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Packers Sign CB James Nixon to Replace Rob Francois on Roster

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Packers Sign CB James Nixon to Replace Rob Francois on Roster

The Green Bay Packers made it official on Monday afternoon by placing linebacker Rob Francois on injured reserve after he suffered an Achilles injury in Sunday's win over the Detroit Lions.

In Francois' place, the Packers have promoted cornerback James Nixon from the practice squad.

Nixon has been on the team's practice squad for the final 14 games on the 2012 season plus the playoffs and then for the first four games of the current season.

The young cornerback memorably had an interception returned for a touchdown in Green Bay's Family Night scrimmage back in August.

Seemingly, the Packers are thin at both the wide receiver and inside linebacker positions due to numbers and attrition on the roster. But it's possible the Packers aren't done making roster moves yet.

If either Clay Matthews or Brad Jones were to be placed on injured reserve, long-term or short-term, they would have room to replace them on the roster.

Whether or not those is are realistic options remains to be seen. McCarthy had little to share on the injuries sustained to Matthews and Jones in his Monday press conference.

There's now an opening on the Packers' practice squad to be filled as well.


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RC Packer Fan's picture

This one surprises me honestly.

It raises a few more questions for me.

Like is Hayward's injury going to last even longer?

Also with needs more at LB and WR, it surprises me they bring up a CB.

RC Packer Fan's picture

A couple more thoughts on why they signed Nixon vs someone else..

I think they brought him up because he was simple the best player on the PS. I know he is fast so possibly they will use him on KR?

One thing in this league is you don't want to let go of good CB's and maybe there were other teams interested in him? His situation is similar to Tramon Williams, and if he's anywhere close to that level of play, can't let him go.

It does make me wonder about Hayward if his injury more serious then we thought.

I think it also speaks about the other PS players. I thought they would have brought up Johnson, but it looks like he hasn't performed well enough yet to merit a roster spot.

Derek in CO's picture

We lose a LB and sign a CB? Is Hayward out even longer? Makes no sense to me. Come on TT.

I bleed Green More's picture

We do not know all whats going on, it does surprise me also. I thought it would have been a WR they brought up.

TommyG's picture

Hayward must be in really bad shape for TT to bring up a CB when its essentially 3 LB that we lost last game.

Longshanks's picture

I think TT feels pretty damn good about Lattimore and Barrington. I personally love Sam Barrington. That guy is a playmaker. I could see him starting very easily. They made the right move keeping him over Manning.

Nixon probably was brought up simply because he's a special player in the fact he has world class speed on par with Sam Shields. I could see Nixon replacing Tramon Williams next year. Sooner vs. later some other team was bound to sign him off our practice squad. I think you'll be seeing Charles Johnson coming up soon as well. Either him or that new returner they just signed. Young replacing old. The cycle continues nonstop in Green Bay and it works. TT has this thing rolling.

showpan's picture

This makes no sense to me sounds like more gambling from TT. With 11 mil left of cap room, could have easily gotten an experienced veteran to fill one of the many voids. Experience is what wins super bowls!

Longshanks's picture

Actually alot of luck goes into winning a super bowl too. If Desmond Bishop doesn't tackle Deshaun Jackson by the shoestring in that playoff game, Aaron Rodgers could be looked at like Tony Romo today. Even before that, if Deshaun Jackson doesn't return that punt against the Giants, the Packers don't even make the playoffs in 2010. Pure luck is all it was. The Packers caught fire and won the super bowl. It's not easy getting back and winning it all. Luck plays a huge part in my opinion.

Stroh's picture

Thompson is going to carry what is left after this year into next to sign Raji, Neal, Shields, Finley among a couple others. If he spends that money now it likely means no extension during this season, which right now is very possible and likely. It also means when they enter the offseason they have that many more players that they need to figure out how to sign. Using some of that 11M significantly changes the Packers plans to resign their own players! To bad you haven't been able to figure this stuff out. It would save you from looking like you don't know a thing about the Packers and how the plan for signing their own guys! Sure wish this didn't have to be explained to you over, and Over and OVER again! Its long past old... but alas we know you don't seem to have the aptitude to figure out planning ahead!

greenbaysavant's picture

Not enough money, Stroh. Even with the extra $11 mil someones gone. 2 of those four gone is probable.

Evan's picture

Not necessarily.

Some of Raji's money can come from Pickett's expiring. Some of Shield's can come from Tramon restructuring/getting waived. Finely isn't going to see a significant pay increase, and his figure might even go down with a longer deal. Neither Neal not Jones should break the bank.

Stroh's picture

Exactly. Pickett might get another contract, but it'll be at a definite reduction in pay due to his age. Probably cut in 1/2 that saves about 3M which is more than enough to re-sign Raji given he's on the books for about 6M+ this year. Tramon isn't going to continue to get his 8M salary or whatever he's at if he's not the lockdown CB anymore. Pay Shields Tramon's salary and cut Tramon's significantly. Finley at 8M isn't going to get much of an increase if he gets any increase. Re-signing the rest will cost some, but it can come out of the 11M. Thompson has the resources to keep the guys he wants, but those resources are limited and shouldn't be wasted on vets w/ little to offer short term and nothing to offer long term.

redlights's picture

I agree on Stroh's cap analysis.

But don't you think Tramon is still a second tier CB? Last year wasn't great, but he was on WR1's all the time. He seems to be around the ball this year!

Evan's picture

Tramon does seem to be having a very solid year - which is great to see but does complicate matters a bit. But he'll be 31 next March and he'll have a $6.9 million base salary.

If it's a choice between the 31-year-old or the 26-year-old, we all know what TT will do.

Stroh's picture

Tramon is still a good CB, just not a lockdown one like he used to be. I would like to keep him around but I don't think he'll take a major reduction in pay and a reduced role. He'll probably want to move on to another teams, which would be a shame. Hope I'm wrong but next year he might be the 4th best CB on the roster.

hump's picture

well said showpan!! (see early 2000s pats, great qb backed up by a group of quality vets on D = 3 world championships !! we have only 3 players on roster that have ever played a down for another nfl team, sounds like tt wants to be 1st gm in history to win superbowl with only his own ppl. thats sheer ego no matter how good he is, at finding diamonds in the rough. laugh if you want,but what else explains this little known fact!!

Longshanks's picture

Hump, you must be young because if you had to go thru the 70's and 80's you would understand just how and why older people like myself respect and worship a guy like Ted Thompson.

The Packers are in the business to make money. As the NFL's smallest market, they desperately need to be able to field a competitive team year in and year out. Under TT they have been able to do this. God help us if this team tanks and puts all it's eggs in one basket for a single year by signing a zillion "veterans" and it blows up in their face.

Ron Wolf did that and yes, we won a super bowl and he's a legend for doing what he did. It's different times now. The Packers need to maintain a competitive team long term because their ultimate goal is to make a profit. Yes, make a profit. If they "go for it" by overspending and lose, they lose big time and they become a rich man's Jacksonville Jaguars.

The fans and kids who grew up under Favre and Rodgers only know success and winning. Try to get these young people to purchase tickets and merchandise when their quarterback is B.J. Coleman and their record is 2-14. This is why TT does what he does and is successful by constantly going young. Green's Bay's financial survival depends on it. Believe it or not, there was a time that nobody wanted to come and play for the Packers. Yes, it's true.

redlights's picture

While I think Mike Sherman gets a bum rap; he did err by signing Joe Johnson as a veteran FA thinking they were one player away. Johnson along with a multitude of other reasons relegated GB to cap hell and the wheels fell off to the tune of 4-12.

Nixon likely was being pursued by other teams, but the conspirist in my says TT/MM are sending a message to Hayward on availability.

Fast recovery's to all!!

Stroh's picture

No I would say Sherman gets exactly the rap he deserves. He was a terrible GM who didn't know a thing about managing a salary cap and didn't know talented football players. As a HC he was decent at best. He was handed the keys to a team that was SB worthy, but couldn't get them there as a HC and put the Packers in cap hell for a couple years as a GM. He had a good record no doubt, but he had a roster that had a HOF QB, a stud RB, one of the best OL's in the NFL and a Defense that created turnovers. That should be enough to win a SB, but Sherman wasn't a SB worthy HC by any means.

Lou's picture

You don't have to go back that far to prove your point, during Mike Sherman's drafts he produced basically 2 legitimte performing starters, Nick Barnett, and long shot Scott Wells. Enough said.

redlights's picture

The Lambeau construction interfered with his GM'ing. The impact of luck on a SB run is already been discussed. He certainly made mistakes, but TT does, too.

Stroh's picture

Lambeau construction would have helped him as a GM not hurt. And Luck plays a small part of winning a SB. Teams make their own luck far more than random luck gets them a SB. Sherman was handed the keys of a Porsche of a team and turned over a Yugo to Thompson. His drafts were HORRID and maybe 5 players during his tenure ever amounted to good players. In contrast Thompsons has built virtually his entire team on his drafts.

Sherman was a decent coach at best and a pathetic GM who didn't listen to the scouts that helped and learned from Wolf!

JimTalkBox's picture

"Luck" definitely has something to do with it, but putting the absolute BEST team on the field definitely makes a LOT of luck, less necessary.

TedTheSledge's picture

I would be staying close to the phone if I were Terrell Manning as he could be the most plug n play option out there for ILB. If TT truly wants to stick with only his own players, he could offer Manning a spot on the 53 instead of being on the Chargers practice squad. I kinda like the idea of raiding someone else's PS for a change.

Stroh's picture

That's what I said a day or so ago. Manning is out there for the taking. I am biased, and admit it in regards to Manning, but he makes the most sense if we need another LB on the roster.

TedTheSledge's picture

Well ... he has gone twitter silent since saturday evening, so let the speculation continue! Would make sense and I assume he's healthy if on their PS.

PackerBacker's picture

Welcome to the 53 kid. Have a good time on the game day inactive list. Still, good to be on the 53.

showpan's picture

Good example "Hump". The Patriots are actually an awesome example.
BTW...I'm 50 years I'll say it again.
Veterans win super bowls.
If somebody was actually interested in a reality check, they would go check out the Patriots salaries and compare them to
Hopefully when TT goes, his trainers will go with him.

Stroh's picture

Don't worry Thompson isn't going anywhere any time soon! Thank God for that. Means we'll be SB contenders for another decade! Isn't that great?!

hump's picture

no stroh,no need to explain over and over and OVER again! i am 100% for building with youth and saary cap management and keeping our own players WHEN THEY ARE NFL CALIBER!! but once again we watch md jennings 5 fkn steps behind his man last sunday for a td, thats fine when we play the lions,but when we play brees or wilson or kapernick in january,wouldnt it be nice if ted would have spent at least 1 mil or so, off of the 11 mil in cap space on a rodney harrison type vet, just to try ensure we have the best opportunity to win another world title or 2 before we piss away another hall of fame qbs career! ted is good,but there is still no explanation for not filling in a gap with a reasonable priced F/A who will play for cheap to win a world title!!

Stroh's picture

MD Jennings is a backup Safety. The kind of player that you can win with if he is surrounded by other really good players. Much like Charley Peprah when we won the SB! I would much rather have a better option at Safety starting, but he is who we have for now. Every team has holes in its roster and Safety is ours for now. I'm sure everyone thought McMillan would step up and become a viable starter this year, unfortunately he hasn't. Make no mistake tho, that IS what was expected to happen. Drafting another Safety in the mid/late rounds wouldn't have helped either. So unless you were going to draft one instead of Datone Jones or Lacy, it wasn't going to happen. Get over it already!

Yeah lets go out and get Harrison who is closer to the grave than he is a starting Safety, that makes a lot of sense. Even a player that the RAIDERS didn't want cost more than one Million!

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