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Packers Sign Havner; Tauscher To IR

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Packers Sign Havner; Tauscher To IR

From Adam Schefter:

Packers placed OT Mark Tauscher on injured reserve and re-signed TE Spencer Havner.

Tauscher becomes the eleventh player put on season-ending Injured Reserve for the Packers.

From Ted Thompson:

Despite long odds, Mark has been battling this shoulder injury in an effort to get back on the field. His work ethic and motivation have been tremendous but the injury has been too severe to overcome. He is a team leader and will be an important part of our team as we go through the stretch run of our season

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wingnuts's picture

I just commented on the Havner work out thread and as soon as it posts I see this new post. Guess I was a little to quick for the guys at CHTV?

PackerAaron's picture

And I saw it on Twitter before you saw it on Facebook - dude, let a guy type...

davyjones's picture

Wingnut would be appropriate enough it seems.

What's the point, dude??

cpheph1's picture

Thanks AN! Btw, I also like your Vimeo.

corey jenkins's picture

Wasn't Mark know to have been coming around on his shoulder. Wilde certainly seemed to think he was the past week. Considering the way he felt about Al and can't imagine what Jason will say about this one. Fitting he's on vacation and is on Twitter time out.

PackerAaron's picture

Great minds - just Tweeted something very similar.

corey jenkins's picture

I'm not going to piss and moan about this, but if Jason had a case it would be on this move moreso than Harris in my opinion. His comparison to early last decade and having Frank Winters around (and was it Dotson?) is palatable here. And considering what RT was like a year ago only piles on to the arguement.

And here, not only do you have to worry about Bulaga getting nicked up, you also have to worry about CLIFTON, who is almost guaranteed to have a set back. You're moments away from sliding Bulaga back to the left and entering Lang at RT. Not that I'm hating on TJ, but just making a point. To be fair, I think it will all be ok.

PkrNboro's picture

We got the New House, baby !!

davyjones's picture

Hey, Congratulaions, man!!! That is great!

PackerAaron's picture

Yeah, but they've been "moments away from sliding Bulaga back to the left" for the last three games. You go with what you got - roll on.

RockinRodgers's picture

Well another one bites the dust. Maybe he had a setback on his shoulder. Maybe it was that bad all along and the Packers were just waiting it out. Either way I think we are in good hands with Bulaga.

Tauscher is due 4.1 next season so it will be intresting to see what they do.

cpheph1's picture

Yeah, it'll be interesting...especially with a new CBA.

jack in jersey city's picture

i have a feeling that this is the last we'll see of tauscher

corey jenkins's picture

And yes, maybe Mark really did have a setback and hit the end of the road.

RickyBobby's picture

kampan's out for the season.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Might be a good thing McDonald has stuck around.

MexPack's picture

Per Thompson, how can Tauscher be an "important part of the team" if he is on IR?

MarkinMadison's picture

I believe that he could be on the sidelines for games or even practices, as long as he does not practice himself. He truly is a leader. I'll be interested to see if he pursues a career in coaching. More likely he'll be a broadcaster. As for that 4.1M next season, he'll never get a dime of it. He knew that was a probability when he signed the deal.

andrew's picture

i think they said that because they are hoping tauscher helps lang adn the other yougn guys get their legs under them. since he doesnt ahve to practice anymore he can focus on teaching the young guys and in essence being an extra line coach for the remainder of the season

PkrNboro's picture

Ted used the wrong index cards...
...he'll pull this one out shortly:

“We want to thank Mark for his contributions to the Green Bay Packers,” Thompson said in a statement. “His hard work, dedication and professionalism have been the keys to his success. During his time here, he has been a valuable member of our organization and our community. We wish him the very best in the future, and he will always be a part of the Packer family.”

Rusty's picture

Havner had nose for the end-zone last year. He may make a difference on the goal line.

PkrNboro's picture

I'd like to throw a thought out to Nags, BC, and all others...

Do you think Bulaga is a right tackle, or left tackle, in the future (ie: after Clifton,Tauscher,...) ? or, dare I say, "guard" ??? Where does he fit best ??

We heard a lot about his arm length during the draft, and that proto-typical LTs have longer arms. Additionally, and generally speaking, RTs aren't usually taken high in the draft, or perhaps the 1st round. Despite the concern about the thyroid, I think we got good value for Bulaga at pick #23.

But, where do you see his future ??

MarkinMadison's picture

IMHO, he'll be the LT. The core of the position is being a big guy with exceptional footwork, and he has very exceptional footwork. The starts at RT against live competition are allowing him to learn before he's guarding Rodgers' back side, and he is learning. I don't see the Packers spending another 1st or 2nd on a LT prospect next year unless his regresses. I don't think that good or great LTs come from outside those rounds very often. Unless the Packers believe that Lang or Newhouse or another T is a better LT prospect, he is your starting LT either this year if Clifton goes down, or next year regardless. I know some think that Cliffy will be back because he is playing better lately, but I just don't see TT bringing back an aging veteran unless Bulaga's development stalls out.

I'll throw out a few unrelated questions too, since it's a bye. Was someone else interested in Havner? Just noticed that Wilde reported that Joe Whitt was not on Al Harris' "supportive" list, and that he seems to really like the young guys he has. Has anyone seen anything in practice to suggest that Underwood is developing? Given that Shields has less than prototypical CB size, while having awesome speed, is the team better served keeping him in the slot as a nickel over the long-term instead of viewing him as Woodson's heir apparent?

PkrNboro's picture

Was someone else interested in Havner?
...did not hear anything, after DET released him

Just noticed that Wilde reported that Joe Whitt was not on Al Harris’ “supportive” list, and that he seems to really like the young guys he has. Has anyone seen anything in practice to suggest that Underwood is developing?
...checked 540 ESPN (Gawd, that's one slow-loading site); couldn't find anything (quickly) about Whitt, etc.
...believe I saw Underwood on ST v. DAL; he held his gap, but when the play moved away, he didn't pursue. I didn't notice him in the secondary, during meaningful portion of game.
...I'm concerned about Lee & Underwood. Lee's been stashed on IR twice already, maybe a 3rd time this year ? While he did OK in CB play (v. WAS ?), I consider his KR efforts to be pedestrian. Other ST work as gunner/cover has been lackluster, IMO.
Do these guys really understand that an average NFL career is 3.5 years ???

Given that Shields has less than prototypical CB size, while having awesome speed, is the team better served keeping him in the slot as a nickel over the long-term instead of viewing him as Woodson’s heir apparent?
...IMO, yes -- I think he'll have a rough going covering the likes of Dez Bryant & Brandon Marshall.

MarkinMadison's picture

From article entitled, "Thompson Acknowledges Risk of Cutting Harris." "In an interview last week, Harris singled out linebackers coaches Winston Moss and Kevin Greene and safeties coach Darren Perry as supporting him but did not include Whitt in that list."

Morli's picture

Shields is as tall as Tramon in 5'11 and I really hate to bring his name up, but Revis is exactly the same height. Untypical size for a CB is more like 5'10 and smaller, and TT knows that too well.
On another, more tacklerelated, note, I really think Marshall Newhouse can provide help a year from now. He'll be at least a serviceable backup at LT.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think an example of prototypical size is Woodson - 6'1", 205 lbs. Harris is similar height, 6'1", but has less mass at 190. And you're right, Shields is more of an average height, but is also underweight right now (mid-180s, about 10 lbs less than Williams). Thompson has seemed to focus on drafting corners who are at least 6' and all over 190 (e.g. Lee, 6'0" 195; Underwood 6'1" 190+; Bush 6'0" 190+). Shields was undrafted, and I think that Williams was as well. I agree that the issue is whether he can play, and height and weight are not the only variables. And the way the Packers use nickel all the time it may be a matter of semantics. But when looking at match-ups Shields' calling card is speed, and so leaving him over the slot seems to make sense. But Shields seems like a guy who could get man-handled by larger receivers.

Morli's picture

Agreed, Shields needs to gain some weight (i.e. muscles) next offseason.
I just think Shields is incredibly similar to Tramon.
Speaking of whom, Williams got manhandled by bigger guys in the past[!] (e.g. Roy WIlliams last year), which leads me to believe it's a technique thing first and foremost. Considering Shields just plays his 2nd season as a CB, he should be given every opportunity to get better and cover taller WRs.

MarkinMadison's picture

Good points Morli

hoogus's picture

He hasn't looked that great so far. As for the future, who knows? Bench? RT on the Bears?

dustybricks6's picture

It's gonna suck watching Tauscher play for the bears next year.

Oppy's picture

Wisconsin born, UW-Madison alum, Packers-drafted and Career Packer Tauscher playing for the Bears?

I'm sorry, but I beg to differ. This is one guy who I truly believe would rather retire than play for a NFC-North division rival.

MarkinMadison's picture

He's well-spoken and smart. Good judgment. Player-union rep. He was a treat on Tuesdays with Tauscher a few year ago. He's got options off the field. No one was knocking down his door last year when he was recovering from knee surgery. I find it hard to believe anyone is going to offer him a big contract after another injury. He might be able to make it as an agent. If he has the desire he could be a coach. Or he could slip right into the broadcast booth.

Oppy's picture

Yeah he can make it as an agent, he represented himself- no agent- in all of his contract negotiations with the Packers since the get-go.

Was he a sports management major? Or just smart?

MarkinMadison's picture

Not sure what his major was; just smart I think. He's been doing some work with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism lately. As my wife's grandfather ALWAYS tells me, great people come from Marshfield.

cole's picture

Does Clifton go into the packer hall of fame when he hangs it up finally?

Oppy's picture

No question in my mind. Chad Clifton has quietly been one of the NFL's premier LT's his entire career.

jack in jersey city's picture

oppy speaks the truth!

NoWayJose's picture

Clifton has been a great Packer, but in my opinion he is not yet Packer HOF material.

Starting for a long time, playing above average, and winning no super bowls doesn't cut it to me. Not in an organization with the history of this one.

Win a super bowl this year... Then maybe it's in play.

MarkinMadison's picture

IMHO, HOF should be an individual honor, not a team honor. SB on the resume is nice, but it should not be the deciding factor. There are guys in the Packer HOF who I think have done less than Cliffy. One example, and meaning no disrespect, is Travis Williams. Yes he was a great return man, the Devin Hester of his day. Yes, he played on one SB team as a rookie. But he was only with the Packers for 4 years, and was only in the league for 6. I will not say that a guy who played at a Pro Bowl level for the majority of 10 years at one of the 3 most important positions in the game is less deserving of the Packer HOF than a guy who was a gifted return specialist.

Oppy's picture

Donald Driver, if his career ended today, should not be a Packers HOF'er?

AHman Green doesn't deserve his due in the Packers HOF either?

Sterling Sharpe should be removed? Lynn Dickie? James Lofton? Brockington?

Make no mistake, Chad Clifton has has an elite-tier career at LT as a Packer. They don't keep fancy stats for OT's in the NFL like they do for RBs, WRs, and LBs/DBs/DL, but Clifton has been one of the best, and a staple, career Packer.

To usher him out of the running because he doesn't have a SB ring is ridiculous. You are talking about your own standards which are clearly much higher than the actual Packers HOF upholds. A great player, and more importantly, a Great PACKER deserves to be recognized regardless of the Team achievement.

For the record, "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" is a completely inaccurate quote that was never uttered by Lombardi. His true statement was "Winning isn't everything, the will to win is the important thing." Think about that for a while.

CSS's picture

Clifton IMHO, was on par with Walter Jones and Orlando Pace (both the standard bearers at LT during the his era/prime) when it came to pass blocking. Clifton was phenomenal during the majority of his career.

The debate will be around his run blocking where he was only average, even during his prime.

Hall of Fame caliber pass blocking for most of his career, pedestrian run blocking. I think he deserves Packer HOF.

NoWayJose's picture

Folks, I didn't say that a Super Bowl is a prerequisite for the Packer HOF. But it helps. Driver should be in. Travis Williams should not.

Nor do I have a prejudice against linemen. I am a former offensive tackle.
I love linemen. That's the problem though. In my opinion Clifton is a pretty one dimensional player. Yes, very good pass blocker. But not an elite overall tackle in my opinion.

Are we going to give the HOF to Tauscher too? Any guy who sticks around 8+ years? Does Cliffy get in because he played LT but Tauscher doesn't because he played RT?

I get why you disagree. I think it's a debatable point though.

MarkinMadison's picture

Well, you did say that if they win a SB this year then Cliffy would be in the running. Since he'll be the same player either way, I don't see how adding a SB ring at the end of his career would sway you unless you put a lot of value on the SB itself. I think that is a fair reading of your comment. As for how you read mine, I said, "consistently played at a Pro Bowl level." No, I would not put Tauscher in that category.

NoWayJose's picture

Yes, I would put a lot of value on the SB when it comes time to make these decisions. Even though the HOF is an individual honor, I think it says something about a player's career if he can get a ring. Especially, if he wad an impact player or veteran leader at the time.

Just my two cents.

I think that's a valid rationale for distinguishing Clifton and Tauscher (that CC was flat out better). I just have personally never considered him clearly superior to Tausch.

hoogus's picture

I don't think any LT by himself is going to win you a super bowl.

DAWG's picture

Let me get this straight, Starks-a rook- has't even practiced yet w/ pads, for two yrs, and keep him active, and they are going to bring on Havner, who's coming off an injury in DET.-and they have Nance who can't run out of a wet paper bag, and this is our answer to a running game? WTF

Oppy's picture

For accuracy's sake, Starks has been practicing for three weeks already, and will have another week under his belt by the Vikings game. Not that that's a whole lot of practice for a kid who missed his senior year, but as I said, for accuracy's sake.

I'm still thoroughly amused by everyone judging Nance on 4 carries. Great stuff.

BTW, the Packers have been running the football well enough the last several weeks. it's the number of attempts, or who's getting them, that might be an issue. For what it's worth, Kuhn has proven to be a better short yardage RB than we've had in years- that was one of the biggest knocks on Grant. And Jackson is just shifty enough and can actually catch a quick pass, tuck it away, and get a few yards, something else that Grant has always lacked. Together,. they are adequate. I haven't read Nagler's article yet, but judging by the title, I'm guessing some or all of this is covered there as well.

DAWG's picture

I just can't see where a kid misses two yrs. of football, with two wks of practice, is going to make a difference!
And sayin he's been practicing for three wk's, isn't that against the PUP?
AN say's he hasn't even padded up yet? Hows that adequate- for a rodter spot?
Just sayin!

Oppy's picture

NAgler's comment that he hasn't practiced or worn pads was incorrect, as he later confirmed when another poster corrected him.

PUP rules are such that as of week 6, Players who were on PUP are allowed to practice unrestricted with the team without counting against the roster for up to 3 weeks before they have to be either Activated (consuming a roster spot), released, Waived, put on IR, Etc and so forth. Tuesday marked Stark's 3 week mark, hence his activation.

I understand where you're coming from with his using up a roster spot.. O have personally been predicting he was going to be IR'd since the beginning of the season. It was announced that they have been working Starks at KR/PR, and at that point I thought it might be possible they activated him if he was a viable role player at either postition. With Shields getting the nod at KR, I would think they are planning on using Starks as a PR man to help him get his legs back underneath him. If not, I'm as bewildered as you are. It would seem a long shot to have this kid come in without a full off-season program and training camp after this long of a hiatus from football and have him be a significant contributor,

JohnRehor's picture

If Tauscher is indeed done, I'm glad he was able to finish his career as a Packer, and have one more good year (09) when he helped solidify the OL on their way to the playoffs.

Not saying he is done, but the odds are clearly stacked against him at this point. He is a true pro, the pride of Wisconsin.

Andyman's picture

Agreed - always loved Tauscher, probably a little bit because of him being from WI, but he has always been a great tackle and a great guy off the field too.

Although I am not sure I like the prospect of Bulaga starting at RT the rest of the year. I mean, it's great that he will get the playing time - but I still think he is the LT of the future, not RT, and I hope this doesn't hinder his growth there (I hear those two positions play quite a bit differently)

jay's picture

This might be me, but I think it's more important now that he's facing NFL level talent. If he had to switch midgame to LT, there probably would be some transition period. But I can't see his stint at RT affecting him long term. I mean the vast majority of his snaps at Iowa were at LT, so that's what he's most used to.

MarkinMadison's picture

I agree. I also think that the gap between the RT role and the LT role has narrowed because teams are rushing from everywhere now. What it has done is forced him to invert his footwork and moves, kind of like learning to write left-handed. I don't see it hurting him.

Nononsense's picture

Its not unusual for a LT to start his career at RT or even G for some guys. Look at Michael Oher he started on the right side in Baltimore but is a LT now.

Bulaga is the LT of the future if you ask me.

James Starks will be a role player to begin with if he plays at all. He may not have been practicing with the team but hes been to all the meetings and probably has been working out with the team.

He knows the offense better than Nance so why not see what he can offer before blindly putting him on IR. More time off from football is not what this kid needs.

jack in jersey city's picture

i have a feeling that we're not going to see much of starks this season. i think they'll use him sparingly and then see what he has next year after going through training camp/preseason. i just hope this guy can stay healthy.

Tarynfor 12's picture

I just don't get the constant"can he stay healthy" quotes.Seriously,look around the league at the number of RB's(especially high profile) that constantly miss time.

This kid sat his senor year for a shoulder injury and was rated #2 before that.One year later getting him in the 6th may have been the biggest steal for the Packers.

Personally,I think this kid is going to shine and will love reading the naysayers posts afterwards.

WoodyG's picture

The easiest & quickest transition from college to the NFL is at RB ...... The skills needed to be an NFL RB are more inherent than any other position ..... I'm not saying there aren't things to be learned but very few RBs have to be taught to be elusive & break tackles ..... Either you can do it or you can't, for the most part ....... If JS can do it & do it well, he'll play.

MarkinMadison's picture

Its funny. Somebody posted the other day about how college RBs need at least a year to transition because they are in college spread offenses. I didn't really buy the comment. I do tend to buy yours. The biggest problem most RBs seem to have coming into the NFL, to me, seems to be lack of patience in letting blocks develope.

CSS's picture

Patience is a challenge, yes. Holes are so small in the NFL, they disappear quickly and you rarely get to run around tackle into space (defenders are too fast). I liked Starks as a product, let's just say space to run in/around when playing in the MAC is ample compared to the SEC, Big X, PAC 10, etc. Running backs do transition faster, but space in the MAC is a tad easier to navigate than the NFL and any other large conference defense.

jay's picture

ESPN's roster has Havner listed as a TE. Found that interesting...

WayneF's picture

I'm really happy that I can pull my "converted" #4(1), (H)av(n)e(r) back out of the closet!

I used alot of duct tape making that puppy!

PkrNboro's picture

Thank you -- I enjoyed that !!

andrew's picture

so... chances tauscher comes back next season?? chances clifton comes back next season??? tauschers injury is not the same as the one he was dealing with previously.. so i dunno curious as to what will happen

JD's picture

Tauscher will be missed. I think he is probably done as a Packer, but I hold out some hope that he will be back next season as a backup. If the shoulder is bad enough to have surgery on it I can't blame the Packers for putting him on IR.

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