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Packers Vs. Giants - First Impressions

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Packers Vs. Giants - First Impressions

My immediate thoughts on the Packers – Giants Wildcard game, the winner advances to play at Dallas next Sunday.


All week we have heard about how Eli will not lose as an underdog (7-0 lifetime in playoffs). I guess the Cubs can never win a World Series and the Cavs will never see an NBA championship, right?

Mike Daniels is so good. He whipped his guy on the Giants initial play from scrimmage and set the tone for the run defense.

Lambeau Field sounds like it is rocking today! This is clearly the loudest it has sounded over the telecast this season.

Beckham helps Packers out with a third down drop, had Burnett beat for a first down. We will take as many drops as we can get!

Mike McCarthy uses a timeout to save a 12 men on field call that would have resulted in a first down and continuation of drive for Giants.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie leaves the field after injuring his knee trying to tackled on a completion to Jared Cook. That could be beneficial for Packers if he fails to return.

Rodgers overthrows Cook on deep throw on 3rd and 2……please just move the chains!

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix lays the wood on Perkins on a flare pass, great intensity on that hit.

Capers brings heavy blitz on third down, but to no avail. Manning hits Shepard deep.

Whew! Gunter torched by OBJ but he drops the ball in the endzone.

Packers hold Giants to 3, but they are leaving Giants receivers open early and often. Also, no pressure at all yet on Manning. 3-0.

Rodgers has all day to throw again with protection from o-line in strike to Jordy Nelson.

Rodgers sacked for 11-yard loss, he held on ball too long and cost the Packers a field goal opportunity. Can’t give away points in the playoffs!

Why are the Giants running at all? I would throw every down if I was facing this secondary with this receiving core.

Stop trying to throw deep downfield, and get rid of the football quicker. It is like the Packers reverted to the offense that was 4-6.

Jordy takes a nasty shot to the ribs on a throw lobbed by Rodgers. It seems like a line drive throw would have resulted in a completion and saved Nelson from injury.

Packers have yet to convert a third down conversion, we are in the second quarter.

Joe Thomas bats down a third down attempt from Manning, Packers hold strong again on defense….6-0.

Why not put Rip in for the series and get him a carry or two? It was effective last week, why not try it again?

Huge mistake by Rodgers, knock them out of field goal range again with an intentional grounding call. Rodgers has cost them the potential for 6 points thus far.

Peppers gets sack on Manning to kill a drive, strip that ball!

Rodgers with his best throw up to this point, completes a laser to Adams who runs right past Eli Apple.

TD! Rodgers hits Adams after his protection gives him all day again for a strike to Cobb! 7-6 Packers.

Julius Peppers seems very active in today’s game, stuffs Perkins for a run. McCarthy calling the dreaded timeout before half, seems like it has burned them multiple times this season.

I stand corrected. Packers with big stop on third down rush to get ball back to offense before halftime.

Hail Yes! Rodgers does it again, this time to Randall Cobb! Packers hitting the hail mary right before halftime, just as the Giants did to them in 2011 playoffs. 14-6.

Packers outplayed thoroughly for 26 minutes, yet they are leading by 8. Wow!

Christine Michael showing great energy and explosiveness through the hole on a few initial carries in the second half. Ride the hot hand!

Waste of timeout early in second half for Packers offense, feels like a punch to the gut every time they do that.

Packers stuffed on 3rd and 1 with Rip’s first carry, appear to be going for it on 4th and inches from their own 42? Not sure I would do that in this situation…….

Wow, rough call by McCarthy. A stretch run on 4th and inches results in big loss, puts defense in a difficult spot.

Randall barely in picture on touchdown to Tavarres King……..Who the heck is Tavarres King? Randall looking for safety help or just beaten badly? 14-13.

Jared Cook showing great effort on his reception, runs through a defender to get the first down. He’s been a factor thus far.

Quick slant to Adams and then a slant to Cobb, quick score for Packers answering the Giants TD. Where have these slants been all day? 21-13.

Huge mistake by Giants Rainey, catches kickoff and accidentally steps out at 3 yard-line instead of letting it go out.

Jake Ryan is playing excellent coverage in this game, showing up multiple times. This time he was all over Will Tye.

Micah Hyde making a different in punt return game, takes ball back to Giants 37-yard line.

Some contact on Rodgers throw to Cobb in the end zone, seems like good no-call. Packers settle for 3, 24-13 advantage.

Jake Ryan is covering OBJ now? Well with help from Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, he shuts him down.

Montgomery takes horrible shot where his body is bent back and knee caught underneath him, hopefully not serious.

Another key third down reception to Adams, wow Cobb and Adams have stepped up today since Jordy’s injury.

Randall Cobb Again! He beat Eli Apple across the middle….excellent protection from the boys up front again. 31-13.

The ball is alive! I was screaming at Joe Thomas to pick it up. As a defender, you always pick the ball up. Clay Matthews with the strip and recovery after erasing the Giants player, there is your wildcard dagger!

Excellent play-action pass out of the inverted wishbone to hit Adams on third and short.

Rodgers misses Ripkowski for touchdown. He completed the pass, but an outside throw would have put Rip into the end zone for his fifth touchdown pass.

Rip Rip Hooray! Ripkowski seals the deal with final pile drive touchdown and monster spike. 38-13.

Damarious Randall with the interception, wish he would have just sat down with 20 or so seconds left. Instead he tries to run it back and trips over his own feet.

That's a winner! 38-13.


On to Dallas….3 more for running the playoff table! 

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marpag1's picture

“I'm trying to keep my chin up... but I can see what's coming.” ---- COW

COW says:
January 06, 2017 at 10:03 am
Rodgers to be average.
1 td
1 pick
1 fumble
4 sacks (3 his fault)

Seems to be his standard playoff performance as of late (last 3 seasons). Don't see that trend changing against corners like NYG's.
Like Dislike -13 points (1 like | 14 dislike)

ARod’s actual results 25-40, 362 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs, 0 fumbles. Passer rating about 125.

Nice call, Beef-Man.

chugwater's picture

I had this game predicted at 23-10 GB. They exceeded my expectations obviously.

I will say Spagnuolo had us guessing for most of the first half. But we certainly had him figured out by the third quarter.

I hate HATE that Jordy is probably out for the rest of the season. Hopefully Adams, Cobb, Allison, and Cook can lead us into the SB.

marpag1's picture

Yeah, the Nelson injury sucks. We'll see how serious it is, but I can't imagine him playing next week. Should have been called a personal foul, but in a way it was self inflicted. Not only did ARod kind of lob it in there, but Nelson bobbled it. If he had caught it cleanly at the first touch, he probably could have protected himself.

Ideally, the Seahags get bumped off by Atlanta, and GB gets past Dallas. If we don't have Nelson, I'd rather play ATL. You don't need much offense to score on Atlanta.

chugwater's picture

Im guessing a cracked rib. Hopefully just a bruise.

Chad Lundberg's picture

That hit was nasty, but let's not jump to any conclusions just yet.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

5 sacks, not 4 as Cow predicted. Probably 3 of them AR's fault. Other than that, Cow's take was completely wrong, as usual.

Clay the 1st's picture

To quote Smiegel from Lord of the Rings, "Cow, go away and NEVER come back."

Marpag let's not forget his other predictions:

1) Ty Montgomery and Jared Cook would never play a down in the regular season.
2) Jordy would have 8 TDs all season and about 800 yards
3) Rodgers has "never been the same" since his torn calf in 2015

Cow you tool with no honor who breaks all promises. Can you have the courtesy to just own up to the fact you you are wrong? You are a soulless troll. I don't like to insult people but you deserve it because you have never come here to actually have real talk about football.

It's going to be hard for the Pack to go all the way and I am sure if they fall you will be right there to drag us down in the mud that is your existence as always. You live for that.

Sorry to CheeseheadTV I am always courteous here but I hope you understand COW is the glaring justified exception.

marpag1's picture

Oh, but don't forget the prediction that Peppers and Matthews would be suspended for PEDs, either...

Or that the Packers would get blown out by the Seahawks a few weeks ago...


dobber's picture

I'm starting to sense some animosity, here...

Gforcetrivers's picture

And the Cheesehead TOOL of the Year Award...goes to...COW!

Jersey Al's picture

This might set the record for most thumbs ups.

Chad Lundberg's picture

Wow. Just WOW. The nightmares of the past can finally EFF OFF! I’ve hated Eli Manning ever since 2007 when he set in motion the event that would eventually lead to Brett Favre playing in Minnesota and humiliating Green Bay. Had that little wimp Eli not gotten away with a victory that day, we might have won the Super Bowl and that would have ended Favre’s career as he would have promptly retired. No Viking drama to deal with. And now, finally, PAYBACK. And God does it feel GOOD!!!

Sure am glad my hunch was right. Me and my bro have been having a BLAST the last 8 weeks! GO PACK GO! And screw the Giants!

DrealynWilliams's picture

Quick question: Why do some fans go into full panic mode so early into the game? Late into the 2nd quarter (before the long completion to Adams) the chat was going insane.

** I'll get to Adams later

stockholder's picture

I'll help you now. I felt this was Adams best game as a Packer. He deserves every bit of the praise anyone can give a WR. For three years I thought he should be able to step in for Nelson or Cobb. This game he finally did. I can finally say he shut me up. Not only did he make clutch catches, he actually proved that his route running was excellent. He showed me, he wants be a force in the offense. His speed was on display this game. He matured into the WR that is expected as a 2nd round pick. I could finally say throw it to Adams.

marpag1's picture

Welcome aboard, stockholder.

DrealynWilliams's picture


dobber's picture

Wow...I'm speechless...

Oppy's picture

This was one of probably 5 or 6 performances at this level. And it wasn't his best.
But hey, better late than never.

Go Pack

Nick Perry's picture

Very nice Stockholder. You and I have had discussions about Adams, even last week or the week before. Nicely said.

Since '61's picture

My first impression is that from the late second quarter until the end of the game the Packers killed the Giants 38-7. I predicted a 30 -13 Packers victory but Rodgers and his receivers were even better than I expected. The Packers defense was excellent, holdings Eli and the Giants in check until Rodgers and the offense got going. There was no looking back and no stopping Rodgers after he hit that 31 yard sideline pass to Adams. He just cut the Giants secondary to pieces. Our secondary held up brilliantly considering their injuries and that our pass rush was moderately successful. Just a great win for the Packers. They are peaking at the right time. Neither the Cowpuffs, Falcons or Seachickens have a defense as good as the Giants. With the way Rodgers is playing that bodes well for the Packers. My thanks to the Giants for the practice. On to Dallas. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

chugwater's picture

Kudos on your prediction.

Any insight to next week?

Since '61's picture

Chugwater - too soon to think about the next game. I'm just enjoying this great win for a few days. Thanks, Since '61

chugwater's picture

Amen. Will check in with you later this week.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

That was like two different games, Giants first quarter and most of the second. Packers took and destroyed the Giants in the 3rd and 4th quarter. I am telling you Rodgers is insane great and should for sure have MVP ballots.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

What a game. They came out flat and then not only made great adjustments but ramped up the intensity. Have to shout out to the O Line. Those guys where awesome.

It was great to see Monty back in there. Hope Jordy is OK.

Can't wait for Ed Hochuli to retire. After watching him for decades I have no conclusion but that the guy hates the Packers.

Wenis's picture

This is the second consecutive game that McCarthy has just nailed it with his play calling. I was thinking in the first quarter that the Packers were Eli's bitch. But damn I was wrong.

Nice heads up play by the Claymaker. I thought he was gonna get flagged for a personal foul until myself as well as many others realized the play was still live.

Farts_After_Wins's picture


LayingTheLawe's picture

How sweet it is

dobber's picture

I might change my name to "Sprays_Lysol_After_Wins".

jh9's picture

This was a strange game, especially for the Packers. The Packers started out playing so poorly they had only 7 yards in the 1st quarter and then ended up having over 380 yards for the game.

Normally, the Packers have a hard time coming from behind. However, they are showing me something different. They are finally closing out games and playing better at the end then they played in the beginning. That bodes well for these playoffs.

AR is playing out of his mind. We are so lucky to have him on our team. I would hate to play against him!

On to Dallas. Go Pack Go!

Rossonero's picture

Adam Czech is smiling somewhere.

Special teams-- overall gets an A-. Great coverage, some nice returns, no mistakes.

Defense -- two turnovers, nice pass rush, secondary held up much better than I thought.

Mike Daniels-- is a beast.

Offense -- Rodgers shredded the Giants. Incredible throws. Just call him Pope Rodgers-- giving out the hail maries.

Christine Michael-- please give him more snaps!

Karma -- payback time for the 2011 hail mary.

Adams and Cobb -- stepping up after Jordy went out.

Cook -- we have been waiting for years for a TE like him!

LayingTheLawe's picture

After a slow start wow. 38 points against this supposedly great defense. It was the 5th straight game over 30 points. It really doesn't seem to matter what defense is in front of Rodgers right now. And that will give them a chance against any body left out there they have to play.

GVPacker's picture

I live in New York and all week long the local papers were trying to draw comparisons to the NY Giants 2007-11 teams, to this current version. I just didn't see the Giants offense being good enough with only Eli and Mr Greasy Yeti Paws (Odell Beckham) as the playmakers. The Packers hung up 38 points on a very good defense thats very encouraging! A Rodgers and Claymaker Thank You for Bitch Slapping Eli and the NY Midgets!

zoellner25's picture

For the start ARod had, to finish with his stat line was incredible, esp in those conditions. Take that COW!!!

Bearmeat's picture

Hope Jordy is ok. We can beat the Cowboys. GO PACK GO!!! GREAT WIN!!!

marpag1's picture

Three negatives, though...

1. Jordy Nelson.
2. Dez Bryant and Julio Jones probably would not drop those passes.
3. The pass rush was a serious disappointment to me. Peppers was good. CM3 had one play, albeit a huge one.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Do those other teams have the caliber of DBs that the Giants have?

dobber's picture

No, but they have better OLs...

Bearmeat's picture

And both have better running games too. HOWEVER, if ARod puts up THIRTY-EIGHT on the hottest defense in football??? He can put up 40+ on anyone.

All the defense has to do is not be a sieve the rest of the way. This offense is HOT.

Man, I hope Jordy is ok.

RCPackerFan's picture

38 points and without his best WR.

Should be MVP!

stockholder's picture

Excellent Job by all the WRs and especially A-Rod. Loved the Hail Mary. What a great play by Mathews. I thought the officials SUCKED. Ny played very dirty.

Rossonero's picture

Yes, I thought Ed Hoculi's crew let a lot of stuff go.

marpag1's picture

Eh, I dunno.... it's playoff football. I'd rather have the refs err on the side of not being too nitpicky. I thought they were OK.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

The face mask on Ripkoski was missed, we won anyways but talk about a lot of stuff that they did not call.

Mojo's picture

The Ripper face mask call was missed because he was in the middle of the scrum where it was tough to see without a telephoto lens.

As far as other calls I thought it was fairly evenly not called on both teams. There was some PI the refs let GB get away with as well. I'm in the camp of let 'em play as long as it's not blatant. Glad there wasn't a flag-fest.

fthisJack's picture

i like it when the refs let em play but you do not let that spearing go without a penalty. that was a dirty play and these need to be erased from the game. stiff fine/ ejection!

craiginator1's picture

That was the most complete game by the Pack this season (so far), despite the offense (ie AR) taking 1 3/4 quarters to get going. I have a hard time finding someone playing poorly for the Pack today. The Giants did not make us pay for the slow start, and I hate to say I don't feel sorry for OBJ and his drops. Eli had great touch initially, and we were fortunate that they did not capitalize. I felt like we weathered the storm and he eventually lost his accuracy. In the meantime, the successful hail mary made me think of just desserts for the end of the 1st half against the Giants in the 2011 playoffs. In the second half, it seemed like AR threw more quickly vs the long ball he looked for early on. In addition to solid defense, it was great to see great special teams fall into place too with a coffin kick-off and good returns on kick-offs and punts. I was hoping we would abuse Marshall Newhouse after all the abuse he let defenses put on AR, but he seemed pretty solid and most of the pressure on Eli came from the left side. Let's hope Jordy, Ty Montgomery, and Blake Martinez can play next week!

Rossonero's picture

It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Onto Dallas!!

tm_inter's picture

Go Pack Go! Let's run the table!

Couch Cleats's picture

Really trying not to be homer here but, DAMN! What this team is doing to really good defenses is tough to ignore.

It seems like the other team can play perfectly for 2 or 3 quarters and still get smoked. I have to believe that every coach left in the tournament wants the Packers (Rodgers) out before they see them.

I know there were dropped passes from NY today but they would not have made up the difference. Packers missed opportunities too in the first half.

This team is dangerous if the D can play as effectively as they did today and Rodgers stays on this level.

dobber's picture

"I know there were dropped passes from NY today but they would not have made up the difference. "

I'm glad we didn't have to find out...

4thand1's picture

I was going to rip on cowpie , but no need, you guys hit the sucky one real good. As for the people who were ready to ride Cobb out of town on a rail...........suck it! I don't wanna hear about how the giants lost their best d-back, we lost ours in the 1st game of the year. AR is the league MVP. GOPACKGO!

pacman's picture

Great team win. I don't know what AR was doing in the first half but I'm glad he got his head on straight again in the 2nd half. Packers receivers certainly made the Giants CBs look bad. This was not the 2011 Giants D but they were well regarded. Why didn't we get more pressure on EM when their O line is supposed to be very bad? What happened to TM's running? I can't believe MM went for it. Getting some run yardage a regular play is not the same as when they load the box against you. We haven't been good at that in a long time. I thought it was going to be a play action pass or AR run. Can anyone defend that call? To be fair, the Giants gave the game away with drops and open misses.

Hope Jordy is ok.

Big challenge coming up with Dallas offense. Score estimates might be 51-50!

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Packers played like the team we all know they can be today. Now comes the long walk over the bridge to the SB. Team needs to win the next 2 on the road.

Next Sunday will be a real challenge, possibly w/o Jordy too, but I really like our chances. Win or lose next week, I'm very pleased with the effort of this team the past 7 games. Go Pack!

TommyG's picture

baring a meltdown by Atlanta (which has been known to happen in the playoffs) The next two games are dome games. Our offense plays so very well in domes.

Norm's picture

Did you know that Aaron Rodgers has more playoff wins at AT&T Stadium than Dak Prescott?

marpag1's picture


RCPackerFan's picture

There isn't much better then a home playoff victory.

The game started out rocky. The combination of the defense and the Giants dropping some balls really kept us in the game. But the Adams drive and the Hail Mary turned the offense around.

Once Rodgers got into a rhythm, the Giants had no answer. And that is one of the highest ranked defenses in the league. Putting up 38 points against them is no joke! And doing so without Nelson for most of the game! Oh and welcome back Cobb!

Very impressive win! Definitely enjoying this one as long as I can!

Tundraboy's picture

What a crazy game. Had hoped to start out fast and put Giants in a big hole but this was even better. With or without Jordy this is a scary O right now. 38 pts and not hitting on all cylinders. Glad Monty is ok. Not so sure about Jordy. Enjoy everyone. Well almost everyone. Bye Cow, see you at draft time.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Well the Refs [email protected]#ked me in the Detroit game right from the beginning. I hope at least some of you saw it. I really thought there was a good chance of a NFC Championship Game at Lambeau. I can't remember a penalty called on Seattle. Without the help from the Refs, I think Detroit could have won that game, or at least covered the 8 pt's. $2 bucks I hated to lose that way.

Not too bad though. I had a Nickel on GB, & two bucks on the Over 45. So, $5 bucks for a Sunday afternoon, I can't kick. I was worried. I had GB-4. The game did go to 5. The Over didn't worry me. I figured everyone was on the Under. Just a Guess that worked.

COW, What do you say now?? What happened to your 1 & done?? I suppose you'll come up with your usual crap next week. Put it on the table. I'll match anything you've got. The Secondary Scares me, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

One more time, MM is a GREAT COACH. Those of you who want him gone are nuts. He'd be out of a job 4 minutes.


[email protected]#k you SEATTLE!! YOU SUCK!!

Mojo's picture

Rodgers is so much better when he goes with the in rhythm quick hitters, especially over the middle. Still his hip-hop side to side back and forth footwork is something to see.

Note to Ted if he remains the GM next year: It's OK to sprinkle in a few talented FA's to the rest of the roster. I'm not talking about the over-hyped over-priced headliners that go in the first few days of free agency. There are quite a few mid-level FA's that can help this team without decimating the cap - you know like Cook.

It was interesting to read McGinn quoting a source that Eliot was steamed when TT passed on some what he thought were worthwhile FA's. Probably a lot in the front office feel the same way.

Anyway a nice win over a pretty good opponent. If Arod sticks with what works he's talented enough to push the Pack past anyone.

fthisJack's picture

Rodgers a sure winner on dancing with the stars with his amazing 2 step! dudes a smooth operator!

Oppy's picture

Great Win!

I placed MM on my sh*t list from the moment he called for the 4th down attempt inside Packers territory, with the caveat "until we advance to the next round of the playoffs". I'm happy you're back in my good graces, Coach. Please don't pull another stunt like that when it's completely unnecessary.

Defensive backfield completely beat to hell, little to no pass rush.. still, this defense is limiting scoring for weeks. Dom Capers deserves a crazy amount of credit for what's been happening.

Lastly, even though Rodgers failed to produce on the play, the Packers saw exactly what it's been setting up to see since week 11- the way those LB's screeched to a halt and skidded to a stop on the fake end around to Janis. That formation is going to net the Packers critical yardage if not a score somewhere during this Superbowl run.

Packers have hung a 30+ points on 3 different top ten defenses in the last 7 weeks. Defense is somehow holding up their end of the donkey. If this offense remains hot, there is not a team that has better than a 50/50 chance to stop the Pack.

Bearmeat's picture

Exactly. GB matches up better with DAL, ATL and SEA than they did with NY. I think we have a VERY good shot to be Super Bowl Bound!

fthisJack's picture

the problem wasn't that he went for it on was the predictable play call.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Maybe it's just me -- but I think that was a setup for a much bigger cause later on down the line (and not necessarily for that game). Wasn't Spriggs an extra "TE" on that play? Either a Naked Bootleg, a bootleg with Spriggs as the lead blocker, or a Pass to Spriggs? I'm just sayin'...

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Oppy, I disagree with your premise of going for it in that situation, although I do understand what your thinking was. Being a Gambler I wanted them to go for that. What I disagree with is the play call in that situation. We didn't have one down to make that 1st down, we had 2. One of those plays you have to put the ball in AR's hand, & probably the 4th down, probably a bootleg or roll out. When we need a 4th down conversion, I want Arod part of it.

I think going for it was the right decision for this reason. At that point we needed to turn things in our favor. It was early enough for the gamble, but if your pissed at anything, Don't run 2 plays in the Heart of the Giants defense. In my opinion, I think it was the right call, but the wrong play.

Even though we are going to the #1 seed, I think we're better off going to Dallas, than to Atlanta. The defensive secondary scares me too, but somehow they are holding up. I honestly don't know how?

Oppy's picture

Respectfully disagree with both of you guys.

Far too tight of a game at that point to risk going for it from your own 42 on 4th down when your offense hasn't been clicking and frankly, you're lucky to have an 8 point lead.

I don't care about the play call, because frankly, even if they would have converted with some other play, it was a reckless decision. The result was the worst case scenario- they gave up easy points in a tight game when they could have forced the Giants to earn a score with a full field to march on.

Ultimately, it's moot because the offense came alive and Rodgers found his groove. However, it could have been a much different outcome. I don't believe going for it was wise and I don't believe to did anything to help the Packers cause.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Oppy, Hindsight is 20/20. Even though our defense has somehow held up, there's nothing saying that we could have punted, & New York could have put together a 99 yard drive. With the health of the GB team, I think we need to try & shake things up when conventional wisdom would say otherwise. Had they made that play, it would have been a big boost for GB. Who knows, by not making it, maybe it helped our defense play better. None of us will ever know. Yes it could have been a killer, but it wasn't. Once again I agree with going for it, but not with the same basic play twice. Arod should have had control of that 4th down. JMO.

Oppy's picture

The thing is, I'm not speaking from hindsight. I'm speaking from my reaction the moment I saw the offense looking to the sidelines to see if MM was going to say "let's go for it."

I immediately said, "no, no, no no no no!"

I try my best to look at the decision and not the results. I did not like the call. I would have punted. That's all.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Oppy, Most of us on this site are Packer Fans, so we can agree to disagree. I don't totally disagree with you. It could have killed us at a time we were sputtering. Had I known the play call, I would have said "Don't Do It" loud enough for MM to hear it. Conventional Wisdom sides with you. There are times when you need to get something jump started. Maybe that wasn't the spot, but maybe somehow that play will help down the road. If they try it again, I hope they come up with something other than up the middle.

TommyG's picture

Watch out, Dallas, here we come!

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