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Packers vs. Colin Kaepernick: Defensive Carnage in a Different Form

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Packers vs. Colin Kaepernick: Defensive Carnage in a Different Form

Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers clearly learned valuable lessons between January 12 and September 8 of this year.

After watching his defense give up 323 rushing yards, including an NFL record 181 to quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Capers leaned on a number of outside resources to ensure the atrocities of last January's playoff disaster in San Francisco wouldn't carry over to Green Bay's season opener against the 49ers Sunday.

He sent his entire defensive staff to Texas A&M for a crash course on the read option. Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Aranda was invited to Green Bay for additional brain-picking.

Viewed through the lens of the run defense, Capers' adjustments worked in Week 1. The Packers lost, but San Francisco needed 34 rushes to gain only 94 yards. The read option was a non-factor. Green Bay shaved nearly five yards a carry off their defensive average from January, and Kaepernick the runner was effectively neutralized (seven rushes for 22 yards, long of 15).

Capers deserves credit for the drastic improvement in stopping the run and containing Kaepernick as a scrambling quarterback.

Instead of playing strictly man-to-man coverages, which Kaepernick feasted on as a runner in January, Capers asked his secondary to play a much higher percentage of zone. By forcing all 11 of his defenders to have eyes on the quarterback, Capers successfully negated the wide open scrambling lanes that come when members of the secondary turn their back to the football in man coverage.

In addition to more zone coverages, pocket containment from Capers' pass rushers was an obvious sticking point in the Packers game plan. Rarely was Kaepernick pressured on Sunday, but it's certainly possible much of that pocket clarity came from Green Bay's decision to be conservative with the rush in exchange for keeping the 49ers mobile quarterback in the pocket.

Keep in mind, Kaepernick rushed for 75 yards and a touchdown off scrambles in January, including three for 53 yards on third down.

However, the same changes that aided in containing the running aspect of Kaepernick's game actually fueled his dominance throwing the football Sunday.

The Packers have never been a good zone secondary under Capers, and the absences of Morgan Burnett, the leader of the secondary, and Casey Hayward, who might be their most instinctive cornerback, crippled Green Bay's ability to handle even a depleted 49ers receiver group. Kaepernick devoured the zone, mostly thanks to the toughness of veteran Anquan Boldin (13 catches, 208 yards) and Vernon Davis, a mismatch for any safety, cornerback or linebacker the Packers currently possess.

Combining a struggling secondary with a neutered pass rush provided the perfect storm for Kaepernick to throw for 412 yards and three touchdowns.

When throwing from the pocket, Kaepernick completed almost 70 percent of his passes for 350 yards and two touchdowns, per ESPN Stats and Information. He relentlessly attacked down the field, connecting on eight of 15 passes that traveled over 15 yards in the air for 212 yards and a score.

The Packers, who used a multitude of spies and disciplined rushing lanes to keep Kaepernick inside the pocket, tallied just two sacks (one of which came when Johnny Jolly escorted Kaepernick out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage) and three quarterback hits despite the 49ers throwing 43 times Sunday.

In essence, Capers traded stopping the run for an increased vulnerability against the pass, and Kaepernick responded by taking his secondary to the woodshed.

It's a tradeoff many defensive coordinators will have to make when facing Kaepernick this season. He's equally dangerous running and throwing the football, and most defenses will struggle to take away both aspects on a given Sunday.

Capers learned that lesson the hard way Sunday. He dared Kaepernick to beat him with his right arm instead of his legs, and the 49ers quarterback responded in kind. The Packers handled the run, but defensive carnage by the hand of Kaepernick was still the end result.

Zach Kruse is a 25-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covered prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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LDickey's picture

This defense doesn't have enough talent to manage all aspects of a talented offense. They try to overcome less talent by scheme but elite teams can and will work around scheme to expose the lack of talent. The Pack D isn't that far off and will handle lessor teams but until they get more talent opposite Matthews, at ILB, and S elite teams will find ways to exploit.

IowaPackFan's picture

Totally agree. The defense did the best they could with the talent we had available today. I think with Hayward and Burnett, the outcome could've been different, but let's also not forget that Crabtree was also not in lineup. I can't imagine things would've been that much different had Crabtree AND Boldin been in the game...

Still, Packers NEED a top tier safety, and more playmakers on the inside. Someone that can cover TEs like Vernon Davis.

bkshimada's picture

Scary thing about that is they are actually the deeper on that side of the ball. I do agree that the D isn't that far off though and expect to see improvements over the year however.

Ron Fourett's picture

I totally agree. Living in Minny were forced to watch the Vikes. I noticed in that game, their d backs never let someone go by them. Every catch a receiver of the Lions made was done in front of the d back and the tackle made immediately.
We all saw our defenders spending the day chasing -with their back to the reciever, the receivers after the catch. That's lack of talent and lack of knowing the zone.

Hank Scorpio's picture

This loss is mostly on Ted Thompson and the personnel dept, IMO. I guess a little can be placed on Capers for not moving Micah Hyde to Safety at the onset of TC. Hyde's skills set screams "SAFETY", IMO. Bumping House to nickel with Hayward sidelined would not be the end of the world.

The Packers back 7 on defense is fine on the outside now that Erik Walden is blowing contain in Indy. I thought the DL was outstanding yesterday and its been a long time since I could say that.

The middle of the back 7 is no good, especially the Safeties. With Burnett in the lineup and Hayward in the slot for nickel, it would have been better. But the lack of depth is not something many coordinators can cover up.

Overall, I can't think of many GMs that are clearly better. But TT's inability to really fix Safety has been an ongoing issue for his entire tenure. And that was a far bigger problem that Capers' choice of game plans yesterday

L's picture

That's a little harsh. TT ideally would be looking at a Safety tandem of N.Collins and M.Burnett, which would be a very good pair of Safeties; unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and as GM he's had other positional concerns and according to his scout team's evaluations -- best talent available during their draft pick -- hasn't lead to another playmaking Safety being drafted - unless you count M.Hyde as someone who's a playermaking type of player who should be a Safety for the Packers (maybe the team will get around to training him there), but isn't that more on MM and his staff verses TT and the scout team?

Anyways, I fully expect this team to focus on Center and Safety as two prominent positions in next year's draft along with TE, WR, LB, and maybe DL - if Raji is allowed to walk.

Hank Scorpio's picture

The fact that the way the drafts have fallen did not leave GB with a Safety is not a very good excuse. Acquiring a vet to shore up a glaring weakness is a viable avenue to improve the roster. While FA is fool's gold very often, it's not a high bar to clear to improve on MD Jennings and Jerron McMillian

I definitely agree that Nick Collins' unfortunate injury was a major blow to the team. Collins and Burnett would be a terrific pair. And I further agree that Hyde is best used at Safety, not CB, which is on the coaching staff, not TT. Further, TT has drafted guys at Safety that have not worked out, which could be on the coaches as well, at least partially.

I wasn't trying to pin the loss on TT's shoulders. His find of Bakhtiari held up fairly well for a rookie making his first start vs SF. They have a pretty deep roster, for the most part. It's just that Safety and ILB are two glaring exceptions to that depth. And that hurt the Packers a ton yesterday.

L's picture

Well McMillian is young and still pretty inexperienced, so there's a good chance that with more playing time he should improve... most important would be to play faster and with more confidence.

Bears Love Cheddar Biscuits's picture

Hyde isn't a safety, doesn't have top end speed to play center field and is undersized at 197. Already too many undersized safeties on this team. I'll take him as a slot corner who can blitz though.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I can't say I understand citing Hyde's lack of speed as a reason not to move him. If he doesn't have the speed for Safety, he sure doesn't have the speed for CB.

Safety is a position that requires less foot speed than CB. Ball skills, instincts and tackling are more important, IMO. Hyde has all those things.

jeremy's picture

(Hyde = Bush)!= NFL CB

RC Packer Fan's picture

If the Packers had won this game, what would today's talk be about?

Zach Kruse's picture

Even a win would be a poor excuse for not addressing how easy Colin Kaepernick made throwing the football look.

Ron Fourett's picture

He also showed all the rest of the QB's how to prepare for the pack. Even a weak armed Ponder will have a ball.
I sure in the packs pea brain's they have this idea if you can rush the QB, you don't need to worry about your dback play. How is that working for them so far?

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

if you were an outboard motor, you would be small and silent.

i'm going to go with semi-ashamed viking fan living near the border?

mudduckcheesehead's picture

I think fully-ashamed Viking fan is more like it. Their team shit all over themselves against Detroit yesterday, and all my co-workers can talk about today is how the Pack lost. What a sad, sorry fanbase.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

It would be about the defense giving up 34 points.

This year has started like last year with no in-game adjustments by Capers and MM.

I hope somebody presses MM at his PC today about his decision thought process on not taking 4th and 1 in the 2nd quarter. I struggle with that.

Ron Fourett's picture

Analyst were talking that Bolden will not have a field day next week against Seattle because their defensive backs are bigger, stronger and more physical than the smallish packer defenders who struggle against the Bolden type receivers.
I thought before the draft that you cannot improve the running, pass defense, db play and O line in one draft. The DB situation will have to be next year I guess.

jeremy's picture

Seattle will play man. Bolden destroyed the Packers zone.

PackerPete's picture

Seattle also has a DL able to shut down the run and go after Kaep. But their O will struggle mightily after what I saw in the Carolina game yesterday.

Lou's picture

Boldin has been a "beast" his entire 11 year career, playing with the best WR in the game in Arizona he didn't get his due. He has hand eye co-ordination like Chris Carter and the body of a top tight end and as the Super Bowl showed, he is clutch. To think they got him for a 6th rounder or so is amazing. Jennings just does not have the size and McMillon underachieved all training camp and was a virtual no show Sunday, he may be the next D.J. Williams as far as expectations and results. Burnett was severely missed, it shows why he got the big extension.

Bearmeat's picture

Relax guys. Get off the cliff. Burnet and Heyward will make a big difference. 49ers got 11 points giftwrapped to them. That won't happen again if these teams meet in the playoffs.

GB will win the next one.

Chad Toporski's picture

Thank you for a voice of reason.

When you game plan all week (and offseason, really) for your best safety to be in the game, then lose him halfway through practices, it's not easy to just press a button and "make adjustments." Players still have to execute, and if you can't tell the difference between scheme and execution, then you should really think twice before announcing your opinion to the world.

packeraaron's picture

You mean like when Ed Donatell's staff went into Foxboro and won with the likes of Matt Bowen and a bunch of other stiffs in the secondary? Sharper and McKenzie were both out. Hell, Bryant Westbrook was signed on Wed and picked off Brady that Sunday.

It's called coaching.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree that Coaching deserves much of the blame. However players have to play, and make plays. Its not Capers fault if players miss tackles or whatever.
This game goes on both the Coaches and the Players. Coaches coach, Players play...

PackerPete's picture

Ahhh, and there we go. I've tried to explain a couple times on CHTV that Whitt is not a good DB coach, and I was ridiculed. Him and Perry are possibly the worst DB coach tandem we've seen here in the last decade. I just can't see any improvement with the talent that's on the team. Or otherwise could someone please explain to me why the secondary looks totally confused even now after it already showed in preseason? Some of the guys don't know how to line up or who to cover, and that has nothing to do with ability and tells you everything about coaching. I had to laugh when they showed Whitt on the sidelines with his little board drawing squiggly lines on it and the confused looks of CBs trying to understand. The next series Boldin burned them again...

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm not necessarily in disagreement, but what about taking Shields, a former WR and turning him into a hell of a CB? We do not win the Super Bowl in 2010 without Shields stepping up and allowing Woodson to do his thing.

Jay's picture

Does Matt Bowen know you just called him a stiff?

PackerPete's picture

he wrote an article on NationalFootballPost and mentioned exactly this game. Admitting that him and Marques Anderson were basically stiffs being asked to shut down the high powered Pats O. And they did.

Chad Toporski's picture

You're better than that, Aaron. Using one single examle to refute a claim is cherry picking. I'm more than willing to discuss things on reasonable terms... But when I see people placing the loss squarely on Capers shoulders for not making "in-game adjustments," I just get sick of the tunnel vision.

I will reiterate... there is a clear difference between scheme and player performance. If you want to submit that the coaches aren't good at preparing the players and teaching them technique, then that's something I might listen to. But if you're just going to blindly sit there and say Capers needs to just call different plays and "adjust," then I'd like to sit down with you so you can tell me all the coverages he called in that game. I'd be willing to bet that no one here can do that.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

I could take a stab at it. You're right....the players need to execute but coaches have to put players in successful positions to execute.That wasn't done in the secondary.

Chad Toporski's picture

I would love to see some analysis of the secondary in this game from professional eyes. So if you have the time, you've got my vote.

I'm just not going to sit here and pass hard judgement on a team or coach without all the information. I am definitely looking forward to watching the coaches tape of this game when it's available on NFL Rewind.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Capers may say he had "double teams" on Boldin but and I believe him to an extent. No receiver gets 13 catches and with extensive "double teams." The key 1st down play to ice the game wasn't a double team. I saw nothing that resembled anything remotely trail technique on Boldin (i.e. undercutting his routes with a defender over the top). As poorly as Jennings and McMillian played I'm not buying what Dom is selling. Were there some bracket coverages? Sure. But certainly not enough. Capers failed to adjust in crucial situations. Plain and simple.

MarkinMadison's picture

Let me sum up your position Chad.

1. Dom creates a brilliant plan all off-season.
2. Days before the game a key piece of the plan is lost to injury.
3. There was nothing Dom could do about it - his only choice was to leave the plan in place with the players he had.
4. When Boldin was shredding the zone he could not make any adjustments at half time.
5. It was not Dom's fault. The back-up safeties needed to execute.

You sticking by that argument?

Bearmeat's picture

Dom has never been an in-game adjustment coach. It's his biggest failing. If what he starts with doesn't work, we're screwed.

He's good at X's and O's during the week.

Ok - let's fire him. Who's running the 3/4 thats out there better right now?

Cow42's picture

I don't know who's better... But I bet there's someone out there who could have done better than 79 points and 1000+' (think about that... 1-0-0-0) yards in the last 2 games.



Chad Toporski's picture

You're not even trying to "understand" my position... You're reading with the intent to reply rather the intend to understand. How can I tell? Because you've inaccurately extrapolated 5 points from my post... points that I never even articulated.

MarkinMadison's picture

Setting aside the hyperbolie, all of the elements are in your original post. Game plan "all week (all off-season really)". Check. Lose key player "halfway through the week." Check. It's not "easy... to make adjustments." Check. Players need to execute. Check. If you want to object to the hyperbolie, that's fine, that's fair. But really, that is kind of the point of satire. It makes us have to deal with the fact that what we think is sound logic is really kind of absurd. You're a smart guy Chad. You know better.

PackRat's picture

Micah Hyde IS NOT Bush. Micah has tremendous ball and tackling skills. His lack of speed will be less obvious with increasing knowledge. Unfortunately, he is best suited to cover/rush from the slot so competition with Hayward for playing time. But Hayward could be out for upwards of a month. The Packers need a very athletic (and tall) safety that can cover. Nick Collins feeling better by any chance.....#keepBushoffthedefense

Cow42's picture

Kaepernick is changing the game.
There is no defense for him.
If you play man he runs.
If you play zone and bring pressure he runs.
If you play zone and rush controlled he picks you apart with his passing.

Imagine him on the Packers.
He would even make their horsesh&t line look good.

I hope they never have to play the 49ers again.


I've already started studying nextbyear's draft.
Packers are in dire need of...


taco's picture

If the Packers offense puts together a game closing drive with 5:00 left they win. It was there for the taking. But they didn't get it done. Kaepernik's got nothing to do with that. He's just another good QB in a league that has several.

RC Packer Fan's picture

How many sacks did the Packers OL give up?
Don't the 49ers have the leagues best DL? I would say the Packers OL played good enough to win.
They didn't lose because of the OL.

I do agree with Kaepernick. He is almost unstoppable. They did an amazing job preventing him from beating them with his legs. They forced him to beat him with his arm and he did.

The flaw with Kaepernick changing the game, is that how many 6'5 QB's are there that can run a 4.4 40 and be as accurate as him? There aren't many in that mold. I agree that he is changing the league but he is the exception not the rule.

IowaPackFan's picture

As much as it pains me, you're totally right about Kaepernick. The only way you can hope to beat him is hope he has an off game and throws 2-3 picks.

As far as needs, I'd throw an ILB in the mix, too. Hawk is not going to cut it for much longer, and Brad Jones is fine but we need an equivalent of a CMIII back there. Someone like Kuechly.

IMO, the order of priority:

TE (assuming we let Finley walk)
OLB/DE - We need someone besides Datone Jones that can generate pressure on the line (I'm not convinced he can win against elite OLs)

MarkinMadison's picture

Good Lord. It's the first game of the season. NO ONE knows what the 49ers will look like in January. They could be even better, or they could suffer injuries and be infinitely worse. NO ONE knows what the Packers will look like in January. Bakhtiari, Barclay, Hyde, etc. could get better (crazy, I know) with a little more experience. Or Aaron Rodgers could have his knee blown out slipping on ice outside the Piggly Wiggly. Talking draft 2014 is nuts.

Cow42's picture

This season is over (ie. no championship this year). Might as well start looking at how to close the talent gap.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yup, season is over.. Might as well rest the starters this season and go and try to get Clowney. All because the Packers lost to the 49ers (widely considered the best team) by 6 points in their house. And also doing it without playing their best football.
Its so hard to remember with them being so bad that with about 7 minutes left in the game the Packers actually had the lead. Since they suck I would have thought they would have been blown out by 30 points.

Stroh's picture

Packers down by 3 w 1:30 left and 9ers had 3rd down. One more stop and Rodgers has the ball w plenty of time to tie or win! Gap has closed and Pack can easily beat 9ers next time. Could have this time except for couple turnovers!

Your 9ers colors are showing cowpie!

IowaPackFan's picture

It's not nuts to realize that we have a gaping hole at safety, aside from Burnett. Even Burnett isn't even a top tier safety.

And do you think the Even Dietrich-Smith is the best we can get at Center? and do you think anyone could come close to replicating what Finley can do at TE?

What I am saying is that if this game is played again in January, and we lose again (for the 4th time), it's going to come down to losing matchups. And we are most weak at the positions I mentioned above. If we're going to compete for a SB year in and year out, we need to improve these positions because that is where the Niners are killing us. They will be top dog until we can do that.

L's picture

Priority wise, I would go...

C: physical specimen/talent is needed!
S: combine a top talent w/ Burnett
DL: if Raji, Neal, Jolly, Wilson, and Pickett all aren't resigned
CB: if Shields departs
WR: if J.Jones departs
TE: if Finley departs
KR/PR: could come from WR, RB, or CB
DL: if only Raji is resigned or everyone other than Raji & Pickett
ILB: if Francios and Lattimore depart
QB: a talented back-up is needed
OLB: could always add talented depth
ILB: if one is kept.
ILB: if both are kept
CB: if Shields is extended
DL: if Raji and Neal are resigned
WR: if J.Jones is resigned
TE: if Finley is resigned
DL: if Raji, Neal, and Wilson are resigned
DL: if Raji, Neal, and Jolly are resigned
RB/FB: added competition and depth
T: Sherrod, Bulaga, & Bakhtiari battle
G: Barclay/Tretter compete at Guard?

...also this hinges on the healthy return of T - Sherrod, RB - D.Harris, G - Tretter, DE - Worthy and their expected effectiveness going into next year. I still fully expect Sherrod to contribute somewhat like a 1st-2nd rounder at tackle. I expect D.Harris to be an effective 1-2 punch at RB for the Pack. I hope that Tretter can provide competition at the Guard position and push for a 53 roster spot. I expect Worthy to perform better than he did his rookie year and show that he was indeed worthy of his 2nd round draft status.

Idiot Fan's picture

This site used to be such an awesome place to come and discuss Packer stuff. Now it's just the same stupid arguments with the same stupid people on every goddamn article.


Cow42's picture

Maybe because the Packers are the same one-dimensional pretenders year after year.

Not every free agent sucks... And they're not all bank-breakers.
You don't have to keep hoarding draft picks. Feel free to trade one every once in a while. How sweet would Boldin be on this team? Instead we used that precious 6th round pick on a ILB who' not even going to be activated on game day.
Feel free to fill a glaring hole with a competent veteran instead of a 22 year old understated guy.

Stop f¥cking wasting Rodgers' prime years.

This is getting ridiculous.

Idiot Fan's picture


Bugeater's picture

Glad to see you're on top of the draft! Keep up the good work - and feel free not to post again until March with the results of your intense investigation.

Me, I plan on holing up in front of the TV every week and watching my favorite team play. Heck, they might even get lucky and win another Super Bowl!

Cow42's picture

Zero chance of that happening.... Winning the Super Bowl that is.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Kaepernick is changing nothing. You just saw why the read option will be nothing but a fad. Destroy the mesh point and call it a day. Kaepernick took advantage of an over reaction to the read option by Green Bay and fear of a running QB instead of playing down & distance percentages and personnel mismatches. He's no better than Cunningham....slightly worse in the passing department.

MarkinMadison's picture

Kind of reminds me of an old military saying, "Never fight the last war."

And IdiotIowa (damnation, why do you have to be from Iowa) if the season is over and the Super Bowl is out of reach, then why is it that in recent years the Packers (once) and Giants (twice) have won it all from the Wild Card slot.

mark's picture

Bob McGinn used ZERO subtlety in placing blame for yesterday's defeat:

1) Coaching

"Just as coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman had to make do without Crabtree and Manningham, McCarthy and defensive coordinator Dom Capers had to find ways to compensate for the absence of safety Morgan Burnett and nickel back Casey Hayward....

It should be rather obvious which coaching staff did a better job."

2) Free Agency

"Boldin was that good, a one-man wrecking crew if you will, in the 49ers' hard-fought 34-28 victory over the mediocre Packers.

Unlike the Packers, whose only veteran newcomer to their roster is Seneca Wallace, the 49ers and general manager Trent Baalke use every personnel avenue in building a team."


The bottom line: having a black hole at strong safety and zero pressure on the QB is this team's recipe for yet another early and inevitable post season exit.

Getting Burnett back will help, but it's time for Thompson and McCarthy to admit that McMillian and Jennings are not the answer, but the problem.

It's also put up or shut up time for Mike Neal, Nick Perry and Datone Jones. Yes, Datone has one game. Yes, Perry was hurt most of last year. Yes, Neal is learning a new role. But the time for the Packers is NOW. And these guys need to grow up fast. No more bullshitting. If they don't contribute, if at least one of the three doesn't emerge as a true difference maker, it'll be another early exit for Green Bay.

ma linger's picture

I had to read your name because I thought I wrote that comment.
What it comes down to is TT is playing cheap ball trying to avoid expensive free agents who in my opinion come in and help immediately. He is giving away high draft picks for more late round picks and were paying the price.
I totally agree that until I see Perry move his ass, Datone do some penetrating, and well Worthy was a bust before we drafted him, expect zilch from him forever. It was all Mathews again.

Stroh's picture

Nevermind that Harbaugh had all offseason to adjust to losing Crabtree Manningham while we had hours to adjust to losing Burnett and days for Hayward! What a bunch of crap.

mark's picture

It's tough sledding for Ted Thompson. The guy has done an absurdly good job building a year-over-year contender in Green Bay. Some moves go bust. That's football. But so many, many more of Thompson's moves (Rodgers, Clay, Cobb, Jennings, Finley, Collins, Heyward, Grant, Shields, Tramon, Lacy, Jordy...the list is a mile long) seem to hit.

I think it's healthy to examine and be critical of football decisions in Green Bay, and I think McGinn and others (including me sometimes) get frustrated knowing just how close we are.

But it's just too tough to win all the time in the NFL. Too many positions to not have a few weaknesses. Too many teams trying to do the exact same thing you want to do. It's great to be a part of a franchise that aims high and expects excellence. But real life is about wins and loses. Some guy Vince used to talk about that.

This Packers team has already been to the mountain top. Since then they've had challenges. Careers have ended, people have retired, they've lost, been knocked down. But eventually, I think, this team is going to get up and they will rise again. And it will be and feel more meaningful than before precisely because of the loses, the pain and the perseverance.

Go Pack Go.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Can the nickname "Domfounded" please stick? I think its well deserved!

Hands's picture

Last year the Colts did the same thing to Green Bay w/ Luck to Wayne. I may be wrong but didn't happen again once they saw what Heyward gave them from the slot. He took away those crossing middle passes along with Burnett. Take both away and now add Bush???? What should we expect? Surprised that Bush played over whoever. The Packers have another month before this is finally put to bed or until Heyward is healthy. Until then, another player needs to step-up or out score some teams.

ma linger's picture

I still say most div IA people were there in the later rounds for a reason. You cannot expect a 5'9, not fleet of foot and so so tackler to be able to go against the fleet 6'3 receivers running in the spread options. For example, the Vikes drafted a guy named Smith who is Div I, 6'2, fast an a bone crushing tackler. He is always in position and makes good plays. A real force to deal with.

My point: he was an early round pick. All the good ones are. You make your defensive bed in the draft. We went with 5th rounders.

VApackerfan's picture

You're right, you can't get quality players in later rounds of the draft...It's just impossible. Just play Madden career mode and you can understand this.....roll eyes

4thand1's picture

When you have 2 or 3 superstars on your roster its gonna be cap hell. Wait till the niners have to start paying all their pro bowlers. Products of crappy seasons and high picks.What is Kaepernick making? lmfao, just wait. They better win the big one soon. ITS THE FISRT-UCKING GAME! If they end up 0-3, then some heads should roll.

Cow42's picture

0-3 is a very real possibility.

VApackerfan's picture

So is 6-10 according to you. SF was the elite team of the NFL according to you. Losing to them on the road by 6 points, with a botched ref call etc. means nothing to you. It's all gloom and doom from here on out.

4thand1's picture

Boy Redskins look like shit. Fire everyone.

VApackerfan's picture

No, the firing mentality only applies to the packers. Every other team can make in season changes, not us. According to cow, the redskins are supposed to beat us, then the bengals. Redskins looked really good cow right? Lol!

Cow42's picture

Wash had trouble... Philly's defense is better than ours.
Packers will need to score 35 to win.

VApackerfan's picture

Oh b/c people have been raving about the Eagles pre-season, haha....Everyone DID talk about the Texans. They're choking right now to the Chargers. Oh I forgot, the Chargers are now amazing.

Idiot Fan's picture

Holy crap is that wrong. I live in Philly and get to see the Eagles play plenty. They are in the first year of a transition to 3-4, have six new starters, are trying to get Trent Cole (a very good 4-3 DE) to play OLB, have nobody like CM3 or Raji, and have a young, inexperienced secondary. If their defense was our defense, you would be calling it the worst in the league.

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"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
"The Bears still suck!"
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "