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Packers Stock Report: 'Tis the Season for Receiving

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Packers Stock Report: 'Tis the Season for Receiving

What a difference coaching can make, huh?

The Bears under John Fox were perennially benign, and in the first year of Matt Nagy Chicago has a chance at a first-round bye. An offense that has obvious holes is generally able to do enough, and when their good defense was able to add a great player, it took the next step and became the best in the league.

And so it appears the Bears suck a little less, at least for the time being.

With this season’s playoff hopes officially extinguished, Packers fans will turn their collective attention to coaching candidates and potential draft picks to lead a similar resurgence in Green Bay.

In a lot of ways, Sunday’s performance in Chicago was the perfect microcosm of the 2018 season. The final score indicates the Packers weren’t far away, and even Joe Philbin said they were “three or four plays” away from winning.

The offense wasn’t bad, but it did nothing to strike fear into the opposition. Aaron Rodgers held the ball, took sacks, threw the ball away when he got outside the pocket and missed a few throws that could have changed the game.

The Packers’ defense held up surprisingly well against the run, but Mitchell Trubisky did enough through the air to keep the chains moving and the Packers never generated a game-changing turnover.

As much as the defense has improved this year, it’s clear there’s not enough talent - especially with a long injury list - to stop everything. Mike Pettine is forced to prioritize week-by-week to stop just one aspect of the opposition’s attack.

Maybe the best play the Packers had all afternoon was thwarting the fake punt, giving the offense a short field and an opportunity to tie the game. Yet the special teams had a letdown as well, allowing a 44-yard punt return in the fourth quarter.

This team has been “almost good” the whole season.

In a way, that’s good news. There’s obviously talent in place on both sides of the ball, and it really won’t take much more than a smart coach and one good draft to retake the division crown next year.

That being said, the next coach’s priority has to be finding the Aaron Rodgers of old. It’s totally possible that Rodgers’ health has hampered him all year or that he just needs a new scheme to spark another MVP run. He’s always had a Joe Cool leadership style, but week after week Rodgers looks lifeless and surprisingly mortal. The question has started to creep into fans’ minds: Are Aaron Rodgers’ best days behind him?

Stock Rising: Buy! Buy! Buy!

Blake Martinez: Eventually, this defense needs playmakers, and Martinez isn’t good enough to be a true game-changer. But he’s been steady as hell and has been able to play in every game at a position that’s frighteningly thin right now.

The Packers’ run defense has been atrocious at times this season, with a banged up defensive line and Jake Ryan out all year. But Martinez helped corral the Bears’ versatile rushing attack Sunday. Fourth-round picks rarely improve as steadily as Martinez has since he was drafted.

Davante Adams: Everyone agreed that Adams was the Packers’ best receiver and a touchdown machine coming into this season, but he’s exceeded my high expectations.

Maybe more importantly for fans, he’s so much damn fun to watch. He consistently plays hard and has become remarkably consistent. He’s managed to either score a touchdown or eclipse 100 yards receiving in 13 of his 14 games this season. The only outlier? An eight-catch, 81-yard performance against Buffalo in Week 4.

Adams has broken into the absolute top tier of NFL receivers and has a legitimate chance to set franchise records for catches and receiving yards while leading the NFL in touchdown catches.

We all knew he was good. But he’s turned into a truly elite player at the position and an absolute treat to watch every week.

Stock Falling: Sell! Sell! Sell!

Randall Cobb: Cobb’s drop over the middle felt like a total energy-killer, and his health and some inconsistency will give Brian Gutekunst an interesting decision about whether or not to retain Cobb this offseason.

Yet we also saw Cobb take an absolute kill-shot of a hit over the middle and hold on to a pass in the second half, and Aaron Rodgers spoke out in support of Cobb after the game. But as much as QB1 trusts Cobb, the eighth-year pro only caught three of the seven passes thrown his way. Cobb, like so many veterans on this team, has been a great Packer, but his days in Green Bay seem numbered.

Josh Jackson: When the Packers took two corners early in April’s draft, I thought Jackson would be the steady, blanket-coverage guy and that Jaire Alexander would be an up-and-down playmaker who flashed potential.

While Alexander has proven to be better than I thought, Jackson has continued to struggle and doesn’t look like he’s improved much since he appeared on this list a few weeks ago.

I’m by no means selling all my Jackson stock, and different players blossom at different times, but the early returns on Jackson have disappointed me.

Health: My goodness, the Packers’ injury situation is just brutal, and Aaron Rodgers suffering a groin issue against Chicago is just the latest installment. The team hasn’t been good enough to compete regardless, but it’s incredible how different a team looks 14 weeks into a season, compared to the projected lineup before the season. Let’s remember that next August, OK? Deal.


Matt Kelley is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter via @hustleandheart1

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Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I know we talk about injuries all the time, they are unavoidable, happen to every team, ect but what the hell is this team doing wrong. Perry, King, Bulaga will be on 75 percent of teams injury reports the rest of their career, no matter where they play in 2019 but it's getting insane in Green Bay. I can't think of any time a team has been down their entire starting dline. By my count, Jones, Allison, Bell, Bulaga, Daniels, Wilkerson, Clark, Perry, Ryan, and King were all preferred starters when the season began. That's 10 starters who didn't play or finish our last game. I'm sure I'm missing someone. That's not even getting into the Rodgers situation, Cobb half the year, Graham, Bryce, Alexander, Breeland. There has to be something going on.

Hawg Hanner's picture

These guys should start doing yoga. And can we find a trainer who can work on hamstrings?

Skip greenBayless's picture

I agree. Maybe they should can all the "strength and conditioning" programs during the off season. All they do is lift weights get bigger and then pull a muscle and are out of action. Maybe more yoga, basketball, swimming and sitting in ice cold water. Yes, shrinkage will occur I'm sure but it's only temporary. The main thing is this Packers team has to do things drastically different than what they are currently doing. Every damn year half the players are on IR by the end of the season. The fans are getting fed up with the injury excuses. Even Kumerow's presence didn't help. That's how snake bitten this team is.

LeotisHarris's picture

I'm with you on this one, Dash. I'll add house painting, insurance sales, and truck driving to the list of off season activities to be sought by the green and gold. Back in the Glory Days players needed those off season jobs to make ends meet. Nothing wrong with selling a few whole life polices and painting some ranch homes in Shawano to build flexibility and stamina.

A program with good old-fashioned calisthenics would help, too. Get the guys together for jumping lacks and trunk twisters. I hate to say it, but bowling would help tremendously as well. Bowlers are some of the best athletes in the world, and you never see them on IR.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Those are some other great suggestions Leotis. I love your idea of bowling and calisthenics over the heavy weights. I think the weights are the most likely culprit. We need to think outside the box here as we are getting killed with injuries year after year. I wouldn't even rule out bringing in regular call girls (just call them sex therapists for legal purposes) to 1265 and give the players massages to calm them down the night before a big game. Lack of sleep could also be an issue. Calm mind and calm body. I know some of these ideas sound crazy but are they as crazy as what's currently going on? We can't even field a team for crying out loud. If someone has better ideas what we can do to prevent injuries, Leotis and I are all ears. I hope the Packers take Leotis and my ideas into consideration.

fthisJack's picture

I think Daniels was/is into the yoga and he has been accountable for most of his career until this foot injury got him. no hammy or groin issues with him.

from my experience I had hammy issues until I started running. haven't had an issue wince.

yes. stretching, running, yoga would all help this team. time to address an obvious issue with their training.

Gforcetrivers's picture

AR is on IR

splitpea1's picture

This is as important an issue as any other facing the Packers organization. We seem to have three times the injuries as any other team for at least a decade--maybe except for 2014. I wish I knew what the answers are, but I don't. Hopefully the management will take a hard look at this and figure out how to solve the problem. They're throwing WAY too much money away on players standing on the sidelines.

Packers0808's picture

It is really a head scratcher to wonder where Rodgers exactly is in his career, on decline, bounce back or washed up! The way he has looked and played seems the latter is the best choice. He has been beyond pathetic with his accuracy!

ILPackerBacker's picture

3 or 4 plays away.

How many plays did KMACK make?
If the packers had KMACK and not the bears who wins that game?

ONE IMPACT PLAYER. Not another guy, not another 5th round draft choice. Almost every one agreed KMACK was a difference maker, an impact player. Very few believed Graham was an impact player anymore, an improvement but not a difference maker.

Notice the difference between KMACK's impact and Grahams? You get what you pay for.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Unfortunately with Graham we didn't get what we paid for.

Bearmeat's picture

And only a fool could have not guessed that would be the case. TEs get beat to hell. Jimmy's had his knee reconstructed. He can't run anymore, and hasn't been able to for a couple years. Other than a large possession WR, what did anyone expect?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I expected him to have decent hands at least. Even before he broke his hand it wasn't very good.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I didn't like the signing from day 1. Many, many people loved it. The same people said that having Allison as our number 2 and Cobb wouldn't really matter because Graham would be WR number 2 when he was on the field.

Lare's picture

But why stop with Mack? The Packers could have also signed Aaron Donald, think what that would have added to the Packers defense. And what about Odell Beckham Jr., add him to Adams and the Packers would have had the best WR corps in the NFL.

Bearmeat's picture

Stop it. The Packers could have paid Mack. Gute chose not to beat the Bears offer. It was a mistake.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It was a huge mistake. I suspected it was a mistake but tried to blow it off in my mind because he went to the Bears. I'm not sure BG could have known how badly it would turn out.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I 100 percent agree the Packers could have paid Mack and realize how stupid it is to include a bunch of players who weren't on the market in some nonsensical point. But it really sounds like the Raiders assumed the Bears were going to be picking top 5, and I'm not sure even an extra 1st rounder from GB on top of what the Bears were offering would have done it. Sound like the 49ers had the same offer as the Bears and Oakland wanted the higher picks.

Bearmeat's picture

Let's not forget the Bears got BACK a 2nd rounder for Mack. That's what really pissed me off. If we'd have not insisted on getting back that 2nd... 2 1s and a 3 over 2 years... I do think we could have had him.

That said Gruden is dumb. He knew what he had and didn't want to be the cause of anyone else winning a super bowl. He was afraid that was us, but he underestimated the Bears front 7. A deadly front 7 will ALWAYS put you at least in contention.

Barazinho's picture

Gruden is dumb because he said he wanted a "high pick", but then traded him to a team that would improve with Mack. I'd guess they thought that would happen if they traded him to SF, who ended up with worse injury luck than the Packers. If he wanted a much more secure high pick, the Jets or Bills would have been a much safer bet.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

New Orleans gave us an extra first round pick to move from 27 to 14. If the raiders expected to get one top ten pick from the bears trade, and expected Green Bay to be picking in the mid 20s, I'm not sure even 4 first round picks would have sounded better than the Bears 2 1st rounders

fthisJack's picture

at the time the Bears had more to offer and the Raiders took it. does anyone really know how the negotiations went? no.

Bearmeat's picture

I mean, you are what your record says you are. The Packers are a bad team this year. Both MM and TT should have been fired post 2014. 2016 was just ARod going God-Mode.

That said, I think there are many ways GB could have made a run this year - and that starts with health. Had GMo and Cobb not been hurt, would ARod hold the ball so much? What about Bulaga always being hurt? Perry again?

GB has also been very unlucky in close games - just like Chicago has been VERY lucky. Just like Minny was last year. These things revert to the norm usually the next year. CHI has a stellar front 7 and their skill positions on offense (outside QB) are pretty good. The rest of their team sucks - and they have no high picks nor cap room to improve. Minny has a crap OL that needs to be completely restarted and they have no cap room to fix it.

GB will be fine next year if they get their scheme up to date and ARod's head out of his butt. Throwing in an actual NFL caliber OLB or two, a real NFL safety and a not-old TE who can run would be icing on the cake.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"The Packers are a bad team this year."

If they want to recover they need highest possible draft position and they need to have a draft like the Saints 2017 class. They are going to need a few saavy FA signings. They are going to need an innovative coaching staff. They need Aaron Rodgers to do some serious self improvement.

That is a lot of things that need to go right. I think they can do it. But, it's not going to be easy.

fthisJack's picture

yup...I think it starts with hiring the right coach. and then the coach choosing his staff wisely. from there I think Gute did a great job with the draft last year. if he can do the same this year along with the cap space to sign a top tier FA or 2, the skies the limit.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree, especially, the last paragraph.

stockholder's picture

Jackson is playing like Rollins. He should wrap up guys when making a tackle. Thats not a Rookie mistake. Thats just not doing your job. He's also playing 1/2 speed. Looks like a bust. Better sign Breeland.

Bearmeat's picture

Hold off on the bust train. The guy has legit ball skills and is fast enough.

I'd suggest putting him as a FS and letting him face the QB. I think the relatively easier/less often man to man assignment at FS would help. I think this would result in the INTs coming in bunches.

RCPackerFan's picture

Exactly. Can't call a player a bust after 1 season.

I have seen a lot suggest that Jackson might be better at S then CB. Throughout College he played mostly in zone. He didn't have as much man to man coverage experience.

Now the question is will he be better and improved after playing a year? Is he one of those guys that will only excel in zone which means he likely would be a better S?
It will be interesting to watch what they do with him next year.

Point Packer's picture

"Hold off on the bust train. The guy has legit ball skills and is fast enough."

If you can't get anywhere near the ball until after your man catches it, who cares how good of "ball skills" you have. Great cover corners don't have to have ball skills, just need to stop the ball from getting from point A to point B. Jackson hasn't shown the ability to do that.

stockholder's picture

How do you make a guy a safety when he can't tackle?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Just ask Haha.

Coldworld's picture

If you can’t get near the ball ... you probably aren’t reading the game yet. This guy’s athleticism is on record as is his lack of college experience.

Lashing out at players without stopping to consider the facts only obscured the real issues. He may never be a star, but to not see that he was a potential upside pick not a plug and play one requires one to hold ones eyes firmly shut. Let him develop and see what we have. In the meantime, be happy that Alexander broke the curve in a positive way.

Barazinho's picture

Agreed - he looks like the game is still just a little too fast for him. He made plays in preseason, but that was a false positive - not true game speed. He needs to adjust, and add a little more strength too, so he can hold up against bigger receivers. All rookies need to get used to the longer season too - and he's faded in December (Jaire seems like he has too).

CAG123's picture

Jackson struggling is why I was happy the Packers didn’t choose him in the first and the reason I’m sure his stocked dropped. You’re asking a guy that isn’t necessarily fast to turn his back to the QB and run with receivers when you clearly know he’s a zone guy. I’m not giving up on him either but I do think is ball skills will be very valuable at the safety position.

Razer's picture

Matt - to say that "this team has been almost good the whole season" is very generous. Our record puts us in a peer group with the Lions, Bengals, Bills, Giants and Tampa Bay. While we had expectations for a better record and hopes that Rodgers would pull out the wins, we were never really that close. In the second half of games when winners pull away or take advantage of opportunities - we almost always faded - just like bad teams tend to do. Our third and fourth quarter scoring was abysmal (without the 'almost').

I'll give you the injury card because it did factor into the overall numbers but the failure on offense, followed by the errors on special teams ensured our fate, McCarthy's fate and the eventual house cleaning to follow.

cheesehead1's picture

Every team has injuries. I really believe we lack top end talent. Hoping Gutekunst can rectify this and I think he can. Obviously, this is a huge offseason for him.

Razer's picture

...Obviously, this is a huge offseason for him...

For Gutekunst and the whole organization. A misstep on the next coach or a poor draft could waste the precious few years with Rodgers - if - Rodgers has some good years left.

Coldworld's picture

We are unlucky with injuries—compare our roster attrition to the Bears this year or the Vikings last year.

In days past, this would lead to calls for change in the strength and conditioning arena. Is anyone else surprised that even after another decimated year and all the furor at other coaching we hear nothing about this?

Tarynfor12's picture

Being the optimist that I am, the Packers will be better next year than they've been this long as they can eliminate the need for the never ending, if only, coulda, woulda, shoulda crying from so many fans....and dump those of no value, draft well, get the right HC and staff, and accept that Rodgers isn't Rodgers anymore and get Rodgers to accept that also.
: )

nostradanus's picture

We all can only hope Rodgers has 3-4 good years left in him with a GREAT coaching hire and an equally important Quarterback Coach.
The Packers have no choice but to ride the Rodgers train, they paid him like a two time MVP, now he's got to show he was worth it.

Stock up:
DL - Dean Lowery & Tyler Lancaster, the former Wildcats and unsung hero's of the Defensive Line, lunch pail midwestern tough guys!

CB - Tony Brown, pretty nice pick up by Gute here, he may not be flashy but he competes and is tough as nails!

RB - Jamall Williams, another tough guy on a team that is bereft of physical toughness. Williams is not a Star but he is an important piece moving forward.

OL - Lucas Patrick, again not a star, but tough, tough, tough!

The theme here people is the Packers need to get back to some NFC North AZZ Kickin!
No Pussies allowed on this team moving forward!
Well except for Aaron Rodgers but hey, he's a QB and we still love him....pussy...ok kidding...

Stock Down:

Trainers/Injuries, sheesh! When will the injury curse end for the Pack? Sorry but it is time for a complete new training regime for this team starting with the weight room, dietitians, yoga instructors, physical therapists even team doctors!
No more excuses and like Gute said "leave no stone unturned." Whip these pussies into shape!


That is all....

Coldworld's picture

To which I would add the most recent lineman pick up, Brown I think. Looks like a possible upgrade with a chance to be more, at least after his first game anyway.

Point Packer's picture

Sell! Sell! Sell! GB special teams. JK Scott really didn't impress me this year. Crosby costs us at least one game or two, dependent upon who you put the MN game on. Coverage was average. Returns were pitiful. Surprised when their wasn't a flag on GB. Sure, Nagy got arrogant, but I would have gambled had I watched GB's special teams unit on tape. Or knew who the coordinator was. GB was constantly whipped by the opposing teams Special Teams play this year - including this past Sunday.

Fire Zook. Or better yet, never hire him.

fthisJack's picture

he's gone once the new coach comes in.

Lphill's picture

would not be talking as much about Mack if we had TJ Watt who would have been a play maker but was passed over for you know who. as far as Cobb I would keep him if its a reasonable deal for all.

Coldworld's picture

Cobb has been injured a lot in recent seasons. While I am not against bringing him back on a much smaller contract, his injury history surely begs the question of how much we can expect to recoup on the field in return? Might that tip the balance on any decision to retain him even if he is willing to take a contract linked to recent production?

Skip greenBayless's picture

I would be shocked if Cobb is on this team next season. He's short, chunky, old and slow. He's a receiver!! Gutey is bringing in guys 6 foot 2 and taller, skinny, young and have speed. Cobb is not in Gutey's vision for a receiver on the Packers in the next 2 to 4 years. If he's on the team next year than Aaron Rodgers is running the show.

Lare's picture

"would not be talking as much about Mack if we had TJ Watt who would have been a play maker but was passed over for you know who."

As long as we're living in the past, the good news is that they signed Reggie White.

fthisJack's picture

all the guys that are not accountable need to go. Perry, Cobb, Bulaga….maybe Mathews. gain cap space and get guys that aren't constantly hurt.

LambeauPlain's picture

There are many reasons for the 2018 failure.

But the huge reason few talk about is the 2015 draft class.

Three years into the NFL, this is the class that should be dominating the roster.

Not a single 2015 draft class player played for the Pack this year.

Not one.

Lack of quality depth? Look no further than the 2015 TT draft...his worst ever.

Point Packer's picture

Agreed. Hard to look at that draft class and not want to kick Ted Thompson's ass. (that blank stare caught on camera)

RCPackerFan's picture

Stock Up - Allen Lazard.

Stock Down - Aaron Jones

Packers sign Allen Lazard off of the Jaguars practice squad.

Lazard is a 6'4" 227 lb WR. He isn't a speed demon but is a big possession type.
With his size he might be able to develop into a WR/TE hybrid. I hope he makes it to camp this coming summer because he could be an interesting one to watch.

Bearmeat's picture

No way he's big enough to play in line or at FB. He's a practice squad body. Nothing more.

buddrow53's picture

Another receiver Aaron wont throw to.

Skip greenBayless's picture

It's all about trust with Rodgers. What the hell happened to this guy as a kid? This is a psychological problem if you ask me. The Packers would be wise to invite Dr. Phil to Lambeau and have a "talk" with Mr. Rodgers. I bet it would solve everything. He can send him off to one of those mental health facilities will 100 acres of rolling hills in Georgia that Dr. Phil speaks of. Rodgers comes back next season and his mom, dad and brothers are in a luxury suite cheering for him (have you ever seen Rodgers parents at a game?). Rodgers leads the league in td's and least throwaways as he trusts everyone for the first time. If we can solve this deep seeded "trust" issue with Rodgers we can solve many of our present problems. We have about two years to go. I suggest we start like right now. Calling Dr. Phil.

LambeauPlain's picture

There are many reasons for the 2018 failure.

But the huge reason few talk about is the 2015 draft class.

Three years into the NFL, this is the class that should be dominating the roster.

Not a single 2015 draft class player played for the Pack this year.

Not one.

Lack of quality depth? Look no further than the 2015 TT draft...his worst ever.

Lare's picture

Unfortunately, Ty Montgomery did.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Whrn is the last time we actually got good field position from a punt return or kickoff return? Curious if anyone can remember

Lare's picture

My guess is that it was back in 2013, the year before Zook was hired.

HankScorpio's picture

Put Cobb on punts.

Point Packer's picture

"My guess is that it was back in 2013, the year before Zook was hired."

As bad as Zook is, Shawn Slocum was either his equal or a shade worse.

fthisJack's picture

Cobb can't stay healthy as a WR. now you want him to return punts? Cobb, Bulaga, Perry need to be gone.

Since '61's picture

The results this season are a matter of poor drafts and terrible management by the Packers.

1. 2012 -2015 drafts were terrible. I think there are only 5 or 6 players left from those drafts and one of them is Perry so that the number actually minus 1 at least. I realize that TT usually had poor draft positions but that's what scouts are paid for and that whole group failed badly.

2. Sign Jared Cook, he is part of one of the great plays in Packer history and the Packers (Probably TT again) decide not to resign him and replace him with Bennett first and now Graham. That's 3 blunders at one position within 2 seasons!!!

3. Resign Perry to a ridiculous contract when the guy was already a failure!!!???

4. The team is desperate for CBs so we let Hyde and Hayward go and draft Randall and Rollins. Randall is a safety but we play him as a CB and Rollins was a college CB for one year. WTF!!!??? On top of all that we sign a basketball player to play CB??? Is it any wonder that we were a mess at CB for about 3 seasons before Alexander.

5. I can't even remember how many seasons it has been that we have played without ILBs before Martinez and even now he's the only one we have.

6. Aside from 2 seasons with Eddie Lacy we really haven't had any significant contributions from our ground game since Ryan Grant??? or was it Hornung and Taylor?

7. We had one the best and deepest receiving corps in the league and now we're down to Davante Adams.
How does a pass first team that depends solely on its QB allow that to happen??? More importantly why do they allow it to happen and simultaneously resign their QB to the largest contract in NFL history!!!???

8. We have gone from Sitton and Lang as our Guards to Taylor (a JAG this season) and who??? at RG.

9. I think that we need to go back to the Lombardi era or at least the Holmgren era to find when we actually had good Special teams play.

10. Green Bay has a long tradition and history of strong safety play including; Emlen Tunnel (HOF), Willie Wood (HOF), Johnie Gray, Chuck Cecil, Ken Stills, George Teague, Eugene Robinson, Leroy Butler (HOF nominee), Nick Collins, and Charles Woodson (HOF). We've had virtually nothing since Woodson went back to Oakland.

11. Virtually no OLB play for the last 3-4 seasons.

12. One DL (Daniels) until Clark began to come on strong last season!!!

13. We haven't had a backup QB who belongs in the NFL since Rodgers was backup to Favre.

14. It's impossible to make this stuff up!!!

TT and MM have their share of the blame in this mess and they've been removed but Murphy has been leading this parade for how long? How does he let this happen and more importantly why is he still here?
If his staff has failed so utterly what does that say about him?? Shouldn't he take the fall with his captains?? Isn't he supposed to go down with the ship?? Since Bob Harlan took over I have believed that the Packers were a well run organization but I don't have much confidence that it is still true.

The Packers have a ton of work to do this offseason. I cannot be comfortable with the moves we need to make if Murphy is going to be involved. My first hope is that the Board removes him, failing that I hope he stays out of Gute's way and let's Gute do the job. If it's up to Murphy I'm afraid we're in for more of the last 6-7 seasons. Chuck Murphy with Zook and the rest. Thanks, Since '61

LeotisHarris's picture

Many good thoughts there, '61. Thanks. It is interesting how Murphy is acting like he just arrived on the scene and is taking action.

Murphy's role, it seems, has been to generate revenue as the organization became more corporate. In that role he's been quite successful. As an administrator I think he's probably been comfortable in the same-old-same-old that is the Packers. It's like the Christmas dinner story of how grandma always cut the ends off the ham, so everyone else in the family continued to do so in their families. No one questioned it. After grandma passed away, everyone found out she did it because she didn't have a big enough pan. Murph can't get by with just cutting the ends off the ham anymore.

My skepticism comes with the all the blind faith in Gute. If he is evaluating talent, yes. If he is helping to choose a head coach, no. IMHO Gute is a product of the old boys club. It's the only way you go from a position coach at a WIAC school to the NFL as a scout overnight, then ascend the ranks within the Packers TT scouting tree. The fact he can field questions and looks/talks like he belongs in Wisconsin makes him the anti-Ted, and that's a welcome sight which also gives unearned credibility.

I think the Packers have a good front office. Unfortunately it's in Cleveland, Seattle, Kansas City, and numerous other NFL cities. Gute bringing in one of his old frat buddies from UW-L doesn't set the tone for drastic change.

And, where TF are the Pro Shop sales? I want to see 50% off the good stuff. It's the 18th FFS!

Point Packer's picture

#6 totally inaccurate. Aaron Jones is leading the league in rushes per attempt right now at 5.5 and gained almost 1k yards. That's significant. If dumb ass Mike McCarthy could have used his big old dome to figure out how to give him the damned ball, GB may be in a better place right now.

Since '61's picture

Not as inaccurate as you may believe Point Packer. Aaron Jones is a good back, but the Packers need a back like a Le'Veon Bell or Saquon Barkely or Derrick Henry. An RB who can carry the offense and take the load off of Rodgers and the passing game. Jones would be a perfect change of pace back to compliment a bell weather RB. BTW he has gained 728 rushing yards (not close to 1K) and he is injured again and ending the season on IR again. He may have 5.5 yards per rushing attempt but he has only 60 rushing yards per game. He has not made a significant difference for the Packers offense this season.

Rodgers will probably be better in 2019 if he remains healthy but the Packers offense needs more balance. We cannot realistically expect that Rodgers will return to his MVP form. He could and that would be great but we can't be passing 40+ times per game and rushing about 12-15 times per game. That means a ground attack that opposing defenses believe that they need to stop. We need 20 - 25 rush attempts per game and get back to quick passing and play action for a few deep shots per game.

Besides 13 out of 14 ain't bad. Thanks, Since '61

fthisJack's picture

maybe that's because MM was only giving him 11 snaps a game when he should have been touching it 18. Aaron Jones is the real deal and should not be relegated to the "change of pace" RB. and name one RB in the NFL that doesn't get dinged up? they all get banged around and miss time.

The TKstinator's picture

However, UW-L has some extremely high quality alumni.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Do tell, TK.

Brockington and MacArthur Lane were excellent. Ahman Green was elite. IDK what to make of Aaron Jones, but he can play. If he becomes James White but a much better runner, that works for me.

Someone else just posted this film clip of RB Darrell Henderson. He's not unlike Aaron Jones: small school, good contact balance and nice cuts with enough speed.

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TGR - Good points about Brockington and Lane, regrettably Brockington's career was short lived due to injuries and Lane had a few good seasons but he was a bit slow, but he could rumble and bumble. Ahman Green was a good solid back. I would like to see the Packers find another version of Green and compliment him with Jones. Thanks, Since '61

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Well put 61. Not to defend Murphy, but I think the entire Packers organization were a victim of Rodgers success.

If you look at the Packers W/L records up until last year they were pretty successful. Although I think their success was something of a mirage as Rodgers made up for a lot of other talent deficiencies. Even if Murphy could see that TT, MM and the team were actually in decline from 2012-2016, he would have been fired for making drastic changes then.

The point is, the Packers were 2-3 years too late in making GM & HC changes. While I think that Gutekunst may be a good choice at GM, my concern is that he was also part of all the bad drafts & players decisions the last several years. To what extent we'll never know, but I think we'll see pretty soon if he was part of the solution or part of the problem.

As to Murphy, we'll also see pretty quickly how he does at making major team decisions. Either way, he's taken the bullseye off other's backs and put it squarely on his own. Anything that happens bad or good with the Packers organization from this point forward is directly and totally attributable to him.

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They were at least 3 years late in making a GM change; remember some of those players they were using at ILB and safety during those years? TT wasn't doing his job. He should have been signing a couple of free agents to plug those holes, but obviously that wasn't his way of doing things. After that playoff game where Kaepernick rushed for 181 yards against us (I still don't believe that!), it couldn't have been anymore apparent that TT had to do more than spend a few questionable draft picks to fix the defense.

Like you said, as long as AR kept winning and leading the team to the playoffs, changes weren't going to be made--which is a shame, because I think that most fans could see that improvements were needed in certain areas.

So far I've been mildly encouraged by Gute, but man, does he have some work cut out for him this off-season.

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Yes the injuries piled up over the year for sure. But the starting lineup for the Rams game was pretty close to whole and that game too was a microcosm of the season. Just a team, with whoever was out there, that did not have the strength, depth, smarts, coaching or whatever to bring home W's.

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some great discussion!

Almost an early present. Two points to add. The 202 draft choice discounts back to a 2nd round pick this coming draft. So in a 'discounted' sense the bears gave up a first, then traded 2s and a 3rd. That is not a tough offer to beat when you have 2 first round choices. This was not a miss due to circumstances or money. It was a miss due to judgment. That is scary because it says so much about the coaching staff and front office. This judgment is reflected in the excellent points on the wasted years of drafting. It is not at all sure this judgment has changed.

The 2nd point is A JONES. I can not cheer lead enough for him.....BUT he seems to get hurt and his stats are inflated by going against team daring us to run.....knowing MM would still refuse to run. There is not knock on Jones for effort, production, team play. Nothing. But he is not an elite RB. If healthy he can be a huge asset. IF. We need another RB big time.

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