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Packers To Release Al Harris

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Packers To Release Al Harris

According to a report from Jason Wilde of, the Green Bay Packers plan on cutting ties with cornerback Al Harris:

The team plans on releasing the two-time Pro Bowl cornerback on Monday, the deadline for deciding his fate after three weeks of practicing with the team.

“Yes, that is what they are going to do,” Harris said in a text message late Sunday night. “I lost my job to injury, but I have only good things to say about Green Bay and everyone I worked with.”

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Joel's picture

He will be missed. Good luck Al! You are a true inspiration!

jack in jersey city's picture

wow! shocking although i kind of saw it coming over the past week or so. best of luck to al. he's a great player and was a fantastic player for the packers!

Ryeguy812's picture

Sad day. A professional and Packer person.

PresidentRaygun's picture

Ahhh....doggamn! One of my favorite Packers released after an injury that would have ended many careers.

I was really, really looking forward to his return. At least Sam Shields is playing well, but this is just a bummer. I was hoping he's take Pat Lee's IR spot.

andrew's picture

this is smart yet stupid.. its good to let him go so he can possibly go play somewhere else for another year or two however long he has left...
but at the same time.. if a corner gets hurt we are going to be missing al and everyone is going to be really upset about this.. unless he remains on the free agency list for a while.. nd who knows if that will happen
the cowboys really need some help in the secondary... aha wouldnt be suprised if we saw al wearing blue and silver

nerdmann's picture

He'll be a Viking by Wednesday. (We do play them in two weeks after all.)

Chad's picture

I would hope that the Lions grab him first if he does get waived.

lebowski's picture

This makes me sad.

JT's picture

Sad day in Packer Land. There is only one Al Harris he will be missed dearly.

Jimbo's picture

What a shame. Tramon has played well in his place, but it is still sad to see him go. A Packer icon and one of my favorites to wear the Green and Yellow.

Hasselbeck - "We want the ball and we're gonna score!"

Harris - "Oh no you did not"

Sam's picture

Ahhhhhhhh man, I can't believe that Al will not be a Packer anymore. Thanks for all the great memories, will always remember that pick against Seattle in OT. You will be missed. Good Luck where ever you land.

jamitch45's picture

That Al Harris pic 6 in overtime play-off against Seattle - one of my gonna go down in history all time favorite Packer games.

Al brought style and dreads to the game of football.

titletown96's picture

What a dumb move. Why not cut one of those new linebackers we just acquired? Brandon Underwear, or Pat Lee?

Its not like Al was expecting to unseat a young player that's playing hot right now. Now the Packers have to eat what's left of his contract?

No doubt he'll be wearing purple by this time tomorrow. Sad..

aussiepacker's picture

very sad but i guess that's how it goes these day's. He will be missed.

alfredomartinez's picture


nerdmann's picture

Can they IR him, then release him AFTER the Queens game? For real.

MarkinMadison's picture

That would be less fair to Al. He's been a class act. He deserves to be given the chance to play right now if he wants to.

Jayme's picture


Mark's picture

Unfortunate this couldn't have ended differently. I'm glad there isn't animosity. This is a tough game and the room for sentiment is limited. Youth is served at times at the expense of age and injury. Al Harris remains an inspiration.

Jack's picture

Great player. Classy guy. We'll miss you AH.

Chris's picture

That is sad. Al Harris did everything the Packers could have asked of him. I know that he has a pretty high salary for the 3rd CB on a roster, but if they keep him this long why not stick with it. I hate seeing him picked up by the Vikes to pick his brain, then released again after the game.
Anyway, classy guy, I wish him the best.

Tommyboy's picture

I'm honestly surprised. I mean, I get it - it's a little excessive to pay that much to a dime back, but in a season where depth has been the major problem, this sort of surprises me. Maybe he looked bad in practice.

nerdmann's picture

Maybe Shields just looks really really good.

Chad's picture

I'm going to wait until I hear it from the horse's mouth before I comment too deeply.

You would think Harris is a little more valuable than Lee or Underwood. Though perhaps his age, injury, and lack of long-term promise are the deal-breakers.

ZeroTolerance's picture

It's now official.

Josh's picture

Serious;y? are they doing this so they can pay Tramons new contract? It makes no sense to take an up and down rookie over a proven veteran and a true packer...sad day for me

JerseyPackFan's picture

Gonna miss those dreadlocks hand checking all the way down the sidelines. You were a one hell of fan favorite and you will always be a Packer Al!

nerdmann's picture

The Predator!

bigfog's picture

Not the news I wanted to hear. One of my favorite players. I've got a ton of respect for this guy.

hyperRevue's picture

Yeah, I don't really get this. Everyone keeps talking about Sam Shields' play when talking about Harris, but why would he necessarily be the nickel back? He may not an upgrade over Shields, but what about Lee or Underwood? Would he not provide excellent depth?

MarkinMadison's picture

How would Al react to being a dime back? Wouldn't it become a locker room issue sooner or later? These guys are competitors, and even the best of them will chaffe on the bench. He's too good for someone not to pick him up on waivers before the Vikings would get him. He's too classy to bury on our depth chart.

hyperRevue's picture

I really have no idea. But Harris doesn't strike me as the type of guy to cause issues (maybe I'm totally off-base with that, who knows).

Aaron touts the special teams angle - Harris doesn't play ST and Lee/Underwood do. And I get that. I'm not saying cut either of them, I'd make room for Harris by cutting Francois or Quinn Johnson.

You can never have enough quality DBs.

PackersThad's picture

Agreed. I really don't think you can have enough quality DB's. I can only think that he is potentially being released because he didn't want to accept a role as a dime back.

hyperRevue's picture

Either that or he's just not healthy.

PackersRule's picture

I wonder if it's because he didn't want to accept playing the 3rd CB position?

Zub-a-Dub's picture

I had a feeling last year that the combination of age and the injury may lead to the Pack making this decision. I stated last year that I hope this does not end badly for both Al and the Packers with hurt feelings and pride.

Can't help but wonder if DD's performance did not influence TT's and MM's decision making. Age seems to have caught up with DD with his high salary, where Jones, Nelson, and Swain seem to be able to perform as well if not better in DD's absence.

There is a certain risk in keeping guys over the age of 33 on the roster, usually with big contracts, as opposed to youth with a future to build on and usually less injury prone.

MarkinMadison's picture

The truth hurts. There's a reason why the 49ers never used to keep anyone over 30. Better training only takes it so far.

TPacker's picture

When the packers were winning Super Bowls near the end of the 60's Jerry Kramer wrote how that they were one of the three oldest teams in the league (along with the Colts, and if I remember right the Giants) and how during that same period they were also the three best teams. Experience pays.

jeremy's picture

That totally different in every way conceivable.

TPacker's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

Players we've loved who may not be back next year, based on age, productivity and the adage of "availability and accountability," in order of probability:

Lee, D.

If the Packers draft an RB high then I think that Grant's return becomes a bit more questionable. If Swain steps up and JJ finds consistency, then I think that Driver's return becomes a bit more questionable. If Green continues to produce, then I think Pickett becomes expendible. Barnett has had season-ending injuiries two out of the last three years, and Bishop is playing well. If Hawk steps up, or restructures his contract, or if they even just think Hawk and Bishop complement each other really well, Barnett could be viewed as expendible. I think that Clifton and Tauscher are foregone conclusions at this point. I think that Lee is as well, mostly because of the depth behind him.

hyperRevue's picture

I think Tauscher is a foregone conclusion, but Clifton has been playing very solid as of late. I wouldn't write his obituary quite yet.

And they just re-signed Pickett. He's not going anywhere. Ditto for Driver.

I think Tauscher and Lee will be gone.

Chris's picture

Agree on:
Lee, D.

Disagree on the rest:
- Clifton
Showed that he can hold the spot if he is healthy. Have to wait and see how his health looks like at the end of the season.

- Barnett
Still the best all around MLB

- Pickett
- Driver
Both just signed new deals, they are not going anywhere

- Grant
Are you kidding? He fits the Packers offense. Plus look around the league the last years. Running backs who come out of college these days with the spread offense need a while to get used to the NFL.

AJ Hawk
Quinn Johnson
J. Harrell (I really hope they get rid of him, he wont make it through a season anyway)

jeremy's picture

Hawk will be gone, his 2011 contract number of 10mil is prohibitive. The play of Bishop is sealing his release.

MarkinMadison's picture

It's an order of probability list. If I had to draw a line, I'd draw it in the middle, right below Lee. But yes, I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility for any person on that list to be gone next year. We all know that contracts aren't guaranteed, and guys with new contracts can always be traded to recoup some value for the signing bonus. I didn't include Hawk, Johnson or Harrell because I was focusing on guys who I thought were turning 30 or over off the top of my head. I didn't include Woodson on the list because if he was traded or cut that would truly shock me.

nerdmann's picture

Green's at least as old as Pickett, plus has a weight problem.

cpheph1's picture

"Players we’ve loved who may not be back next year, based on age, productivity and the adage of “availability and accountability,” in order of probability:

Lee, D.
Driver" [/excerpt]

Tauscher & D.Lee are good possibilities but Tauscher wouldn't be a bad back-up & mentor to have...same could be said for D.Lee too... I don't see Clifton, Pickett, or Driver being released under most circumstances. Clifton is worst case an excellent, albeit expensive, insurance policy at LT. Grant is probably released in the scenario you present... Obviously AJ will have to restructure and they're going to have to pay Bishop before they can even consider releasing or trading Nick Barnett...

Ruppert's picture

Thanks for everything, Al. You did one hell of a job here all these years. Good luck to you.

I hope this is all about his health, and I would bet it is. Can you really ever have too many good d-backs, especially these days?

jeremy's picture

I'm going to go against the grain and say this is a questioable move. I don't usually disagree with TT. Maybe Al just can't get ready to play, but there is no guarantee that Tramon will resign next season. Then we're faced with Bush or Lee at nickel.

hyperRevue's picture

I don't think that opinion is really going against the grain. Just sayin'

hyperRevue's picture

I'll also add that I don't think Tramon is going anywhere. If they have to franchise him, they will.

jeremy's picture

Are we sure there will even be Franchise tags right now with the CBA expiring?

hyperRevue's picture

Yeah, I had that thought after I posted that. I'm not sure.

Ron LC's picture

I'm waiting to hear an official announcement, until then I'm not going to believe it. I know that's putting on my rose colored glasses,but what the hell!

foundinidaho's picture

I'm utterly crushed. This sucks.

pittpackers's picture

Al Harris is a class act and a leader. He will be missed. Good luck and god speed, Al.

Coral's picture

Al will be greatly missed! I was really looking forward to his return. I wish him well no matter where he goes, well except if he goes to purple land, then it's rivalry as usual.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Official now as per Packers site.

Asshalo's picture

Just after we should be praising the brilliance of Ted Thompson, he does another controversal move. Funny thing is, if he would have cut him this past off-season no one would have cared.

I would have liked to see him remain with the team through the end of the season because you can never have too many quarterbacks. But, much remains to be seen whether this was a good decision. In the meantime, Ted deserves the patience on this matter and praise on the roster.

JoePackersNYC's picture

Thanks for being a consumate Packer, Al. Best of luck wherever the road leads you next.

Al handled the exit with grace and regardless of what MM or TT saw or didn't see in practice, it's a classy move by them, I think. Like a bunch of you have already said, it gives Al a chance to play now and end his career on his terms. At 36, the guy doesn't have many bullets left.

Sad day.

BLACK HAWK's picture

A real solid corner and class act for many years, unfortunately Al has been in a downward spiral since Plaxico Burress dominated him in the NFC Championship game. Since that game, opposing Offense Cordinators have attacked him the same way.

Best of luck Al.

Jacob's picture

kinda bad news to hear for monday. Sad to see one of my favorite players to go. All i know he is going to do great were ever he lands

nerdmann's picture

Two years in a row with major injuries. Could be breaking down physically.

Dan Cornwell's picture

It's a sad day to see Al Harris go even after a very impressive victory last night against Dallas. With Atari Bigby coming back, the packers will get another one of their big playmakers on the field and Sam Shields seememed to prove himeslef against a strong cowboys recieving core. Hopefully Harris makes his way with another team (outside of the NFC north)and continues his great career.

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