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Packers Stock Report: Remember When Games Were Fun?

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Packers Stock Report: Remember When Games Were Fun?

This Packers team has had its fair share of struggles this season, but there was something about Sunday’s game that felt different. Injury after injury piled up against the Patriots and somehow all of the small annoyances and shortcomings of this team seemed to be put under the microscope, and the result was a joyless loss.

The Patriots are NFL dementors, sucking the souls from opposing teams and their fanbases. But the problems displayed on national television Sunday are far more entrenched than one-game issues stemming from one formidable opponent. Even the loss against the Rams, perhaps the best team in the NFC, was fun and exciting, even with the anticlimactic ending.

Sunday’s loss felt more inevitable. And as persistent problems arose once again, the game seemed to be more frustrating than fun, despite being a close game for more than three quarters.

Stock Rising: Buy! Buy! Buy!

Marquez Valdes-Scantling: This tide has been rising steadily for the last several games, but it’s now abundantly clear that MVS is not only the best of the three rookie receivers, but he appears more than capable of filling in for the injured Geronimo Allison as the starting outside receiver opposite Davante Adams.

The South Florida product always offered a combination of size, speed and strength unmatched on the Packers’ roster, and he’s shown the ability to generate big plays with his physical gifts. But he’s recently displayed plenty of nuance and consistency, and he’s being rewarded. MVS played on 81 percent of the team’s offensive snaps, trailing only Adams in the receiver group.

Ted Thompson: The team announced this week that the former GM will be inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. It didn’t take long for some fans to get mad online about honoring Thompson.

Let me be clear: Ted Thompson absolutely belongs in the team’s hall of fame.

The notion that a few below-average draft classes negate all the good that Thompson did for this franchise is outrageous. The Packers were 125-82-1 during his tenure, including a 10-8 playoff record, a Super Bowl title and several other squads that had a chance to win the title.

He didn’t have to draft Aaron Rodgers, but he did. Every GM passed on David Bakhtiari, but Thompson finally took him. It’s totally unfair to blame Thompson for failures but assume every success was a no-brainer. He wasn’t perfect, but no GM is. And perhaps the Packers should have moved on a year or two earlier, but that doesn’t diminish Thompson’s list of accomplishments in a very good career.

Stock Falling: Sell! Sell! Sell!

Public opinion: It was not a good game for the Packers Twittersphere. For weeks and weeks, fans have been complaining about the same problems and advocating for the same solutions. Get rid of Ha Ha! Move Tramon to safety! Where’s Breeland!? Give Aaron Jones 25 carries!

Be careful what you wish for, folks. And try to remember that even if a coach has eroded the trust between himself and the fanbase, the staff has a chance to see these players in practice and meetings way more than we do.

Not all of these oft-repeated fan solutions were baseless or complete failures, but Mike McCarthy’s reluctance may be a bit more understandable now. Moving a cornerback to safety is risky, and it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. Perhaps Bashaud Breeland wasn’t playing because he wasn’t prepared. And maybe Aaron Jones showed some ball security issues in camp and practice. Could that have been what McCarthy was referencing when he repeated that there is more to playing running back than running the ball?

It’s far too complicated to say that McCarthy was right and a chorus of know-it-all fans was wrong, but this week can be an important lesson in humility for many of us on the outside.

Roster depth: As player after player went down with injuries Sunday, it became apparent that this roster lacks championship depth, especially on defense. The middle of the defense continues to be an issue with struggles at safety and linebacker, with the exception of Blake Martinez.

But the team also struggled in the trenches. Jason Spriggs was problematic once again, and the Packers’ guards surrendered consistent pressure in Aaron Rodgers’ face. And it’s not a promising sign for the development of former third-round pick Montravius Adams that he had fewer snaps (13) than undrafted rookie Tyler Lancaster (20) on the defensive line.

Aaron Rodgers: This is cheesehead heresy, but it really is possible that QB1 has taken a step backward in recent years. The fact that his numbers are still good and that the Packers are in almost every game are testaments to just how high his peak is (was?), but the bottom line is that Rodgers hasn’t played up to the standard that he’s set for himself in previous seasons.

The red zone production simply isn’t good enough. He’s still very, very good, and Rodgers could very well turn his season around with a rampage through the back half of the schedule. It’d be foolish to write off the two-time MVP.

But Rodgers is 11th in net passing yards per attempt. He was 21st in limited time last year and 16th in 2016. He hasn’t been top-ten in this measure since his latest MVP season in 2014. He still protects the ball as well as anyone in the game, and turnover avoidance may be the most valuable single skill for an NFL quarterback. But while Rodgers is still productive and unquestionably talented, he simply seems less lethal than he used to be.


Matt Kelley is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter via @hustleandheart1

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packerbackerjim's picture

For an IPO, I would be in on Kumerow to see if he can replace Cobb next year. He won’t be activated this week, but I would think it shouldn’t be long, given the injuries/inefficiencies.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Allison being down paved the road for Kumero's return. Unless with cutting TY they feel Davis has more value as a returner.

Point Packer's picture

If Rodgers is indeed declining, which I admit may be true, than we have McCarthy to thank for wasting his prime years. And Murphy to thank for keeping McCarthy. No rhyme or reason as to why #12 should have only one SB ring. But that may be where things will land. Send a thank you card to Mike McCarthy when you get a chance.

Barnacle's picture

Why did we brake the bank to make a “declining” QB the highest paid player in the NFL?

Point Packer's picture

Keep word there - "may". The jury is still out on the longevity of the decline.

TheVOR's picture

You're exactly right, GB technically didn't have to do anything, between his existing contract (which granted, he did outperform by today's contracts) and being able to Franchise him, we could have been fine. I'd like to think of it as GB did the right thing.

Is he declining? Perhaps slightly. Is he playing behind a crappy offensive line? Absolutely!

I think between his degraded mobility due to an MCL, and his lousy offensive line play, he's probably playing pretty well all things considered.

Final word, anyone who thinks this team isn't at a major overhaul juncture, think again. This team needs help and depth on the OL, DL, and LB groups. That alone could consume next years draft just to get a quality influx of players.

Also, Taysom Hill? And we have what? DeShone Kizer? Wow did we blow that one, it's not like he wasn't liked either!

Point Packer's picture

The lack of attention to GB's poor offensive line play is surprising.

Portland Mark's picture

We keep hearing the Brady takes less money than other great QBs. With Rodgers eating up so much of the salary cap, it doesn't seem to me that there is much room for other great players. When the Packers won the SB they had great depth that just isn't affordable now. Between Mathews and Rodgers they were taking up about 25% of the cap leaving little money quality players among the other 51. Seattle is experiencing the same thing with Russell WIlson's contract. They did get some relief by letting Sherman go just as the Packers will when Mathews' contract comes off the books. But those players still need to be replaced and their replacements likely won't be as good as they were when they were in their primes. If Rodgers wants another SB he should find a way to live on say, $15 million a year and leave money to build a quality team around him.

Point Packer's picture

The cap continues to be adjusted. Soon Rodgers contract will not be the largest in the NFL. Plenty of other successful teams have individuals who take up a large % of cap space. Brady does not make that much less than Rodgers. Brees same thing. Jimmg G same thing. I could go on.

fastmoving's picture

its hard to win with your leader playing not up to his salary cup status and impossible to win it all.

he has to be on top of his game. simple math.

and witch team has won it all, with the QB takes a fifth of the SC? Brady takes a lot less , Jimmy did not win something and Brees plays like his salary. Maybe better

Point Packer's picture

"its hard to win with your leader playing not up to his salary cup status and impossible to win it all."

I agree. But its also hard to win when your second (Cobb), third (Mathews) and fifth (Perry) cap hits in a particular year are not only not playing up to their salary cap status, but actually playing like complete and utter garbage.

Rodgers has to be on top of his game for GB to win cause the team around him is sub-par due to Ted Thompson's poor decisions.

Tom Brady's cap hit in 2018 is 22 million. 27 million in 2019. To say Brady takes a lot less is not really that accurate.

Old School's picture

I disagree with the whole "sub-par" around him argument. This is an attempt to make Rodgers smell better by smearing crap on the rest of the Team, and the past GM. The same guy who draft Clark and King and Bakhtiari and Aaron Jones and...…..

Thompson was voted Executive of the Year twice and he's better than any GM we've ever had except Wolf. He's being inducted into the Packer HOF.

Aaron Rodgers has said on many occasions that he likes the talent on this team. So do I. Our losses have come more from beating ourselves. The offense is designed for Rodgers. And if it's not working...…….

Point Packer's picture

Have you watched the sieve of an offensive line we have? Or contemplated its lack of depth? Have you looked at Ted's last three drafts to see how many of those players are still in GB let alone in the league?

Take a look at GB's talent without your homer glasses on and then compare it to other top tier teams in the NFL. GB has sub-par talent overall. Yes, some bright spots (D-line / secondary), but a whole lot of average players and big gaps (safety/OLB/O-line depth).

Point Packer's picture

And that fact that you mentioned the human "injury report" Kevin King as one of Ted's accomplishments is slightly comical.

Remember Sherrod? Remember Justin Harrell? Remember Demarius Randall? Brian Brohm? Mike Neal? Jerel Worthy? Datone Jones? Quinten Rollins? Jason Spriggs (Traded up for him)?

Old School's picture

Yeah, he's missed, too. So what's the point?

It's Thompson's fault that King has a sore hammy? Couldn't Ted have foreseen that before he drafted him? Do you see how much better the defense is when he's on the field?

Hey....let's list all the shots that Michael Jordan missed and then conclude that he's a poor basketball player. Sheeeeesh.

The TKstinator's picture

I think it’s just frustrating to see gifted players miss tons of time due to injuries.

The TKstinator's picture

It’s also been a long time since the reply column got this narrow.

The TKstinator's picture

People tell me I’m easily amused.

The TKstinator's picture

I don’t plan to change.

Old School's picture

These team is designed to win with Aaron Rodgers. If it's not winning it's pretty obvious that the problem is either the plan or the execution.

His run down the stretch in 2016 was as excellent as I've ever seen from a QB. It is irrational to think that at his age, after missing a bunch of the season with injury last year and playing hurt this year, that he's the same guy, or he'll ever be that guy.

I think we might want to go max protection more and put three guys in the pattern .

Old School's picture

The crappy offensive line stuff is nonsense. You can't find a single thing to support that, unless you want to blame the line for all the sacks Rodgers takes holding onto the rock.

Per, we're the #4 run blocking offense line, and 17th overall.....being dragged down by the number of sacks, several of which are just hanging onto the ball too long. This is a good line. Ask Larry McCarren. He knows it and he's said it.

packerbackerjim's picture

PFF is hardly a font of knowledge. I had severe doubts whether they actually watched a game when they had Ha Ha rate as the 4th best safety. The OL is porous on the right side and Lane Taylor has allowed a few pressure/sacks. Bakh for sure is All-Pro and Linsley is mostly good. In fairness they do allow AR some time to locate a deep receiver. It helps that AR knows how and when to step up in the pocket.

Barnacle's picture

Where do we get the cap space to “overhaul” when we grossly overpay at QB and WR’s. Gute locked us in to a declining unhappy QB. Two of our WR’s take more cap money than all of Belichek’s WR’s combined.

Our convoluted team management structure is providing the convoluted results one would expect. Throwing money around because we are this big happy loving family is not going to work. Paying for future expectations makes more sense than compromising the future to show our appreciation is the greatest in the NFL.

With MM as head coach our players will not be able to earn their inflated salaries.

Old School's picture

A good question. A very good question. This last draft had some very attractive options at QB but we decided to go with Rodgers and HOPE that Kizer could play, or better yet, that he doesn't have to.

I think if you're going that route, and you're going to put that many eggs in the ARod basket, then keeping him upright and healthy is a priority. That's going to involve personnel, yes, but it's also going to mean things like running more (and scoring less) . These strikes downfield where ARod dances around a little, are risking our season every single time.

As long as we're bringing Heresy into this.....we could trade ARod.

He'd bring some draft choices and players, and it would free up a lot of money for free agents. You could strengthen this team in quite a few areas for quite a few years.

Point Packer's picture

"As long as we're bringing Heresy into this.....we could trade ARod."

Yeah, great idea. GB could be the Jags! Great team. No QB. And thus, no chance in hell at winning a SB. Both heretical and straight stupid.

Old School's picture

As opposed to having a high dollar, aging, and injured QB for the next several years with weak points around him.

An average team, with an average QB, would be 8-8. Right? So if we had an above average team with an average QB, what would our record be? Or an above average QB with a below average team?

Just saying. Minnesota and Philadelphia made the Championship game with backup QBs. Just because you don't have a HOFer at QB doesn't mean you can't win in this league.

jhlisic's picture

GB has had one of the best pass protection offensive lines for years. Bakhtiari and Linsley are 2 of the best in the league at their respective positions. Some people expect pro bowlers at every position on the line, allowing 8 seconds for the QB to throw.
Manning, Brees and Brady have combined for 1500 TDs by basically being statues in the pocket. They are decisive, and get the ball out on time. The problem with the offense is Rodgers. Which other offensive line in the league is expected to block for as long as Green Bay's? Rodgers hesitation with the ball and scrambling around will never translate to another SB win.
Also, now that he has a history of significant injuries, you'd think he'd learn his lesson and get the ball out quicker. I notice Brees and Brady are never on the injury report, I wonder why?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Point Packer is right, but never quite got there.

Tom Brady's cap # this year is > AR's.
Tom Brady's cap # in 2019 will be > AR's.

So are Cousin's, Stafford's, Brees (by a lot!), Luck, and in just 2018, Carr, Flacco, Wilson, Eli Manning, Rivers, and Rothlisberger all have bigger cap hits. AR has been well paid but he hasn't been the highest paid QB or even top 4 for the last few years. This narrative is just false.

AR's cap hit for 2018 is 11th highest in the NFL. This is the offense we are getting with having the 11th highest cap hit at QB despite that QB being AR and having one of the highest totals for spending by cap on offense. Fact is AR is not providing tons of surplus value. Simple as that.

Spud Rapids's picture

"No rhyme or reason as to why #12 should have only one SB ring"

Except the fact a single elimination playoff doesn't guarantee anything. Brees only has one... no one is saying Sean Payton wasted Drew Brees career. Peyton Manning should only have one... he had to go to Denver with the #1 D in the league to get that superbowl. Marino has 0.

Having a hall of fame QB only guarantees you'll be contention every year. A lot of bounces have to go your way for a superbowl run

Barnacle's picture

Bounces go wrong consistently for bad coaches. Good coaches consistently overcome “bad bounces”.

mrj007's picture

I noticed Witehead had 2 tackles and 1 assist before getting ejected before halftime. The duo of Matthews and Perry COMBINED for 2 tackles and 2 assists after playing the entire game. I don't profess to know if this is by design, but if you rate defensive players by production, then I would sell sell sell this un dynamic duo.

Old School's picture

Do yourself a favor and read up on this Whitehead guy. He was a four year starter in the SEC and his Pro Day numbers would have been among the best at the combine......if he'd been invited.

I think he'll be a good part of our defense for several years. We're fortunate to have him. Along with Jackson, King, Alexander and Brice we have a very good core of young players in the secondary.

Lare's picture

I don't think Whitehead will be a good part of the Packers defense for several years, they cut him yesterday.

The TKstinator's picture

Well, there IS that.

Coldworld's picture

It seems like MM indicated that the slap/expulsion was just the final straw for Whithead.

Free agent's picture

I think Rodgers knows he has McCarthy on the ropes and he’s going for the knockout. You can see by his body language and facial expressions he’s tired of the same shit every week. Time for a cool change. Good luck in Cleveland MM

RCPackerFan's picture

Ok, So Rodgers is purposely throwing at the feet of his receivers. Reluctant to throw to open Receivers. Checking out of called run plays all to get McCarthy Fired?

Ok, that makes sense.

Old School's picture

It would make more sense if you put your tinfoil hat on.

stockholder's picture

If MM goes, A-Rod can go with him. Think about the money going back into the team. Think about the John Hadl trade, Brett Favre, and others who retired. Avg. Qbs are a dime a dozen in the NFL. Some can comeback. Most can't. I think A-Rod missed his chance for comeback player of the year.

Lare's picture

It was a little disappointing to see Rodgers in his interview today blaming his drop in completion percentage on having to throw the ball away because his receivers aren't getting open. He even said that if a receiver is open he's passing the ball to him.

It doesn't look like Rodgers is spending much time watching videos of his game performance.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

AR is right that his drop in completion percentage is in large part due to an abnormally high number of throwaways. The real issue is why does he have so many throwaways?

Look in the mirror, AR.

Coldworld's picture

Less receivers that know what he wants them to do in a broken play? Honestly I think a lot of this is just lacking the same chemistry that he had with Jordy and co due to departure or injury. Allison looked like he provided that early on then got hurt as has Cobb been. Adams is usually double covered. Maybe MVS emerging will help that.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Brandin Cooks went from NO to NE. Brady to Cooks resulted in 1082 yards and a 16.6 yd/catch average. [I do note that Cooks had his worst catch rate by 8 percentage points.]

If AR got just a single season with Cooks, would the AR to Cooks connection be as good? If so (or better), great. If not, why not?

Donster's picture

Whether Rodgers is in a state of decline or not, he doesn't have a good offensive line in front of him anymore, or as much talent at WR either. McPuffy can't change with the times. And Thompson left the cupboard half empty in his last three years. Rodgers will rebound next season with a new, younger head coach with a fresh offense. Gute will have another draft to work with, and more $$ to bring in some real help, after dumping Cobb, Perry and CM3. And I agree to bring back Kumerow from IR to see what he can really do before next training camp.

Old School's picture

The bad offensive line narrative is flatly contradicted by the facts. Go to and look it up if you don't believe it.

This is a good offensive line. I can see that. So can Larry McCarren.

And yes, old QBs are known for their rebound seasons under a new coach. That happens all the time.

Lare's picture

Don't understand why some posters have to make up derogatory names for others. Most people grew out of that in grade school.

Donster's picture

I've watched a game or two. Have you watched any? Especially other teams like KC, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, or New Orleans? Adams, I agree is very good. MVS is still learning, and in no way be called really good. Brown has hardly played. It is going to take a few seasons to tell how good they will be. Moore has hardly seen the field. Kumerow has just played in pre-season.

And what is so different with me calling McCarthy a name and you referring to me as a 5 year old girl or 73 year old brainless guy? I don't know you from Adam, you don't know me. Keep your personal opinions about other people to yourself.

4thand1's picture

Rodgers is not 100%, he has trouble throwing when running to his right when it should be his strong suit.

Old School's picture

That's easy for me to see too, but apparently, some people don't see it.

I'll tell the 4th quarter last week after the Jones fumble, Rodgers stepped into the throw and rifled a bullet 25 yards downfield to Eq. Brown that would have hit him in the facemask if he hadn't caught it. The defender was right there, and knocked it loose, but it was a major throw.

We should go to max protect and give him some time and a pocket to step up and throw daggers. Put three guys in the pattern.

fastmoving's picture

"….or as much talent at WR either". man you should watch a game or two. he has a really good WR group. Adams, MVS and Brown are playin already good and have an even brighter future.
put Allison, Moore and Kumerow in the mix and I dont know if you find something like that somewhere else…..

But that you call McCarthy names like a 5 year old girl or an 73 old brainless guy is more than strange and says more about you than anyone else.

Point Packer's picture

GB's WR corps is average at best. Davante is top tier and from there its rookies, underachievers (Cobb/Graham) and undrafted FA's. Wanna watch a really good receiving group? Turn on another Rams game. Or a Steeler game. Or a Viking game. Or a TB game. Or a Falcon game. Or a Saint game..

If top tier WR's is what you are looking for, its not in GB. If you think otherwise, you are staring into the sun with your green and gold glasses too much.

Old School's picture

Jimmy Graham, the future HOFer, is underachieving. Just like Richard Rodgers did, for a lot less. OK.

To me, this looks like an effort to make Rodgers smell better by smearing crap on his teammates. I don't like it.

Since '61's picture

Point Packer - absolutely correct. (See my post below) Our receiving corps does not scare anyone. We don't have a threat that is any where close to a James Lofton or a Sterling Sharpe, or even a Greg Jennings or a young Jordy.

Adams was easily taken away by the Pats, Graham has been a non-factor, Cobb is too slow and MVS is an evolving player who may become a play maker at some point. Thanks, Since '61

Coldworld's picture

Potentially the best in a long time but too raw to deliver on that potential now. All depends on how one looks at it.

Donster's picture

Post moved.

JohnnyLogan's picture

If you have a bad offensive line then stop calling long developing pass plays. Everyone waiting for the real Rodgers to show up. Bookmakers not playing that game. Just saw projections that we are underdogs in 4 of next six games. They might be seeing a badly coached team with major holes at safety, OLB, and OL... and a QB ranked 27th in passing percentage because his ego needs the adrenaline rush of a long completion. If you're open eight yards from the QB you might as well just stick your hands in your pockets they won't be needed.

Since '61's picture

What the odds makers are seeing is that Rodgers is hurt. They are seeing that the level of players around him cannot get it done. This is and has been a 4-12 team for at least 3-4 season without Aaron Rodgers.
Thanks, Since '61

nostradanus's picture

MVS - a shining light in a black sea of woe

Ted Thompson - Hall of fame worthy yes, but his last few drafts were absolutely brutal! Just like old players or under performing coaches (Capers)
The Packers hung on to Ted 3 years too long.
So the Pack will have a few below par seasons because of it.

Roster depth - I like what Gute is doing, if you are a player that is not on board on the field or in the locker room, your gone dude!
He is slowly developing a culture and building the team his way. This has been needed for awhile! Gute has Guts! -
Gute's first draft looks like a very good one and he has shown an eye for evaluating talent.
Gute also isn't afraid to sign a few free agents.
It is hard to fix it all in one year and build depth too, especially when you have to pay Rodgers a Shipload of money!

Go Gute get er done!

Here's to hoping the Pack can make a respectful run in the second half. The Packers may not make the playoffs but they have a chance to beat up the Lions, Vikings and Bears (oh My) and serve notice that the Pack is not dead, just re-tooling!

Go Pack!'s picture

cap hit for rodgers in 2018 is 22 exactly the same as tom brady. so stop with this shit of rodgers paid too much.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Bottomline: Mike McCarthy is getting outsmarted by all the coaches in the NFL.

It is time for him to go.

Old School's picture

Nonsense. The Packers are beating themselves on the field with mistakes. Rodgers has said the same thing. When Montgomery fumbled......was that McCarthy being outsmarted? When Jones fumbled....was that McCarthy being outsmarted? When Mason Crosby missed 47 kicks in one game, was that McCarthy being outsmarted? When the officials couldn't figure out what roughing the passer was.....was McCarthy being outsmarted then?

Lare's picture

Everyone looking for someplace to direct blame. Sometimes it's your year and everything goes right, sometimes its not and everything goes wrong.

But when you're not dealing with people who'll ever be rocket scientists, it doesn't hurt to remind them over and over again what to do and what not to do.

Since '61's picture

Without Aaron Rodgers this team would have been a 4-12 team at least since 2014 and maybe even before that. He is that good when he is healthy regardless of the play calling. Since 2008, Rodgers first season as the starting QB this team is 5-14-1 when Rodgers does not play.

That record includes 0-2 in 2010 with a roster that won the SB,
2-5-1 in 2013 with a mostly different roster from 2010,
3-7 with yet a third roster in 2017.

To me this makes the case that Rodgers has carried this team for far too long and it's not MM or play calling it's just one player making a huge difference on a team with mediocre to average players except for the 2010 SB team. Now he is playing hurt and the league knows it and they know he doesn't have any serious game breaking weapons that the DC needs to plan for.

The Pats took away Adams without much trouble. Graham has not been a significant factor and MVS is an evolving player who could become a play maker at some point but not yet. Cobb has good hands but he is too slow. We currently have no threat like a James Lofton or a Sterling Sharpe or even a Greg Jennings or Jordy Nelson in his prime. With Rodgers hurt this team is not even one dimensional they are about 1/3 to 1/2 dimensional.
Thanks, Since '61

Coldworld's picture

He looked a lot slower last week than before his injury. I found myself wondering if they erred in letting him suit up. I think in retrospect that they did.

Rick F's picture

Gutekunst is roster building right now and has to move and open up roster spots and start robbing players from other practice squads. They shut down G Mo and opened up a spot this team is doing what Ron Wolfe did build it with his players. Young rookies players and get some valuable veteran players to guide them. Seattle did it with the same formula. Average players make average teams. Get as much talent as possible and that in turn creates great competition and even better depth. The packers are not far off from being a great team, but it will not be this year. 1-2 years from now fans will be so excited about this team because of talent and depth Gutekunst has constructed it will blow people away.

Rick F's picture

Wolfe tree of scouting all have 1 thing in common. Get your players and throw out the others to get your team pointed in the right direction. It takes time but once the nucleus is built then you just add pieces to fill in your weaknesses. Offense for example 12 33 69 17 83 19 80 that is 7 players that can really play. St. Brown is going to have a good second half of the season. With GMO out he is going to surprise people and it wil start Sunday. Packers are not a bad team they just are playing with enough consistency. That is a coaches responsibility and MM knows that but can he reach them and push the buttons to get the best out of them?

Chris Vachio's picture

I feel the need to throw out a BUY on Tramon Williams at safety, too. We didn't miss HHCD at all and even on the missed tackle - at least he was up there trying to make a tackle. HHCD would have been 10 yards away waving his arms and yelling "Get him, guys!"

Coldworld's picture

I agree that Williams looked to read the game well. Hopefully he can keep it up and hopefully Breeland can knock off the rust so Williams can stay there even if King is down.'s picture

same old shit.
people like this matt kelley deserve a trade for rodgers.
so after the trade they will be able to talk about the real shit and they will be happy.

Booner's picture

When they let Lang and Tretter walk in the same year and drafting Spriggs to replace them was one TT Biggest Fails!

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