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Packers Thin on Linebackers at Wednesday Practice

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Packers Thin on Linebackers at Wednesday Practice

Perhaps the only surprise at Wednesday's Green Bay Packers practice was the absence of Andy Mulumba.

The rookie linebacker never appeared to be injured during the Packers' last game this past Sunday, but sometimes injuries makes themselves known after the adrenaline of a game wears off.

Among the bigger issues for the Packers is that they're currently rather thin at the linebacker position, both inside and outside.

Without Mulumba and Clay Matthews, who's expected to be missing for the next month as he recovers from surgery on his thumb, the Packers are down to just three healthy outside linebackers: Mike Neal, Nick Perry and untested rookie Nate Palmer.

The Packers are also down to just three fully healthy inside linebackers as well in A.J. Hawk, Jamari Lattimore and the similarly untested Sam Barrington.

Jones figures to be resting the hamstring he aggravated in Week 5. When he'll return to action is unknown, but head coach Mike McCarthy will give an update after practice later this afternoon.

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Derek in CO's picture

Do we need to play 5 DTs and 6 DBs? Ouch, our depth is now limited to say the least.

Point Packer's picture

Go get someone off the waiver wire for heaven sakes.

PackerPete's picture

that is why it is all the more surprising that Nixon was signed from the PS, and not a LB from somewhere.

Evan's picture

It was either sign Nixon or lose him to another team.

RC Packer Fan's picture

exactly. I heard that as well.. My guess was Buffalo, because they promoted Brandon Smith (with the Packers this summer).

You can't let good CB's leave, so they had to promote him.

PackerPete's picture

any team who needs to sign Brandon Smith is in the category "desperate"

Icebowler's picture

Is Dezman Moses still available? Perhaps Nixon got an offer from another team, which forced the Packers hand.

Packgal's picture

Buffalo Bills were after Nixon, so they did force TT's hand.

PackerPete's picture

and the Bills signed Brandon Smith... wow, that guy looked awful in games. good luck.

Evan's picture

Hopefully Starks will be ready to go soon and they can open up a roster spot by cutting Hill - though, I think that spot is just as likely to go to a WR than a LB.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with you, except if there is any more injuries to the LB's they almost have to go get a LB.

I don't know if Nixon can do any returning, but I could see them promoting Dunn if he proves himself.

PackerPete's picture

Actually, looking at this list really makes one appreciate AJ Hawk. How many games has that guy missed in his career? I guess one can count those on one hand.
But LB depth is a concern for me for this game. the Ravens are a good run team. And have a large OL. Gotta be a tough one to win.

Lou's picture

Agreed, Hawk is solid (what you see is what you get year to year) and ALWAYS available. However, I am more concerned about the inside backers than the outside backers, Brad Jones has been so good inside especially in coverage but with him out Hawk has to resume the coverage role, one thing he does not do well, every QB on 3rd down will be looking to isolate a back or tight end on him. We have not seen enough of Latimore to determine if he can handle this role.

Evan's picture

Changing direction to a position the Packers are deep at:

#Packers DE Jerel Worthy said he's ready to practice next week. He's on PUP after a torn ACL last year. Doctors still have to clear him.

They kinda don't need him/don't have room for him. A lot can change very quickly, of course, but it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Also, crossing my fingers for a positive Sherrod update.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I was thinking about this earlier. I wonder if they would try trading CJ Wilson? Is he expendable? He has been a healthy scratch in 2 games now.

Even without Worthy, they are still deep at the position.

I know its not Thompsons' MO to do that, but it does make me wonder if he would be considered on the trading block.

Stroh's picture

I mentioned this after the cut to 53. CJ is a good player, but he's not nearly as good as Jolly. They're the same type player really. As Jolly gets in better shape, Wilson becomes even more of an afterthought. If they can unload him and get a late round pick for him it would be worth it. He wouldn't bring much but if you find a 34 D that needs a run stuffing DE you might be able to get a conditional late rd pick. Somewhere between a 5th at best and a 7th. Unless there's an injury Wilson will continue to be a healthy scratch. IIRC he's been inactive for 3 of 4 games this year, maybe all 4 games. Otherwise he'll leave next year and we'll get nothing.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yup, I agree with you there... I really do question if they might try to trade him to get whatever they can out of him.
The biggest difference in line play from last year to this year is Johnny Jolly. He has far surpassed my expectations. Jolly is so much better then Wilson.

I know he was a healthy scratch for 2 games, and I know he played in 1 game for sure. I am not sure about the other game. I don't see this tread changing unless there are injuries.

I believe the trade deadline is in like 19 days? I think if there are no injury's in the next 16, they will try to trade him.
I would say 5-7 is accurate, I was thinking 6th round when I initially asked the question.
The way Thompson feels about draft picks I definitely can see him trading him for one.

Longshanks's picture


I am surprised nobody that I know of yet brought this up but on the Mike McCarthy Show Monday, a guy in the audience asked McCarthy that very question about Derrick Sherrod and surprisingly McCarthy didn't beat around the bush.

From what he said, Derrick Sherrod is ready to go as we speak so that was huge news when he said it on his show. Sounds like his injured leg is good to go. McCarthy seemed pretty excited just talking about it.

Now if there's a choice between activating Sherrod and Worthy, I think it's a no brainer. You activate Sherrod. Worthy is not worthy of a roster spot at this time. You know things are going good when C.J. Wilson is being a constant inactive for the past couple games. Put Worthy on IR and come back next year. Bigger fish this team has to fry than Worthy.

Evan's picture

Really? That's fantastic news. And, yeah, I haven't seen/heard a peep about that anywhere.

Longshanks's picture

Yes, I shit you not. He said it. I honest to God am shocked nobody has brought up what he said on his show just two days ago. Yeah, to me it's huge as my main concern offensively is what happens if Bak or Bark go down.

Losing Bulaga was huge but knowing we have a future star in Bak was also huge. Sherrod at least provides some nice insurance on the sidelines. The guy's a huge man and if healthy we'll be fine at the tackle positions if a starter goes down. Yes, it was major news when MM said it but for some reason it's not even been mentioned.

Derek in CO's picture

I agree. MM was almost giddy talking about it. Made it should Sherrod has been ready.

Evan's picture


Stroh's picture
Evan's picture

Nice. Thanks.

Surprised a bigger deal hasn't been made of that.

Longshanks's picture

I agree Evan. Those comments by McCarthy on his show should have made top headlines. "HE'S READY TO GO!!" but needs to wait 6 weeks to get out there.

People have been wondering for ages his status, is he a bust, is he ever going to play again, etc and McCarthy surprisingly comes out and just says what we all hoped he would say and not a god damn thing said by anyone here or elsewhere.

My only conclusion as to why this would be is nobody here or elsewhere actually watches his show. haha Seriously, that has to be it.

Maybe now that the link was put here by Stroh that someone here will use that link and make this a separate topic so people can comment on it. I just think it was a huge headline like you Evan and am shocked. Just crickets. Makes no sense.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks for the link, Stroh. I listened to McCarthy. Just to clarify, McCarthy seemed to say that Sherrod has to wait until week 6, not that he needed 6 more weeks. McCarthy said he is ready to go, so I hope that means Sherrod has been able to strengthen his leg, and try to get back into shape for the last few weeks. It appears that GB will then have 3 weeks to decide on him. I hope Sherrod can knock off the rust and be a player, hopefully this year, but if not, then next year.

Stroh's picture

Reynaldo... Yes your correct. Sherrod is on PUP, so he has to wait till after wk 6 before he's able to practice. After that theres a 3 week window in which the Packers have to decide what to do. Put him on the 53 roster, put in IR or release him. Clearly from McCarthy's comments he'll be on the roster at some point in that 3 week window. I'll guess, given his not having played for 2 years, that they'll take the full 3 weeks to have him practice before he's on the roster. I wouldn't expect much of him this year. Just too much rust to shake off. He'll be lucky to see the field this year. Probably inactive unless due to injury to others forces him onto the field.

Ma Linger's picture

I could care less about Worthy. Prior to the draft the analyst had him a third round pick at best. His knock, 'took a lot of plays off'.
He always came out for the MS U of M game but then you never heard his name again.
I have him penciled in as a bust until he proves something. Yes he got hurt but did nada before that anyways.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Not a bust yet....

How many DL have good rookie years? Not many. There is a huge adjustment period for DL coming into the league.
I remember a few years ago a draft analyst said that DT was the hardest position to come into the league and succeed. It has the highest 'bust' average, of any position. That was what he said, and I will take his word for it.

I just say give the guy some time. Remember not every rookie comes in and sets the world on fire their first year. Especially learning a new position. Some guys take a few years to develop. Worthy was learning a new style of playing DL. He went from a 1 gap to a 2 gap system. Big difference.
I'm not saying he wont be a bust, i'm just saying give the guy some time.

Derek in CO's picture

I think Jolly making the team and starting and Mike Daniels playing well will send a message to Worthy to perform, or he's gonna sit on the pine. It should help him. Look at Nick Perry's response to losing snaps.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Don't forget Datone Jones as well.. Drafting him in the 1st round was a huge message.

Stroh's picture

Again talking about things you don't know SQUAT about. Why don't you just STFU and give it a rest?! Do everyone a favor... Quit making an ass of yourself!

I posted a comment last week chronicling the past 10 yrs of DL that were drafted in just the top 16 OVERALL picks and over 50% of them were busts. That's just the top 16 picks of the 1st round, a place the Packers rarely get to draft. Packers are doing quite a bit better than average using last 1st and 2nd round picks!

Go find it and read/study or figure it out yourself! Take a few days and come back when you've learned something so you can comment w/ even a modicum of knowledge!

UP-Packer's picture

Can't argue with the strohman. He sees all, hears all, reads all and knows all. He's the master of all football conversations. How good is he?

Just ask him. He'll tell ya.

Buster's picture

Give it a rest, Stroh. Your long abusive posts are no better than the post you're bitching about. Ever notice how most just don't respond? Try it sometime.

Stroh's picture

Actually most of the highly respected sites had Worthy as a late 1st rd pick. But go ahead and try to spin it how you like.

Notice the part about #4 DL and #26 out of all prospects?!

hump's picture

ah,we should give ol stroh a pass on this one. i did actually appreciate his post on the d line bust percentages,was informative and well researched. as far as worthy and sherrod.... i think both will be solid,sherrod is a natural and worthy has an year at this time,derrick will be starting and worthy will be in rotation. i would expect a lot of disagreement on this, but i believe in the picks,just like nike neal,they gotta get healthy

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I would not be comfortable trading Wilson. He backs up the run stuffers, in case of injury to Pickett, Raji or Jolly. To be activated, Worthy would have to make me think he is better than Daniels, D. Jones, or Boyd. I like Mulumba, but more for next year. IDK about Barrington. Would GB have interest in T. Manning, who is still on the Chargers' practice squad?

RC Packer Fan's picture

I didn't really say I was comfortable with them trading Wilson, I'm just wondering if they will do it.
It makes sense to me. Because they basically have 5 guys ahead of him right now. He has been a healthy scratch for at least 2 games, maybe 3. I don't remember for sure.
I'm not counting on Worthy to contribute this year. If he does great, but I'm not counting on him.

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