in per-game roster bonuses), 2017: $12.55 million (+ $600,000 in per-game roster bonuses), 2018: $19.8 million (+ $600,000 in per-game roster bonuses), 2019: $20 million, 2020: Free Agent

Dzehren's picture

Count the $$$ COW 1 cow- 2 cow... Ur mom can help I count I ur basement. Bedroom -

AROD 100% responsible for 6 straight wins run the table - 18 TD's zero INT'a- . go back to to the LIONS, ViKEs and Bears message board.

chugwater's picture

A few red zone hiccups, otherwise a comfortable win. Playoff Eli will be the same as regular season Eli.

GB 23-10.

Gman1976's picture

Every home team blew out the competition this weekend so now it's the Packers turn!

White92's picture

Both teams are who we thought they were

Green and Gold 27
New York. 17

Since '61's picture

This game will be about the Packers OL. Keep Rodgers clean, get Monty and Rip going with the ground game. Rodgers arm and legs will do the rest. Defense, pressure Eli up the middle and bracket OBJ, force a few turnovers. As long as the Packers don't beat themselves they will advance. I like the Pack 30 - 13. No let up, no excuses, no prisoners. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Nick Perry's picture

I just read where Rip was added to the injury report today with a shoulder injury, hopefully it's nothing to serious.

No Predictions for me, especially against the Giants, call it superstitious. But I do like yours Since '61.

Side Note... Watching the Raiders game Crabtree had a drop and they said he lead the NFL. I was curious about Adams, Nelson, and Cook.

Adams...5 drops in 121 targets
Nelson...2 drops in 152 targets
Cook......2 drops in 51 targets

All in all not to bad, especially since 2 of Adams were just a few weeks ago (unfortunately both were TD's). That means he only had 3 drops in his other 118 targets...I'll take that!

Ferrari Driver's picture

Good info on the drops stats

Dzehren's picture

Adams concentration is much better in '16 than 2015. Adams is a stud this year but had a bad game vs the Bears..... go Pack - I think Adams has a big day on Sunday.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

@NP, take those drop stats with a large grain of salt - they always under count the actual total. Last year most sites had Adams and Cobb with 6 drops each. McGinn had Cobb with 14 and Adams with 10. I sure as heck had both with more than 6. Crabtree has 10 during the regular season and one or two more in the playoff game.

Dzehren's picture

Agree Since '61- AROD really made some key running plays last week vs the LIONS & VIKES that destroy a defense. (not to be negative but Kaepernick & Wilson killed us with those runs a few years ago) That mobility and awreness in the pocket is hugely underrated.

AROD being able to run and slide for first downs is a major key to winning. BTW the new AROD slide is giving us way more yards in his technique somehow. That would be a good article to define yardage on the slide.... AROD has it all figured out as usual like his snap with 12 D men on the field

Bert's picture

Manning and BigHam Jr will burn our secondary for a few plays but Packers simply have better team all around. Packers 31 Giants 23.

EdsLaces's picture

Gotta stick with what's working. And what's worked for me is saying each week the game will be a barn burnerrrrr! Last minute pick by none other than Micah Hyde ftw! 21 20 PACK!

dobber's picture

Six weeks ago, I gave in and picked the Eagles to beat the Packers 27-13...Packers won.

Five weeks ago, I picked the Texans to beat the Packers 27-13...Packers won.

Four weeks ago, I picked the Seahawks to beat the Packers 27-13...Packers won.

Three weeks ago, I picked the Bears to beat the Packers 27-13...Packers won.

Two weeks ago, I picked the Vikings to beat the Packers 27-13...Packers won.

Last week, I picked the Lions to beat the Packers 27-13...Packers won.

Giants 27-13.

Dzehren's picture

Run the table

Gman1976's picture

27-13 all the way to the Superbowl!

Bearmeat's picture

GB forces a 2nd half turnover in a tight game. Pressure on Eli makes him revert to "bad" Eli who throws a duck across his body that land safely in HHCD's arms.

GB wins by 1 possession: 24-17

MITM's picture

As a Packers fan who was born, raised and resides in NYC, this game is personal. I dislike the Giants more than the Vikings Bears Lions Seahawks 49ers Cowboys etc. Ill be honest, because of the last 2 times the Giants scare the hell out of me in the playoffs, something Id never admit to the seemingly endless amount of close friends I have that are Giants fans. I want this one BAD. I cannot/will not give a prediction as I am also superstitious. I will say this though. With all due respect to the Falcons and Cowboys who have had tremendous seasons, whoever wins this game will be going to the Super Bowl.

Tundraboy's picture

I'm with you on that.

chugwater's picture

I'm more worried about the Cowboys. (In part because I live in DFW area.)

Share your sentiment. Just win.

GVPacker's picture

Clay Matthews, Nick Perry and Julius Peppers take advantage of Marshall Newhouse( You guys remember him don't you) and plant Eli into the ground all day long. Packers 20 Giants 7!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Their other Tackle is even worse. Maybe a lot worse.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I keep seeing that Bobby Hart will start at RT, not Newhouse. Flowers is okay run blocking, but has been poor in pass pro.

TommyG's picture

All of the chatter I am seeing on the giants sites is in reference to Lacy tearing them up. Since he isn't playing the fans think they have this on lock down. They are worried about Eli self destructing. With how well AR is playing I believe our pick goes up by a score and maintains that all game. 27-24 packers.

Dzehren's picture

New Head first slide rule change-the new AROD 2016 slide is working- when u slide feet first ur granted protection and automatically down.

On the head first slide limited protection is granted but you gain yards until contact (3-5 yards) QB granted semi protection cant hit the Head Neck back or SHoulder on head first slide (u basically can't hit em)

AROD working rules like 12 Defenders on field

marpag1's picture

This morning's actual headline in Detroit:

"Lions Become Unglued vs. Seattle, Get Teeth Kicked In"

kinda makes me giggle....

4zone's picture

If we play sloppy like last week, this will be a nail biter or a puke job. If we play focused and error free, or close to it, we could do like we did to SEA. With all the pressure from the past and short staffed on D, I expect the guys to come out with a big chip and a serious attitude.

Going to go with a season full of emotion here and say its gonna be 34-20 Pack early, often and in their face.

If we lose this one, I expect some serious FIRED works up north.

Turophile's picture

Everyone predicts a Packer win.

A win might happen, but it is a long way from the certainty that seems to be swirling around.

I'd say it was about 55/45 Packers.

Oppy's picture

Maybe mr. WR-Converted-To-CB Johnny-come-lately who just got promoted sees time on the field today, and, being as he's a rookie who doesn't know any better, gets a pick-6 at an opportune moment and that is the difference in today's game.

Now, I don't care how the Packers win (and I do think they'll win), but I simply love that kinda shit.

Go Pack.

Tundraboy's picture

"Now, I don't care how the Packers win (and I do think they'll win), but I simply love that kinda shit.

It's the Packer way. Here's hoping for some out of the blue hero, even if for one game. Geronimo oolong. GPG

Lphill's picture

I feel the same as MTM as a New Yorker I am sick of the arrogant Giants fans , I have some in my family but not in my house,I hope Rodgers lights up the phony NYPD, I was part of the real NYPD.

Ruppert's picture

31-25 Pack.

One way or another I hope this one is not decided on the last play of the game.

Samson's picture

As usual, AR has to play at an MVP level for the Pack to win this one. ------ If AR has just an average game, GB's in trouble. -- If the Giants can run the ball (even a little) and Eli has time, GB is in trouble. --- If GB loses the TO battle, they lose.

Unlike most of the cheerleaders posting here, I'd rather view the game as the season has dictated, not just the last six games.

Robinant2's picture

Nobody is saying from 07' and 11' is Coughlin was the coach who is a great coach with a stout D-line and great ground game. And in 07' they had a skyscraper in Plaxico Burress ripping them and Farve not Eli threw a pick in OT to give the Giants the W. And in 11' the Packers D was horrible they not only allowed yards but points too an that's a recipe for disaster if you have no running on offense and a flat defense. This time around they have more then Clay Matthews Nick Perry and Julius Peppers also a linebacker core that swarm to the ball and a running game with not just Ty but Aaron Ripowski. Also Jared Cook who is a big receiver and unlike Finley he run blocks too. An this Packers team has a 2010 feel to it. GB has been in playoff mode since Aaron said "run the table" and Aaron I'm sure is tired of hearing how Eli has the same number of playoff wins as him in Lambeau.

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