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Packers Talked About Pulling Newhouse

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Packers Talked About Pulling Newhouse

Very interesting note from Bob McGinn this morning regarding Marshall Newhouse's early struggles on Sunday against Jared Allen (sorry, sub required):

There was some talk on the sidelines about shifting Bulaga to left tackle, but the decision quickly was made to stay with Newhouse. If Chad Clifton doesn't return and Newhouse doesn't improve, Bulaga or Derek Sherrod have to be viable options.

I have to admit, going back and watching the game again last night, Newhouse looked worse than I thought he did when watching it live. But I never thought he was playing so poorly that he should have been pulled.

There were more than a few plays where Newhouse just looked lost - but I think that has a lot more to do with the unique challenge that is playing left tackle for the Packers in the Metrodome. Some of the Packers' best have come apart there, from Chad Clifton to Ken Ruettgers. So watching Newhouse struggle is no surprise.

I'm glad that cooler heads prevailed. I think Newhouse could be a good left tackle - no more, no less - if he's allowed to grow and struggle through tough times like he experienced on Sunday. As McCarthy is fond of saying about young players - he just needs to play.

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D-fens's picture

I'm surprised to hear that too.

It seemed that Newhouse settled down and improved as the game went on.

When going back and watching the game was that the case or did he receive more help?

Or did he struggle the same throughout and I just didn't pay enough attention?

Brett63088's picture

After re-watching the game, the biggest problem with Newhouse during Sunday's game was his inability to get his hands on Allen. You're never going to win a one on one with Allen if you don't get under his pads, he's just going to beat you everytime. I agree though, definitely a learning experience for Newhouse, that's the biggest test he may ever face so I think he played alright given the circumstances.

dgtalmn's picture

I expected it against Allen. He'll do OK until he is matched up on one of the better defenses. Like stated above, Newhouse did seem to get better

Majik Man's picture

He came in against Chicago. He played very well against arguably one of the best premier pass-rushing defensive ends outside Allen and Freeney in Julius Peppers. A learning curve, yes, but I'm still confused as to why they continue to play him at LT where it seems he struggles more, as opposed to RT, where it seems he does much better.

CSS's picture

T.J. Lang is playing some good ball, but it's a tough combination when you have a 1st year starter at left guard that's focused on being assignment sure and probably not helping a 1st year left tackle with line calls, adjustments, etc. Not knocking Lang here, it just doesn't help to play on that type of surface, that noise against an all-pro with a pair of 1st year starters on the left side.

Valuable tape for Newhouse to watch, technique needs to change depending on opponent and his footwork needs to really be different against a quick-twitch edge rusher like Allen.

CSS's picture

Aaron - I wouldn't have been surprised to see a flip between he and Bulaga, but no way they simply pull Newhouse and insert Sherrod, do they? Newhouse is still physically superior to Sherrod until there's an offseason for the kid.

chuck's picture

Hard enough for a veteran, much less a young guy to miss a day of practice, fly around the country, and come back and perform. At least he wasn't Babre bad.

packeraaron's picture

Fantastic point.

dullgeek's picture

The play that was the big head scratcher in my mind was the phantom screen pass. Where Newhouse appeared to be blocking for a screen pass and just let Allen go by. IIRC that was in a goal to go situation. Don't recall whether that ended up being a FG or a TD.

packeraaron's picture

The thing is, Lang clearly thought it was a screen pass too. They both release upfield. Weird play.

bomdad's picture

He probably was worried about his nads.

Kris Burke's picture

If Rodgers wasn't as mobile, he would have been pulled. Those athletic skills of QB1 are allowing McCarthy to be flexible with his O-line given how often the players are injured.

lars's picture

Bulaga > Newhouse and, with a full off-season to learn the system in Gb, I think Sherrod will be challlenging for the LT position sooner than later.

Nothing against Newhouse, but remember he was a 5th-rounder for a reason. His main benefit to Gb may be as a back-up tackle in the future.

CSS's picture

Newhouse has everything a legitimate starting tackle in the NFL needs, draft position has nothing to do with where he is now. He could start, right now, for 50% of the teams at LT, 75% of the teams at RT.

Lions, Bears and Vikings would kill to have him on either side right now.

packeraaron's picture

"...remember he was a 5th-rounder for a reason"

And Tauscher was a 7th-rounder for a reason.

Nerdmann's picture

Sherrod was a 1st rounder for a reason. (Long arms!)

fish/crane's picture

Starr was drafted in the 17th round for a reason

PackersRS's picture

Truth be told, he was awful his first 5 years. Just. Awful.

On a side note, why is TO on my TV? Who's the produced for Total Access? He/She should be fired. TO is just the last straw.

PackRat's picture

Newhouse seems to "stand up straight" against speed rushers. Gotta work on that pad level.

In reviewing, they opened the second half with Kuhn chipping but mostly let RODGERS handle Allen by moving the pocket and stepping up into vacant space.

It's fun to just watch the game over just from the perspective of how AR12 manages the weak links on the line with his mobility. Look at the TD pass to Kuhn....

Ron's picture

Allen is making a lot of tackles look silly this year. Matthews is double or triple teamed on most plays. Some players earn that level of respect.

Majik Man's picture

Well said.

redlights's picture

You'd think Cliffy is better if they cut Newton from the practice squad.

I think that MM will start the best two out of three next year (cliffy to retire). And they all work on being guards, too.

How long will I have to look at that creepy headset on the ARodg promo for ESPN milw.? Looks like an alien. Maybe it'll go away after Halloween.

fish/crane's picture

best be careful about video criticism

djbonney138's picture

I don't remember any drive killing offensive false start penalties, that we usually get in the shit hole known as the Metrodome. That is a plus for me. I was burning brats at the beginner of the 3rd so I may have missed any of those frustrating penalties.

packeraaron's picture

Finley got one on the final drive but overall they did a good job in this area.

adroge's picture

I remember Buluga looking just as bad on plenty of ocassions last year. It takes time. To be honest I'm not sure Clifton would have done much better. There were also plenty of times Rodgers had all day to throw. Newhouse might not be the next Clifton, but he can at least play the positions unlike Barbre and Colledge in 09. I will tell you this much, he did better against Allen then most of the tackles that have faced him this year.

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