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Packers to Re-Sign TE Marcedes Lewis

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Packers to Re-Sign TE Marcedes Lewis

Adam Schefter has reported that the Packers will be bringing back TE Marcedes Lewis for another season. 

Lewis was signed by the Packers last year with the assumption he would be a key cog as a blocker in the run game. As you all know, Lewis hardly played, leaving many wondering why thy bothered making the move in the first place. 

With a new head coach in town, one that considers Lewis' skillset an important part of his offensive scheme, the hope is that Lewis can become more of a contributor than he was in Mike McCarthy's offense.

Lewis made some news earlier this off-season when he made some public comments about the apparent disconnect between McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. Among other things, Lewis said that Rodgers "had his own set of things that he wanted to do," and McCarthy was the same way, adding that "I just think there was a little dysfunction."

This could make for an awkward "uh, hello Aaron" moment in the locker room when OTAs start.


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Ryan B Dub's picture

The man is old, but the man can block. Definitely enjoy seeing this guy on the field. Here is to utilizing his talents this year.

sam1's picture

Old at 33, wait until he to is 73 say old. Been a Packer fan here since 1958!

Skip greenBayless's picture

That explains everything. You're excused.


Nick Perry's picture

That wasn't even remotely funny Dash... Common dude WTF?

Skip greenBayless's picture

It wasn't meant to be funny. It was meant to be a total well deserved put down. All the guy has done is attack and mock. I don't care if he's old. I'm old too.


sam1's picture

Then about time you grow up if you are old!

sam1's picture

That was a put down? I am old so truth is a put down? Oh my!

sam1's picture

Seeing there really is none for you it is understandable you constant rudeness and attempts at being a comedian! Stick with the Vikings, they are your kind!

Skip greenBayless's picture

Hey old Dawg, yeah you!! I am getting tired of you and your assinine comments about being a Vikings fan. Can you try something else you idiot. You can't be this stupid to actually believe I'm a Viking fan. If you want to continue to be an ass at least call me a Bear fan. They are the team I enjoy watching now. I hope Green Bay can emulate them.


Jonathan Spader's picture

Q - What do Viking fans and Dash have in common?

A - They both like to toot their own horns!

sam1's picture

Go to bed if you are tired! Viking fan or not they deserve your kind!

John Kirk's picture

Dash... I'm back for one post only. I got wind of your abuse here and your frustrations.

May I offer you a FREE ticket to the Browns Super Bowl train?

Come follow the team with the GM the Packers should've hired but couldn't because he wasn't the right "fit" meaning Magic Mark's minion.

Real Green Bay went to Cleveland while pseudo-Green Bay was created by Magic Mark. A weak Gutekunst and an even weaker hire at HC.

You deserve to follow the team that Green Bay should be. Dorsey makes bold moves that this regime never will. Don't you find it laughable that what Brian did by signing four mediocre players is hailed as "aggressive" and "going for it". Look at Cleveland... Let's compare the 4 moves of Green Bay's vs. the 4 of Cleveland's:

Olivier Vernon, Sheldon Richardson, OBJ and Kareem Hunt. Hunt, Mayfield and OBJ cost around 27 million. Adams and Rodgers are nearly 48 million, alone.

The Browns added four difference makers. The Packers added "ascending" players with no pedigree. Hope and wishes that they're better than the slop that was here. Relatively speaking the Packers did improve because they were so freaking terrible previously. A level up from terrible isn't fixed or a thing to be excited about.

Mike Pettine is the only man on staff in Green Bay and I wouldn't be shocked that he's the head coach in a year.

The Browns are the ascending team in this league. Already, better than the Packers in 2018, they hit the turbo, while the Packers chose to reset their cruise control another 5 mph faster.

Come be a Browns fan. Mark Murphy tore the uniqueness from the Packers and corporatized them and installed himself as de facto owner. That's not Green bay. Not being able to hire Dorsey because he wouldn't be subservient to Magic Mark is not Green Bay. Hiring a coordinator with the presence of the most effeminate man possible and coordinator of a horrific offense is not Green Bay. This is Magic Mark's outfit not the Green Bay I left. Almost 40 years of loyalty to the Packers I gladly flushed because of Mark Murphy... the man who sat there laughing at LaFleur's intro presser about Matt sincerely asking him a question about when he was going to make a decision on the hire. Matt just wanted to know for his family's sake. Magic Mark sits up there with his stupid grin and false bravado and full on narcissism and says...he just made up some bull*hit. He says this right after he talked about what the Packers stand for and how Matt will fit and all about the trust. What trust can Matt ever have that Mark will ever shoot him straight after that kind of an answer and the total disgusting way he answered the question. He basically said Matt, you don't matter at all. I'm Magic Mark. The Packers king. I can toy with you and make up answers to questions and laugh about it while I know how important my answer is to you and your family.

Don't follow a team that is only nominally the Green Bay Packers now. You don't deserve it. The hive mind doesn't care. It'll brag about the uniqueness and the good family nature of the organization but it's a full on corporate sleaze operation with Murphy at the helm.

Come to Cleveland where there's a real GM and the most honest and transparent and likable head coach in the NFL. That's not even mentioning Mayfield and that machine of an offense that has been assembled and that DL with some solid back end.

Cleveland is so much better than Green Bay and there's an aura around them. Green Bay is a rubble organization existing on mirages and platitudes from the past. Nobody will look closely enough to see what a joke 1265 has become.

All aboard the SB train. I have your ticket, Dash. Don't get stuck in Magic Mark's wasteland and be called an idiot for telling the truth.

Adults choose what they wish to allow. They don't act like children and just follow their parents. The Packers ain't your parents. Choose better. Choose Cleveland. It's a lot like Green Bay but so much better.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Hey Kirk, just so you know I copy and pasted what you said here and put it on the most current article of today... Packers Draft Special: Re-setting Team Needs..... because that's where the majority of the people are. They won't even see what you wrote here if I didn't do it.

Loved what you wrote. Pulitzer type material IMPrO. I do hope you find time in your schedule to come back here from time to time and fight the good fight. For the record, I love what Cleveland (and Chicago) are doing. Two exciting teams. We used to be those teams. Not anymore. Mike Pettine is my lone guy I trust that is left on this team. The Packers are living on a prayer at this point.


stockholder's picture


GBPDAN1's picture

Welcome back ML. Hope he got paid league minimum

4thand1's picture

Maybe he'll get to catch a few passes in the new system.

Coldworld's picture

Obviously the Packers think he can still play, which underlines the questions over his lack of usage last year.

Hopefully he can get into blocking rhythm and run some of that off on Tonyan as well as catching a few passes when opponents least expect it.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Well he better block because he isn't getting the football thrown to him any time soon. You make Rodgers look bad in the public eye and you will pay dearly.


Jordan Rodgers

Ferrari Driver's picture

Spot on Dash; he seems to be a bit of a grudge holder.

albert999's picture

He’ll be cut after training camp or traded

The TKstinator's picture

That’s silly. Jordan’s not even on the team!

albert999's picture

That’s for sure

Coach JV's picture

This bodes well for drafting a good TE early. This is surely a veteran minimum deal. It gives us a good blocker and someone to mentor that early draft pick. He worked with Hackett in Jax for years and knows the wide zone blocking scheme. He will help with this transition.

I know we paid JG his bonus... but he could still be a cap casualty post June 1 if we hit big on a rookie. (Or if we need more $$$ for a FA now).

Guam's picture

I go the other way on this signing Coach. With three TE's already signed including a blocking TE for MLF's running game, I am not at all sure they pick a TE early. I think other needs start to move up in priority and they are more likely to pick OL, DL, ILB and safety before they pick a TE (of course, depending on how the draft falls).

If they don't resign Wilkinson, I think they have a serious need on the D-line. They have two quality players in Clarke and Daniels, but then have three rotational players (Lowery, Adams and Lancaster) for the remaining spot. A third starting grade D-lineman would be very helpful.

Coach JV's picture

I see where you're coming from... however it takes TE's 2 to 3 years to develop into really good NFL TE's. It's one of the hardest offensive positions to learn well. I think that now is the time to draft one... ML and JG don't have 3 more years. This will put Tonyan and a draft pick in play to be starters in 2020 and beyond.

albert999's picture

Why hasn’t a reporter gotten to Rodgers on one of his commercial sets to ask about the signings in FA that haven’t signed yet

Uncle Albert

Skip greenBayless's picture

I'm so sorry Uncle Albert but there aren't any reporters anymore. The Carl Kolshak's of the world are long gone. Everyone does their reporting from Twitter. If they can't get news they want, they simply make it up and claim "anonymous sources". Sad days we are living in.


sam1's picture

Like yours?

Old School's picture

True facts. I’m old enough to remember when it was different.

Lewis can block....let’s make teams stop the run before they get to try to stop the pass.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'd like to see if MLF can actually use Lewis properly.

The TKstinator's picture

As in, blocker gotta block?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah, or blocker looks like they gonna block, then gives the defense something to think about.

Coldworld's picture

For “properly”, might as well insert “at all”.

Tundraboy's picture

I don't think MLF will be as pig headed as that other guy. Might have more than one idea how to use a lot of others as well.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

Lewis had more TD catches (5) his last year in Jax than he had receptions (3) with the Packers last season. New ideas seemed to have revived the career of Eric Ebron with the Colts..

Community Guy's picture

glad to see Lewis back.. he fits a need. also, it shows maturity in the Packers org to get past an inconvenient interview. this year, i would like to see Rodgers target Lewis without bias.. they are just two pros working for wins.

mamasboy's picture

Lewis shouldn't feel awkward about spitting out the truth. If Rodgers doesn't like it, tooooooo bad!

nostradanus's picture

Glad the Big man is back, him and the Rodg are just fine and now the Packers have a coach that actually knows how to use Tight Ends.

Gutey is making some good moves which provides reason for hope.

Hope is good

That is all...

The TKstinator's picture

“Stay classy, GB” > “That is all”

crayzpackfan's picture

Mark Chumera is climbing out of his hot tub now to help Hockenson become a stud

SterlingSharpe's picture

Funny but there is no "e" in Chmura.

The TKstinator's picture

Hide the teenage girls.

HankScorpio's picture

So now they can cut Jimmy Graham, right?

Nick Perry's picture

I'm glad he's back. I can remember a few plays where Jones ripped off some nice runs because Lewis was actually ON the field and made a key block to spring him. The guy is a BEAST in the run game AND was pretty damn good the year before he got to GB in the red-zone.

Hopefully Al Rodgers isn't so petty he's pissed at Lewis for calling it like he saw it and speaking the truth. Especially since Rodgers does it every damn game with his glares at teammates on the field.

Tundraboy's picture

Excellent point NP

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

If Rodgers is pissed at Lewis and is unable to show maturity by not throwing to Lewis (I doubt it BTW) the coaches will deal with it should Lewis be open and best option. However, if the bias about throwing to him continues maybe Lewis 'slips or stumbles' during a hot blitz against a stud pass rusher. When Lewis goes to help Rodgers up after the play with a smile on his face it likely would cure any future bias don't you think?

Of course...I am joking and would hope it would never happen!

Skip greenBayless's picture

"Hopefully Al Rodgers isn't so petty he's pissed at Lewis for calling it like he saw it and speaking the truth."

But he is petty Nick. Everyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past 10 years knows this. Petty is an understatement. He takes petty to an entirely new level. The signing of Marcedes Lewis was the front office first mistake of the new regime. I think he can help in the running game but with Rodgers, it won't matter. He'll remember what he said til the day he dies believe me. I honestly agree with Uncle Albert. I don't see him making this team. He gets cut and it will be because Aaron Rodgers wants him off the team and loathes him at this point. There's no turning back. This is Aaron Rodgers' team. What Rodgers wants and doesn't want, Rodgers gets.


sam1's picture

Yes he did throw some nice blocks when he got to play and show his wares!

A Pickled Packer's picture

Does this mean we go into hock on the first pick and take Hockenson or do we take the chance and wait at 30. Can see us trading back a couple spots and still get him with an extra pick to boot.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Be interesting to see!

Outside of likely White at ILB I personally think they are going to select a big body at #12 whether defense or offense. My prediction is most likely a DL/edge rusher. They are just too hard to get and if they hit on the right one they have a top player for the next 8+ years. Someone to pair with Clark for the foreseeable future would be nice.

While a good player I think Hock has been built up on here to be more of a player than he really is. I see him anywhere at or after #25 in round 1. Fant is the higher rated player but of course the type of offense could factor in. However, think about it....the Packers re-signed Lewis for a reason don't you think? They want a good blocking TE. The Packers drafted Graham for a reason and he really did not split the middle of the field the way they hoped including being a TD machine in the red zone. It is clear to me if they draft a TE high it is going to be Fant who is much more athletic, stronger, faster, and has ability to split the middle of the field with his 4.5 speed. Fant is essentially a hybrid WR playing TE and most likely why the Pack will not draft a WR anywhere high in the draft. will be Fant before Hock if the Pack drafts a TE high. I agree the Pack would likely try to drop down 2-4 selections in round 1 if possible in order to select their TE.

Jordy Rocks's picture

People need to be accurate about how good Jermichael Finley really was and how Jimmy Graham really was. Expectations get set too high and memories become separated from reality. Compare the stats from the 2. Finley in his last full season (2nd best overall) vs. Graham last year:
Finley 2012 - 61 Catches, 667 yards, 2TD
Graham 2018 - 55 Catches, 636 yards, 2TD
Graham played with a broken thumb for the back 1/2 of the season. Graham could have definitely been better but he gutted through a broken thumb. The argument that Finley or Cook were so much better is inaccurate.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Glad he's back in Green Bay. He wasn't given enough playing time to prove what he can bring to the table for the Packers. He deserved another chance to showcase his skills and talent. MM had no clue on how to use a good TE.

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