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Packers sign RB Michael Hill

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Packers sign RB Michael Hill


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THEMichaelRose's picture

Wouldn't this lead one to believe that either Starks, Lacy, or Franklin isn't ready to go this week? Hopefully not 2 of the above

RC Packer Fan's picture

that's exactly my thought.
Also don't forget Kuhn.

From what I had heard earlier Starks was more severe then Franklin's, but how many times have we heard that before and the one who's injury is thought to be not as severe ends up being a year ending injury?

Evan's picture

Yeah, my money is either Starks or Franklin being out a little longer.

TommyG's picture

As soon as I saw the article's title I thought the same thing.

I wonder who is about to go IR, or does anyone think we will now carry 5 RB for the rest of the season?

packsmack25's picture

Starks probably has a bad sprain or a tear.

Point Packer's picture

Wow, huge surprise. That guy drives me freakin nuts. He's a decent football player when healthy, but he is rarely happy. Hate to say it, but I'll be happy when he's gone.

Omega's picture

Can he return kicks/punts?

TommyG's picture

Anything is an improvement at this point.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Interesting... Reggie Dunn was ranked #2 return Specialist in the 2013 draft by Cheesehead

What do you know about him?

RC Packer Fan's picture

I saw Brian post on twitter that they ranked him #2 return man in 2013 draft. So I just did a quick search on him.

I checked out Youtube, and he reportedly ran a 4.22 40? If in fact that is true, wow. that is fast... He seemed to catch the ball with ease, so he might become the return specialist in a few weeks.

Evan's picture

Yeah, I could see him promoted once all the RBs are healthy.

RC Packer Fan's picture

An interesting thing about Dunn...

I can definitely see him being brought up at some point. If he proves he can catch punts cleanly.

Evan's picture

@RobDemovsky: RBs Eddie Lacy (concussion) and Johnathan Franklin (foot) both practiced today for the #Packers after the bye but James Stark (knee) did not

RC Packer Fan's picture

My guess they brought up Hill for Starks. We'll find out soon how serious Starks' is.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Well, if it had to be one of those three, I guess I'm glad it's Starks. I want to see these Rooks dammit!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree... To me Lacy is overall the best. But Franklin proved he is the most explosive. I think those 2 combined could create one hell of a RB duo.

But when healthy Starks proved he can be a very good RB. Problem is he is never healthy.

jake -from State Farm's picture

If Starks is like out for the season then we should say, he's out for his career with the Packers. The guy has two good games and misses the season.
Can't rely on that.

KC's picture

Probably being brought in as a returner project and a security blanket for the RB injury situation..

All these prognosticators claiming Starks is hurt bad is nothing but speculation at this point. Teams hold out players from practice because they don't want to re-injure them. Starks not practicing doesn't mean he's out for a long period. IMO I expect us to have the full backfield available Sunday. I'm more worried about the hammy's on the defensive sid

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree about Starks. I don't know how serious it is, but I could see it being a 2-3 week type of thing.

I think Hill was brought up more for just backup if needed.

Stroh's picture

I agree... My guess is in 3 wks Hill is moved down and another player either signed or maybe the Packers move up the return guy they put on the PS if he proves reliable and effective.

hayward4president's picture

I know this is off topic....but Morgan without his dreads is freakin weird! You guys see him yet?

Jamie's picture


I've never even heard of this guy, all the while power guys like Christian Okoye, Natrone Means, and Cleveland Gary are out there in PB shape waiting to be signed.

Evan's picture

All the white power guys?

Jamie's picture

Another valid point...

Evan's picture

They already have Clay Matthews...what's one or two more?

The TKstinator's picture

Pb shape?
Peanut butter?
Playoff bound?
Portly belly?
Plutonium blast?

hump's picture

interesting note...reggie dunn had 10 kick off returns for utah last season. 4 td and 53 yard per return avg. that is fact

RC Packer Fan's picture

He was hand clocked in his 40 2x's at his pro day at 4.2 and 4.26. 4.26 was confirmed.

I hate to get excited for a practice squad players, but that is extremely fast, and they could use someone like that as a return specialist.

If he proves in practice he is reliable, I could see him being brought up in a few weeks.

redlights's picture

Securely fielding punts is the #1 skill needed in a returner. He is back there alone, so a muff is almost always a turnover and the defense that just held to a punt has to re-take the field.

4.2 IS extremely fast, but I think the biggest factor in success of any return is to get upfield. It seems when a returner has a few good returns they morph into side to side guy and are ineffective.

Another way that I'd like to see our kickoffs improved is to put two returners back and sometimes fake or even execute a handoff. Let's say Cobb and Dunn are back for a kickoff. Ball goes to Dunn, he hands to Cobb who goes up the sideline and out of bounds at the first sign of contact. If Cobb gets the ball, he can handoff to Dunn to work his magic. I think GB did that with Steve Odom in the 70's.

Evan's picture

I'd also add that speed does not automatically make a great returner. Just ask Sam Shields.

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