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Packers Stock Report: Yawn...sleepy edition

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Packers Stock Report: Yawn...sleepy edition

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, or if you have small children who refuse to settle down long enough to take a nap, the 2016 Green Bay Packers might be able to help. Just watch some film of this year's Packers team -- especially its offense -- and you and/or your kids should be sawing logs in no time. 

The Packers are boring now. I've spent almost as much time yawning as I have cheering during games.

For years, Packers fans have enjoyed the gunslinging exploits of Brett Favre and the big-play precision of Aaron Rodgers. On defense, stars like Reggie White, LeRoy Butler, Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson incited roars from the home crowd with big plays.

Those days seem to have disappeared. Today, Packers fans are forced to watch an offense that sputters along instead of gliding down the field. Timeouts are wasted, passes are dropped, balls are fumbled and the quarterback no longer bothers setting his feet before making a throw. At least when similar issues arose in the past, we had John Kuhn around so we could yell "Kuuuuuuuhhhhhhhn!" a couple times per game to entertain ourselves.

The defense has been solid for the most part, but it's hard to get overly excited about containing the Jaguars, Vikings, Lions and Giants less-than-stellar offenses. And seeing Nick Perry make a play doesn't have nearly the same magic as a Reggie White sack or Leroy Butler Lambeau Leap.

But the Packers are also 3-1. If boring gets the Packers back in the playoffs with a decent shot at another Super Bowl, I'm fine with boring. Just make sure someone wakes me up if I happen to fall asleep.

On to this week's Packers Stock Report, which hopefully isn't boring.


T.J. Lang
The strength of the Packers offense is the line, and Lang is probably the front five's best player. The NBC cameras captured Lang wiping out his defender on several occasions Sunday night.

Nick Perry
A sack and six pressures.....just another day at the office for the 2016 version of Nick Perry.

Kyler Fackrell
In only 12 snaps, the rookie outside linebacker tallied a sack, a forced fumble, a QB hit and a hurry. On the season, Fackrell has nine tackles and two sacks in a very limited role. Am I being premature in listing Fackrell as a riser? Perhaps, but I didn't expect much from him this season so what he's accomplished so far is very impressive.


Micah Hyde
To me, Hyde is the definition of a steady player. Need him to play nickel corner, he can do that. Need him to step up and play outside, he can do that. Need a fill-in at safely, Hyde is your guy. How about a quick blitz from the slot? Hyde will deliver. Hyde might not be a game-changing player, but he makes sure the field doesn't tilt in the wrong direction whenever he's out there. 

David Bakktiari
Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon are paid big bucks to rush quarterbacks from the edge. Neither could get to Rodgers on Sunday night, thanks in large part to the efforts of Bakhtiari.

LaDarius Gunter
He hasn't made any flashy plays, but Gunter has been solid in a secondary that dealing with injuries. If Sam Shields is able to return to and Damarious Randall can return to form, the depth of this secondary will be a major strength heading into winter. 


Jacob Schum
Will Ted Thompson admit that he effed this one up and bring back Tim Masthay (or anybody)?

James Starks
A dropped screen pass that would have likely resulted in an easy touchdown, a near-disastrous fumble late in the fourth quarter, always bouncing runs outside...Starks was really bad against the Giants and so far looks nothing like the reliable backup he was last season.

National announcers who always praise Jared Abbrederis
It seems like every game the announcing crew takes 30 seconds to talk about how much the Packers, along with Aaron Rodgers, love Jared Abbrederis. Then Abbrederis never plays. Look, I like Abbrederis, too, but maybe it's time to stop dedicating airtime to a player who hasn't been a part of the Packers offense all season.

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

"but maybe it's time to stop dedicating airtime to a player who hasn't been a part of the Packers offense all season"


Or, maybe it's time to give playing time to a guy that seams to preform every time he gets a target. It's not like any of the Packers other 4th receiving options are guys you just can't take off the field.

dobber's picture

I would've argued that after his shaky performance against the Lions that Hyde would be trending up given his performance this week.

Nick Perry's picture

Adams should be at least steady (Kinda Steady?). He had a good game catching the ball. He should have had the pass that he ended up pulling his arms DOWN and was almost intercepted. The TD pass to Cobb that was called back was a bummer too. but he's caught 3 TD passes and he's bringing back the "Slant" all by himself in Green Bay. He had a nice game "Catching" the ball Sunday night.

Frackrell definitely belongs in the rising category. On the last drive for the Giants Matthews wasn't on the field, Frackrell was. At first I was surprised but he showed up and did a hell of a job and almost had his second sack of the game.

stockholder's picture

He'll never bring back the slant unless their down and in Adams bread basket. Even his TD pass was right on the numbers. He made his first catch above his shoulder ,over the middle, in this game. How in the world does anyone every believe the guy will be as good as Cobb or Nelson is beyond me. What you saw has been a tease. And he finally showed some athletic ability, by stiff arming the ground to get the extra yardage. I know what I'm seeing. And like I told everyone, A-rod will not make the Hall of Fame if he keeps going to Adams. And watch what happens as the stakes get bigger and the packers try to depend on both a-rod and Adams. If Nelson or cobb go down, this team will not win on offense. Are back-Ups are not cracked up to be what they should be. And you are reversing your opinion of Adams.

Nick Perry's picture

Who compared him to Nelson or Cobb? Adams "seems" (Key word here is "seems") to be playing better this year in the role that he's best suited for, the #3 WR in the Packers Offense. As far as reversing my opinion on Adams, I've been on the fence with this guy. I've said some things after a loss or horrible game, but I think for the most part I've said "Lets see what happens this year", and "This Year" hasn't been THAT bad.

I do agree with you about our receivers as a whole. This team doesn't have a Jennings anymore. Jennings could catch anything, anytime, anywhere. Even Nelson has had his drops for time to time during a game.

Thompson drafted Jennings, Jones, and Nelson all in the 3rd or 2nd rounds. He hasn't "Retooled" this WR Corps like years past instead trying to strike gold in the 5th or 7th round except for Adams. It hasn't worked and it shows.

Bearmeat's picture

You know NP, looking forward, I really am starting to think WR is going to be a need unless Ty or Abby steps up. We know who Janis and Adams are at this point. Cobb is still young, but Jordy probably only has 2-3 more years of WR1 play in him.

Of course, it also depends on what they do with Lacy too.

Tundraboy's picture

Already is a need. In this league you need a tall fast receiver and we dont have one.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

" He hasn't "Retooled" this WR Corps like years past instead trying to strike gold in the 5th or 7th round except for Adams. It hasn't worked and it shows."

Well, Nick, I agree it hasn't worked, but not so sure about the retooled thing. TT used a 2nd on Adams, a 3rd on Monty, 2 5ths on Abby and Davis. Frankly, from a talent evaluation perspective, I am not sure whether TT's evaluations were wrong or if TT judgment was sound but MM and the coaches can't make it work. Too early to judge Davis, but I can't say I liked that pick; come to think of it, I didn't like the Adams pick (preferred Moncrief, Bryant - red flag though - or Landry) or Monty (viewed him as a 5th rounder) pick either.

rdent's picture

Frackrell can be seen as trending upwards I don't think his play so far has been a fluke and he should only get better,been a pleasant surprise

Since '61's picture

Agree that Fackrell should be rising. I hope that he gets more snaps as the season goes on.
I would add Clinton-Dix to the steady category. He's been really solid in each game and again against the Giants.
Completely agree on Schum and Starks in the falling category. I like Starks and I haven't forgotten that he helped us get to and win the SB back in 2010 but I'm afraid that his time has been up going back to the last quarter of last season. I'm particularly concerned that his ball security problems will cost us a game. Hopefully, Lacy can go against Dallas. Thanks, Since '61

the real russ letlow's picture

the punting has the majority of my concern. I would really love to see a Packers punter who could jack a 60 yarder when we're deep in our own territory and tilt the field. Very fortunate some of those miserable punts didn't cost us more vs the Giants. I really don't know what the answer is. Punters who are available are unemployed for a reason.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

RR should be in the falling category. 73 snaps indeed.

Hyde probably could be in the rising category.

Maybe Lane Taylor should get a mention in the steady column just on general principles/fairness and pretty steady play.

Tarynfor12's picture

"______ should get a mention in the steady column just on general principles/fairness and pretty steady play."

Unless the name placed in the blank
is among those heralded by the copy and paste commentors don't expect that to happen.

Bearmeat's picture

You said you were going away. Please do so. You are beyond annoying and I would hate to have to be in your general vicinity on a regular basis.

I reiterate: CHTV admin - can we PLEASE get a "bovine-free comment option"??? Something along the lines of "fan-friendly only" comments?

Tundraboy's picture

Well look who's back.

MarkinMadison's picture

The Boy Named Sue: 787 yards and 2 TDs

Eddie Lacy: 3370 yards and 23 TDs

Boy, you sure were right.

RCPackerFan's picture

What are their career totals so far? Since we are comparing who is better.

MarkinMadison's picture

Well, if you're only talking about RIGHT NOW then you've been wrong for three years and right for a month. Draft decisions aren't made based on a month. And you'll probably be wrong again a month from now. Don't you think you might even want to wait for Christine to be more productive for, I don't know, say a single season before you start crowing about how smart you are?

Tundraboy's picture

Ignore him he is in rare form.

RCPackerFan's picture


Only you Cow... Only you...


Lphill's picture

Cow your Vikngs are in for a let down soon , I have watched all their games I am not impressed at all , Rodgers on the decline? Let's see another of your predictions not come true .

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Career QBR 103.6
2015 QBR 92.7
2016 QBR 87.7

So unfortunately true.

Currently he is tied for 23rd with Alex Smith. :(

MarkinMadison's picture

ESPN has his 2016 QBR at 79.4 good for 4th in the NFL right now. You probably meant passer rating, but I wouldn't get too worked up about 2016 yet either way. The book is still being written. And COW is still an idiot. Bench Rodgers for Hundley? Seriously? Put down the crack pipe already.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I don't see anything about benching Rodgers for Hundley...

Bearmeat's picture

Look at his first (idiotic) comment on this thread.

zeke's picture

To revolutionise the QB position. Again.

Handsback's picture

Agree with pretty much everything you discussed. I do think Perry is finally playing like he's capable. In fact I will say it's more imperative to keep him healthy vs. Mathews. Second, the Pack needs Lacy on offense. I really don't think Starks is an answer for anything except to the question of who the starting RB when the Pack won their last SB.

RCPackerFan's picture

The offense has definitely not been what we are used to seeing.

That being said we have seen glimpses of it. Against Detroit on the first half was as good as we have seen. The first drive against the Giants was very impressive.
What was the common theme in the performances? McCarthy changed the offense. He used different players, different formations, rotated players in a lot more.
He made the defenses react to what the offense was doing for the first time in a while.

I have been saying it for a while now, but I truly believe that this will go a long ways to fixing the offense. Maybe it won't fix every problem, but it's going to put more stress on the defense to try and figure out how to stop the offense.
One of the major problems that has haunted the offense since last year is it became very predictable.
By changing the personnel and formations, it is less predictable by doing that alone.

Once McCarthy fully commits to the change of the offense, I think we will see the offense take off.

Golden Retriever's picture

I agree with you, Adam. The Packers this year are boring. We left the game on Sunday midway through the 4th quarter, and honestly, I would have been fine exiting the stadium after the first half. The offense and special teams need to somehow be revived. Getting a better, more reliable punter would be a great start.

croatpackfan's picture

Adam, I know that things, events, movies, music, people etc of the past always looks better than new ones, but very often it is not like that. We are just nostalgic and I, somewhat, suspect that defensive stars like Reggie White or LeRoy Butler would have same success as they had in their times... Partly because of the rule changing, partly because young players are better than old ones. We, older persons have to accept that fact... Sorry, but I think you are mourning for your youth, not for those players...

Icebowler's picture

Give me a Micah Hyde type overachiever at every position and we'll kick butt each week. Despite his limited athleticism, he's one hell of a football player.

Dancing Eddy's picture

I do not necessarily know how to fix the offense, but I have a theory on AR. He played the 2014 nfc debacle on a cookout leg, then had surgery later. I think his footwork had changed in some subtle manner. Qb that throw on the first our short a lot often have footwork issues that need correction.

Dancing Eddy's picture

that should have been gimpy leg, and throw in the dirt or short alot.
sorry,stupid spell check phone

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