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Packers Should (Likely Will) Follow Steelers Lead

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Packers Should (Likely Will) Follow Steelers Lead

I think you'll see a lot more of this around the league than perhaps some observers believe:

The Steelers, one of the league's most popular and successful franchises, plan to follow a self-imposed cap in 2010 and won't take advantage of the lack of a collective bargaining agreement to add more quality free agents than usual.

I fully expect Ted Thompson and the Packers to go down this path. As the article goes on to mention, the possibility of having to get out of a problem that would be created if things went "back to normal" once a new CBA gets done, makes staying the course cap-wise the smart thing to do. Oh sure, a Dallas or Washington might swoop in and overpay (even more than usual) for some big names, but as we've seen - paying for a 'name' in March doesn't mean anything when the games start in September. The Steerlers, Packers and any teams that operate as though a cap is still in place in 2010, will be doing themselves an immense favor.

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FITZCORE1252's picture

True dat. You know Ted won't stray from his philosophy. GOOD.


FITZCORE1252's picture

Totally unrelated to the topic, but here is some evidence of the GBP getting ALOT of 'EARLY' love in 2010... good or bad thing?

Rodgers ahead of Manning and Brady = AWESOME -
This time last year nobody outside of the GBP faithful knew who #88 was (I'd have Finley as #5... may be a li'l bias there though) -
#85 had a somewhat unimpressive season, that said, there's a handful of players on this list that I'd replace with G.J. -
Last but not least this one kicks much ass (Dallas ain't nothing, this ain't '94) -

Got a bit off topic, thought you all might find these as inspiring as I did. One thing's for certain, we're not gonna sneak up on anybody next year... cat's out of the bag!


AdaminEngland's picture

Who would TT seriously consider splashing the cash on anyway? An aging Vince Wilfork? Joey Porter who won't he happy unless he's an every down LB? The once great LT? Yeah, I'm not sure a cap is necessary when the spending will be low anyway.

packeraaron's picture

Agree completely Adam, though there are several RFAs that I think large market GMs will seriously consider throwing big-money at via poison pills that small market teams might think twice about matching...

bogmon's picture

Hey Aaaron, I thought the sort of "outlawed" the poison pill contract maneuver?

I may be wrong, but I thought this was considered a no-no after so many teams filed some unofficial grievances.

packeraaron's picture

bogmon - it is unpopular to be sure, but as long as a provision can be written in and executed by the offering team, still completely legal.

Ron LC's picture

At six years before becoiming a UFA that really cuts down on the Top Tier FA's available. The RFA offer tags with potential draft choices added will put a damper at level. The life span of an NFL player is short so when you get up in to the 6 year level many of the available players have injury or endurance issues attached. Add to that the Owners abiltiy to Tag one Franchise and two Traansiton Tags the UFA prospects look to be a meager bunch this year.
In short the FA market will be religated to fill-in selections at the bottom tier. It will be the rare and expensive exception that will raise any interest this year. Peppers comes to mind.

PACKERS.'s picture

This makes plenty of sense. The Packers have probably got about 85-90% of the team for next year, they just need to patch up some holes.

Go Pack Go!

ctSharpeCheddar's picture

Sounds like Ted to me.

cpheph1's picture

Maybe I'm just suffering from CRS but I don't recall a "poison pill" being used on a RFA but certainly remember it being used against a transition tag (re: Seattle losing Hutch to the vykes).

packeraaron's picture

cpheph - thought it was used for both, actually.

cpheph1's picture

" It will be the rare and expensive exception that will raise any interest this year. Peppers comes to mind."
I concur that Peppers will be a rare exception...I won't bet beers that TT will go fishing for him but I also won't be shocked if he tries to land him either.

cpheph1's picture

Just sayin' I don't recall it being done for RFA but if you have a link saying it has been then NP.

packeraaron's picture

Wasn't trying to challenge you ;) You might be right. I'll take a look.

IPBprez's picture

Discussions with several in the Newz Biz, in my emails, etc., have it stated bluntly ... that Free Agency, this 2010 season, is so bad there really is no reason to bother looking UNLESS your Team is ranked in the bottom 5. Even then, how would you compete knowing your better options would be to go after Draftees and hope they don't pull an ELI MANNING and refuse the offer(s).
When it comes to what GBP "needs", the FA market is a dead horse, plain & simple. Chad Clifton is actually the best UFA out there. Even so, I'm not hearing that Trader Ted will offer him a boatload of cash; nor do I hear that his Agent is pulling a [Drew Rosenhaus]. It wouldn't surprise me that Cliffy has the intention of retiring a Packer, without ever leaving. I could be wrong - we all could be - yet I don't get that sense he will get his underwear in a wad and start claiming no appreciation. As far as the RFA market goes, possibly as several have stated there might be a rare coin at the bottom of the shoebox, but I'm not holdin my breath.
No, the Draft is where the smart money will go this year. I also highly doubt the Rookies get offered much in the way of HUGE SALARIES, either - that trend is dying off even if it might not yet be a part of THA NEW RULES, as it were. Seeing as the contention is 2009 Draft was a NEED Operation Draft for GBP - at least the first 3 selections anyway - then will we see yet another replay of that approach in 2010 ???
I really hope so .... seeing Rodgers (aka: Bootlegger) finally get the protection he deserves, would be exactly what the Doctor ordered. The trick is watching which O-Line player might drop into the Packer's Lap...

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