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Packers TE Finley Said to Have Bruised Spinal Cord

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Packers TE Finley Said to Have Bruised Spinal Cord

From Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who was the first to have any information more specific than just a neck injury:

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley suffered a bruised spinal cord in his neck Sunday but continued to have encouraging signs after undergoing further tests today at a local area hospital. Nevertheless, his evaluation will be an extensive process, according to league sources, with his return indefinite.

The story of Finley's injury continues to evolve. The final word on his potential return doesn't figure to come for at least a couple days.


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The TKstinator's picture

So while this extensive process is going on, let 's find something else to talk about.
AJ Hawk kicking ass
Shields, ditto
Lattimore looking good
Boykins showing promise
Lacy leveling the playing field
Oh, and 12 isn't too bad either.

TheWiscoKid's picture

Touche'. In following suit of discussing things not on topic, it was GLORIOUS seeing a close-up of Greg Jennings in helpless disgust after the sixth errant throw by Freeman. He's in Putrid Purple hell! hahahah

Idiot Fan's picture

I enjoyed that too. Man I hope Freeman is that bad on Sunday.

jack in jersey city's picture

house looks like a player too!

Stroh's picture

I'm a huge House fan. I see him and Shields starting next year. Along w Hayward in the slot the Packers have the makings of a terrific young CB group. Just need to find a safety opposite Burnett. Maybe Hyde or Banjo but guessing we see a higher draft pick. Pretty clear McMillan isnt ready for that job and Jennings should be a backup.

hayward4president's picture

I was lookin on nflshop for stuff today. Saw a throwback jersey type long sleeved shirt. Had the number 21 on the front and kinda made me sad until I thought maybe next year our first or 2nd pick will wear that number at safety.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I think by the end of the season Banjo will be the 2nd starting safety. I really like him. I think he is the best option to pair with Burnett.

I am thinking they will draft a Safety pretty high next year.
Just kind of looking at the team right now, I think they should draft a TE, S, WR, all within the first 4 rounds.
That is just my kind of thinking right now. They have taken a lot of OL in the 4th round area, so I'm guessing they will again. They don't really need to draft OT, so i'm thinking more G/C this year.

L's picture

Earlier this year I would have said the obvious top draft target was a top notch talent at Center, but now I have to agree that Safety, Tight End, and maybe Wide (or maybe a slot) Receiver could be considered positions that merit more attention than Center.

McMillan hasn't come around as I think the Packers staff hoped he would; he'll be allowed to compete next year, but the team will have better competition at the position. MD.Jennings appears to be a serviceable back-up at the position, but not really much more than that and I'd argue that Banjo looks like he could fill that as well if not better. I think it'll be interesting to see if the Packers will cross training Micah Hyde at SS as well as a dime/nickle-package slot corner.

J.Finley probably isn't returning to the team. Quarless might be retained on an affordable contract mainly because of his age and blocking ability. I'm excited to see what Bostick can provide at the position as a pass catching TE. R.Taylor will be allowed to compete for a spot on the 53 next year along with Stonerburner, but I fully expect the team to draft and inject new talent that's expected to not only challenge for a roster spot but a starting role.

I still think Center is a position the team would like to add a top level talent at, but I'm also not privy to the team's offensive line grades and how they perceive the job that EDS is doing. I hope they resign him back on an affordable 2 year contract while grooming a top level talent to replace him.

Restocking talent at WR is important to a team such as the Packers, so I expect that some attention will be given to that task this offseason and I think the Packers will probably let J.Jones depart per Free Agency unless the team is able to resign him at a clear discount.

Lastly, I imagine that adding new fresh depth to OLB and CB will also be quite desirable.

Stroh's picture

Center won't be a position the Packer will draft high. EDS is doing quite well this year, like I expected he would. Once able to focus on being a Center only he has taken a big jump forward. They'll use a mid round pick on a possible OG/C. They are pretty well stocked at OT unless Sherrod cant get his talent back after 2 year off and a major injury.

WR will be addressed in the 2nd or 3rd IMO. Safety and now possibly TE would be the highest draft priorities.

I like Mulumba and Palmer as backup OLB, so I don't think they'll look in that direction. CB I don't see them drafting. Even if Tramon doesn't return, they have Shields, House, Hayward, Hyde and Nixon who they are high on.

Next year TE (assuming no Finley) and Safety are the primary needs IMO. A mid round OL, since they always draft one. After that BPA to keep the roster stocked w/ the best talent.

PackerPete's picture

I agree. There are a lot of young, promising OLs on the roster. Tretter may compete next year, there is Sherrod, possibly Bulaga coming back. No need for a high draft pick on OL, unless catastrophic injury strikes.
Don't know how next year looks for S or TE, but those are high. With WR, those are probably the top 3 rounds picks. But Ted has always found a way to surprise with drafts, so who knows.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yup, I agree with you guys on all of this.

They like to draft OL in the mid rounds. 4-5th and have had some good success there. (Bakhtiari, Tretter, Sitton, Lang were all 4th round picks, Newhouse was a 5th) to name a few.

I don't think they will draft an o-lineman until the 4th round, and if they do it would be a guard center. Next year for T's they will be returning Bulaga, Sherrod, Barclay, Bakhtiari, Newhouse. They are set there.

I think Safety, WR, and TE are going to be the highest priority. Although a sleeper position is DL. They have what 4 that contracts are expiring. We don't know how Worthy will come back, and that is a position that they like to use draft picks on.

I would love if they could find a return specialist. They had that in Cobb but he became to valuable on offense. Although the more I see with Hyde the more I like.

I will say that CB might be higher if they were to let Williams go, and couldn't resign Shields. That is another position they like to draft and develop.

But for actual needs I think WR, TE and S will be the biggest ones.

Idiot Fan's picture

I bet they don't wait until round 7 to draft a QB this year.

A Dude's picture

I want Ha'Shean Dixon-Hicks in the first round. Nasty as needles playmaker.

A Dude's picture

Dude stop with the Boykins crap. If you don't know the players' names I have to question your fandom.

Kevin VG's picture

Hoping for a speedy recovery! But another thought I have a big question on is the pro bowl voting. Does anyone know if Greg Jennings and Erik Walden make the pro bowl, will our comp picks go to a higher round? If it does, then packer nation needs to cast some votes!

Idiot Fan's picture

I can't do it. Not after GJ essentially claimed that he makes QBs good. He is NOT making the Viking QBs good.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I hope he has woke up and realized that maybe he didn't have it as bad as he thought he did in Green Bay.

Jamie's picture

Knowing Jennings he's looking at the Packers and saying, "man I bet they wish they would have kept me around...with all of those injuries."

PackerPete's picture

yep. he may not like "that guy playing QB in Green Bay", but at least he could throw him balls. Now he has a revolving door of NFL QB wanna-bes who may not even be NFL Europe talent. If that league still existed... But I am sure his sister is happy now.

Lucky953's picture

The turnstile QBs MN finally got Greg to shut up about the Pack and start worrying about his new football family. I wonder if he'll have any good bulletin board material this week.

hump's picture

well kevin vg,the only for sure answer that i can give you is......we will never have to worry about greg jennings or eric walden apeearing in a pro bowl!

MarkinMadison's picture

From Dr. Wong, Orthopedics (medical journal), January 2012

What Are the Current Return-to-play Guidelines For Spinal Cord Contusions vs Stingers?

... Conversely, players who have experienced spinal cord contusions may have to wait weeks or months before they can return to play. In both injuries, a player must be symptom free, be neurologically intact, demonstrate sport-specific activity, and be cleared medically before returning to play.

jim's picture

thanks for the info, mark... not sure it is what we want to hear, but...

fish and crane's picture

It's on:

Jennings 6 games: 24 catches 327 yards 2 td;s
Boykin 2 games: 09 catches 146 yards 1 td

RC Packer Fan's picture

Honestly though. I still don't know why it took an injury to Cobb and Jones to play Boykin.
I think at the end of the season one of the things that will help the offense is the injury to Cobb. It will force them to find roles for other players, and be more creative with play calling.
Now that being said, I think Finley's injury might hurt the offense more then the loss of Cobb. We shall see I guess...

MarkinMadison's picture

Seems more likely that Boykin just drives down the price tag on James Jones. The Packers have a lot of tough choices this off season. The DL is clicking very well, but most of the guys making it go will have their contracts expire at the end of the season. Shields is due. EDS is due. Jones is due. Heck, Finley is still due, but even if he comes back his price just dropped. Something will have to give. My guess is that JJ has seen the handwriting on the wall, he's just a bit more quiet about it than GJ was last year.

PackerPete's picture

JJ was always more quiet about things than GJ. he is just not the flashy type. I guess he'll take a lower contract, just to be able to play. He is not GJ and doesn't overrate himself either...

Norman's picture

Don't know why but I watched the Giants-Vikings game last night. I seriously think we could beat the Vikings with Graham Harrell at QB. And yes I realize he is not on the roster. The Giants are a terrible team but the Vikings didn't score an offensive point against them. I was following the Vikings blog on the Star Tribune website, and if you think it can get bad on here after a loss, it's like having a couple dozen cows on that site. If reports are accurate, Leslie Frazier will be fired today, Bill Musgrave will be fired too, Mike Singletary will take over as coach, the team will move to Los Angeles, and an outcry for Brad Childress to return will soon overtake the Twin Cities. Seriously, the Les Steckel era was compared favorably to the current regime! Packer fans, take the time today to thank your lucky stars you weren't born Vikings fans!

Oh and by the way, I can see us at 9-2 going into Detroit, and very possibly 11-2 going into Dallas. We probably lose one or two along the way but 14-2 is not out of the question, with 13-3 or 12-4 (at worst) being most likely. Bears twice (probably have Cutler back by the finale, but that's a good thing for us), Briggs will miss the first game and possibly the finale, two games against the Vikings, the Steelers and Falcons are terrible, Eagles are bad and have no defense. I believe the Packers will be favored in each of the remaining games (possibly not at Dallas if the Cowboys stay on a roll but if we're healthy and get Cobb back for that game I think we win that game too). I think if things fall into place we just might have a chance to top Cow's prediction of 6 wins this year!

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah, I was not panicking with the 1-2 start because that was the meat of the schedule. But I never thought that someone would unplug the refrigerator on the Giants, Falcons and Steelers all in the same season. The Vikings are worse than I thought, but then again you have to give Freeman a month to learn the playbook before you judge too much. The Cowgirls and kittens always fall apart by the end of the season. Now the Bears are rivaling the Packers for most injured franchise. TT finds em. MM coaches them. The only two questions are: 1) will #12 stay healthy and 2) will they have enough guys healthy for the play-offs to make a run?

davyjones's picture

Give Josh Freeman a month to learn the playbook, and he's still...well...Josh Freeman...guy is just not good.

No matter where he goes, there he is.

vincent's picture

Speedy recovery. Hate to see a player hurt like this. Such a great but violent sport. Go Packers!

Adam's picture

Ironically, Jameel McClain of the Ravens just returned from a Bruised Spinal Cord last week. It was a 10 month recovery time for him.

Steven's picture

Any hopes on who we grab at TE or WR. Im thibking sefeerian jenkins. AND TRADE TRAMON AND GIVE THAT MONEY TO SHIELDS. HE SHOULD GRAB A 5th

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