Packers Snap Counts Versus The Chiefs


The Packers played their guys against Kansas City.  It does not seem like they tried to hide any of their bubble players to enhance the chances of sliding players onto the practice squad.  Indeed, most of the bubble players got a ton of snaps.


Player Snaps  %KC  % SF  % NO  STs      
Hanson 43 64 79 90 1-4%
Van Laanen     35 73 Trade
Tom 50 75 49 63 1-4%
Nijman 35 52 65 57 2-9%
Newman 35 52 65 57 2-9%
Rhyan 32 48 34 43 2-9%
Caleb Jones 32 43 35 43  
Myers 17 25 51 27 1-4%
Runyan 17 25 65 27 1-4%
Menet 24 36 21 10 1-4%
Walker 50 75  - -  -  - - -  
Love 43 64 65 90  
Etling 24 36 35 10  
Goodson 27 40 41 51 7-30%
P Taylor 27 40 27 29 13-57%
D Williams 13 19 - 24 1-4%
A Mack 13 19 34 48 6-26%
T Davis 24 36 37 38 7-30%
Deguara 12 18 46 19 2-9%
Becker 16 24 N/A 14 1-4%
Cannela 16 24 11 8 3-13%
A Rodgers 30 45 75 73 4-17%
Winfree 41 61 41 70 9-39%
Toure 43 64 62 52 3-13%
Doubs 17 25 39 46  
Fulgham 24 36 N/A 17  
Hyman 32 48 21 14 2-9%
26 on Offense          

The starting offensive line had all kinds of trouble run blocking against the Chief's defensive line, who were mostly second and third stringers.  The Chiefs barely played their starters.  Chris Jones and Frank Clark (3 snaps each),  were yanked after the Packers' first possession, a 3 and out.  Nnadi (5), Karlaftis (6),  LBs Bolton (6) and Gay (5) plus all of their starting defensive backs, (Thornhill, McDuffie, Sneed, and Reid) played 6 snaps or less, were yanked after the Packers' second possession, another 3 and out.  The Packers' second possession ended with 8:47 minutes remaining in the first quarter.  

RB Goodson did have a nice 24-yard touchdown run with nice blocks from Myers downfield and from Hanson and Newman at the line of scrimmage, but it was in the second quarter after the Chiefs had pulled their starters.  Otherwise, Goodson had runs of 2, 1, -3, 2, and -1 in the first half.  Goodson finished the first half with 6 rushes for 25 yards.  Goodson also muffed a kickoff return, picking the ball up and bringing it out to the Green Bay 5-yard line.  His other kickoff return went for 19 yards.  Amari Rodgers and Patrick Taylor both had 11-yard rushes in the second half.  Taylor picked up some tough yards with every carry gaining positive yards.  Taylor gained 34 yards on 7 carries (4.9 average).  Taylor probably helped his chances of making the 53-man roster.  Amari Rodgers showed the ability to be a gadget back, carrying the ball 3 times for 17 yards (5.3 yard average).

The pass protection was much better.  The Chiefs did not have a sack or even a quarterback hit in the first half.  The offensive line allowed 4 quarterback hits in the second half.  PFF indicated that the Packers' offensive line for the entire game only allowed 3 pressure during 43 passing attempts.  [Yes, I would think a QB hit has to be a pressure, but let that pass.]  The offensive line overall has given fans some reason to be optimistic, but much of that has come against backups.  As noted in the August 22 roundup: Kenny Clark just bulled over center Josh Myers, using a left club to knock Myers over. Clark won both their reps.  3) Kenny Clark blows Jake Hanson off the line....  4) Zach Tom won a 1 on 1 rep against Rashan Gary. Beat his bull. So Gary went to a speed rush on next rep and passed Tom like he was in mud.  Ryan Wood.  We want Clark and Gary to beat opposing offensive line starters, so when they beat Myers, Hanson and Tom, that is not necessarily cause for concern, but it should have dimmed some of the optimism about their prospects of handling the starting defensive linemen of other teams.

Tackles Rasheed Walker and Caleb Jones each got long looks, albeit in the second half.  PFF indicated that Walker did not allow a pressure in 33 pass-blocking snaps.  The Packers did not try to hide these players by limiting their snaps.   

Samori Toure had a big night, catching all 6 of his catchable targets for 83 yards, four for first downs and he forced two missed tackles, per PFF.  The Packers certainly did not try to hide Toure.  He showed an ability to get open deep, good speed, and some agility.  Amari Rodgers caught 4 passes for 39 yards to go with his 3 rushing attempts for 17 yards.  Rodgers also had a 12-yard kickoff return during which he made a man miss just to get those 12 yards due to lousy blocking on special teams.  He did not field a punt.  The Packers repeatedly tried to hit Winfree deep without success, though I cannot say he got much separation on those attempts.  Winfree caught 1 of 6 targets for 7 yards.  Travis Fulgham and Ismael Hyman each caught one pass for 16 and 10 yards, respectively.  Both looked like nice catches and routes.  However, both played far more snaps than I had realized.  Romeo Doubs caught two passes for 13 yards early in the contest.  Tyler Davis had one nice reception for 16 yards, but failed to provide proper contain on a return on special teams.  Sal Cannella caught two passes for 18 yards and Becker, who was shaken up on the play, saw 1 target but had no receptions.     

Jordan Love completed 16 of 26 for 146 yards (5.69 yards/attempt) with no touchdowns and one interception.  His passer rating was 61.1.  The interception was on 3rd and 5 from the Kansas City 49 with one timeout and 19 seconds left remaining in the first half.  Love threw a pass down the middle intended for Alize Mack, who was double or triple-covered and had absolutely no chance of catching it.  I do not think Mack was ever within a yard of the ball.  Some have suggested that the Packers took a shot and/or that it was as good as a punt.  The pass was returned 32 yards to the Kansas City 45 but there was a blocking in the back penalty called on the Chiefs, which brought the return back to the Kansas City 15.  The Chiefs kneeled to end the half, so it did end as well as a punt might have (not a given when one thinks about how special teams fared).  Still, with a timeout and time to move into field goal range, Love probably should have kept the chains moving with a check down, as Love acknowledged after the game.  

That all said, Love looked pretty accurate, especially on balls thrown out to the flat.  The ball game out quickly and often with some zip.  The three long pass attempts to Winfree would have had to have been things of beauty for the pass to have been completed because there was not a lot of separation.  Love looked like a competent backup quarterback.  

Both teams were poor on offense.  The Packers converted on 3 of 13 third-down opportunities, good (or bad, I suppose) for 23.3%.  Kansas City only managed to convert 30% of their own third down opportunities.  The Packers also failed to convert their only fourth-down opportunity.  The Packers were 0-2 in the red zone.  In fairness to Green Bay's quarterbacks, a number of those third down opportunities were third and longs.  Scanning the play-by-play, I see multiple third and longs, including third and 9, 11, 13, 8, 21, 22, and 10.  


Jean-Charles 49 91 66 83 11-48%
S. Davis 15 28 42 76 2-9%
K Thomas 40 74 61 71 12-52%
Abernathy 49 91 - 63 15-65%
Gafford 37 69 41 56 12-52%
Scott IR IR 25 37 IR
Ento 14 26 58 33 5-22%
Cross 16 30   24 1-4%
Nixon 11 20 27 19 0
Carpenter 28 52 59 0 9-39%
Gaines 0       6-26%
Enagbare 32 59 76 54 4-17%
Wilborn 21 39 51 52 16-70%
Summers 24 44 34 51 17-74%
Kobe Jones 33 61 61 44 14-61%
Hamilton 28 52 Inj 38 11-48%
McDuffie 21 39 44 38 4-17%
Gileai INJ INJ 15 35 INJ
Barnes 11 20 20 30 4-17%
Manac cut Cut 29 24 Cut
Q Walker 15 28 20 19 3-13%
Garvin 15 28 19 11 5-22%
Slayton 35 65 86 71 3-13%
Heflin 33 61 63 62 2-9%
Ford 30 56 53 46 2-9%
Wyatt 27 50 DNP 41 1-4%
Slaton 10 19 32 21 3-13%
Byers INJ 0 29 0 INJ
23 on Defense          
Ahmed         5-22%
Coco         8-35%
O'Donnell         6-26%


The defensive line held up better against Kansas City's starters but still got pushed around too much.  In the first half, against non-quarterbacks the line held allowed 35 yards on 8 carries (4.375 yards/carry). However, the Chiefs pulled their starting OL after two possessions, right after KC kicked a field goal to go up 3-0 with 3:56 left in the first quarter.  KC gained 21 yards on 4 carries with the starting offensive line playing. The Packers defensive line did draw two holding penalties during those two first possessions while KC's starters were still playing.  [

Heflin led the line with 5 tackles, (4 solo), including a tackle for loss and another for no gain.  Heflin had one solo tackle in the first quarter, allowing just one yard, with the rest in the second half.  Heflin got great penetration to get a hand on the ball in the 4th quarter to force a fumble and an 11-yard loss.  Heflin had 5 tackles in just 19 snaps against the run.  Jonathan Ford contributed 3 tackles, with Chris Slayton getting 2 solo tackles, plus 1 quarterback hit.   TJ Slaton played but had no statistics.  Heflin possibly helped himself.  Pro Football Focus did not give any of the linemen or linebackers better than a low-average grade.  

Quay Walker looked good.  Walker had 5 tackles, (3 solo) and showed range to the sidelines.  Walker only played in the first quarter.  Barnes also looked tough while making his two solo tackles, and he knocked down a pass.  McDuffie had 3 tackles (1 solo), though on a two of his tackles he took the brunt of the impact and was pushed backwards after nice gains.  He allowed a couple of receptions as well.  Ty Summers should not play on defense. 

The outside linebackers were unimpressive.  LaDarius Hamilton had a special teams tackle.  The Packers had just one quarterback hit, and that was from a lineman, Chris Slayton.  They also had trouble with TE Matt Bushman, who caught 3 passes for 73 yards and two touchdowns.  [Bushman broke his clavicle on his last reception of the game.]  There was simply no pressure.  The opposing quarterback, Shane Buechele, maintained a perfect 158.3 passer rating through three quarters of play, finishing with a rating of 135.  He was an undrafted free agent in 2021, and spent most of last year on the Chiefs' practice squad.  The Chiefs signed Chad Penne to a $2 million, fully guaranteed, one-year contract earlier this year to back up Mahomes.  Buechele is the third string quarterback, like Etling.    

Micah Abernathy made 5 tackles (4 solo), and came close to intercepting a pass.  He may have been interfered with, but in any event he helped himself as his run support was good and he was okay in coverage.  Abernathy probably earned a practice squad invitation or perhaps more given the depth issues at safety.  Carpenter had 3 solo tackles and can hit, but he also appeared to blow coverage on a touchdown pass, though PFF placed the blame on Gafford.  He did have a physical tackle on special teams.  Gafford and Kiondre Thomas were possibly battling for a spot on the 53.  Thomas may have had responsibility for the 29-yard reception by WR Fountaikn, though PFF blamed Ty Summers.  Thomas contributed 2 assisted tackles on special teams.   

The Chiefs only scored 17 points, and two touchdowns came on blown coverages.  

Special Teams:

Green Bay allowed Punt returns of 35, 20, 17 (despite the punt returner muffing the punt), 16, 16, and 14 yards.  That is 118 yards on just 6 punt returns, a 19.7 yard average, but the worst return they had still would have been a good return.  The Packers returned one punt for zero yards, and the returner, Ismael Hyman, was hit not only immediately, but also hard.  He held onto the ball, but he should have called for a fair catch.  His judgment did not inspire me with confidence.  O'Donnell averaged 56.3 yards gross per punt, and 36.7 net.  He boomed some in the 89 degree weather.  PFF estimated an average handtime of 4.56 seconds.   

The Chiefs also had kickoff returns of 45 and 17, with the latter due to their returner taking it out from 7 yards deep in the end zone.  It does appear as though the Packers have eliminated blocks of their kickoffs.  The blocking for the field goal and the extra point try did seem routine.  Ahmed had one touchback, another that should have been a touchback if the Chiefs had had any respect for the Packers kickoff coverage teams, and his other kickoff was fielded at the 1-yard line and returned to the 46-yard line.  The Packers returned four kickoffs for 56 yards, a 14-yard average.  The Packers started at their own 17, the 17 again, 20 and the 5-yard line.  The Chiefs did not have a touchback on 4 kickoffs.  I mean, why would they want a touchback?

Photo courtesy of Jay Biggerstaff, USA Today




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Bure9620's picture

August 27, 2022 at 11:31 am

There appears to be some clarity at ILB. Correct me if I am wrong, but Wilborn did not get a single snap in the first half. This leads me to believe they carry these 4 locks.


3 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 27, 2022 at 12:06 pm

I think all of Wilborn's snaps came in the second half. He had a tackle as a ILB in the 4th quarter (11:02 mark) and an ST tackle of the 2nd half opening kickoff.

Top 4 ILBs seem set. Wilborn and Summers might get a roster spot for STs but neither deserves it.

4 points
packer132's picture

August 27, 2022 at 11:40 am

Thanks, TGR. I think the Packers know their starting 11 on offense and defense and will practice on Monday. I don't expect to see cuts until Tuesday as there are still a couple of roster battles. I see 3 running backs, 7 WR's, and 9 offensive linemen. I feel they pick up one or two players after the massive cuts on Tuesday. It could be a safety or tight end though fans are often surprised. A big plus was no major injuries, as some teams lost starters for the year already.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 27, 2022 at 12:32 pm

CBA rules require GB to be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. GB will practice Monday and Tuesday and has to be down to 53 by 4:00 PM EST on Tuesday.

Some cuts likely will come on Monday, and those almost certainly only be guys they don't plan to try to get to the PS.

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packer132's picture

August 27, 2022 at 03:47 pm

This was posted today (Saturday)

Ryan Wood
#Packers coach Matt LaFleur says players had film review today. Quick practice tomorrow, then a longer practice Monday before final cuts Tuesday.
3:29 PM · Aug 27, 2022·TweetDeck

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dobber's picture

August 27, 2022 at 11:48 am

Thanks, TGR!

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Coldworld's picture

August 27, 2022 at 11:52 am

I think PFF was wrong on both of the attributions of fault you referenced on watching again, but it’s hard to be certain.

Looking at who was on special teams, that’s not likely particularly close to who I would guess will be on the kickoff/punt units (return or kicking). That may explain a lot and the glaring lack of speed at times.

Tough on Hyman (who had a long reception negated too) TGR. He’s not making the team, and he should have called a fair catch, but he’s fearless and hung on, and I did like seeing that in a punt returner. He’s not making the roster but I’d have him on the PS. Overall I was not impressed by any of our returns, but I agree, our blocking rendered that largely inevitable.

I think you are kind in your pass protection Comments. Vanilla rush by back ups does not suggest it will hold up against the Vikings. Hanson’s popularity is mystifying. I was impressed by Walker (and his ability to get through so many snaps). I also thought Caleb Jones had a good night on the left. Tom battled too, yet we again led with Hanson and Newman. Stenavich is really starting to worry me. Get Tom ready to play C. For the second game running Hanson was flat out bad with the seconds.

I personally think Taylor is a lock for protection and ST reasons. It’s up to Gute to find a way to keep Goodson. I may have suggested one.

Toure really hasn’t dropped many all through camp, other than that howler in game 2. He’s constantly getting open and shows speed deep and across the field. Winfree had a tough night. Was it him? I think one has to ask that question but the coverage was good and he has been catching those through camp. I would keep and use Toure over Winfree based on Thursday and both or Toure and Goodson over Rodgers. Rodgers had one catch of note, but one I think all should and would have made, including Hyman and Fulgham. It’s clear he has to be schemed open and the ability to run on a schemed play in a vanilla game had more to do with surprise than anything. We have players who don’t need that as catchers and runners (and who could run those plays just as well or better).

Both Abernathy and Toure were definitely taken out before they could complete an interception/catch. It’s not even close and I believe both would have and been able to run. I still do not know what the call on the kicker was either. Took out his plant leg. That crew were just bad.

OLB was very disappointing. After Enagbare there are three spots possibly and not one player stood up to grab one. Waiver claims may be coming. Galeai was out, but I’ve been very unimpressed by him this preseason. No development that I see.

I’m just not a believer in Thomas. He didn’t look good and often loses when he does. Gafford was just meh and we hardly saw Ento. I’m fully in the Kevin King bandwagon, though I would keep Gafford for the speed so obviously lacking in STs. King would be my third S too with Abernathy. Davis is an ST only player for me. King buys room for him and Gafford (Nixon is a lock) to help STs

I don’t think our (non blocking) kick and punt groups will look at all similar to start the season based on what I see in your data. That’s a good thing. It wasn’t pretty on Thursday.

The good thing is this has been a very competitive camp. The bad is questions still at OLB and back up CB/S needs help as well. Davis has to be effective as a blocker or he’s not going to work in his role. One pass caught does not make him an all around TE, and that’s our missing piece. Sadly I saw no competition. On reflection Gute needs to try and upgrade that, even if week one no incommer will be ready at that position. At this point I think Davis isn’t the answer. Maybe he needs some PS time. Gute is likely going to be busy during and after waivers and we could see some swaps before.

4 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 27, 2022 at 12:28 pm

LOL. I wrote my own long comment and submitted it only to see your long comment. Most of which I agree with. Maybe all of it.'

I don't think I was kind as to pass pro. You can only play against what's across the line from you, and that was vanilla.

That said, I went out of my way to look at KC's snap counts for the starting DL, LBs and DBs, and then correlated them with the play by play. When KC had their starting D in, GB had two three and outs. I went back to the Aug 22 Practice roundup to quote what happens to Myers, Tom and Newman when they have to face Clark and Gary to emphasize the difference between facing studs and 3rd stringers. And the practice roundup was vanilla, hell it was one on ones.

I looked at the snap counts for KC's starters on offense as well. Somewhat encouraging that the refs threw flags for 2 holding penalties while the big uglies for KC were playing OL. I think Heflin got held, but I wasn't sure, and I didn't remember the second one at all.

Agree that the camp was very competitive and that many positions had real battles. One of the weak depth spots IMO got stronger because Isaiah McDuffie looks like a whole new player. Not a great athlete, not really, but much better at recognizing and getting to where he needs to be. Barnes looks somewhat better as well. Not a bad group.

I noticed that PFF gave Caleb Jones a good grade for Pass pro and something like 55 for his run blocking in preseason game two. That's something that Murf mentioned the most. Jones grades for pass pro against KC were very good and his run block grade improved a lot, into the high 70s or low 80s. Don't take PFF as being too precise and sometimes just get WTF moments, but nice to see.

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Coldworld's picture

August 27, 2022 at 12:49 pm

Jones is a work in progress, obviously. However Murf’s contention is that he’s too heavy and slow to pull and or move. I respectfully think that disproved further on Thursday. Walker was really good to see at RT, but I think we need a longer look on the PS and for him to stay healthy.

PFF hated McDuffie. I really didn’t see that. They hated Love and panned his ability to throw under pressure. Not really what I saw (but I reference my comments on protection—it was the gossamer thin sort). They liked Myers a lot. I thought he had a good game too. I don’t trust PFF unless it at least partly reflects my impression (which makes the whole exercise questionably subjective).

McDuffie is not a bad athlete at all. He has a 7.32 RAS score based upon his pro day (Campbell had a 6.22) The knock on him was a lack of recognition. I find that encouraging.
6’ 1 2/8” (6012) and 227 pounds.
40 times: 4.59 and 4.61 (1.62 10-yard split).
short shuttle: 4.39 seconds.
three-cone: 7.26 seconds.
Broad jump: 121 inches.
Vertical: 32.5 inches.
Bench: 25 reps.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 27, 2022 at 01:51 pm

I am on day one of my free trial. I don't think much of PFF's grades. I do like the breakdowns of where people played. Slot, perimeter, and it breaks down STs snaps by unit. Not sure it is worth the money, though.

I promised myself that I would buy All-22 but a buddy had it in past years so I never did. Now I gather it is no longer available? Or I have to have something else i don't have....

I think I'd prefer to pay more for All-22 than for PFF, though I heard the NFL had made it crappier to prevent content creators from using it. If anyone knows about All-22, kindly reply.

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PatB's picture

August 27, 2022 at 06:22 pm

PFF hates a lot of off-ball LBs.

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Coldworld's picture

August 27, 2022 at 12:30 pm

Perhaps a reconsideration of Davis on my part, or a reservation if judgment at least. PFF is not always a bible, but it was much more favorable in his blocking than my take or TGRs. If they are correct this time, that’s likely much more reassuring to the team and should be to us. PFF rated him in the top 5 in offense FWIW:

WR Samori Toure: 77.1
C Josh Myers: 71.9
OT Rasheed Walker: 71.4
TE Tyler Davis: 71.2
OT Caleb Jones: 71.1

Take that with a pinch of salt because their grading of Love (did not throw well under pressure) and McDuffie is nuts. Toure though has had the two single best performances as a WR (Doubs perhaps excluded) in preaseason, in game 1 and 3. Other than the uncertainty over Davis’s blocking, the top 5 here do match my impressions watching fairly closely.

For all 22 you have to get NFL+ Premium now.

“To enjoy all the features previously included in NFL Game Pass, subscribers must have NFL+ Premium, which will be $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. This includes full game replays and condensed game replays (without ads), as well as access to “All-22,” a bird’s-eye view of the game that helps coaches see how all players move in each play.” More about that here:

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LLCHESTY's picture

August 27, 2022 at 03:14 pm

I didn't realize Rasheed Walker played that many snaps. There goes my theory they might IR him for the year. I knew he played but not that much.

Galeai had a 2 or 3 day span where he was having really good practices, even was mentioned for a couple run stops, but has been pretty quiet since then. One of the writers tweeted he plays quite a bit in STs, I guess he makes it if he's a plus there.

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PackyCheese500's picture

August 27, 2022 at 08:29 pm

We need veteran OLB depth. Signing Jason Pierre Paul would fix that

0 points
LLCHESTY's picture

August 27, 2022 at 10:31 pm

On the one hand I hear what you're saying but on the other.....

1 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 27, 2022 at 11:59 am

Since the NFL delayed releasing the snap counts by over 24 hours longer than normal, I broke down and purchased a subscription to PFF (with a one week free trial). There is a lot to like in PFF, but their grades did not reflect what my own eyes saw in the game, and contradicted the reports by a bunch of media guys.

The final preseason game did more to muddle the picture than to resolve it. Several guys I was pulling for but really thought would be released and probably would slide to the PS played a lot and played well. Toure had a big night. Can they keep 7 WRs? Winfree didn't do much but played a lot of STs (supposedly pretty well according to PFF). So, can they keep 8? Don't think so. Amari played well enough that I doubt we will see a surprise cut or trade there. PFF 58 grade for Amari sounds about right to me, but there are so many anomalies in their grades that I by no means intend to use them as an authority.

Goodson and Taylor did their things. Goodson can run and catch, but looked a little overwhelmed in pass pro, though he didn't break completely. Taylor picked up tough yardage and is tough in pass pro. Taylor also played a ton of STs, though PFF thinks he is a little below average at it. This is a depends on what GB wants. I think Goodson is just plumb more talented, and pass pro is something one can get better at, but....

Caleb Jones got an 85 grade. But it was against 3rd and 4th stringers. Like every other OL, his pass blocking grade was great. Rasheed Walker's 71 grade in no way makes me think he can play in 2022. This notion that they have to keep 10 OL so they can have 8 active for week one is nonsense. If Bakh and Jenkins are not ready for game one, the team will just promote as many OL from the PS as necessary. Marcedes Lewis is highly unlikely to have to play an offensive line position this year. Teams always have 8 OL active on game days, and that won't change.

Heflin made a bit of a bid for a roster spot. He is mostly the same guy he was last year. Pretty adequate against the run. Not much for providing a pass rush (from a guy GB plays almost exclusively at DE), but good hustle and motor. Slayton is more of a DT and has a modest bit more juice, but not enough to get excited about. Nice depth players. Lots of teams would be happy with Heflin and/or Slayton as #6s.

Summers can only make it as a special teams guy. He can't cover and isn't all that stout or instinctive. He ain't that great on STs, but he had a tackle. Ditto for Wilborn. The OLB picture is still muddy. We know the top 3 and maybe Garvin has dibs on #4, but I could throw a dart to choose and not be off much. I'd lean towards Hamilton, but perhaps they still see upside in Tipa. He looks the same as he did last year, though. [Agree with CW - I see no development from Tipa.]

Abernathy did enough to make the 53, unless some other decent looking candidate gets released or GB goes out and acquires someone. I don't even love Savage as the FS, deeming him an average starter, but one who has shown the ability to be better than that. Cross did nothing to harm his chances. I hardly even have an opinion though given his limited snaps.

GB has 3 CBs. No backup looks like they can play week one. Some of that is mistakes and blowing coverage as opposed to an inability to cover. Nixon did not play much and did not play STs. I guess Bisaccia is okay with STs burning like an Oil Well Fire, knowing that he is going to insert Nixon and other later?

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LLCHESTY's picture

August 27, 2022 at 03:23 pm

I've been thinking about getting PFF for a month just to see if some of my suppositions are right or if they think I'm way off. Dean Lowry at 4i and 5 being much better than Lowry at 3T for example.

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Fubared's picture

August 27, 2022 at 12:19 pm

Thanks for the great info. Most of us are of the same mindsets on who is going to eck it on to the team and who wont. Going to be interesting on Tuesday to see how our guesses play out.
I always wondered if your going to flat out cut someone that wont make the practice team why not do it now and give the person a chance, albeit slim, to go elsewhere? To me there is no strategy when its someone you dont want.
Considering however, you said they have a Sun Mon practice, they could use these guys in some role until Tuesday.
LIke others IMO a few guys may have played themselves off the team based on lack of play against the Chiefs.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 27, 2022 at 12:47 pm

I don't think any releases will shock anybody even if they don't approve. The think that might be exciting and/or shocking is the possibility of a trade.

I agree that 69 players are enough to conduct a practice. Indeed, 80 is a little unwieldy. Not much reason to wait until after Monday's practice.

0 points
NoNonsense's picture

August 27, 2022 at 03:18 pm

I just want them to keep the best 53 regardless of depth numbers. If the true roster is 69 players with 16 on the PS then they can supplement the thin spots each week with guys from the PS .

3 guys I feel we must keep because they earned their spots are Tyler Goodson, Samori Toure and Jack Heflin.

I have at least 2 guys who haven't really earned their spots but have to be kept for future development in Devonte Wyatt and Sean Rhyan. 100 percent certain they wouldn't pass through waivers.

I personally think we can cut Tyler Davis, Patrick Taylor and Juwann Winfree and all three would go unclaimed and could be signed to the PS. All 3 are pretty good on STs so that might be why they decide to keep them on the 53 though. Winfree has the Rodgers seal of approval so he may stay for that reason alone.

I say they keep 26 Offense, 23 defense, 3 STs
2 QBs
3 RBs
3 TEs
8 WRs
10 OLs

6 DLs
4 ILBs
4 OLBs
5 CBs
4 Ss

3 Specialists.

That 53rd spot can go to the best STs player or just to shore up a critical position lacking depth where they feel they need another body. Or a possible waiver claim for the same reasons.

Every week they can reassess their needs and adjust accordingly.

2 points
THESZOTMAN1's picture

August 27, 2022 at 07:30 pm

Best "Snap Counts" ever. Allows us the see how each player was utilized over all 3 pre-season games. Very instructive with cuts coming this week.
Thanks, TGR
The Szotman

3 points
Coldworld's picture

August 28, 2022 at 10:34 am

Well we have some confirmation that we have not yet seen RB’s desired coverage personnel.

Firstly, Summers, who played more preseason ST snaps than anyone has been cut.

Secondly this quote if LaFleur from

LaFleur acknowledged that “Rich Bisaccia auditioned players up and down the roster for potential roles, requiring constant personnel changes from rep to rep each preseason game, LaFleur said the film from Thursday's game was upsetting beyond the poor results.

He said players were seen using "made-up techniques" that aren't coached in practice, and not giving legitimate effort in the game's third phase. Without naming names, he indicated the film showed plenty of reasons for certain players to get cut by Tuesday.

"It was definitely not good enough the other night, that's for sure," he said. "We definitely got it taken to us pretty good by Kansas City, and our guys understand that. We're never going to run from that or hide from that."”

I think we can assume that he’s not talking about Nixon, Gafford and others who know Bisaccia’s system and technique. I think it’s a powerful insight into why our STs have been so screwed and why it hasn’t magically got better. This suggests ingrained indiscipline and lack of group coordination, even freelancing was the norm Bisaccia has been facing.

I see those comments as a Head Coach essentially saying he was going to cut the bad influences. The first one gone was our “star” STer from prior regimes. It could be coincidence, he was a dreadful ILB, but I doubt it.

I would look to reevaluate the back end. Old ST holdovers may well be discarded and more Bisaccia and rookies retained. He’s going to want players like Nixon, Thomas and Gafford more than I thought. I think this makes it very likely that they roster Leavitt to get him to IR, because he was undoubtedly acting as Bisaccia’s coach on the field. Even if he barely plays they may see value in having him around the facility.

This speaks very poorly of the old regime and the culture within it, but it should encourage us that the team has identified the root that has been puzzling us and is eradicating it.

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August 28, 2022 at 11:09 am

This is an incredibly good review and posts. A lot of likes from me. My remaining question is why the team seems so high on Hanson? There must be some rationale for that decision. I don’t know if it’s from PFF or some practice reps that we don’t see.

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