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Packers Stock Report: Hello, Josh Jones!

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Packers Stock Report: Hello, Josh Jones!

Overcoming a laundry list of injuries, the Packers got standout performances from faces old and new in a come from behind 27-24 victory over Cincinnati on Sunday. While the outcome of the game is ultimately the only thing that matters, there was still plenty to clean up as well, and Green Bay is going to have some personnel decisions to make before Thursday's matchup with the Bears.

This week’s stock report:


Geronimo Allison: The second-year undrafted free agent was on the field for 47 of 70 offensive snaps, seeing more time in place of the injured Randall Cobb. He was targeted eight times, catching six passes for 122 yards, including a 72-yarder in overtime that helped set up Mason Crosby’s game-winning field goal. Perhaps the most underrated facet of Allison’s day came after he dropped a pass in the fourth quarter, when Aaron Rodgers came right back to him on the next play. Trust is a huge factor when it comes to Rodgers and his pass catchers, and it would seem Allison has been granted entry to the inner-circle.

Josh Jones: Packer fans finally got to see the second-round pick fully unleashed on Sunday, and Jones did not disappoint. He played all 61 snaps on defense and flew around the field, recording a team-high 12 tackles, including two sacks. Playing a linebacker role in Green Bay’s Nitro package, Jones looked like a natural and seemed to find himself around the ball constantly. His sure tackling was a welcome addition to the unit as well. All things considered, his performance should make him a regular going forward.


Offensive Line: As far as the game goes, Kyle Murphy looked simply overmatched at times against Cincinnati’s Carl Lawson, who finished with 2.5 of the Bengals’ six sacks on the day. To make matters worse, Murphy was estimated as “Did Not Participate” on Monday’s injury report, which cited a foot injury. While David Bakhtiari was listed as “limited” on Monday, it’s probably more realistic to think the Packers will try to get past Chicago on Thursday and use the 10-day mini-bye to get both he and Bryan Bulaga, who left Sunday’s game with an ankle injury, back to full strength. If Murphy can’t go against Chicago, Justin McCray will be asked to handle one side of the offensive front. On the opposite side, it would probably come down to rookie Adam Pankey or Ulrick John, who the Packers signed off of Arizona’s practice squad on Monday. John spent time with three different clubs previously, playing in five games and starting three contests for the Cardinals in 2016. However you look at it, the Packers will likely have to get creative with how they use their three active tight ends on Thursday night.

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Handsback's picture

A low scoring game would be a good sign.

Turophile's picture

A couple of others.

ROLLINS. He is just not playing well at this point in time.
BENNETT. He has to hang on to balls going his way, to get out of this category.
CLINTON-DIX is in danger of appearing here, but we also know he can play better - hoping this is just early season rust.

KENNY CLARK and DEAN LOWRY. They cannot (yet) cover the loss of Daniels on the D - he makes everyone better - but they are getting better. This will be a quality rotation of D linemen, moreso if M.Adams comes along. By the end of this year I imagine that line could cover any temporary loss of Daniels much better than they can now. If Daniels is Scylla (the rock), then Kenny is Charybdis, the whirlpool that sucks everything in.

BLAKE MARTINEZ. I'm surprised he wasn't picked as a rising candidate. Now in his second year, he has a much better understanding of the finer points of inside linebacker play. He was one of THE best diagnosers of a play in college, both pre-snap and as it unfolds. It just needed a little time for him to start getting the hang of the much more complex Packers defense. Martinez is not an elite athlete, but his skills allow him to be headed where he needs to be before other guys get going.

Archie's picture

Martinez is already much better than Hawk ever was. That may seem to be damning with faint praise but he is a bright spot for this defense right now. He and Jones will be prominent against Bears run game. Our pass D should be good enough to stop CHI. The question is how will our blockers fare against their front 7. Could be a 14-10 game.

dobber's picture

AJ Hawk is low-hanging fruit, but we forget that he was a very good 4-3 LB and was actually a decent LB up til they cut and resigned him. He was a Pro Bowl alternate for two years in there (whatever that really means). Martinez might be faster, but I don't think he's better than Hawk was in his prime, yet.

HankScorpio's picture

I don't view that as damning with faint praise at all.

Hawk's biggest issue was that he was drafted #5 overall. If he was a second round pick, he would have been viewed much differently. He was solid and reliable for a very long time in GB. Unfortunately for him, more is expected of the #5 overall pick. You need to be able to use words like spectacular and dynamic. Neither apply to Hawk.

If Blake Martinez has that same career and no better, that's one heck of a 5th round pick.

The TKstinator's picture

Pretty sure Martinez was a 4th, just like Jake Ryan.

HankScorpio's picture

Thanks for the correction, TK.

Steve Cheez's picture

Love the Scylla and Charybdis reference!

Finwiz's picture

I agree with your assessment of Josh Jones.
Now I hope they can find SOMEBODY on this defense to come up with a INT once in awhile.
It's the one thing seriously absent from this defense - people to come up the big play.
Maybe they can look for that out of JJ too, but that's a lot to put on a rookie.
Like to see a vet step up and start making some big plays!

EdsLaces's picture

Ints go hand in hand with a pass rush. No pass rush means no ints...

flackcatcher's picture

Murphy down too, damn. Bulaga may have to give it go, and see how long he can last. Packers are running out of bodies on the O line. Maybe the Packers should consult a witch doctor, nothing else has worked so far.

RCPackerFan's picture

From training camp their top 5 OT options are either on IR or are hurt. Thats not good.

Would this injury bug to specific positions all at the same time please end? 2015 it was WR. 2016 it was RB then CB, then WR. 2017 right now its OT.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Has Guion signed anywhere? As I recall he has been a Packer offensive lineman in the past.

The TKstinator's picture

Offensive is right.

Qoojo's picture

Speaking of stock falling, any word on the player released to sign the new back up OT John?

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Mt. Adams could be rising because he was subterranean and now he is above ground and seen on the green grass of Lambeau. I was watching for him and I believe his first play was on the Brooks sack. Had a nice bull rush up the middle. I counted 2 other plays where he was on the filed although it could have been more than that. I think that he could progress into nice depth until Daniels heals up. Hope he turns out to be a central part of the rotation before long.

RCPackerFan's picture

Packers place Kyle Murphy on IR.

cuervo's picture

You've got to be kidding. And there are still people bitching that Ted disin;t provide enough "depth" on the O line. I'm frankly surprised they are even able to field a team.

RCPackerFan's picture

Put it this way. Their 3 top backup options at OT are now on IR.

No GM can provide that much depth at a position.

Nick Perry's picture

"No GM can provide that much depth at a position."

My biggest issue at the start of the season was when several veteran Tackles who IMO may have been worth adding to the roster were available weren't added. Sure the Packers had 3 backup options at Tackle at the start of the preseason. But Barclay went down early and Murphy and Spriggs showed early and often they weren't ready to be Tackles in the NFL yet.

Did the Packers have 3 backup options or did they REALLY have zero?? Because based on what I saw in the preseason they didn't have any.

They were abused in the preseason for Gods sake, how in the heck can Thompson or anyone for that matter even call them a "Backup Tackles" in the first place? Calling Barclay one in the first place is a stretch. But in a pinch he can plat RT but LT not so much. But Sriggs and Murphy were both abused all preseason long by guys who are watching the games on Sunday the same place I am. On my sofa in my living room in my home.

There were a TON of posts on this site hoping Thompson would add a veteran Tackle but he didn't. He rolled with the guys who struggled all preseason long HOPING no one was injured. It's not the first time he's rolled the dice either.

HankScorpio's picture

" Murphy and Spriggs showed early and often they weren't ready to be Tackles in the NFL yet"

They did? I'll grant you they showed inconsistency in preseason games. Bulaga and Bakhtiari both showed inconsistency in real games early in their careers. It's like that with a lot of players. Playing time and game reps wring out the inconsistency.

Street FAs available after final cuts are certainly not going to be rock solid, either. At best you can hope for a bit less inconsistency along with that same ability to grow into the role with experience.

Murphy played all three games in 2017. He was ok in 2 and bad in 1. Spriggs has gotten spot duty for injury in the past as well. He held up ok to my recollection. We don't really know what either had been showing in practice, which counts a lot. Over the years, there were a whole bunch of roster decisions on final cuts that made no sense based on preseason games alone.

Of course, now both are on IR so it is all just speculation. Maybe it was a horrible mistake to count on them as backup OTs at all. Maybe it was just bad fortune they got hurt when they were needed. This kind of question is what makes for interesting debates.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Remember back a few weeks when we all said this should be a pretty good season if we don't have injuries all gang up on one position? I sure hope that doesn't happen this year.

RCPackerFan's picture

2015 was WR.
2016 was CB, then RB, and in the last game WR.
2017 right now is OT.

Mojo's picture

In addition to protecting ARod, this could severely hamper his ability to change things up at the line. You could easily have two tackles who have never taken a snap with this team in real games. If ARod does his pre-snap cadence trickery, they'll do well not to have a half dozen motion penalties.

These tackle injuries are bordering on farce. Better yet a traveshamockery!

dobber's picture

On the bright side: maybe these guys can run-block...

The TKstinator's picture

Traveshamockery! I love it!

HankScorpio's picture

Duane Brown is holding out on the Texans still, I'm not sure what it would cost them in picks and money to convince them both that Brown playing in GB is a good idea.

But I hope TT is sure. And making the best choice for the Packers.

Dzehren's picture

Brutal. Guy was trending upward.

Couch Cleats's picture

Always a single position group getting injured. These injuries could be long lasting for some of them too. I'm starting to wonder if this situation might require a trade.

A defensive touchdown on Thursday sure would be a big help!

Nick Perry's picture

First they have to get a turnover. They've had one through 3 games and that was in week one.

pacman's picture

Ted says -
"No problem. We can let everyone go! Even stable guys like Sitton and Lang. There are always replacements available. AR will just have to dance around some more. We're paying him enough."

Archie's picture

JC Tretter would be worth his weight in gold but Ted says no, gotta go cheap.

Turophile's picture

Tretter deserved starter money and, surprise, he wanted to start, like almost all aspiring players do, if they are starter quality.

The Packers decided on their center starter, which was Linsley, though before the choice was made I had thought they might have preferred Tretter, as he was more versatile.

Cap decisions can be very tough, especially when you lose a good guy - GMs make the awkward decisions, like Tretter and Lang and Sitton. If you don't your cap climbs to a point where you cannot afford (for example) a possible $30m a year contract for Aaron Rodgers, or your new (insert name) rising star.

Losing one of Tretter/Linsley was probably one of the easier decisions to make (whichever one you chose), as the GM handbook says you don't pay starter money to a backup. Tretter sure would have helped, I agree, but losing Spriggs (IR), Barclay (IR), Murphy (just gone on IR) in addition to currently having Bakhtiari and Bulaga out, is impossible to plan for.

dobber's picture

Yeah, the "Tretter, Tretter, Tretter" stuff is old. The guy was really a C, but wouldn't have played C in GB. Was never really tested at G, where he would likely have to be starting...and how many games was he available for during his 4 years in GB? He was fragile as glass...

" but losing Spriggs (IR), Barclay (IR), Murphy (just gone on IR) in addition to currently having Bakhtiari and Bulaga out, is impossible to plan for."

True. But that doesn't stop people from saying that SOMEONE should've known this would happen in April...

Yooper's picture

Tretter was def versatile and wished we could of kept him at a starters salary - Seems like a small price to pay seeing how many big hits AR took last week and will probably be taking again - man I hate to see all the chances he has to take!!!!

cuervo's picture

Ted says -
"No problem. We can let everyone go! Even stable guys like Sitton and Lang. There are always replacements available. AR will just have to dance around some more. We're paying him enough."

I'm sorry ...but posts like this are just plain stupid. There is not a GM in the the entire league that would have their team well positioned to handle their top 5 backup tackles all hurt. A post like that shows you are not capable of rational thought.

4thand1's picture

Funny ,when things don't go the way a lot people want, they start the blame game. When a team picks it's final 53, they do so with a lot of thought and keep the best players left. You can't plan for injury, just hope it doesn't turn into something impossible to overcome. The Packers have a QB who can throw on the run better than anyone I've ever seen. Looks like he'll be doing a lot of it.

Tundraboy's picture

Great posts everyone. Great points and thought provoking comments. No insults or other nonsense.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"I'm sorry ...but posts like this are just plain stupid.... A post like that shows you are not capable of rational thought."

The TKstinator's picture

I guess there are exceptions.

Tundraboy's picture

Oops. Missed that one. There's always at least one I guess.

The TKstinator's picture

But you are still capable of rational thought.

dobber's picture

Sunday snap counts here...

Interesting observations:
Murphy played the whole game, but ended up on IR? Someone fill me in on this one.

We've learned what the Packers think of Janis and Davis. When Nelson and now Cobb missed time, neither saw the field.

Packers fully committed to the nitro--look at the snaps at S.

In the absence of House, Hawkins starting to see the field.

Dzehren's picture

Goode finished game also and is on IR. This is a crazy year.

Finwiz's picture

Janis must really be dumb if he can't get any snaps at WR by now.
I don't quite get how you can go to college and be that stupid.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Fin, Janis went to Saginaw Valley State not Stanford.

Finwiz's picture

Seriously? Did I say he went to Stanford? Might as well have said UW Oshkosh, cause that's quite the distinction. It's still college isn't it?
I presume he had to get passing grades to stay in school. Not sure it supports your argument by going to extremes.

dobber's picture

Sometimes it's the processor, not the RAM.

Finwiz's picture

I gotta say - that made me LMAO. Cyborg Janis with faulty circuits.

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