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Packers Stock Report: More Lambeau Field memories edition

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Packers Stock Report: More Lambeau Field memories edition

I don't mean to make the Packers Stock Report all about me, but after Sunday's performance from the hometown squad, I thought maybe we could all use a change of pace. The following is what I posted Monday Night on the Caring Bridge site I use to keep people updated on my battle with cancer.

Yes, the Packers were terrible, but I had another amazing time at Lambeau Field.

An abbreviated Packers Stock Report is at the end of this post. 

This weekend I didn't feel well at all. I was bloated and struggled to eat and drink. Bouts of acid reflux/heartburn kicked in at random times and made me feel like I was going to yak. My energy level was up and down -- one minute I felt refreshed, the next I wanted to sleep for days. Just when I thought my diarrhea was under control, it returned with a vengeance (sorry, that was probably TMI). A weird pain lingers in my stomach, almost like I got punched repeatedly in the abdomen by the 1990 version of Mike Tyson.

To top it off, the wife and I made our annual pilgrimage to Lambeau Field for a Packers game and the Packers played like East Dillon High School on "Friday Night Lights" before Coach Taylor straightened them out. Aaron Rodgers has gone from a perennial MVP candidate to the second-coming of Randy Wright. As Vince Lombardi once said, "What the hell's going on out here?"

To put a cherry on top of everything, I managed to come down with a cold. 

Heartburn! Diarrhea! Cancer! A Packers loss! Sounds like an absolutely miserable weekend, right?

Wrong. It was beautiful.

There is nothing better in this world than being in Lambeau Field with my wife. This was our 12th Packers game together. We've seen the Packers beat Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady. We stood covered in snow as Brett Favre led a come-from-behind playoff win in a game that will forever be known as "The Snowglobe." We've sat in the corner of the end zone as the Packers beat the Vikings in the playoffs, and we were in the bleachers around the 40 yard line when Matt Flynn jogged off the bench to lead to the Pack to a rallying...tie against the Vikes (oh well).

We traveled to Chicago to witness the Packers punch their ticket to Super Bowl XLV with a win over the Bears. Three days before I was diagnosed, we braved a sleet storm to see Favre's number retired and officially welcomed back to Green Bay.  

Ok, I'm getting nostalgic now. The bottom line is this: All of those moments we enjoyed together. Hell, even if the Packers lost every game we attended 104-2, they'd still be magical memories because those moments happened with the prettiest Packers fan around. I wasn't going to let stupid cancer get in the way of another day of Lambeau memories.

Walking to the stadium Sunday was a little bittersweet. If you've never been to Lambeau Field on game day, it's a combination of Mardi Gras and family cookout. The beer flows. The scent of grilled meat hangs over the entire city. People get way too crazy for a Sunday.

That used to be Julianna and I getting way too crazy for a Sunday at Lambeau, but not yesterday. My body isn't able to handle beer or grilled meats these days, so whenever I saw someone chugging a Spotted Cow or munching on a bratwurst, I was jealous. But before I felt too sorry for myself, I'd grab my wife's hand as we cut through the crowd. 

Forget beer or meat. She was all I needed.

Entering Lambeau Field is like an out-of-body experience. The greatest franchise in all of sports plays here. It's where Bart Starr sneaked into the end zone to win the Ice Bowl. It's where Reggie White racked up sacks while a 12-year-old me cheered him watching on a snowy television back in Minnesota. It's where Julianna was once, ahem, "overserved" at our first game together (vs. Carolina). It's where I'd spend every Sunday if I could.

Unfortunately, the Packers didn't create any new memories with their play on Sunday. But we still had a blast, even if we spent more time cracking wise about our favorite team's struggles instead of standing and yelling after a touchdown. And, hey, Brett Favre made another appearance, so that was cool. Some fans would boo after yet another Packers miscue. I was in Lambeau Field on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with my love watching the Packers. The last thing on my mind was booing.

I think Julianna was a little worried I didn't have a good time Sunday because she knows I wasn't feeling the best. I reassured her I had an amazing time for all the reasons cited above. Here's hoping we can do it again in the future, and this time see another Packers win.

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Klincker's picture

A Lambeau Love Story.
Best wishes to you and your family Adam.

Point Packer's picture

Thanks for the uplifting post, Adam. Needed that after this past Sunday. This post, combined with the textual abuse I took from my brother last night regarding my general pessimism about this football season, I am now going to be flipping over a new more optimistic leaf.

In general, way to put things in perspective.

EdsLaces's picture

I'm a 31 year I'd blue collar West by God Virginian....and every one of your stories makes me cry like a baby. My wife was diagnosed with Lupus last year and every single weekend I happen to get off work (about 1 out of 3) we "party" as me and my son call it. Not an actual party of course but when we say it it means doing whatever the hell we wanna do. This season has been great. Hay rides, cook out, trips to the pumpkin patch,shooting guns. watching football together ....we do it every freakin chance we get. I used to hate the world when we lost but this year we are too busy having a blast as a family to give a sh#t. God bless you buddy. God bless your family too. Make those memories every f#ckin chance you get!!!

Jersey Al's picture

Perspective is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Mebrooks5291's picture

the team has become one not sining their own free agents letting players go who they are for bad team morale.
plaers getting hurt all the time and poor performance on the field.huge disapointmnt. blame who you want the team is not good and lots of losses are on the way .go pack

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture


EdsLaces's picture


Jameson's picture

Edit your drunken post. Read the story. I've been to 11 games. Big wins and sad losses. Yet every time was with my beautiful wife and great memories were made. Let's hope we all get more chances at wonderful memories. Wish you the best Adam.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Adam...I think the Stock Report should be all about you instead of what I'm seeing on the field. You've said what I've been thinking about the Packers for some time. It is so much bigger than the game. The players and coaches come and go. We end up basically cheering for the laundry. But the time with our friends and families, the memories of the greats, and that frozen tundra makes it almost hallowed ground.

EdsLaces's picture

I set foot on that field .......I repeat ....I stood on that freaking field! We lost to the saints that day.....but I couldn't care less then and I still don't now. You are right we cheer for the laundry. We cheer for our friends and family that cheer with us. Sundays are for football and family both. Go pack...and go Adam!

cpabandit's picture

I don't know if anyone has heard MM's media talk this afternoon but I did. When MM was asked about the accuracy of Aaron Rodgers, he gave a five minute long answer that not only made you forget the question but had nothing to do with the question. If I didn't almost bust a gut laughing, I almost fell asleep. I think MM may have snuck in Aaron's scotch stash and sampled a few. You have to hear it.

Finwiz's picture

McCarthy WILL NEVER give you a direct answer to a question because he despises the press and doesn't want anyone to know his "trade" secrets. I quit watching his TV show years ago because it's a total joke. We as the fans deserve better than this as we support the team with sellouts and devotion over many years. They can't even give us the courtesy of an honest answer to the performances.

RCPackerFan's picture

Thanks for the great writing as always.

I love that even though they lost, it didn't ruin your experience at Lambeau.

Hopefully the next time you go you will see a better performance by the Packers and see them win.

kollinboss's picture

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Point Packer's picture

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